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The last Sayja Jin
By: Yamuri (

Chapter One: Vegetas Fate

Darkness and silence surrounded him. He couldn't feel the pain anymore, just warm water, the closed-circuit breathing apparatus at his mouth and his flat heartbeat. Again he had survived. It had been really close this time. Freezer almost killed him. But thanks to Kakarott he was still alive. Memories started to flow through his mind and filled the silence.
He was back on Vegeta-Sei, training and fighting at the side of his father. King Vegeta had taken him to missions when he was still a little boy. Vegeta's childhood had mainly consisted of trainging and fighting. His father had seen his potential soon and believed his son could become a legendary super sayjan one day. Besides he was the prince and had to be the most powerful sayjan anyways. But there was another reason for King Vegeta's rigor towards his son. A reason he barely showed, cause feelings were a sign of weakness, something his son still needed to learn that time. Nevertheless Vegeta knew that his father cared a lot for him and it gave him strength and willpower to do everything to make his dad being proud of him. His father meant a lot for Vegeta, especially cause he grew up without having a mother. Nobody ever talked about the queen, so Vegeta didn't know anything about her for a long time. When he had been ten years old he had met Freezer for the first time. Vegeta remembered that time serenely.
Freezer had come to planet Vegeta to make deals with his father. Nappa had been told to take care of the prince and look forward that Vegeta wouldn't interrupt the audience. But Vegeta had fooled his mentor and gone to the conference room to see that tyran his father seemed to be afraid of. How could there be anybody his father feared? Of course he had hidden himself well and probably Freezer wouldn't have seen him, if he had not come out of his hideout. It were Freezer's words that made him angry and jumping out of the lair to even challenge the reptil. At first they had just been argueing about working together and it had been obvious that his father didn't like Freezer's ideas. Suddenly his fathers voice had become very angry and Vegeta could see his energy rising fastly.
As far as Vegeta remembered Freezer had said something about his mom, who had died shortly after he was born. Obviously the tyrann wanted to threat his father by mention his mom and other cruel things. Vegeta could see his fathers anger but also felt his own temper rise. But the reptile seemed not to be impressed by his father. Instead of being frightened it just laughed at king Vegeta and told him not to be such a fool and thinking he could beat him. In the end he would have the same destiny than his wife.
Young Vegeta had listened carefully and watched each movement in the hall. Soon he realized that this guy, Freezer, knew more about his mom who he had never seen. Not only that, but also Freezer's respectless behaviour towards his own father made his ki rise fastly. How could Freezer threat his father and laugh about him? He hated that creature, especially its laughter. And if his father wouldn't show Freezer how to treat the king, he would do.
Freezer himself realized the presence of someone else the same time when the prince decided to leave his hideout and attack the reptil from behind. Little Vegeta didn't see the fear in his fathers eyes while fighting against Freezer. To his own disappointment the fight didn't last long. Although the boy could do minor damage to Freezer the reptil was much stronger and faster. In only a few seconds Freezer threw him against the wall and punched into his stomach several times. Afterwards he hold him tightly and turned back to king Vegeta.
"Who is the little brat?" Freezer asked amused, while holding young Vegeta. The kings eyes glew angrily. "Let him go, immediately."
"He has his mothers eyes, don't you think. And he's looking a lot like you. So, are you hiding something from me, monkey king?"
Young Vegeta tried to free himself but Freezer was stronger and retched him. "That legend of yours will never come true. There will never be such a thing like a Super Sayjan, understand me?!" he shouted before looking at the young prince again. "I'm amazed, I really am. You could hide that little creature such a long time from me. But it looks like that you failed once more. I should kill him immediately, just like I killed his mother, don't you think? But you know what, I'll keep him and he'll stay alive as long as you and your people are working for me." he laughed loudly, while the boy struggled in his arms.
"You won't take my son." King Vegeta answered angrily and stepped foward.
"Oh well, I wouldn't do anything foolish if I were you." and Freezers tail wrapped around young Vegeta's waist.
The prince tried to free himself once more but Freezer just hold him closer. "I will take him with me now and you should better behave if you wish to see him again."
Vegetas memories faded at this point. That was the last time he had seen his father alive.
