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The secret of the 10th planet
By: Yamuri (


Not long ago after the final battle with the Outriders. The team of the Star Sheriffs doesn't exist anymore. Saber and April still work for Cavalry Command, Colt works on his own ranch on planet Texas with Robin and Fireball is back in his racing life again. April and Fireball still have contact to each other but both of them have very different opinions about their future. While April thinks the war is over and got used to peace pretty fast, like Colt and Saber, Fireball has some doubts about it. He can't believe in the peace. The Outriders will surely come back and he wants to be prepared.

Chapter 1

It happened on a cold November evening. April was at home and working at her newest project when a strange message arrived at her mailbox. It was just the short notice that someone wanted to meet her here on planet Far. The place where she should meet him or her was an old factory, which had not been in use for several years. She waited for some time when she finally heard a voice behind her calling her name. At first she hoped it was Fireball who came back to her. Their last meeting wasn't a good one. They argued a lot and she almost thought she lost him. Until now she couldn't understand why he was so angry about her being full of hope for peace.
But it wasn't Fireball. Because of the darkness she couldn't recognize the person at first. When both of them walked out into the moonlight April realized that it was a girl she new pretty well.
"Trista? Is it really you? You don't know how happy I'm. I'm really glad to see you. How are you?"
Trista didn't change a lot. She still weared the same style of clothes she weared when they met first and her hair was shorter now.
"I'm fine thanks." She smiled and looked at her serious.
"The war is over now right? How do you feel?"
"We are all glad about it. Finally a time of peace. Well, but I don't think you came just to ask me that. You look somehow sad. Do you have a problem? Can I help you?"
Trista shook her head. "You can't April. Even if we are friends again. I'm glad that you're fine and I just wanted to meet you again. I was too sad and mad this time. That's why I run away without listen to you. Well, Fireball and you? You have a lot of time for each other now, haven't you?"
"Hm. It's a pity but Fireball and me seem not to go along very good these times. We argued a lot when we met some weeks ago and I still feel sad about it. But when I try to contact him he always cut the conversation and when I want to visit him he isn't at home. I don't know what to do."
"Oh, I didn't know. We seem to have similar problems then. But you can solve yours. I can't. You will see. If he really loves you and you don't give up then he will come back. Believe me. Everything will be okay soon for you. But the one I love will never come back."
April looked at her amazed. "After all he had done you still love him? Oh Trista. We didn't mean to push him in the vapor zone. We didn't mean to kill him...."
"It's not your fault." Trista interrupted her. "I came just here to talk, cause I know that I can talk to you and you will listen. Yes, I still love him although I know I should not. That would be better for me. But as you know you can't push feelings away like you can through old clothes away from you."
April nodded. She understood. It was similar as her problem with Fireball and Trista was right, she couldn't solve her problem alone. "Well if you want you can come to my home for some days or longer. I have not much to do, just working at some projects my dad is involved in too. By the way what are you doing now."
"I change my jobs pretty often. Some month there, some month there. I can't stay somewhere for a long time. If I would I would remember. Sometimes my memory hunts me. Thank you that I can life at your home for as long as I can. But I guess I will soon move away again. Perhaps I can think of something other if I help you with your problem." She laughed and suddenly April had to laugh too. Although the situation wasn't funny she had to. It was always good to have a friend around you when you feel sad.


After his race Fireball didn't meet with his colleagues this day. Instead he went home to his flat just to think about the guy who had been among the visitors. Before the race and shortly after Fireball's victory he had seen him. Something was strange with him. If the young man wouldn't wear this black helmet perhaps Fireball had not noticed him. The man took a gun with him Fireball could see and at first he thought it must be a criminal. But when Fireball went home he disappeared. What was wrong with him? Why did he watch him, spy after him? What did he want? While thinking about the experience Fireball recognized what was so strange with the visitor. He knew him already. The man weared the same clothes as Jean Claude the young commander of the Outriders who kidnapped April and Pierre once. Colt met him before too but he never told lot about this meeting. So Fireball didn't know much about Jean but he could understand why the man had to hide himself under this helmet. Of course because he was an Outrider. They were back, as he always knew. Suddenly he felt panic rising in his head. They were after him again. He had to inform his friends fast. Immediately Fireball tried to contact Saber, April and Colt but no one of them was available. The last chance he had was to contact Cavalry Command itself but even there nobody was available at the late night. Oh no, all of them believed in peace. What should he do now. If he went outside they would surely catch him, if he stayed they would come and fetch him. Probably he had to fight. As fast as he could Fireball took his guns and went out to his car. In the shadows of the garage somebody was standing. Fireball stopped and watched him carefully. Again the stranger.
"I want to talk to you? Do you have some time?" he asked and suddenly Fireball felt a bit silly. What if it was only a fan of him? What if it wasn't anything serious?
"About what?" he asked still a bit suspicious. "Who you are?"
"Someone you know. That must be enough for you. You want to go somewhere now. We can talk in the car too. There's enough space for me."
"We can also talk here. But I would like to know with whom I'm talking."
"I want to warn you. Earth is in danger and I don't know how many planets too. Every thousand years, what would mean this year too, the planet Larmetall is passing your solar system. This time it will cause the explosion of a sun and that means there is the possibility of the birth of a black hole. You know what that means. Every planet which is near the black hole or the sun which will explode will be destroyed too."
"Why do you tell me? Who I'm that you have to tell me and not the others. I can't decide what to do."
"You're the only one who would listen. I didn't find Colt, April would not listen to me and Saber seems to have so much to do that he is never available. It's your turn to contact your friends. I did my job. If you want to know more we can meet again. Just have a look at the old Outrider base on planet Fun. But only when you come alone. Otherwise I can't guarantee your safety."
The man turned away and wanted to leave the room.
"You're an Outrider, right? And why do you warn me? If the Outriders are back why do they help us now. I don't understand."
The man looked back at him but didn't take of his helmet.
"Not all Outriders want your death and they know the Larmetalls. When their race was young Larmetall passed their zone too. Outriders learned a lot from the Larmetalls. Their behaviour is similar to ours now. But not all Outriders or Larmetalls prefer such a behaviour Fireball. Think of that."
With those last words he let Fireball alone and disappeared as fast as he appeared in the night.


Somewhere in the old secret Outrider base on Lamari humans and Outriders worked hard to save the life of a human commander and of the young commander of the Outriders, who was known by both races under the name Jesse Blue. Lamari was the new hope for Outriders and humans again. Shortly before and during the final battle all Outriders who belonged or sympathisized with Jean Claudes secret group, which fought for peace in the underground, were evacuated there. Humans and Outriders started the project there again. If it would work they would tell Cavalry Command of the project too. Nemesis was in the vapor zone again and there was real hope for peace now. But all of them knew that Nemesis would come back and that this time he would be really mad. If the young commander, Jesse met the time he was together with Trista, wouldn't ever invent those small tools which had the ability to teleport the carrier of it to each place which was programmed Jesse wouldn't be alive now. The fight hurt him pretty much and he was still in danger but the doctors were confident about his survival. Snake who had been with him the last days was outside now. He worried a lot about his friend's life but knew he couldn't do anything at the moment. For some time he walked alone over the field thinking about the past, about a time he thought the Outriders were his enemies and the time he get to know Jean Claude. But in the end he thought about his friend Yamuri and Yamuri's strange past, Yamuris secret's, which would save Jesses life, but would they save his own race too. Would Yamuri ever save humans except those who were his friends already? He was so similar to Jesse, but Jesse was half an Outrider, Yamuri was not.

