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Fanfics from all the world!

Let's choose where to start our trip! ^_-

First of all lets choose in which language you'll prefer to read the fics. We have for now only 5 options, German, English, Italian, Japanese and Russian.
Due to the fact I can only understand Italian and English the descriptions of the fanfics in German, Japanese and Russian can be incorrect.
Please be patient with me. If you can provide better descriptions your help will be greatly apprecciated!


Content/Ratings Policy: Please Read.

Even if they're based over an 'all ages' anime not necessary the fanfics are also for children. Please read the ratings carefully!
You'll find for each fic a summary, a rating and a quote. This should give you an idea of what the fic is about. If you see material you don't want to read about please DON'T READ IT!
Lemon (stories with explicit sex), Yaoi (stories with a male/male pairing), Yuri (stories with a female/female pairing) are hosted/linked. If this sort of stories make you uncomfortable or are against your religion please avoid them.
Your opinion over the web is greatly apprecciate but remember I WILL NOT remove or alter a fic merely because you don't like it. The only one person who can ask me to do so is its author.
Thanks for reading and please have fun!

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