Years of terror followed. A time he never wanted to remember again. He had never looked back just to forget the pain. Whenever Freezer had felt bored he called for him to beat and rape him. His soul froze when the memories came back and he was forced to see what Freezer had done to him. The first times he had tried to fight him but Freezer had always been stronger, forced himself on him and put himself into the young boy. Tears ran over Vegetas face when hearing Freezers laughter again and seeing his younger self somewhere on the cold floor on Freezers space ship, covered with blood and not moving anymore.
"You will always be mine." he could hear Freezers voice talking in his mind. "I will never let you go and there's nothing you can do to stop me. Try to fight me or cry, nobody will come to help you little one. You're lost. So give up."
"No!!! Never!!!" Vegeta shouted in anger while pushing away his horrible memories. Cold sweat ran down his body and again he displaced his nightmares. Darkness filled his mind once more before he reminded the last hours on Namek, where he nearly died. While Kakarott was still recovering from his injuries he had challenged Freezer. If the bastard had not shown up that early he would have been invincible by then. But luck had not been on his side.
If Kakarott had not come Freezer may have killed him, or would he? Vegeta wasn't sure about it. At least Freezer had not paid attention to him anymore when he fell into coma and even Kakarott thought that he was dead. Even Vegeta himself had thought it was the end.
Otherwise he would have never shown his emotions in front of Kakarott. And what now he thought while waking up from his nightmares, still feeling tired.
Slowly Vegeta opened his eyes and found himself in a similar tank he had been the last time when he had almost been killed by Zarbon, back on Namek. The ship reminded him of Freezer's ship but somehow it was different. Noone was in the room when he awoke and nobody seemed to care when glass broke, water ran over the metallic floor and Vegeta climbed out of the canister. A smile passed his lips. He felt much stronger than before. In other situations he wouldn't have given a thought about Kakarott but now he wondered if the other sayjan had beaten Freezer or if their enemy was still alive. Bad feelings grew in his heart. His always sceptical mind told him that it wasn't over. Angry about himself, that he had failed of becoming immortal and killing Freezer he looked for his clothes. Whoever had brought him here seemed to know about the style he was wearing cause he found something suitable soon. Then he tried to figure out who else was on this ship. He could sense a similar ki than Freezer but it certainly wasn't Freezer. Suspicious he went out to see that the corridor was empty. Strange. Slowly he followed the ki and reached a hall. The construction of this ship was to similar to Freezer's. Anger grew and suddenly he felt a new power rising in his body. Something was changing, he could feel it. He felt as if his body was burning and realized that he was covered by an aura of fire while his hair started to glow almost golden. But he could hold the energy just for some seconds cause he was still to weak for transforming into the super sayjan level. Carefully he went deeper inside the room and walked around some technical equipment.

Chapter Two: Cooler

Only one being was there. It turned around when he entered and Vegeta growled when seeing that it was reptiloid, like Freezer. But it's ki was different, and his metallic skin light blue, almost shining. "It's really true. You've become a Super Sayjan." the reptil said. A super sayjan? Vegeta looked at him surprised and before he could answer the stranger continued. "Well, glad to see the legend wasn't a fake. But I'm afraid it will need much more energy to beat Freezer. The fight against that other Super Sayjan made him much stronger." It's voice sounded darker than Freezer's and without sarcasm.
Vegeta looked at the creature angrily. "So Freezer is still alive?! And who are you? Why should you help me and work against your own peoples." He wasn't really interested why the reptil wanted to help him but more angry cause Kakarott failed.
"I'm Cooler. Freezer's brother. You see I have a personal anger against my father and my brother. Both of them never accepted me. I had always to play the second role and whatever I did it wasn't good enough for them. Besides I'm sick of destroying other planets. Why? I see no sense in that. That's why I saved you when he almost killed you on Namek. Your friends thought you were dead and I fetched you while the other Super Sayjan fought against my brother, without success."
"So you're telling me that Freezer beat Kakarott?! And you aren't kidding?!" his eyes narrowed.
"I wouldn't make jokes with that. You're the last one of your kind and Namek doesn't exist anymore."
Vegeta's eyes grew wide and for some seconds he was even shocked. If there was any hope left it lay in his hands and he was the last one who could take revenge. Impossible, how could Kakarott die. Maybe he had been a bit rough to him at first but in the end, those last few seconds on Namek, he had almost liked him and seen him as a friend. "Kakarott." he wispered. "The day of revenge will come and Freezer will pay for what he did to our fathers, our people and you." He turned back to Cooler and looked at the reptile earnest. "You have some traing room?"