Chapter 2

"Don't you feel bored?" a voice interrupted his thoughts.
Yamuri was standing behind him, as most of the time wearing a red overall, his brown hair falling over his left eye.
"You're back? It's a long time isn't it? Have you heard what happened?" Snake asked immediately. Yamuri nodded thoughtfully and joined Snake's way.
"The Star Sheriffs never learn, humans never learn, there are only a few humans I can admire, the rest could die out. They are only monkeys."
"You've got still the same opinion when you left us to prepare the arrival for Larmetall. Why did you help us when you always new what would happen in the future?"
"You're right. There was a time I shared the opinion of Yayoi Yukino. But ...."
" changed your opinion the last years. For what reason? If the Outriders can accept humans why can't Larmetalls do it?"
Yamuri looked at him suspicious. "Jesse didn't tell? Before the black hole was formed Larmetall was the tenth planet in the same solar system as the earth. We populated almost the whole solar system. Because of the black hole Larmetall changed it's orbit. From this time on it comes back here only every thousand years. My home planet is covered with snow and ice. People have to live under the earth. But that's not so important why we think humans are just monkeys. They were the time we populated their main solar system."
"I see. You mean your ancestors helped those monkeys to become humans."
Yamuri nodded. "And we helped them cause we need people who could work under hard conditions. But let's leave this theme okay. We have other problems now. How is Jesse?"
"Not very well. He's still in coma the doctors told me."
"Let's go in and see. I came back cause I worried about him. The fight was partly shown on TV. Seemed to be pretty bad."
Snake nodded. The Outrider base was completely changed. Where rooms for Renegades and war material had been Outriders and humans built medical rooms. Yamuri could see some doctors and nurses doing their work. They found Jesse in the ICU. His body was covered with bandages and connected with big machines standing near his bed. The machines worked hard.
Jesse himself was very pale and looked not very healthy.
"He will survive!" Yamuri said after a short time of standing and just watching their friend.
"How can you know? I hope so, and the doctors say so too. But it looks not very good for him." Snake added. Yamuri grinned.
"I know that he will survive. He's strong enough."
"Who says that I won't survive?" Jesse asked suddenly. He voice was broken but had still something cold and tough in it.
"I feel pretty good and if the doctors would let me I could even go out here. Do you know how boring this is? Just laying in bed and sleeping."
Yamuri smiled and shook his head. "You're incorrigible."
Jesse tried to put on but he was still to weak to do. So he sank back in the bed.
"You aren't as healthy as you think Jesse." Snake said earnest. "You need the sleep."
Jesse shook his head. "No, we have no time. I have to stand up. Nemesis...." But Jesse couldn't talk anymore. Snake was right he didn't feel very good right now and he would need sleep but he had no time. Really. His body was hurt but he had to be strong. There were people out there who needed him. Since he woke up Jesse heard voices. Mostly voices from the past. Most voices he just remembered. He had almost become like Nemesis, almost lost his body too. But his friends saved him. Now he had to save them, had to save Nemesis. Poor Nemesis. Deep in his brain he knew that other problems would come up too. Larmetall, Yamuri's home planet would pass this galaxy soon, or was it here already. The Star Sheriffs would hunt him when they discovered he was alive and Nemesis would also be very mad with him. Too much problems to solve.
Besides he would never give up. Always be strong. Snake told him to be a human and to have feelings, Yamuri told him to be strong and how to fight.


The same time April and Trista arrived at Aprils home. Commander Eagle was there already.
As April had to find out not just for fun. Saber came with him. At the moment April was not very sharp of a new mission. What her dad had to tell her was not what she wanted to hear. It had nothing to do with her argue if Outriders would come back soon or not. A new danger was out there and Cavalry Command decided to call back the Star Sheriff team, which helped them in the past. Colt and Fireball should arrive soon too. For Colt and Fireball this new mission would be just fun April thought sadly. She wanted to get used to peace and not be confronted to a new probably dangerous race, a race of whom they didn't know anything.
When Colt and Fireball arrived Commander Eagle started to tell about their newest problem. Fireball who still was confused about his meeting wasn't very surprised when the Commander started to tell about the tenth planet, called Larmetall. Larmetall had a large orbit and passed the earth's solar system every thousand years. Not long ago scientists found out that this time Larmetall would almost crash into the earth. This would cause natural disasters and probably some of the other planets could be thrown out of their orbit and crash into the sun. This would mean that the sun could explode and become a black hole. This black hole would be a danger for the hole galaxy. Whatever was near the black hole (no one knew how near was possible) would fall into it and disappear forever. There was another danger and hope too cause some scientists found out that a black hole followed Larmetall. One black hole was one too much.
Two black holes near each other could form a new sun. But if they would let happen as it would happen that could cost the life of millions of humans. They had find out more about Larmetall and it's small brother, the black hole.
This would become a difficult mission. Although every one of them was not very happy about what happened they would start the mission the same day. April organized that Trista could come with them what caused that Colt wanted Robin to come with them too. All of them thought that because they would not involved in a fight that would be no problem.
During the preparations April realized that Fireball was somehow confused and far away with his thoughts. When talking to Trista about her fear that he could have another girlfriend Trista meant that it must be something else. He didn't act like he worried about somebody or about something. April couldn't talk to him yet so she stayed with Saber by Ramrod and Trista went out to talk to Fireball who decided to have a short break.
"What's the matter?" she asked. Fireball starred at her surprised.
"Nothing." he said. "Just thinking about the past. April wasn't right. The Outriders are back."
Trista sat down near him. "Have you met them?"
Fireball nodded. "I should talk to the others. But I can't. I don't know why. But I'm not sure if it were Outriders or not."
"Tell me what happened. I promise not to tell."
Fireball laughed. "No. If I tell all should no. Not only you. But can you save some secret?"
"Of course."
"We will start our mission tomorrow morning. April and Saber will need some time to prepare everything and Colt won't come back until tomorrow. You know he fetches Robin. I have to do something too. When April or Saber ask tell them I had to fetch something from where I live okay."
"What do you plan really?" she asked.
"I have to meet someone. I need to. I must be sure. Only you will know where I am. If I'm not back until tomorrow morning you can tell my friends. But not only before this time. I have to visit somebody on planet Fun, at the old Outrider base."
Trista looked at him surprised. "You want to find out more about your suspicion. Wouldn't it better if I come with you."
"No, I have to go alone. Besides somebody has to tell Saber in the case that something happens to me. Promise me you won't follow me and don't tell until time is over."
Trista stood up and nodded. "Okay I will promise although I think that in your situation you should not go alone. You're to confused. I hope you will come back soon. By the way April worries about you very much."
"I know." he said slowly without looking at her. "I have to talk to her when I'm back. If she asks tell her I'm not mad with her. We should stop this period of not talking to each other. That's childish and I understand why she doesn't want to believe the Outriders will come back also it seems as if I were right."
He started to go away but Trista held his arm.
"I hope that also if the Outriders are back there will be hope for peace. Be careful Fireball."
Fireball nodded and without saying a word he went away to fly to planet Fun. The planet where he lost his memory once. He was going back and the past started to come up to him again. Why couldn't he forget like April, Saber and Colt? He didn't understand.


