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Attack of the Chibi

"Tinstar, Wake UP!"

Saber rolled off his bed in a defensive stance.  He grabbed for his saber, only to come up with... "Oh dear."

"Gonna tickle me to death, Saber Rider?" Jesse drawled, as he looked over the ostrich feather Saber Rider had grabbed, "I'm not here to fight anyway," he explained as he plopped himself down on Colt's unslept-in bunk.

"Then why are you here?" Saber demanded testily as he wrapped his robe with the little embroidered sabers on.

"Your team went out looking for fun last night?" all of sudden Saber realized Jesse was looking less than amused

"Yeeeesss," Saber admitted, "you have to admit it's been rather stressful lately."

"Tell me about it," Jesse muttered with a derisive snort, "They ran into that passel of brats from over in Gundam Wing.  Some weird time/space flux," he shrugged.


"Well, evidently after some initial misunderstanding; Heero wanted to shoot the cowboy; they all got down to some serious Sake drinking," Jesse yawned, then it dawned on Saber that Jesse was also wearing a robe, embroidered with little tombstones that read: Fireball RIP.  It also occured to him that Jesse was dripping wet, "They started to talk about anime idiosyncrasies.  Especially going chibi."

"Oh no," Saber shuddered, "They didn't?"

Jesse smiled nastily, and got up.  He reached out into the corridor and started to pull someone in, "That loudmouth Duo bet they couldn't turn chibi," In tumbled a trio made up of the rest of the Ramrod team; all in super-cute chibi form, "They didn't reckon on the Gundam Wing crew having more practice."

"Err, howdy Top Sword!" Chibi-Colt squeaked.

Saber Rider looked from his über-kawai team to Jesse, "How did you get involved?"

"They didn't want anyone at Cavalry Command to know they goofed, and they needed help.  So they hopped over into the Vapor Zone, and April got me out of my bath," Jesse glared at Chibi-April, "Talk about playing on a guy's weakness."

Chibi-April giggled, "He was taking a bubble bath!"

"A bubble bath?" Saber raised an eyebrow, and chuckled.

"Like you said earlier, it's been stressful lately.  You try working with a species that has a Z minus three billion in competency, and a boss who keeps you up all night trying to explain the humor in 'South Park', 'RHPS' and all the assort Looney Tunes," Jesse sniffed annoyed, "Then you tell me if taking a bubble bath is so bloody funny."

"So why are you here?" Saber quickly move away from this obvious sore spot.

"Yeah!  Why're we here?  We didn't want Saber to know about this!" Chibi-Fireball piped in.

"Because I need his help in turning you back to normal!" Jesse growled and leaned menacingly down at Chibi-Fireball, "you have no idea how tempted I am to ship you off some fangirl."

"Hey!" squealed Chibi-April attempting to smack Jesse with a mallet.

"Where did that come from?" Saber asked as he grabbed it from her hands, only to have it dissolve in a puff of smoke.

"This is bad," Jesse shuddered, "she's gained access to hammer-space."

"Well, then what the bloody hell are we suppose to do?" Saber had had enough of this.

"We? Nothing," Jesse said strangely calm, "You, on the other hand, are going to die!" with that Jesse leapt towards Saber Rider intent on strangling him.

'Should have known it was a trap,' Saber thought as he tried to fight off Jesse, but he had been caught off guard.  As the light began to dim, Jesse was suddenly pulled off him.  Saber gulped down deep breathes of air, savoring the oxygen.

"Enough, you stupid cowpoke!" he heard Jesse bellow.

 Saber saw Colt take a short flight across the room.  Saber sat back up, and saw that his team was indeed returned to normal.  And that Jesse was still struggling with Fireball and April.  He caught Saber's eye and gave him a smirking grin, then went limp in their arms.

"All right, take me I'm yours.  Always wondered what threesome would be like," Jesse drawled carelessly.  Fireball and April couldn't get away fast enough.

"Hey!  We're back to normal," Colt shouted, looking down at himself.

"Of course," Saber laughed, as it dawned on him what Jesse had been playing at, "of course, the chibified person always leaves their chibi-state when a friend is threatened.  Brilliant, Jesse."

"I do my best," Jesse replied nonchalantly as he stood up and brushed some non-existent dust from his his robe, "Now, I'm going back to my bath," and he exited to room.

"Shouldn't we be going after him?" Fireball inquired curiously.

The smile faded from Saber Rider's face, "No," he turned on his team-mates, "And I want to know exactly why you three were drinking Sake with fifteen year olds."


The End