Cooler nodded. "Walk down the corridor and there it is. You have a kitchen right beside with lot's of food, as much as a sayjan needs." Vegeta nodded and left the room. He needed some training and time to think. Cooler watched him thoughtfully. I can imagine why he became that hard and cold. People he cares about always die and I won't think about whatever Freezer did to him when he kept Vegeta, when the sayjan was just a young boy. Probably he's done a lot of horrible things to him. But I promise,my dear brother, one day you will pay for everything. I will look forward to the day when Vegeta is strong enough to defeat you finally.
Later on Cooler visited Vegeta in the training room. The prince was training very hard. Before entering Cooler had to low the gravity in the room by using a terminal in front of the main door. Otherwise it could have had bad effects on himself. Vegeta had done the basic training under high gravity and was now fighting against an android which had been built to be used as training partner. The android didn't feel anything and it's energy level never changed. Of course Cooler had constructed a reptiloid android which was used by himself before he had saved Vegeta. When the gravity was lowered Vegeta felt pain in his head. Immediately he deactivated the android and turned towards the door, his eyes gleaming angrily at the intruder.
"You need a break, my prince." Cooler said, hoping that Vegeta's temper had cooled down. Vegeta looked at him surprised. He barely remembered the last time someone called him prince. What made Cooler act that way? The metallic reptile spoke it out as if he would admire him, not like Freezer who used it sarcastically after beating and hurting him. And why now? When they talked before Cooler had treated him like an equal.
"No! I need to get stronger fast!" he answered. At first it seemed as if he wasn't interested in Cooler's presence anymore cause he turned towards the android as if he wanted to reactive it, but then he spoke again. "What's up?! Hope it's important!"
"I have to tell you something and would like to meet you in the central. Suppose it may interest you. I would have told you earlier, but you were to busy. So I didn't want to interrupt you."
"You still interrupted me! What could be more important to me than training?!" Vegeta asked. His eyes narrowed when he looked at Cooler.
"The chance to become invincible!"
Vegeta turned away from the android immediately and walked over to him. "You're joking, right? Or do you really have those dragonballs with you?! Cause if so, you should have told me right away!"
"My prince, I'm afraid but the dragonballs from Earth and Namek are lost forever. But I discovered a legend about something similar and we should talk about it somewhere else." Angry about the loss of the dragonballs but still curious which news Cooler may have for him he followed the reptile to the bridge. Cooler showed him some old and new star maps.
"You see, those are old star maps. Here you can even see Vegeta-Sei your homeplanet. And this are the new ones where even Namek has vanished and soon Earth will follow, I suppose."
"Those star maps have nothing to do with our problem." Vegeta interrupted him impatiently.
"In some way they have. Legends tell about an ancient race which inhabeted Vegeta-Sei before Sayjans became aware of their power."
"I've heard about that already. It's said that Sayjans got their power from them. They almost destroyed theirselves before they vanished to nowhere. Stories tell that their blood got mixed with sayjans blood and that's how we became what we're."
"There's more about that legend. You know about the namekian dragonballs and those from earth. But as I've discovered these legendary people had the opportunity to call a silver dragon by using so called blue dragonballs."
"Well, and how does this help?! Vegeta-Sei is destroyed and I never heard of such a thing. Blue dragonballs....pfff." Vegeta shoke his head.
"Wait. There were proofs that this people really existed and I'm sure they took those dragonballs with them. If we manage to find their trail it could lead us to the dragonballs."
"Forget it. They doesn't exist anymore. My father would have told me about it, if he knew and...."
"Nobody, except me, knows about this special part of the legend. Your father was never interested in the past of your people but only in war. Like Freezer he didn't pay much attention what he destroyed, just did it. But I was different. Soon I started to collect everything about other folks before the sayjans, Freezer's men or my own father destroyed those planets. I started to study and learn everything, to become stronger and more intellectual than my brother. I may never reach his standard of power but he will never reach my level of intellect." Cooler grinned satisfied and continued. "You could have learned much from your ancestors. If Freezer would have known, probably he would have been much more afraid of you. Well, and in one of those books I found the information about the blue dragonballs."
"Okay, and what's the whole deal?" Vegeta asked, still impatient. Patience really wasn't one of his strengths.