It was night on planet Fun. And the old Outrider base seemed really spooky when he arrived. Lonely and old the former fair lay in the dry landscape. Was there anybody? Or was everything a trick of a man who liked to annoy him. But he told the truth about this planet, Larmetall.
Carefully Fireball entered the old buildings when he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned fast and in front of him he saw a young man, in Saber's age or a bit older, in a black overall, his black hair covering his left eye who weared to Fireballs confusion sunglasses.
"Good to see you. I thought almost you wouldn't come."
"You? But...I thought you were...the Outriders...I.....Oh, I understand. You come from Larmetall. But you look like a human." Fireball laughed.
"Of course. Larmetalls are your ancestors. You couldn't know that. Thief Millennia wants to talk to you. Come with me."
They went through the old buildings and an underground passage until they arrived in the secret room where Fireball should meet Thief Millennia. When Fireball saw Thief Millennia he wondered why he didn't show his face but weared a mask. They sat down at a table. For some time they just sat there without saying anything.
"You came here alone?"
Fireball nodded.
"What do you know already about Larmetall?"
"Everything what your friend told me and what our scientists found out. But until now we didn't' know that Larmetall is inhabited. I know about the danger we are in. What do you plan to do? Is there a possibility to prevent the collision?"
Thief Millennia shook his head. "Except we destroy Larmetall before it arrives. But I don't know if we would have enough time. I will give you some plans for a weapon which could help you to change Larmetalls orbit so that the planet falls into the black hole and in the same moment so much energy will set free that the black hole can become a new sun."
"We would have to evacuate only the Larmetalls right."
"Yes, because to evacuate all humans who would be near the disaster would cost to much time. We started to build space ships already but they can't be finished in time. Our Queen on Larmetall doesn't want to evacuate Larmetall cause we have possibilities to avoid the natural disasters. She only wants to save the best scientists of the concerned planets. But some of us learned to love humans. We are your ancestors and we can't let you almost die out now. I wanted to talk to you cause I wanted to ask you for help. Perhaps Cavalry Command has an alternative. Perhaps we can solve the problem together."
"If you want that then you should come with me and talk to Cavalry Command yourself. Why do you hide yourself?"
"You know how they treat the Outriders. How shall we know how they treat us? It's better you talk with them. Besides we don't know on which side Queen Millennia is. It seems as if she is on our side but I'm not sure."
"Who is this? Queen Millennia?"
"She lives on earth and her task is to prepare everything for Larmetalls arrival. She is loyal to her mother."
"I see. You mean Larmetalls live among us already and you don't know who is your enemy but you think I'm a friend."
Thief Millennia nodded thoughtfully. "Think about what I told you. I can send my bodyguard with you. Noone will realize cause noone knows him. He will be the connection between us."
While Fireball and the young man in the black overall whose name he didn't know yet walked out the base Fireball realized that it wasn't so left as he thought at first. And what he saw was somehow a little shock for him too. He didn't know if he could trust in those people. Out there he thought he had seen Rezzl's car. Or was it just a trick of his own memory. This was like a ghost town. They hurried up to leave the place but Fireball still had the feeling that he had seen Outriders there when they were on their way already. The silence seemed to him the silence before the storm.

Chapter 3

Far away in the vapor zone Nemesis recovered himself of the fight. The fight hurt him pretty much but the hate in his soul grew because of the lost war. As always it was the hate, which gave him the strength. It made him strong, because of his hate he could never give up, fight until death. Jesse betrayed him. His most loyal friend betrayed him, wanted to kill him. Therefore he had to die. With his last force Nemesis ordered the transfer of his soul into a new cyborg body which should look more human so he could come back without the problem that the Star Sheriffs would realize soon what was happening and coming up to him to beat him up again. Now it was time for his revenge and nobody would stop him. Perhaps the Larmetalls would help him. He knew pretty much about them and he considered them as his friends. They learned him how to fight and he knew they also had not a very good opinion of the humans. Ha ha. Together they would beat those silly creatures. The Outriders worked hard and during the time the humans realized the new danger, the Star Sheriffs met again and Jesse woke up Nemesis transferred his soul in the new cyborg body. They used an old space ship to go back into the human's zone. Nobody realized their arrival. The New Frontier was in peace and Cavalry Command had other problems. Nemesis didn't plan to continue his attacks in New Frontier. He wanted to meet the Larmetalls again and make some arrangements. But even the thought of winning against humans couldn't make him feel better. Deep in his soul he felt some sort of sadness he had not realized for a long time. When they almost arrived at Larmetall and they discovered Ramrod near the planet the sadness grew badly. It was as if there was something he lost a long time ago. Seeing Ramrod pushed his thoughts and worries away and the old hate came back to him. Good to see Ramrod had problems. Ha ha. The Star Sheriffs underestimated the Larmetalls black hole. How should they know that Lametalls found a way a long time ago to avoid that their planet would fall into the black hole. Their technical inventions helped them to save the planet but also caused that wherever Larmetall would go in his orbit it would take the black hole with it. Nemesis remembered the time he got to knew the Larmetalls. Without their help the civil war could not have been stopped and his space ship would probably have the same problem then Ramrod now. Of course he could let them die now. Larmetalls wouldn't help such silly people who went to near at the black hole. But he had other plans. Why let them die and loose important knowledge. He would save them and lock them up. This time Fireball would not escape and he would take care that none of the others would have the chance to.
"Connect me with Larmetall." Nemesis ordered. Soon the connection was done and Nemesis could talk to Queen La who was surprised to meet an Outrider here.
"Nemesis, the leader of the Outriders, sends his regards to you."
"Queen La, leader of Larmetall, sends her regards to you too. I haven't heard from the Outriders for a long time. But as I know from the past they had always been friends of us. What's your request? If it has to do with those silly creatures out there we won't help you."
"I agree with your opinion. But I think it's not a good idea to let those humans die. They could be useful for the future. It would be better to lock them up. Perhaps they can give us useful information. When we don't need them for getting informations or to blackmail their leaders. Humans don't act very logic that makes them very dangerous. Outriders have to fight against them for a long time and you can believe me, we know more about their force and their weakness. You haven't been here for a long time and a lot has changed. Humans aren't only monkeys as they were once. They grew up."
The queen nodded thoughtfully. "You know what will happen if you betray us or just try to use us. I will think about your idea and as long as we have no reason you are welcome here. But be careful what you do."
"You should decide soon. The black hole will soon destroy them. Besides if we share our technical inventions I guess that those humans won't escape. It's almost impossible."
"I agree with you, Nemesis. But if you try to betray me you will regret it. Save those humans and bring them here. We have better prisons then you and I don't want them to escape. I hope for you that you speak the truth about their usefulness."
She quit the connection and soon Nemesis got help from the Larmetalls to catch Ramrod. At first the Star Sheriffs who didn't recognize Nemesis space ship as an Outrider one were pretty lucky the Larmetalls saved them. Robin and Trista had worried a lot that they would die by the destruction of Ramrod. But when landing on Larmetall they realized the horror wasn't over. They were brought to the queen where Nemesis was also waiting for their arrival.
When seeing all the Outriders' beeing loyal to their cyborg leader they recognized him as Nemesis. Especially for April who thought the nightmare was over it was a shock. Saber, Colt and Trista were more prepared to what happened. April was glad that Fireball didn't come with them and that she talked to him before they left. It was terrible to be separated from him now but she was glad everything was okay between them again. Trista was right. If she hadn't talked to him before they decided to leave she would feel worse now. There was a little hope for help. So it wasn't wrong to believe in the young man Fireball had brought with. Both of them would probably meet now with Thief Millennia, Cavalry Command and this Queen Millennia of whom they hoped she would also be on their side. Of course it was a bad notice that Outriders and Larmetalls seemed to work together but some Larmetalls were on their side. There was still hope.
Nemesis realized immediately that Fireball was not with them. This meant danger. Fireballs dad himself beat him up once and Nemesis would never forget. He knew that Fireball could become as dangerous as his father. They had to be careful now.


