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Welcome into the "The New Frontier Library" the place where are stored you will find fanfics or links to fics about "Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs" (SRaTSS) and/or "Seijushi Bismark" (SB). The purpose of this little place is to give to all the SRaTSS/SB fans the chance to find easily fics about their fave series.
The fanfics on this site focus on SRaTSS & SB. Stories featuring crossover between SRaTSS and/or SB with another series are also more than welcome.
All the fanfic writers worked hard on each story so if you appreciated their works remember to let them know your opinion and your comments (if constructive). Thanks for reading!
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Warning: The fics listed here aren't necessary for children. They can need parent guidance or not be for the kids at all! Be sure to read the ratings! And if you have children be sure to not let them wandering alone in the net! The pc isn't a nanny or a new toy for kids! You're a kid? Try to be responsible and do not put your nose in places, which aren't supposed to be for you! You'll avoid to yourself and to the world a lot of trouble!

Warning2: The library links every sort of fic. Yes, this means lemon and yaoi too. Obviously you will find a warning for those two types of fics. If you have problems with one on another, avoid the fics rated lemon or yaoi. You have no need to share your problems with me or with the authors, world is full of people who will care more than us about them. If you're going to warn me or the authors that fics rated lemon or yaoi or both contain it don't bother. Since I've already rated them I likely already know it and the authors are supposed to know it as well. Lemon and yaoi contents do not pop out of nowhere or grow by themselves! If you find a fic which contain lemon and/or yaoi and isn't rated as such please warn me! I'll rated it as soon as possible!

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Who owns what. Copyright informations. Read carefully.

"Seijushi Bismark" is ©1984, 1985 copyright by Studio Pierrot Co. Ltd., Japan.
"Saber Rider and The Star Sheriffs" is ©1986, 1987 copyright by World Events Productions Co. Ltd..
"Whatever other series/book/anything is used by a fic author in his/her fic" is © copyright by its respective author/authors and likely you will find the exact credit in the fic itself.
We're using material about them only out of sheer affection (if not love) surely not for profit. No infringement intended.
And by the way we're all thanking you for giving us those two wonderful series!

"Fanfics, fictional characters, fictional situations/alterniverses/past/future universes, illustrations and so on" are © by their respective authors. They're their intellectual property so no, you can't take them and say they're yours! If you wish to use fictional characters and fictional situations/alterniverses/past/future universes remember to ask for the author's permission first and give him/her credits for his/her idea! To give life to something new cost a lot of work! Oh and yes you can't take the fics linked here for to post them in another place or to gain something from them without the permission of the respective authors.
BTW: Authors loves feedback! Remember to give it to them!
BTW2: Senseless flames are time lost for who write it and for who receive it. If you're used to send them you'll do better to find another hobby.

"The New Frontier Library" is © by J.J.. Yep this little thing is mine. No, the fics linked here aren't mine as well (well some are but that's another story), I'm not responsible for them, don't own them, don't take care of them, don't gain a penny from them (except the pleasure in reading them ^_^) and that's final. This means two things: first, whatever is in this web is mine and you have to ask me before to use it; second, whatever linked here is copyright of its respective author/authors. That's mean is quite unuseful to ask me for the destiny of a fic. I'm not responsible for it. Oh and BTW I'm Italian. As in from Italy. Talking Italian. Thinking in Italian. Which isn't another way to say English. I talk, sort of, English (sort of as in I basically understand English and I can kinda make understand myself) and understand a little of French and Spanish... and that means that yes you're going to find English errors cause my knowledge of English isn't good enough for not doing them and since my knowledge of other languages is even more pitiful if I will have to list something in it well fear for even more errors... If you wanna help me with errors/mistakes/whatever you'll be forever thanked!

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