"As far as I could retrace these people must have vanished in the direction of the void."
"Your story is unbelievable. The Void? This part of the known universe was never explored due to the fact that life isn't feasible there. Besides whoever tried to fly through the void, never came back."
"We will! I'm sure of that. It's the only place they could have gone to and I can also imagine what kind of technical stuff they used to cross it." Cooler said. A confident sound lay in his voice and Vegeta wondered why the reptile was that sure of himself. "And if you haven't any other good proposals my prince, I will go on and explain my plan to you."
"Okay...go on." Vegeta said and listened to Cooler's words. As long as it could help to get his revenge he was willing to do almost everything.
And while Cooler started to realize his plans, Freezer was on their trail already.

Chapter Three: Shadows of the past

Far away, beyond vapor zone (as the void was called in that part of the universe), humankind was still fighting against an almost invincible enemy - the outriders who had appeared out of vapor zone several years ago. Nobody new exactly what had caused the war but within the years military actions between both peoples had become normality to most people.
But besides hatress and anger there was still a small isle, a group of outriders and humans who searched for a way to bring back peace to the galaxy. And even if their project of a planet where outriders and humans lived in harmony and coexistence failed on planet Lamari they would never give up their visions and hope. At least their group was still growing and untill now Nemesis hadn't realized anything or maybe he was just bored by the war and therefore ignored what some of his people were doing.
Again he had punished a few Comanders who failed to conquer New Witchita. It was a wonder that Jesse Blue, the only human commander among them, was always treated with respect by Nemesis. But except some rebells only Nemesis knew about Jesses doubtful past. Even Trista Derringer who had been Jesses girlfriend knew almost nothing. After Jesse cheated on her and her new friend Delia had turned out to be one of the famous Star Sheriffs she had run away from the outriders base. Although April had guaranteed that she survived the fight between the Star Sheriffs and Jesse Blue she felt betrayed and used.
Tears ran down her face and it was dark already when she stopped running and sat down under a tree to have a break. Memories and questions hunted her. Was the car accident really manipulated by Jesse? Did he never feel anything for her? And what about her friend Delia? Had April really wanted to become her friend or was her aim just to fullfill her mission and nothing more? What should she believe?
Somehow she felt as if the whole world was turning against her. Confused and frightened about the future she sank into deep sleep. In her dreams she was running. She never looked back untill she reached an old palace. Plants were growing everywhere and it was hard to reach the front door. Darkness surrounded her but she had no fear. Step by step she walked closer to a fire that was burning inside the castle. She came in a large hall which consisted of blue crystall. In the middle of the room she could see a phantom chamber that reminded her of a tank and was surrounded by a circle of fire. Slowly she walked nearer and felt power rising in her heart. Suddenly she could hear a voice calling her name.
Immediately her eyes flew open and she woke up. It was still dark but someone was sitting next to her. "Outrider..." she whispered and tried to get away.
"Shh....don't be afraid. It's me."
The voice was familiar to her, but she refused to believe it could be him. How could he do something that cruel to her? Hypnotisize her, manipulate and use her?
"Let me go!" she shouted at him. "Do you really think I let you do it again? Make me think that I love you! Just cause you needed some toy to play with!"
"Stop it Trista! I'm sorry...but it was the only way to protect you from Nemesis."
"What?" Trista starred at him amazed. "Why should you need to protect me from him?"
"He's afraid of you, afraid of us. It's a complicated story..."
"But why did you need to push me away, hurting me? You tricked me. How do I know you won't try it again?" she interrupted him.
"I can explain that to you later. We need to hurry now...get away."
Trista looked at him sceptically. "Cause you're on the run? Star Sheriffs hunting you?" her voice sounded almost sarcastically.
He shook his head. "No. That's just a game. They haven't realized yet that they're fighting against an android and not me. Come on, I have to fetch you to a secure place. This time you can believe me, I promise."
His eyes seemed warm she realized. She had to admit that she had had a bad feeling around Jesse during the whole day. And now he was acting friendly again. Nevertheless she knew that he fooled her by making her believe that she loved him. Maybe she had grown closer to him and really felt something like friendship but it certainly wasn't love. Yes, she admired him and her heart told her she could go with him.
