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Basilar info about SRaTSS and SB

Just for to refresh memory... and cause I still like talking about them ^_-

SRaTSS/SB characters

American name Japanese name Info
New Frontier Solar System The place that contain the planet colonized by the humans. In the American version each planet has the name of a western city...
Ramrod Bismark The robot, the hero, the reason of the human victories and the reason for this series to exist... what? No one care about it? Well in that case I will not say it's able to convert itself in a spaceship and the Sheriffs can live comfortably inside it... :P
Star Sheriffs Bismark Team Ramrod pilots. They're four, Fireball (Shinji Hikari), Saber Rider (Richard Lancelot), Colt (Bill Wilcox) and April (Marianne Louvre) and each of them has a different role. The leader in the Japanese version is Shinji in the American one is Saber.
Fireball Shinji Hikari Brown hair, brown eyes (aren't we repetitive?), Japanese (with brown eyes and hair?) shortest of the Sheriffs, (well if you don't count April/Marianne), nice, kind and impulsive. He's a race champion, have a turbo car with cannons included (yeah cars aren't like a time...), use a blaster, have the role of main pilot of Ramrod/Bismark and in the Japanese version he was the leader of the team too. In the American one instead he just happened to be at the right place in the right moment (or in the wrong place in the wrong moment it depend by your point of view) and be recruit as pilot of Ramrod due to emergency.
Saber Rider Richard Lancelot Blonde, blue/green eyes, English, tallest of the Sheriffs, silent, expert swordsman, expert rider, (hey what you were expecting considering his name?), honest, serious, that sort of guy who make girls moans over him. In the American version he's even the leader of the team and the most expert Star Sheriff, nearly a living legend (but isn't he too young looking for to be a legend?). In the Japanese version he's just a member of the team. On Ramrod/Bismark he take care of the computer system, his personal vehicle is a flying mecha horse and he use as arms a laser sword as well as a blaster or a rifle.
Colt Bill Wilcox Light brown hair, blue eyes, cowboy from Texas, girls obsessed and the funniest of the team. He's a great spaceship pilot (and have a spaceship) but his main quality is to be one of the best human sharpshooters (ok so he have a blaster as well...). He's the noisiest and the one who hates the most the aliens. He's kinda impulsive and not really loves to receive orders but very brave even if a lot stubborn and quite distract...
April Marianne Louvre Blonde, blue eyes, French, scientist, daughter of the main commander of the human forces, the only girl of the team, she's very sensible (in the Japanese version she was scared at the idea to shoot at the aliens) but at the same time strong and brave. In the American version she was the other expert Star Sheriff beside to Saber/Richard and had a crush for him. In the Japanese version her only love is Fireball/Shinji (she will fall in love for him in the end of the American version too)
Cavalry Command, CC Earth Federation Government, EFG Human military force. Main base in Alamo for the American version and on Earth for the Japanese one.
Eagle Charl Louvre Brown hair and facial hair, blue eyes, scientist and French him too (he's April/Marianne's father) and leader, sort of, of the human forces. He was kidnapped during the series, saved (or better allowed to escape), used by Jesse/Perios for to have a treaty and leader of the last attack. He's supposed to be honest and loyal but he hid to the aliens the existence of Ramrod/Bismark 2 (which was a smart thing but not loyal and honest at all).
King Jarred Domes Shogun Light brown hair (the few he has), and facial hair, very clear blue eyes he's the severe boss of the Jar kingdom (Ganymede). So close minded you have to slam the truth against him for to have some chance he could notice it he's anyway a men of honour.
Vapour Zone, Outrider planet Planet Metheus, Helperidese The place from which the aliens come and live which is supposed to be placed in another dimension in the American version. Oh BTW they're from this dimension and can just jump in the subspace in the Japanese version (not from a dimension to the other) and Helperidese is a spaceship not a planet but in the American version it's called a planet. Oh it looks like they weren't originally from the planet they live on but from some other place they blew up in a war...
Deathculas Outriders The bad aliens! Very cool soldiers in the Japanese version, plain stupid in the American one they incinerate if hit and if you listen to what the American version say return back in their dimension ready to strike back... They have in it Moai head and so are supposed to be somehow related to human but with those pointy hears and sharp canines they look more related to Dracula...
Nemesis Hyuza Ehm... no track of hair, face covered by a mask, body covered by a black cape, metallic hands around 2 meters if not more of height and people still think he's just a common alien... well not that much common since he's their supreme boss but still no one suspect he's a cyborg and his brain is placed in a computer... Anyway his only reason to live is revenge over the humans who destroyed his body (or in more pragmatic words killed him) in the first war. A bit insane (in the American version he's boredom tormented too) he's somewhat a good leader... (at least he's smart enough to get that Jesse/Perios is the best among his soldiers but surely not the most loyal...). As computer he have a powerful laser as arm, as cyborg in the American version have a laser sword in the Japanese version he never fight so we don't know...
Gattler Zatola Ugly guy with ugly helmet that luckily he wears often... (I think I prefer his helmet at his face....) he has black hair and eyes and people think he's smart and dangerous (well he is a bit). Sadly his character was never really developed so even if he's the alien commander who appear the most no one appear to notice him a lot... In the Japanese version Shinji put an end to his life... no one will suffer a lot for his departure. In the American one, since aliens can die he simply vanished (maybe he was terrorized to receive one of those stupid punishment Nemesis was used to threatened him with?)
Jesse Blue Perios Green hair which (and only God know why) became clear blue in the end of the American series, gorgeous clear blue eyes (and the proof of this is that many scenes showed them only), human in the American version and alien in the Japanese one is the best, smartest and cleverest among the alien commanders. Unluckily for them he's not the most loyal and he hasn't a nice temper either. In the American version he's supposed to be a cadet who betray CC in order to get some of April's attentions, in the Japanese one he was a commander called back by Hyuza for to lead his troop. Anyway he's the reason for to watch the show (are I partial? naaa...)... ehm I mean the men who will rule the destiny of the alien in the end. He will left Eagle escape in order to persuade him later to accept his offer of peace and to destroy Ramrod, he blow up personally his engines, violated the truce, blow up the moon, betray Nemesis and fight against Ramrod 2 and Nemesis in the last battle. Sadly he loose... and in the American version is sent back in the Vapour Zone. In the Japanese version he dies... too bad...

