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What is "Saber Rider and The Star Sheriffs"?

Ehm... well we're gonna start from the basis aren't we? ^_^ "Saber Rider and The Star Sheriffs" SRaTSS for short it's a wonderful 52 episodes science fiction-robot anime series (a Japanese cartoon if you aren't familiar with the word anime) made by WEP in 1987 changing, censoring and adapting the already existing Japanese series "Seijushi Bismark". Different by "Seijushi Bismark" for many little things (especially in SRaTSS were censored each reference to violence and dead) it keeps the main plot, which is very common to robot series... [Some bad aliens attack but the humans keep defeating them with their wonderful, extremely powerful robot, here named Ramrod piloted by three guys and a girl who work in team] but have a background similar to the ones of Far West movies. Since the series was transmitted in nearly all the world, even if it didn't become popular as "DragonBall" or "SailorMoon" you could have hear about it.

What is "Seijushi Bismark"?

The poor "Seijushi Bismark" [Star Warrior Bismark] SB for short was the original 51 episodes Japanese series which didn't had a lot of success in Japan (try to make a series which can stand up to series like "Kido Senshi Gundam" and then you'll tell me if it was easy for SB to have success) made by Studio Pierrot in 1984/85 and adapted/censored by WEP in order to transform it into "Saber Rider and The Star Sheriffs". It's more dramatic than SRaTSS (yep it contain violence and deaths, after all we're talking of a story about a war not about a pick-nick), has some different characterizations, great music and basically is unknown to anyone.

Hey this SRaTSS sound familiar. Wasn't it related to "Voltron, the Defender of the Universe"?

Sorry no. "Voltron" shared with "SRaTSS" only the same destiny: in fact "Voltron" too was a not very popular Japanese series "Harujiku Golion" which was noticed by WEP, brought, adapted (and of course censored) and converted in "Voltron" with the small difference that WEP decided to make two more series for "Voltron", one in anime version and the other in 3D version. "SRaTSS" had nothing of it! *sighs*

Mn... maybe is it related to "Galaxy Rangers" then? "Marshall Bravestar"?

Nope sorry. They're both American only series. With "SRaTSS" they share only the fact they too mix science fiction and western ambient.

Let's be easy... is it related to something?

No. No relation to other series, no sequels (even if voices say it was planed by WEP a never produced sequel), no OAV (=episodes for video tapes only), no movie. And yeah that's too bad.

What is a fanfic?

Fan-fictions (also known as fanfic, fic, etc.) are fictional stories placed in the world or with the characters of a particular movie, television series, or other media event, written by fans not for commercial purpose but just for the reading pleasure of other fans. They often explores aspects not covered in the series as "what-if" speculations, continuations of storylines (Alternate futures), hypothetic prequel to storylines (Alternate pasts), and in-depth examinations of characters, plots, crossover with other movie or series 'yaoi' (male/male sexual content or in other word homosexuality) 'Yuri' (f/f) and lemon (just sex) and general events. There is no rule about the genre or the length in to write a fanfic and the quality can change from an author to another. This place, if it wasn't clear before, hosts links to all the fanfics about/related to "SRaTSS" and/or "SB".

"What if"? What is supposed to be?

Also know as alternate universe (AU) is a place where something went different from the original storyline. Example: "What would be happening if this character died?" "What if this other character was a bad guy?" "What if this battle was lost?". AU tries to answer to those sorts of questions and more others. Of course since they aren't based on the original universe the characters can act Out Of Character (OOC). A lot or just a bit. It depends from what sort of "what if" it is. And no, this can't be blamed cause it's done purposely. A very evident type of what if are the Yaoi or Yuri stories in series were the characters aren't supposed to be gay. Why to read a story that stated in the beginning to not respect the original storyline? Many AU are among the best fics even written. They give the characters a chance to be/to have/to feel what they can't in the series. To me they're worth reading but to choose if doing it or not is of course up to you.

How the rating system works?

Here are listed the ratings you can find on this web. More ratings will be added in case there will be need of it.