Without asking he took her in his arms and stood up to carry her away. At first she wanted to get free and to run away but he was holding her gently which gave her the feeling of being protected and save. Jesse brought her to a small space ship. It reminded her of a metallic scorpion. Beside the pilot one passenger could sit inside the ship. She had never seen something like that before. How could Jesse hide that thing from everybody? What kind of new weapon was this? A white light surrounded the space ship shortly after they started and Jesse explained it was some kind of shild. As long as it worked their ship couldn't be seen by any radars. In the ships light she also realized that his skin gleamed in a light blue colour while his hair seemed more green than it had been during the whole day. Strange.
"What do you want with me now?" she asked.
"I will show you what I shouldn't have hidden from you. It wasn't my idea...and now it's almost to late. You have to know about your origins and the power within yourself."
"What are you talking about Jesse? I understand nothing of your cryptic words."
"Soon you will." he answered.
Thoughtfully she watched the planets they were passing by. Jesse was like a big secret. When they had met for the firt time she had seen that in his eyes already. She could imagine that he was important for Nemesis and Jesse had told her often enough that many outriders would like to see him dead. But her? Suddenly she reminded her strange dream from before and wondered if it could have been some sort of hint. Hopefully Jesse would answer her questions truthfully and stop using her, cause beyond what he had done to her she was still feeling something for him. At least, she hoped, they could become just friends.
Some time later they reached the border of new frontier and planets that weren't inhabited yet. At least she didn't know about people living that near at vapor zone. To her amazement she realized that an outrider base had been built on one of the ice planets. Much more surprising was that humans and outriders lived and worked there together. Jesse introduced her to some people at the base who made a friendly and happy impression on her. Those humans seemed to be here willingly, unlike on New Witchita where they were forced to work for the outriders. Jesse lead her down to the underground city where the climate was warmer.
Trista had never seen anything like that. They were standing in a large cave which walls consisted of marmor. All buildings seemed to be parts of the cave and were certainly driven out of the wall by using special techniques.
Each building looked like an individual construction and was decorated with sculptures and surrounded by a small garden with exotic plants, which were probably imported from other planets. The white marmor glittered bright in the artificial sunlight and Trista wondered if they had artificial moonlight too. How beautiful and romantic. Who would have ever thought that outriders could create somthing that nice? She was really impressed.
In the middle of the cave a park could be found. One part reminded her of a jungle, another one looked more like an oasis, the third one consisted of a small forrest and the last was the usual kind of park with flat grass and fountains which could also be seen on Yuma. A small paradise, well hidden from civilisation.

Chapter Four: Truth behind the darkness

"I should have brought you to this place earlier." he told her while showing everything to her. "You would have been save here. Nobody knows about this planet, the base and us. Certainly you wonder who we're. A group of people who are sick of this stupid war. And as you see peace is possible. To bad that our mission on planet Lamari failed. But the day will come when April Eagle has to admit that I'm better than her friends who see war as some funny game and killing as a sport."
"You didn't all of that just for April, did you?" she asked although it still made her sad when just thinking of April.
Jesse grinned at her. "No. This was started long before I got to know April. She's only another reason which gave me the power of never giving up. Another reason has always been you."
"Me?" she felt heat rising in her heart and her face becoming red. "How come? We know each other only for a short time."
He lay his arm around her shoulder and looked at her earnest. "You know me just some months but I've watched you your whole life. For the time I got to know about you. I had to watch over you, to guarantee that Nemesis wouldn't interfere in your life as he did with mine."
"You watched me? But why is Nemesis and you...why are you interested in me? I remind very well that you called me one of the small people."
"Oh come on. Forget that stupid words of an android. Everybody is unique Trista, especially you. I'm really sorry that I had to let you alone with the android. At least I should have told you and I hope he hasn't put any silly ideas in your mind."
"When I talked to you yesterday it has been a robot? He looked and behaved a lot like you!" she shouted a bit angry.
"Yeah. It's an almost perfect machine. Just a bit more proud of itself than I'am and to my unluck he started to create his own consciousness. My bad attitudes seem to be compensated in his personality. Could become a problem for us in the future, especially cause we can't deactivate him anymore and his energy is eternal."
"Why did you build him anyways? And does he know about your projects?" Trista asked thoughtfully.