Not long after Nemesis space ship left vapor zone a small space ship followed it. Noone realized it and watched the direction in which it was flying. As fast as it could the small space ship, which reminded to a very small Renegade went on his way into the New Frontier. It's aim was planet Lamari. When landing near the Outrider base on Lamari nobody took care what happened. Humans and Outriders get used to live together here. So noone noticed the young Outrider commander who left his Renegade Unit and went to the base. A young woman followed him. She hadn't been so close to humans until now and it was a great experience for her meeting this strange race now. From her friend Calibos she knew more about humans and for a short time before the final battle she had contact to Jean Claude and a group of Outriders who shared her opinion about the war. Calibos told her that since the final battle Jean's group was on the best way to realize their plans for peace. But because of Nemesis madness it was in danger again. Their mission was to warn the others. In her past she often said what she thought and was very direct when talking about her opinion. This didn't have very good consequences for her and her brother Nikodemus. It was a pity he didn't want to join them. He was too loyal to Nemesis. The only thing he would do was that he would not tell anybody about what Calibos and she were doing. At first Calibos was a bit surprised how the base had changed but he didn't show. They found Jean Claude in his office where he worked at some computers, probably at one of his secret projects. Behind him Yamuri was standing and talking to him about something Calibos couldn't follow exactly. When they came in Yamuri stopped talking and watched them suspicious. Jean seemed to be glad that they came over for a visit.
"I didn't think you would come here one time too, Calibos. Nice to meet you too Isis." He said to the young woman.
"We had to. I wish for a better reason. But we aren't here just for fun. Nemesis makes problems. Have you ever heard of the planet Larmetall?"
Jean smiled and nodded. "Ask Yamuri he can tell you more. What's the matter with Nemesis. What plans does he have? Is he back already."
"He is back and ready to fight. He has a new cyborg body now and he's on his way to Larmetall. We guess his plan is to ally with the Larmetalls. Then they will beat up humans together. But we know it's not as easy as it seems to."
"They were pretty fast. What else do you know?"
Calibos started to tell them about what happened the last month in the vapor zone and they listened carefully.
"I guess Yayoi Yukino will have a problem." Yamuri said thoughtfully when Calibos ended his story. "The possibility for to evacuate only Larmetall is impossible now. We will be not fast enough to evacuate all planets, which will be near where the disaster will be. This possibility dies too. If we don't want only to chose some humans who shall survive there is only one possibility which is almost impossible to realize too."
"Who is this? Yayoi Yukino? What disaster? I thought Jean just made a joke. What do you know about Larmetall?"
"That's what we were talking about when you came in. During the war against humans I still made plans what to do when Larmetall would arrive here. Larmetall arrives every thousand years. Its orbit is very long and follows an ellipse. A black hole is its companion. When Larmetall reaches the galaxy it will come very near to other planets. The black hole will cause that some planets are pushed out of their orbit. This can cause the crash of two or maybe more planets and in the final the explosion of a sun. Probably a new black hole would be born and until Larmetalls black hole and this one can build a new sun several planets will be destroyed and millions of humans will die."
"That would mean, cause of this natural disasters the human government could be destroyed. It would become rather easy to beat humans then. Nemesis would like this idea." Calibos added thoughtfully. Yamuri nodded.
"Queen La on Larmetall doesn't want to change fate. We want that our planet has a sun again and that we have not to live under the earth there because the whole planet is covered with ice and snow. Jean would like that but Larmetalls used to live on a similar planet like the earth in former times. Only some humans in the dangerous zone should be saved. Queen Millennia her daughter was sent therefore to earth. She shall prepare everything. But she wants to evacuate all humans what is impossible. We have not enough time. And there is this strange guy. Thief Millennia who wants Lametall to be evacuated and destroyed to save all humans."
"The situation is difficult. Nemesis makes it more difficult." Jean meant sadly.
"He makes it easy." Another voice joined the conversation. All of them turned their heads and saw Jesse standing in the door. Behind him a doctor was coming up and shouting something. Jesse just looked very angry at him and told him to go away cause he really was fine and didn't need any help. If he needed help he would come. Nevertheless Jean thought that Jesse still looked ill.
"Why do you think so?" Calibos asked confused.
"Because he has the same idea as me." Yamuri said smiling. Jesse was so similar to him. He admired this guy although he was half human. The only humans he admired were the human Commander, Snake and Jesse of course.
"We continue our project. We transfer Nemesis soul in his body. We convince Nemesis to use his abilities to push Larmetall out of his orbit and to change the black hole into a sun."
"It's not as easy as you say Jesse." Jean warned him but Jesse still seemed confident.
"The first what we have to do is to visit Larmetall. You said that you found his body on your trip to Larmetall. So the first mission would work."
"And how will you convince Nemesis?" Jean asked still worried about Jesse's plans that seemed to be the best ones in these situations but could cause a disaster if they would not work.
"We will see. I'm sure there is a way." Jesse said. "We should decide what to do now fast.
In any case Yamuri should come with me. I guess Queen La would not listen to me. She doesn't know who I am and Nemesis has told her something bad if we have no luck."
"He's mad about you. I guess he wants to kill you cause you betrayed him." Isis joined the conversation. "From my brother I know that he often talked about you and that he want to punish all traitors the death."
Jesse smiled, still confident. "I can imagine that. That's why we have to be careful. I want Cavalry Command to know about our actions this time too. I sent Snake to planet Far to manage this problem. I don't want that they interfere themselves. We can solve the problem alone much better then with their help."
Jean grinned. That was typical for Jesse. Although they could need the help he didn't want it.
"If one of you want to come with me and Yamuri just tell me now. We will go on the trip right now." Jesse said.