SRaTSS Storyline with references to the SB storyline

All was going well for the humans (sometimes have to happen) they were colonizing a lot of planets showing their fantasy naming them after Far West cities and placing the whole of them under the name of New Frontier Humans colonized the Solar System only
making scientific progress and being happy when their good luck ended and an alien race, the Outriders from the Vapour Zone Outriders= Deathculas
Vapour Zone= planet Metheus
another dimension, picked them up for to be the next target of their attack (our usual luck...), destroy them, enslave them and such. But things weren't designated to go that bad... after allowing the aliens to nearly blow up the Kingdom of Jar Kingdom of Jar= Ganymede
a single man had the bright idea to crash his spaceship against their main one and this was persuading enough for to make them stop their attack.
15 years later since their planet is ending its energy they choose to try again and attack Yuma
Yuma= Ganymede
But the military force which protect New Frontier, the Cavalry Command, CC CC= Earth Federation Government, EFG
incidentally stored here a spaceship able to convert itself in a cowboy shaped robot called Ramrod Ramrod= Bismark
which need four pilots. Two of them were already chose: Saber Rider (in SB: Richard Lancelot), fencer and secret agent, and April, scientist and communication expert (in SB: Marianne Louvre), two others, Fireball (in SB: Shinji Hikari), race car champion and son of the guy who stopped the first war and Colt (in SB: Bill Wilcox), spaceship pilot and sharpshooter Saber Rider= Richard Lancelot
April= Marianne Louvre
Fireball= Shinji Hikari
Colt= Bill Wilcox
happened to be there and so were picked up (our luck never end... what would be happen if there was around only a chef and a secretary?) all the pilots were chose by EFG
and formed the Star Sheriff team, SS Star Sheriff team= Bismark team
and with Saber Rider as leader the leader is Shinji Hikari
they started a nice career of warriors busy into defeating the aliens, their commanders and their mechas...
Among them they manage to defeat Gattler
Gattler= Zatola
an ugly guy with an ugly helmet who was the main leader of the aliens Nemesis' Nemesis= Hyuza
apparently favourite Commander (sort of... he's judged an idiot and he's always threatened to be severely punished...) Lost his commander, being forced to transfer on a mechanical planet Mechanical planet = Helperidese, a spaceship!
but kidnapped Eagle Eagle= Charl Louvre
father of April and leader of the CC Nemesis give to Jesse Blue Jesse Blue= Perios
his new commander the work to defeat the humans. Jesse Blue was the best Star Sheriff cadet and when the Star Sheriffs went to a CC training facility he saw April, fall in love for her and in order to get her attention, (she was busy running after Saber who wasn't noticing her at all!) through it could be a good plan if he left CC for to become a wanted man (Boys! Sometimes they have no idea what a girl likes...). Obviously this will never work even if April will transfer her interest from Saber to Fireball (who noticed her a bit more... especially when she forced him to carry her heavy packs). The story start with Perios being already a Deathcula commander and a Deathcula himself. And BTW he never felt anything for Marianne who in the whole series ran only after Shinji...
Anyway Jesse, after having a new girlfriend for a while (Trista Derringer) Trista= Chiruka Iguru
and a couple of battles left purposely escape Eagle and persuade him the Outriders only want peace (yeah... the poor little angels were misinterpreted...). Eagle (also know as apparently peacemaker obsessed man) apparently believes them and left them live in one of the human planet. Not only he blow up Ramrod too... As soon as he did it the Outriders attack again (never loose your time...). As soon as they did it he threw out Ramrod 2 from its hidden base (but wasn't he supposed to be a honest good guy? honest good guys go around saying they're disarmed then they're hiding their gun behind their back?) Ramrod 2= Bismark 2
and the war started again. The Outriders blew up the moon. The humans trapped Nemesis in his base. Jesse betrayed him (who need a trapped leader anyway?). The humans blew up Nemesis base but Nemesis, which died in the previous war, have his brain planted in the Nth Degree (never underestimate bad aliens...) Nth Degree= Helperidese Main Computer
and since he's a bit insane (if a pc can be insane) he chose to throw the planet against Yuma. The little detail he was gonna to blow up himself and his people as well as the humans or do not cross his 'mind' or was dismissed as unimportant. Yuma= Earth
In a big battle in the Nth Degree room which involve Ramrod 2, Jesse in a golden mecha and Nemesis in a pc form (ehm...) the Sheriffs manage to make him jump back in his original dimension with all his race. They blew up him and his entire race... Perios included...

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