"He doesn't know about this place but he's aware of my double life. I've created him shortly after I left the academy. You know I was trained there to become a Star Sheriff. But April wasn't the only reason why I left. In reality I should have left the training center the evening befor I got to know April. Well, as you know me I can't follow orders which appear senseless to me. Now they make sense. My mentor didn't want me to meet the Star Sheriffs cause he must have sensed what could happen. And it happened. I know that I made mistakes but I won't admit them as long as April can't admit that she has also made mistakes. Call me stubborn but I will never change my mind about that."
"You were young."
Jesse didn't answer on her comment and went on with telling how he tried to kill Fireball and realized that he almost lost his aims and forgot why he had left the academy in the first place.
"You realized that the Star Sheriffs just fight against outriders and the other way round, right? But your intention has always been to fight against the war."
Jesse nodded. "When I went back to the outriders planet I built the android. I knew that I had some enemies more. Untill then I could handle Nemesis well and hide the projects I was involved with. Now I had those Star Sheriffs on my trail too. It was to risky for me. I needed the android as deviation. I made sure that he's a lot like me. This way I could trick Nemesis some times already and the Star Sheriffs anyway."
"And why would you tell me all this?" Trista wondered.
"As I've said, I care a lot about you. And before I go on remember your past. Have you ever seen your parents?"
"I grew up at my relatives. My parents were killed by outriders once. That's what they've told me."
"Yeah, that's what my uncle also told me untill I met an outrider who told me that he had come to fetch me cause I would be one of them myself. At first I refused to believe. I fought like hell and my mentor often said it would be a miracle that I'm still alive and Nemesis never punished me. One time I even escaped from the outriders planet. You see. They took me away from my uncle when I was a little boy. They tried to make me one of them, but they failed. Outriders blood may be running through my veins, but humans blood as well."
"I still don't get it." Trista was still looking at him confused.
Would she believe the truth if he told her? He had to. In his opinion it was almost to late anyway. "Like me you're both Trista. Your parents gave you to those humans cause they wanted to protect you. They didn't want you to be influenced by Nemesis."
"What? That's unbelievable!" she shouted and him and tried to run away. But he was faster and forced her to look at him.
"Just stop using those medicine of yours and you will see yourself that you have light blue skin, like me. You can also try the hard way as I did and cut in your arm or remember the time you were hurt...what colour had your blood?"
"It's okay Trista. You react like me when they told me. But it's true and you know what? We have still a chance to...." he realized that it could be to much for her if he told everything and stopped talking. Trista's mind was shaking and the whole world seemed to fade away. Jesse just told her that she was partly an outrider, like him. He didn't need to say more. Suddenly everything became very clear. His words, his behaviour...and somehow it was even logically. Deep inside her heart she felt that he was speaking the truth. "You...we..." she looked in his eyes and tears ran over her face.
"Let it out. I know it hurts even if you know that they did it to protect you. You see now why I fight against the war."
She nodded but was still sobbing. "And where do I belong to now? I have no home anymore."
"Home is where your heart is and we won't let them seperate our souls." gently he stroke through her hair. "And now be strong. I know you can be. It lays within you."
"How do you know?"
"I always know. Our blood connects us. You're still my girl Trista and I love you, just not the way I love April."
Her eyes became wide when realization hit her. "You mean?" she stepped away and starred at him surprised and shocked while he nodded. "Why didn't you tell me when we met for the first time? What a stupid idea of making your sister falling in love with you!"
He looked at her a bit ashamed. "It wasn't my idea and I know I should have told you right away. Would have been better for each of us in the whole case."
"So you admit a fault." she grinned at him.
"Ah, forget it. Let me show you why Nemesis is afraid of us in the first place." he laughed and tapped friendly on her shoulder.
She wasn't angry at him anylonger and deep inside her heart she knew he had spoken the truth. Curious about what he would show her next she followed him into one of the buildings. Large computers could be found there. All of them were used as archives and each information they seeked for could be found in them. At least Jesse said so. Afterwards he opened some interesting files she needed to have a closer look at. As Jesse said an outrider named Jean Claude had translated all old texts and put them there. The old books could still be borrowed in the library at the outriders planet. But only few people did. Nemesis kept everyone busy and had never been afraid of old people reading the stuff. Maybe he should have been more carefully when he believed in some old legends and prophecies on the other hand. One reason Nemesis was afraid of them were certainly those prophecies which told about the appearance of half-breeds in a century of darkness. They would bring back what was lost and reunite what had been seperated a long time ago. If Nemesis hadn't forgotten about his aims and ideals probably he wouldn't be afraid but in these days he concentrated to much on power and chaos and seemed to be addicted to both.

