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The nightmare isn't over
By: Yamuri (

Chapter One: Captived in a Nightmare

The night was silent, all lights were switched of and there was peace and harmony all over the landscape. Somewhere in one of the big houses, in which the rich people lived, a young man sreamed in horror when waking up from a nightmare. It had been months he get to know of his friends murder. Whoever killed his friends wasn't found yet. Commander Eagle had led the search for the murder of his daughter and her husband from up the beginning. After the first shock Saber wanted to help too and even Sincia and his parents offered their help. But they didn't find anything. No sign which could tell something about the murderer. Saber did everything to find whoever killed his friends but instead he found himself hunted by nightmares pretty soon. In his dreams he was hunted by his own friends. And when they managed to catch him they changed into one of those aliens you get to see in modern science-fiction and horror movies. The worst thing was that the dreams were so real. It was as if it would really happen. Then, not long after the funeral of his friends, he fell asleep during a flight and almost crashed into an asteroid. From that time on he had no say in the mission anymore. They sent him back to the highlands. Each month he was visited by General Whitehawk and Commander Eagle who always tried to comfort and help him. He didn't want the help they offered. He wasn't crazy and he didn't need a doctor. Sooner or later he would get over his friends death, even if they hunted him in his dreams.
When Saber woke up from his dream this night it stayed silent outside. At first he didn't realize but then he wondered if his parents, Commander Eagle, General Whitehawk or even Sincia didn't hear him scream. Slowly he stood up and went outside the room. While walking through his house he noticed that it was empty. Had they left him? Pictures of his dead friends came up to his mind and he tried to forget while walking down the stairs to the front door. From far away he meant to hear music. Carefully he opened the door and looked out into the dark night. Nothing. He went out some steps when the door closed behin him. Saber turned immediately. Somehow he had the feeling as if the house was alive, as if it was a big animal which wanted to feed. Fear took over his mind and he ran out into the night to find himself lost in a fair. He didn't know there was a fair near his home this time but he realized the music he meant to hear was the one from the fair. Peoples passed by, laughing, talking and being all happy. While walking through the fair Saber felt better. Everywhere he could hear loud and funny music and smell the sweet candies which were sold. Suddenly the smell changed and was replaced by the smell of dirt and death. An old and familiar smell. As if hypnotisized Saber went in the direction the smell came from and discovered that the fair had changed. There were no people around, the stalls looked empty and old and instead of the music he could hear the voice of a child. Somewhere a girl was singing and far away he could see a light. When walking nearer he could see the girl, standing in front of a house, which doors and windows were broken.
She sat on the ground and played with stones while singing a song.
"There was a little spider, crawling down the sewer. Rain filled the streets and the spider fell asleep. Water carried it away while children went out to play. But when the raining stopped ..." Suddenly she stopped singing and looked up in his direction. But her eyes seemed not to see him but looked through him. Saber went nearer and wanted to tell something when the girls eyes changed into a bright light. He wanted to turn away but he couldn't look away from the light. His eyes were filled by the light. From far away he heard a voice calling for him when he felt himself falling through the light. There was no end, only pain and light.

Chapter Two: After the night

"Saber! Oh, Saber. Please wake up." warm hands pressed itself against his chest when Saber woke up. Sweat ran down his face and he starred to Sincia who was sitting on his bed next to him. Her eyes were filled with tears and she took him in her arms immediately.
"I thought I lost you, Saber. Your heart didn't beat anymore for some seconds. My god, what's happening."
"I...I don't know." Saber stuttered.
She touched his had and kissed him gentle on his forehead. "It's alright. It was a nightmare, and it's over now."
Saber nodded. "Those dreams are to real."
"It's a worse time for you. I understand that Saber and I'm here for you. You can always tell me when you need someone to listen. Okay."
He noddedn again.
"Well, and cause you seem to have fewer you will stay in bed today. I will go to town and fetch some medicine while your mom prepares some tea." She wanted to stand up but Saber hold her. "Stay." He whispered.
"I will be back soon."
"Please stay. You can't go. If you go I will sleep again." He started to cry and she kissed him again to comfort him. It hurt her so much to see him that way. One time he saved her live and this time she should save his but somehow she felt so weak and unable to help.
"Sincia?" he asked. "They think I'm insane, right? That's what people think?"
"No. Saber. Nobody think that you're insane. People now what hapened, they know about your friends death and everyone can imagine how you fell. I almost feel the same and I'm glad I don't have those dreams. I'm healthy and able to be here for you. And I won't leave you."
"Can you fetch Whitehawk? I need to talk to him."
"Of course." She smiled and left the room. For some seconds he felt lost and fear came back but the General Whitehawk entered and he felt better again. How he hated to feel so weak, like a child.
"How are you feeling today?" Whitehawk asked and sat down on a chair next to the bed.
"Not very well. I had again one of those nightmares."
"I understand your situation Saber. I knew your friends and I know what they meant to you. The murder will be found and punished."
"It almost drives me insane. For months I haven't slept well. I feel tired all the day but when I sleep I always dream. I want those dreams to stop finally."
Whitehawk took out a small wooden object. "I made something for you. It's a dream catcher. I will hang it over your bed and you shouldn't have nightmares from now on." He smiled at Saber who was finally feeling a bit better.
The day was as wonderful as ever. Saber spent it with his parents, his girlfriend and his former mentor General Whitehawk. Eagle left them in the morning again. Sincia was glad that the medicine and the tea helped Saber and that Whitehawk came up with the great idea of using a dream catcher. Lots of people didn't believe in the way indians solved those problems but Sincia had seen that this way was the last hope to help her boyfriend. This night should become better.