Chapter 4

Commander Eagle and the rest of Cavalry Command were very surprised when Fireball arranged the meeting with Thief Millennia and Queen Millennia. They had not known anything about the planet, which would reach the galaxy in some weeks. And now they had to discover that planet Larmetall was inhabited and that its inhabitants lived among them already.
"I think we can't accept the idea of saving only some selected people." Commander Eagle said in the end. Yayoi Yukino, although known as Queen Millennia, nodded thoughtfully.
"That's why our best scientists work at a special project for some years. If I had known that you're Thief Millennia Selene and that you have the same opinion than me ...."
Selene smiled. "We could have worked together then. But now we've got less time to evacuate all people you know. Even if we all work together now and if we use all space ships we have it's almost impossible to work it out in time."
"We have to evacuate Larmetall then." Fireball added.
"Selenes idea is the only one which is..."
"There are other possibilities too." Snake interrupted. Fireball. Everyone looked surprised at the young man who came. Fireball didn't know if he should be happy or not. He still didn't trust in Snake. He betrayed Cavalry Command one time and even if he came back that didn't mean that he wouldn't betray them again. The Larmetalls on the other hand seemed to be very interested in Snakes opinion.
"What do you have to tell us." Selene asked while offering him a seat among them.
"We need not to evacuate Larmetall or almost the whole part New Frontier near earth. There is another way. Difficult and dangerous but possible. We have to change Larmetalls black hole into a sun."
"How do you imagine that?" Commander Eagle wondered.
"Well, you never listened to me and you always considered the Outriders as our enemies. Perhaps they are the hope now."
"The Outriders? I knew they were back! They would never help us!"
"Calm down Fireball! You don't know the Outriders. You're young and full with prejudices against them. I don't say that's worse but try to see things not always so subjective." Snake interrupted him.
"You're right, Outriders are back. And you have to know something. Larmetalls and Outriders have ever been friends. There is no need for us to fight against each other. Indeed it's possible they would help us. And I know Outriders myself who would not mind to help humans too."
Selene added. Fireball remembered that her bodyguard told him something similar. It was their luck that some Larmetalls were on their side because he was sure that most Outriders would not be. Besides he worried if they could trust those Outriders and especially Snakes words. If it was only a trick. But in the end it would not be Fireballs decision what they would to but the decision of Cavalry Command and he had to accept although he thought it was wrong.
"Let's hear what Snake has to tell us. We will speak about it afterwards." Commander Eagle took the word.
"At first the Outriders always knew what would happen soon. They met the Larmetalls before as you can accept Selene's words. They have a secret base on Lamari, which is still in use.
Jesse and the best scientists worked on some special projects there. On of them is the idea of a planet where humans and Outriders live in peace, another one has something to do with changing Nemesis, giving him back his feelings so he can learn to understand humans. The third one has to do with Larmetalls arrival and is mainly prepared from Yamuri."
"Yamuri?" Yajoi said slowly. "But I thought he never understood me. He tried to betray my actions and to hide my projects I also have to catch him and prison him. If I had known about what he wanted really? I was so proud of him. He was more than only my bodyguard and the head of our security to me. What are his plans now Snake? Can I help him?"
Snake was also a bit surprised about what Yayoi was saying but he couldn't answer to her questions exactly cause Yamuri didn't tell a lot about his past.
"Well I don't know much myself. I suppose Jesse could tell more. What I know is that right now Yamuri and Jesse are on their way to Larmetall. To change Nemesis and to transform the black hole into a sun. Sometimes he told about you but always he said that you were not on his side but against him. Both of you. Perhaps everything was a mistake as it often is between humans and Outriders. But whatever he does I don't think he want help. He's similar to Jesse. Both of them don't want help even if they could need one."
"You really think everything will work out okay for all of us?" Fireball asked suspicious.
"I'm not sure. I think we can avoid the worst thing but some planets at the edge of new frontier could be involved besides. That's why I would suggest evacuating those who are living in the small zone, which could be involved also Jesse and Yamuri solve the problem in time. I don't know what consequences a new sun will have on the neighbouring solar systems."
"To evacuate them we have still enough time and enough space ships." Yajoy said happy.
"With the help of us and Cavalry Command it should be no problem to save all the humans in the concerned zone. It was a great idea." Selene added. "What do you say?"
"That means we have to trust in Jesse Blue?." Commander Eagle meant thoughtfully.
"I guess we have to think about it some time and decide carefully. It comes so fast and we have not much time but what we should do in any case is to start the evacuation program.
Even if Jesses plan don't work we can save a lot of humans then. And perhaps there is still some time to realize your plan Selene."
Cavalry Command, Selene and Yajoy would work on at the projects to save as much as could be saved. Fireball felt tired and still worried about what happened. He couldn't believe in peace yet. To often it didn't work, why should it now?
Outside he met Snake again who was talking to the man in the black overall, whose name Fireball didn't know yet. At first they didn't notice him at first so he could hear the last words of their talk.
"I'm really glad to know that my brother isn't my enemy now."
Snake laughed. "I can imagine that. It was the same with Jesse and me once too. I thought it was the Outrider's fault that he changed so much and could become my enemy at first. But Yamuri and Jean Claude showed me the truth and I got to know the other side of Outriders. That they are so similar to you...."
"Well, our ancestors taught them to be. It seemed to be the only way to stop the civil war. But I don't know much about it. I know that Yamuri often tried to find out more about the past. Now I can imagine why. If you see him before I get a chance to meet him tell him that I'm proud of him. He will not show you but he will be glad. The last time I met him we argued a lot." Snake nodded and suddenly he turned back. Fireball looked at him scared.
"Did you say something secret?" he asked carefully. "Or why do you look at me as if I would be an enemy, hm?"
Snake laughed and pat on Fireballs shoulder. "No, why? I even consider you as a friend."
"You believe in Jesse cause he is your friend Snake? But what if he isn't?" Fireball asked.
"Boy, believe me I'm doing the right thing. I grew up with Jesse. I know him better then most people. Yamuri and me are his best friends and I am almost like a brother to him. If I believe in Jesse I know that it's right."
Fireball starred at him amazed.
"I betrayed Cavalry Command cause I was forced to Fireball. You didn't know about my personal war. The Outriders were frightened and they knew that I wanted to contact Jesse again. For to betray Cavalry Command they would arrange a meeting. I fought against them cause I wanted to save Jesse to become like them. But it was to late."
"The Outriders had still changed him to much. Then he was more kind and friendly when you knew him."
"Yes and no. He can still be nice but he was taught to become a warrior too. That's why he often acts so cold. Only his friends know more about his feelings."
As strange it was the same moment Fireball was talking to Snake he felt some sort of understanding. He didn't know why he had not before but he remembered his own childhood.
When he was young he was wild of course and liked cars and races already but he still wasn't a Star Sheriff. He was only a boy, a normal human boy who would loose his dad and mom soon.
At first he had not such bad opinions about the Outriders he remembered. They never did something bad to him. But then fate took his dad away from him and later on when they tried to kidnap him his mom lost her life by trying to save him. Besides everything they did to him there was a secret he carefully hided before himself and the world. The time they catched him and brought him to Nemesis was the time he discovered the other side of the Outriders too.
Hate and love on both sides. Before Commander Eagle he was the only one who escaped. Nobody knew cause he never told. It was a young Outrider who saved his life an Outrider who looked similar to Jesse Blue. Could that be? Why should Jesse save him? If Jesses plan would work he would have to talk to him. While Fireball thought about his past Snake and the Larmetall continued talking about Yamuri's and Snake's past. Fireball didn't hear everything cause he didn't listen carefully. There were too many thoughts in his memory. What he could hear was just that Larmetalls had made some experiments with humans in former times. Alleged the Larmetalls were the reason for the evolution of the humans and not all humans descended from monkeys but had more reptile or also cat gifts in them. Probably that was the reason for Snake's talent to deal with snakes. Fireball didn't care about that too much. He was glad Snake didn't take one of his snakes with him, cause he could not annoy him with it then.