SRaTSS= Story based on the "Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs" universe.
SB= Story based on the "Seijushi Bismark" universe.
AU= Story placed in an alternate universe for "Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs" or "Seijushi Bismark".
Cross= Story which use not only the character of the "Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs" or "Seijushi Bismark" but of another series too.
L= Story which contain a sex scene.
Lime= Stories which contain perverted comments, toilet humour, and brief sexual situations.
Yaoi= Story which contain a male homosexual relationships.
Yuri= Story which contain a female homosexual relationships.
(Ch. x-x)= Means how many chapters the fic have. When there is a ? instead of the number of the last chapter it means the fic is unfinished.
prol= Prologue
int= Interlude
epil= Epilogue
G= 'General audience' as to say: all ages stories.
PG= 'Parental guidance' mild swearing, violence, very slight sexual content.
PG-14= 'Not for under 14 without PG' mild sexual content, limited violence, a few strong words, and adult themes in general.
R: 'Not for under 17 without PG' same as before only more intense and/or in greater numbers (but still tasteful). This includes lemonish non-explicit material, yaoi and yuri.
NC-17: 'Not for under the legal age' Explicit and extremely graphic violence, undue swearing, and explicit sexual content.

Mn... Fics here are often at least PG... That's not a place for very young children and I'm sincerely sorry for you kids but that's not done with a discriminatory purpose for you all. It just happens to be like that. I will be happy to see you come back when you're older! For all who are still here yeah you can choose to ignore the rating. But remember this means you will have to deal with the troubles this would cause. Don't come whining at me or at the author for your immaturity.

Which are the requirements for to have my story listed?

  1. It must be available to all in the net.

  2. It must be about "SRaTSS" or "SB" or related to them. Crossovers (Cr), Alternate Universes (AU), Lemons (L), Yaoi (m/m) and Yuri (f/f) are accepted.

Sorry I do not link stories that are in webs which request inscriptions or such. I can list them in the update page and put a link to the web in the link page but that's all.

Why the fics on E-group aren't listed?

As said before here are listed the fics which are accessible to all. For to read the fics archived on E-group you need to be inscribed to it. I list all the new fics who appear on E-group in the "Fanficmania - Fanfics list updates" page but I will not put a link to them. I suggest you to inscribe to E-group, which is really a cool place, and search for it yourself. It's surely worthy the registration! Same destiny will have all the fics that are placed in webs who aren't available to all.

How can I have my story listed?

Very simple! Just Email me! The email must include the URL (the 'address', you know that stuff which start with: http://... and usually end with .html), the title, the rating and it would be perfect if you could give me a brief description too. Oh and of course the name of the author! ^_- Use "Fic for The New Frontier Library" as the subject line please!

How can I have my personal page in the archive?

Did you write 6 or more SB/SraTSS fanfics? If you did a personal page is probably the next destination for the links at your fics, if not... write more!

I found an error in your web... I'd like you change something in the way you listed my fic... I'm gonna change my fic address... I'm gonna stop my fic...

Write me and tell me what's the problem! I'm always happy to receive help and suggestions!

This place hosts fics?

Yes it does as long as they're SB or SRaTSS fics. We do not host fics from other series sorry.

Can I put a link to this web?

That's kind of you! Of course this web is link free and if you want, you can use this little banner!

The New Frontier Library

I suggest you to save the banner on your website and to use the following html-code:

<a href="" target="new">
<img src="NFlibrary.jpg" alt="The New Frontier Library" border="0" width="300">
<br> The New Frontier Library </a>

or if you're uncomfortable with banners:

<a href="" target="new">The New Frontier Library </a>

Please do not list this web with a name which isn't its own. The same goes for its author (me!). Thank you!

Can you put a link to my web?

Is it a web that archives fics/has fics? In that case yes! Is a web related to SR/SB but do not archive fic? Sorry no. But if you send me your web address I will surely put a link to it in my other SRaTSS/SB web.

Where's your personal page?

Personal page? You mean you want to know more about me? Ops that's really a question I wasn't expecting... *blush* Well... it's... it doesn't exist and I don't think it will ever... I don't judge myself so interesting to deserve one... but if you want to write me feel free to do! I will love talking to you!

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