Chapter Three: The phone call

Late at night, Saber woke up. Sincia was laying half over him. Her
head on his chest and one arm around his waist. Slowly Saber stood up, trying not to wake her up. Untill then he slept pretty well. When walking out of the room he hear the phone ring again. That was what woke him up. Before he reached it his dad answered the phone already. Father and son smiled at each other when Saber appeared downstairs. But then his fathers expression changed. He didn't talk much but only starred towards Saber. Saber realized that something must have happened and his father get to know it now. Not again, Saber thought and suddenly an image came up to his mind. It was the picture of Commander Eagle. The Commanders head lay on a table. Covered with blood and seperated into two halfs. Everything went dark around him and Saber felt his head bang on the floor hardly. Some time later he woke up in his bed. His parents and Sincia were there too. His head ached a bit and he felt weak. "What happened?" he asked. "Another dream?"
Sincia shook her head. Tears running down her face.
"We don't know if you feel well enough so we can tell you." His father said.
"I need to know what happened." Saber said coldly. "I had a vision and if it is true I will take over the mission. I will find the murderer and he will ..."
"You won't do anything." Commander Whitehawk interrupted him. Saber didn't notice his mentor at first but now he realized the indian who was standing near the door. "It's to dangerous right now. Cavalry Command will send us some soldiers for protection. Someone seems to kill all people who were mainly involved in the last battle against the outriders. Someone wants revenge for what happened."
"But who, or what?" Saber whispered when he heard a voice in his head.
"Saber Rider." The voice said and laughed at him. Saber looked at his family and friends amazed. "I'm coming for you." The voice said again, followed by laughter.
"You're pale. Are you sick?" his mother asked him worried.
Saber shook his head. Perhaps he would have another vision. Tired he lay down again and closed his eyes. While his parents were talking to General Whitehawk again and Sincia took care of him Saber fell asleep again. But the night wasn't over yet. And the game just started.
After Sabers parents went to bed General Whitehawk went downstairs to wait for the soldiers to come. It was almost morning when he heard a space ship and went outside. To his surprise it was an outrider space ship. Confused he went nearer when a light blind him and he lost consciousness not much time later.

Chapter Four: Insane

Hours later General Whitehawk woke up. The space ship he meant he had seen was gone but soldiers of Cavalry Command were carrying lifeless bodies out of the house. They looked terrible. Their faces were disfigured with acid. Mr. Rider had lost both his legs and bloody clothes covered his waist. Mrs. Riders breast was also covered by bloody clothes. Nobody could see the wounds on her body and the broken ribs.
A doctor was sitting by him and taking care of his wounds.
"Are you okay, general?" he asked when Whitehawk stood up and started walking towards the house. Whitehawk nodded.
"You can't go inside." A soldier told him. "Our best psychologists are at his room but he refuses open the door. It's terrible what happened."
Another soldier joined them. "Once he was a famous Star Sheriff, but who would have thought of his insanity. Killed his parents and his girlfriend."
"His door is still closed." The other said.
"Yeah. He's sitting inside with his dead girlfriend and laughing. Have you ever heard such a crazy laugh."
"I was his mentor." Whitehawk said. "I will go in. Perhaps I can help."
"Nobody can help him." The soldier said. "Jago said that he has probably killed his own friends."
Shocked by the news Whitehawk went indoors to Sabers room.
"Saber." He shouted through the closed door. Suddenly the laughter stopped. "Can I come in."
Nothing happened. "It's me. General Whitehawk. Saber, please open the door. We're here to help."
But the only thing they heard was that someone opened the window.
"Go out fast. He wants to jump out." Whitehawk whispered to some soldiers. They acted immediately, while Whitehawk continued talking.
Suddenly he found himself alone in front of the door. Jago and his men went outside. He wondered suddenly why it had become so silent outside the house. Then he heard Sabers scream and went out immediately. What he saw was the worst thing he ever saw. All soldiers were dead. Their heads lay in front of the door, covered in blood and dirt, their bodies were gone. Not far away of the door Saber Rider lay on the ground. His skin was pale. His face wet and his neck was broken.
The expression on his dead face was the one of a terrified boy. Who did that and why?
Whitehawk looked at his pupil and friend while tears were forcing itself out of his eyes.
"Commander?" the voice of a girl interrupted him in his thoughts.
He turned and noticed that all the dead bodies had gone but a young woman stood in front of him. He reminded him of someone. She had long dark hair and brown eyes.
"I'm sorry." She said. "But I'm hungry."
Whitehawk looked at her confused.
"My name's Trista, Commander. Sure, you don't know me and I'm not mad with you. I'm sorry to hurt you but you see Saber Rider and his friends had to die." She smiled evily and her eyes changed. Instead of brown eyes her eyes glew yellow now.
"You?" he asked but Trista lay her hand on his shoulder and he felt life leaving his body.
"I'm sorry." She said again. "But thanks for being my meal."
Then she left the place of terror to search for a new one where she could continue to feed. Her task was finished. The revenge was done and from now on she could search for new victims to play with. How funny it had been to drive Saber insane and to kill all those humans. Nothing could stop her from no on. The one who could have been able to kill her was dead. It was good that she killed him so fast, without an explanation or without a little game. Whitehwak was dead, as well as Jago, his soldiers and the Star Sheriffs. Humans could never win against her, cause they died in the moment they realized who really was their enemy. Her memory vanished and the new born creature went on its way to play and feed.

The End

2003 Yamuri. And don't forget to write her what do you think about this!