Far away on planet Larmetall the Star Sheriffs set their last hope in Fireball who was still free. The Outriders made arrangements with the Larmetalls and the situations seemed rather bad. How should they avoid the disaster in time? While Saber and April were interrogated for hours Colt and Robin were locked up in a city under the earth where other humans were living under very bad conditions. Trista was still on Nemesis space ship. Nemesis knew about her relation to Jesse and hoped he could use her as bait to catch Jesse. It was not very realistic cause Jesse would probably not negotiate with him but choose the logic way what would mean Trista's death but he could try to. Jesse still knew something he wanted to know, he need to know. Something Jesse promised to him and seemed not to do now. That was unfair and he would punish him for not keeping his promise he gave when he was younger. The time Jesse escaped from the Outriders and was brought back to him by Jean Claude was the time Nemesis made a deal with Jesse. Nemesis showed Jesse another side of himself and for not killing Jesse or putting him into a phantom chamber he wanted Jesse to find his real body. The body he lost a long time ago. Before punishing Jesse for betraying him Jesse had to keep his promise. The time Trista was near him Nemesis found out what Jesse admired at her. She seemed to have no fear was similar to Outriders and hey he could even talk with her about everything.
Somehow she was a nice human. Perhaps he would let her live. While talking to her he discovered some of his feelings again and although he thought it would be correct to punish Jesse for some moments he also thought about to forgive him if he would keep his promise. Then they could both beat up humanity. After a long time of silence Trista started to talk to him again. She was really a good friend and he took care of not showing anybody.
"What do you plan to do now with the Star Sheriffs?"
"That's not in my hands. Queen La has to decide whether they are useful or not. But I guess they are. Larmetalls won't kill them. They can survive the disaster."
"Why are you so sure the disaster won't destroy Larmetall and your space ship too. It would be possible, wouldn't it?"
"I thought about that too. But Outriders can go back into vapor zone and we have enough energy to save Larmetall. If we destroied the black hole in time .... I know what you want. You want to convince me to act like humans. I will never. Forget that. Larmetalls and Outriders don't betray each other."
"You could save all."
"The war would go on. It's better to beat up humans. As less humans as there are as easier it is to live in peace with the survivals."
"Peace would look like that. You be the leader of humans and Outriders. What would you think about democracy?"
Nemesis shook his head. Then he discovered a small space ship that was coming near Larmetall. He also felt the presence of somebody he knew pretty well. But it wasn't an Outrider or human space ship. He contacted Queen La again and was welcomed to visit the planet again. Trista decided not to talk to much when beeing among other Outriders and Larmetalls. She didn't'' know how Nemesis would act if she talked to him like she used to do in the last hours. At the beginning she was very frightened about him but know she almost liked him. He was some sort of falling hero, a young man who wanted peace for his own race and who found himself later on again and again involved in terrible wars. The wars made him to what he was and with some help perhaps he could see alternatives and there was still hope for her friends and her race. She really hoped it would be Jesse who arrived now. Although Nemesis built a trap for him she supposed he was the only one who could really help them. She could only talk but did Nemesis really listen to what she said? Probably not enough. When beeing in the large hall where Queen La waited for them she could also see April and Saber. Both of them seemed to be very tired and somehow ill. April was quite pale and Saber was hurt by something pretty much. What did they do to them and why Trista wondered. Why do they act like this? What did Nemesis tell them about us? We didn't do them anything and they treat us like enemies.
April smiled at her when seeing that Trista was all right. Trista was so brave, April thought by herself while she almost gave up hope. Humanity would loose this war and they could not help.
Good to know Trista still was okay and full of hope. At least she looked as if she still would believe in hope.

Chapter 5

Yamuri and Jesse arrived at the planet shortly after Nemesis moved there too. They were welcomed by Queen Las guards. He didn't want someone to realize that Jesse was with him, so he hid Jesse in the shuttle while he went out and told the guards that he had a new message for the queen. Later on when the queen wouldn't be suspicious anymore he could fetch Jesse and go with him to the place where he found Nemesis body. Besides he could find out if Jesse was right with thinking that Nemesis was here already. He would not bring Jesse into danger with acting this way.
Queen La welcomed him with respect. Trista looked at the young man surprised. She knew him. Wasn't that the guy who led most of Jesse's military missions? He was very loyal to Jesse and she thought he was also some kind of friend for him. So he was a Larmetall himself. Well, Outriders and Larmetalls seemed to be friends. Perhaps it was a good sign to see Yamuri here.
She would not show, would hide her feelings like Jesse taught her, but she knew that hope was near. Suddenly she felt so happy as she had not felt for about one year or more, since the time she left Jesse. Deep in her heart she felt that Jesse was alive and that he would help her, although that was not why he came here. Nemesis looked at her suspicious and she looked away immediately. April and Saber also realized that Trista knew this guy who was talking to the queen know and of whom the queen seemed to be very proud of. Nemesis also knew that there was something between Trista and this guy, Yamuri. It was bad that he couldn't do anything. Queen La had a good opinion of Yamuri and would surely not listen to him when he told her that he was sure that Yamuri didn't come alone and that he betrayed her in this moment. Probably he would endanger his relations to the Larmetalls. Suddenly another idea grew in his mind. He concentrated on some of his most loyal warriors to go to the space ship. At the moment nobody would be around it. They should spy out it. Perhaps Yamuri didn't come alone.
The same time all Larmetalls left the shuttle Jesse went out too. Of course Yamuri told him to stay there until he came back but what if he was right and Nemesis was already here. He would feel him. If he stayed Nemesis would surely find him. The only way to avoid this was to go out and to meet Yamuri somewhere else. He also had a plan what to do if Larmetalls and Outriders would start to hunt them both. He could not know the future and it was the best to avoid the worst. Good to know about the underground cities. Yamuri told him that Larmetalls planned to evacuate the most intelligent humans and to bring them down there. The idea was not really to save humanity but make these last humans to Larmetalls slaves. Jesse realized this pretty soon. Somehow he didn't want that to happen. This gave him force to do everything to realize his plans. As fast as he could he went to the underground cities. It was not difficult to go there. Humans watched him suspicious and frightened. They are out of hope Jesse thought sadly. Why do I feel with them? Because I'm half human myself? Then he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned immediately.
"Jesse Blue! I should have known that this way your plan, your trap for us." Colt was standing in front of him, behind him Robin watched him with frightened eyes.
"It was not my plan and not my trap. I'm here to help you Cowboy. Is this the way you talk to the one who saves you. Well I can leave you here too if you want." Jesse said immediately.
"And I shall believe you? Do you see all those humans here? Have you seen them?"
Jesse nodded. "If you believe or not, I feel sorry for them. When I heard about Larmetalls first I didn't know what they plan to do."
"And you didn't know Nemesis is here?" Colt asked suspicious.
"I supposed he is. But that's no problem."
"No problem? It's a problem! I don't know what Larmetalls are doing to Saber and April and what Nemesis is doing to Trista! And you say this is no problem?" Colt cried almost angry.
"Calm down. You can't help anyone when acting so childish. If you want to help your friends you should manage at first that all those people here start to work together and to protest.Of course you're a majority here but is that a cause for giving up." ignorinh Colt's words.
"We don't give up and we work together. But what shall we do. Outriders and Larmetalls. To fight against both without guns is impossible."
"Nothing is impossible. I don't want you to kill someone. But what if you just strike. Hm."
"Then they will kill us because we are useless for them." Robin said slowly.
"That's not right. They know that you're useful and they need you. That was why they brought you here. Show them that you don't need them and that they have a problem if you don't work anymore. They need you believe me. I've got a friend who told me. Without your best scientists they could not live on this planet anymore. For thousand years they fetch humans."
Colt looked at him surprised. "If that's true ....."
"It's true."
"Why do you help us? For what reason?"
"Don't ask me. Sometimes I don't know too. Perhaps because I'm still a bit human and belong to both races. Humans and Outriders."
"Colt, it's a chance. We have to take it." Robin said.
"But ... it could be a trap."
"You're prisoners already. Why should I build a trap for you? There is no need Cowboy. Think about what I said." With those words he left the underground city. It was not good to stay somewhere to long. But he had not to search long for Yamuri.
Colt watched him leaving but shortly before he could leave the underground city he could see a young man in a red overall who talked to Jesse. This must be the Larmetall he was a friend with. While he sent Robin to the others to tell them the news Colt followed Yamuri and Jesse who went through the city to a secret place where they could go much deeper in the interior of the planet. They seemed not to realize him or they just didn't mind about him following them.
"What did Nemesis do?" Jesse asked while they walked through old, small and dark passages.
"I guess he ordered his Outriders to search for you. When I went back to the shuttle Outriders were everywhere. He doesn't want to argue with Queen La. So he didn't do anything what could annoy the queen." Yamuri smiled. "I guess he thought he could build a trap for you but he didn't know that you have friends who are very loyal to the queen and who are respected by the queen."
"What kind of trap do you mean? The Star Sheriffs are here yes. I met Colt not long before we met. But I guess Nemesis is pretty mad. I was on the best way to become like him almost tried to kill him in the end. He can't know I didn't forget my promise and now we're going to realize it."
"Trista is here. Perhaps you worry about her. I don't know. She was a really nice girl."
"Hm. So Colt is right. Did he do something to her."
"Nope. You can be proud of her. She's very brave. It seemed as if she is besides Nemesis all the time. She's not a bit frightened."
"Good sign." Jesse smiled but didn't say anything anymore. For a while they walked on without saying something.
Suddenly Colt heard voices behind him and hurried up to reach Jesse and Yamuri. Somebody was behind him and Colt didn't know if they were friends or enemies but he supposed they were enemies. Before he could reach Jesse somebody hold his arm. Because of the fight Colt started Yamuri and Jesse turned. At first they laughed cause it looked somehow funny seeing Colt fighting with some Larmetalls and Outriders in the passage. Mostly they hit the wall than their enemy.
"Stop that now!" Yamuri ordered after a while. "What's going on here!"
"Yamuri?" one of the guards asked.
"Yes, me. What are you doing down here. You know that I have the permission to go down there and you not. Do you have a reason for acting like that?"
"We've also got the permission. Queen La wants to talk to you immediately."
"Why? What's the problem?"
"Did you come alone here?"
"Of course. What do you think? I would never betray our queen. I will manage the problem with this stupid human. Go back and tell the queen that we had a problem down there. I will follow soon. Remember, the next time I'm seeing you down here will not end like this."
The other man nodded but the Outriders seemed not to respect Yamuri too much.
"We have the task to bring him to Queen La and Nemesis right now. We should also bring this human to her. I guess she can solve both problems so."
This time Jesse went out of the darkness into the light of the small lamp that hangs down from the passage. "I know why you're here for real. So you think Yamuri betrayed you. He didn't as less as I betrayed Nemesis. Go back and tell Nemesis to come down here himself. We have to talk that's right. He shall bring Trista with him." The Outriders nodded and went back. Colt starred at Jesse amazed. They still did what he ordered them although they thought he was a traitor. They were alone soon.
"How did you?" Colt started to ask.
"Queen La didn't send them. She even doesn't know what's going on. Nemesis just used them to find us and to talk to them by myself was the only chance to save us. If we would follow them Queen La could find out what's going on and we don't know how she will act then."
"So he is using his abilities?" Yamuri said more to himself.
"Nemesis can control others? Why doesn't he control us?"
"I don't know Cowboy. He has a reason but I don't know it."
"Why did you follow us?" Yamuri asked Colt coldly.
Jesse watched both suspicious. "Don't start to argue now. Okay. We don't know what happened if he had not been here. As we have not much time we should go on. Let's solve this problem afterwards."
Yamuri looked at Colt for a while but decided to listen to Jesse and they went on their way through the passage. It was warm down here. As far as they went into the interior as hotter it became. Finally they arrived at an old locked door. Yamuri opened it with a key. Behind the door there were some more doors to open until they reached the room they searched for. It looked like a medicine room or a laboratory in a hospital. In the middle of the room they found two phantom chambers. One was empty and in the other one Colt could see a young Outrider man. On the edge of the phantom chamber he could read a name.

Chapter 6

Queen La continued the interrogations with April and Saber. During the last hours she found out pretty much about humans and their newest technology. Saber and April both felt weak and lost. They didn't realize that the knew knowledge Queen La now got about human technologies had a very good effect on her. She learned that humans seemed to become more intelligent than they were when her ancestors visited the galaxy thousand years ago. Perhaps she was wrong and did her daughter wrong too. But time was too short now. They could only help some selected people now.
Nemesis didn't care about what Queen La was doing at the moment. He had again this feeling of sadness. His thoughts revolved around his past and how he lost his body.
When he was young he had everything in his hands but now it seemed to flow away. While his warriors searched for Jesse on Larmetall he went back in the past. To the time of change.
Did the war never end? His dad and his uncle started the war. The worst civil war Outriders were ever in. It was called brother war, cause brothers fought against each other. Both of them wanted the power over the whole race. All of them used the old abilities to beat the others. As Nemesis could remember also chemical and biological weapons were used in the war. In the end they almost destroyed the planet. It was him who was idealistic and brave, who believed in peace and friendship. Before the war ended Nemesis tried to learn everything of their ancestors and started a dubious project. Because of Nemesis abilities and inventions they created Helpereside that was known as the main space ship from the Outriders by the humans. It had the form of a planet. Vague he could remember that this time they met the Larmetalls at first. Larmetalls had a better technology but they admired them for the old abilities. That was the reason why Outriders and Larmetalls could become friends. They taught him a lot and because of them Helpereside became what is was today. Some sort of artificial planet. He also learned about to become a good warrior and how to teach others to become one too. With their help he discovered that the logic way was the better way. If he would use his abilities to control his people, to take away their feelings from them to make them similar to Larmetalls. He admired Larmetalls for beeing good warriors, for acting logic and for living in peace for thousand of years. But his soul must be free to have the power to control everything without feeling weak after some time. He needed to leave his body. Larmetalls helped him again. This time the first phantom chamber was created of which he still had some not finished plans. The experiment worked shortly before Larmetall left the vapor zone for a long time. Since this time Nemesis was like he was today. Thousand years went by until he realized that he lost something and that he wanted peace again. Perhaps he only hated humans' cause he heard many bad things about this race from the Larmetalls he admired so much. The twice reason for his hate was that humans were so different, used sometimes their feelings to solve problems. Nemesis wasn't frightened but he worried for peace among his own people. Humans could show them that it was possible to live in peace with having feelings too. What if they discovered the old abilities again then? He didn't want that. The old abilities were dangerous in the false hands. You should not play with dangerous things. By the way Nemesis changed with the years. Living in a cyborg body could become very boring within the time, living in a computer was much boring and he hated what seemed to be boring. Perhaps he was a bit jealous of humans in this case too. But he would never admit this. And of course he got used to beeing the leader to use his power and to be the best. He couldn't imagine someone would beat him one day. Fireballs father did, the Star Sheriffs and Jesse almost did.
Then Nemesis thoughts moved to Jesse again and the hope he could find what he lost again.
Jesse was here he knew now and he even wanted to talk to him. Of course he had to be careful. You could never know what Jesse planed to do. This guy of whom he was proud of had changed too much become similar to him what was pretty bad cause Jesse wanted to be the best like him now too. Or did he change because of the accident again? Would he keep his promise? Nemesis hoped so.
While Queen La changed her opinion about humans Nemesis left the room together with Trista. When they passed the underground human city noone noticed them. Most humans were employed to prepare for their revolt.
"Where are we going to now?" Trista asked him when thinking he was in a better mood than before.
"To a meeting with Jesse. Hopefully he will keep his promise."
"He always keeps his promises." Trista answered.
"If I were you I wouldn't be so sure of that. In the last month Jesse changed very much and I don't like how he changed. Let's hope he doesn't become like me."
"You aren't bad but only sad and lonely. I think most people don't really know you."
Nemesis looked at her amazed. She was the first human who said something like that. This young woman was something special. Jesse could really be proud of her. She managed what nobody could manage for a long time. She made him listen to her and even change his opinions and find some of his feelings again. The first human he could admire. Perhaps she was right and they should think about democracy although this would be hard because Outriders got pretty used to their state system.
Nemesis seemed to change and somehow Trista who had realized this was glad about that. War should be over and she felt herself very near to the Outriders as if she would be an Outrider herself. Probably the reason for her feeling was that she lived with them for some time and learned a lot about and from them. When she had been alone the Outriders gave her a new home, Jesse took care of her like a brother and although he left her alone when April interfered she still loved him. The Outriders were no enemies for her.
They could become friends. It would be a long way but when both races tried to it was possible. By the way even Nemesis could change his opinion for some minutes why shouldn't the rest of the Outriders don't work it out too.
Soon they reached the same door Jesse and Yamuri found some time before. Yamuri and Jesse prepared something Trista realized when they entered. At first the situation was tense. Jesse and Nemesis looked at each other with saying nothing and also Yamuri looked at them cold.
"So here you hide yourself, Jesse. I thought you were my friend but you betrayed me. You know what I'm doing with traitors Jesse."
Trista worried again about what would happen now. At first she was happy to see Jesse alive and really thought she had changed Nemesis. But now he was acting like always.
"Let her free. She has nothing to do with it." Jesse answered.
"You have to keep your promise first."
"No. You have to send her back to the humans outside first. Colt will bring her out and guarantee for her safety. He looked at Colt who watched him surprised but nodded immediately. The situation was somehow spooky and he wanted to leave this place as fast as he could. If they wanted to kill each other they should. But he didn't want to get involved.
After a while Nemesis nodded. "Leave this room Sheriff." He said to Colt. "And take her with you. If you want live you should run fast."
"No!" Trista said suddenly to the surprise of everyone. "I won't leave this room until you quit acting like that. Do you think I'm silly? That's just a game. You play the tough and hard one, both of you only cause you don't want to loose your honor or what. But that's wrong. You can't loose it because none will realize except Colt. By the way I know what's going on here. Nemesis told me enough. Why don't you admit what you're doing? If you would show what you think perhaps humans can too and a lot of misunderstandings could be solved before they become problems."
All of them looked at her amazed without knowing what to say. Colt was the first who started to laugh and this time none became angry. Even Jesse and Yamuri smiled.
"You were wrong Nemesis. I'm still your friend and I know I had become almost your enemy. But it's over now and I'm here to keep my promise if you still want. Your body is here and we are ready to transfer you in it again."
Nemesis smiled too now and Trista felt that she destroyed the tension between them for some time. Hopefully it would be destroyed forever.

Chapter 7

Cavalry Command started with the evacuation process during the time Jesse and Yamuri transferred Nemesis soul in his body again. Selene and Yayoi were involved in the evacuation too. It seemed as if they could save more humans in time as they thought before.
Snake and Fireball stayed at planet Far and waited for the come back of the Star Sheriffs. Fireball worried about them soon. No message and no response on their messages. Something had happened. Snake still was very confident but Fireball was not sure they could trust in Jesse. Why didn't his friends come back, answer them or send a message themselves? They must have problems. Of course Snake didn't want to hear about his problems, always tried to calm him down and often talked to Commander Eagle who still seemed to be confident of his friends abilities. But this wasn't his problem. Without telling anyone Fireball took his space ship and went on his way to planet Larmetall too.
He had to help his friends, especially April. After the war he thought he would loose April cause they argued a lot. But since he talked to Trista, arranged the meeting with Selene and most important spoke about everything with April everything seemed okay again. She still loved him as much as he loved her. He didn't want to loose her, didn't want to loose a person he loved again. His father, his mother and his girlfriend. No, he would not let this happen.
Snake realized Fireballs plans pretty soon and followed him. He didn't want Fireball to interfere so he had to stop him. He didn't think that he could manage this alone. Fireball wouldn't listen to him. How similar he was to Jesse, as if they were brothers. During their flight he contacted Jean Claude and told him about everything what had happened. Before they were near enough to be seen by the Larmetalls a Renegade stopped Fireball on his way. Of course Fireball didn't want to give p but started a senseless fight against the Renegade that couldn't be won by him. The Renegade catched his space ship and soon Fireball found himself in the interior of the Renegade that was similar to Ramrods interior. When seeing Snake in there too he got angry but didn't say anything. So he was right. It had been a trap. Then a man in the brown metal clothes of an Outrider entered the room. He brought Fireball in a room that remind him again to Ramrod. Snake left them alone and went to the central.
"What do you want from us now. Do you know what Nemesis plans or is it Jesses plan?" Fireball asked the man when he wanted to go out. The man shook his head.
"Would you mind to tell me? I'm your prisoner, so why shouldn't I know what's going on?"
At first the man turned to the door and Fireball thought he would just lock him and leave him alone. Instead he took off his helmet and when he moved toward Fireball he scared very much.
"That's not true. It can't be. That's a dream. But I don't know if it's a good one." Fireball whispered.
His dad shook his head again. "It's not dream Fireball and I'm sorry I couldn't ever tell you. Probably you will be mad with me because of that. But I discovered a possibility for peace. You were going to destroy my own plans my son. I had to stop you. Believe me your friends lnow what they do and I trust in Jesses abilities. They will all survive."
Fireball shook his head. "No. We can't trust Outriders or traitors. How can you? I don't understand."
His dad sat down besides him and laid his hand around his sons shoulder.
"You have not to worry. I know Jesse sometimes acts very impulsive. I have to tell you something."
"That you pretended your death and lived with the Outriders for some years. That Outriders are your friends now."
Fireball almost cried.
"You're right. There are Outriders who can learn and who can live in peace with us. I formed a group who tried to realize several projects. One is realized on Lamari this time. Another one is to give Nemesis his real body back, which he lost thousand years ago."
"You mean Larmetalls were responsible for what happened? That's why you emphasize thousand years."
"Not exactly. I'm sure they have something to do with it. They helped Nemesis to stop a civil war that was the reason for the destruction of the Outriders' home planet. But I want to tell you something more."
"What? I will listen."
"When Jesse was young and kidnapped by the Outriders it was me who saved him. Jesse escaped one time and Nemesis wanted to put him into a phantom chamber. This time Nemesis thought I would be a loyal Outrider and I promised to take care of Jesse and that he wouldn't do anything like that again. Well, he did, but because I arranged it. I wanted him to become Star Sheriff, I talked about it with Commander Whitehawk, I wanted him to save you when Nemesis managed to kidnap you. I taught him to become what he is. Sometimes he is more like an Outrider cause he is half Outrider himself. Yamuri a young Larmetall who discovered Nemesis body some month ago taught Jesse to become so hard. Sometimes I preferred seeing him together with Snake. Larmetalls are tougher. Outriders learned to much from them in the past."
For a while they didn't speak anything.
"I will need some time to believe and to trust in the new future dad."
"I know. Many humans and Outriders will need this time."


Not long after their conversation Fireball, his dad, Snake and Jean who drove the Renegade and some others who were near enough to see it could watch something unique.
Larmetall moved away from its twin the black hole and in the same moment Larmetall was out of reach the black hole started to glow. The light became so bright they had to close their eyes. Afterwards it had changed into a new sun, around which Larmetall was flying right now.
It had been so easy. Only some neighboured solar systems were concerned by natural disasters caused by the changing of the black hole into a sun. The inhabited planets there were evacuated yet. Noone died. But now they had to confront a new problem. There were three races in the galaxy now and nobody knew how each race would act. Perhaps the birth of the new sun was a sign for hope.
Jean decided to visit Larmetall immediately. The same time they arrived Yajoi and Selene reached their home planet too. It was like a dream what happened. A dream that would not end. Ice and snow on Larmetall started to melt and soon first flowers and trees would grow where the land was covered with ice before. It was wonderful. Once Larmetalls helped the Outriders to save their race, now Outriders saved Larmetalls. When Outriders and Larmetalls could learn to love and to accept others, perhaps humans could too.
Queen La was very sorry about the past and welcomed Yajoi and Selene immediately. For all guests she arranged a big welcome party to show her friendship to them. Especially Colt, Robin, April and Saber were treated by her very kindly for the last hours. There was a new hope although some of them couldn't trust in peace and believe in it yet. Time would heal the wounds war blew into all of them. And one time New Frontier could really become a place of peace and friendship between those races that were on the one hand so different and on the other hand so similar to each other.

The End

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