Chapter Five: The arrival

While Trista was getting used to her new life and learned to wake up and train her transcendental abilities war was still going on between cavalry comand and the outriders.
A few years of terror passed by when the appearance of an unknown force took everyones attention. Nemesis and those members of the rebells who were able to use special abilities could feel it soon. Something powerful was coming. As far as Nemesis himself informed his people about the case, the other seemed to come from vapor zone. Maybe even from the zone beyond.
Of course cavalry comand became aware of the outriders nervousness and started to wonder about it. To find out more they sent the Star Sheriffs on a mission to the edge of new frontier. The rebells had to improve their security system and tried to stay as silent as possible. Still most of them were suspicious of the Star Sheriffs intentions and thought time wasn't ready to confront them.
A dark tension lay in the air when the others appeared. Nether the Star Sheriffs nor the Outriders had ever seen a space ship like that. Even Nemesis had no clue what it could be. To much time had passed since they left their home planet to find a new home. Maybe other peoples had improved their technology. In any case Nemesis was certain that those strangers came from beyond vapor zone and due to the fact that they seemed to be powerful it was necessary Outriders made contact with them first. Of course the Star Sheriffs had this in their minds too.
To hinder the Star Sheriffs of making contact firt Nemesis arranged the attack of some planets at the edge of new frontier, not far away of the rebells secret planet. In the meantime he sent his best scout and spy Calibos on a mission to invite the strangers.
Soon his best warriors were informed to visit the outriders planet for a meeting. Jesse wasn't quite sure if he should appear, due to the fact that his clone would certainly come and he wanted to avoid conflicts. On the other hand Nemesis could become suspicious if he stayed away and his clone could take some advantage of the case. In the end Jean Claude convinced him it would only to his best to join them. During the time they would spend on the outrider planet Trista had the duty of leadership over the rebells.
Each high ranked commander of the outriders went to the meeting and to Jesses surprise everyone finally showed good behaviour. Obviously all of them felt the new power and wanted to be honored. All of them watched the newcomers with suspicous and frightened eyes.
Both had a very strong aura. The metallic reptile had a more positive aura, while the young black haired man looked more aggressive and dark. Jesse realized the tail around the mans waist and the strange hairstyle which reminded him of some kind of black fire. When the reptile, called Cooler, introduced the man as Prince Vegeta Jesse could understand the young mans proud behaviour.
"Nevertheless that's not all. He has power and his awareness of his power makes him proud. Maybe he would even be strong enough to confront Nemesis. Humans beware, if he decides to support us." Jesse thought and exchanged a gaze with Jean Claude who watched the strangers carefully and thoughtfully. "We have to make sure he's on our side and not influenced badly by Nemesis." Jean said to Jesse by using thoughtspeak. Jesse just nodded.
"Making some plans?!" Jesse Clone asked sarcastically while sitting down next to them. Immediately he got an angry glance from both of them.
Prince Vegeta and Cooler didn't pay much attention to the outrider warriors. Although Vegeta enjoyed the respect and fear those people showed towards him his thoughts were only circulating around the legend Cooler had told him about. He had never liked celebrations and wanted this to be over fastly. While Cooler seemed to play nice he became impatient.
"Can't we stop those stupid games finally and come important issues. We didn't come here to have a party or whatever. I want those blue dragonballs. Not in hundred years, but NOW!" he interrupted Coolers and Nemesis conversation. A fearful whisper went through the rows. Nobody would ever act that way in front of Nemesis. But to everyones surprise Nemesis laughed loudly.
Vegeta jumped up. "What's so funny?! Stop laughing about me!" he shouted at Nemesis before talking to Cooler. "You brought me here for those damned blue dragonballs. Now what?! Having a party?! If anybody in this room has ever heard of those dragonballs he should better spit it out immediately!"
All outrides except Jesse and Jesse Clone kept silent and starred at Vegeta with sheepish eyes. Nemesis stopped laughing and his dark voice resounded load in the room. "I like you young prince. It's seldom to meet someone that powerful and curageous. For others that behaviour of yours would have meant their certain death. But let me give you an advice for the future. Your behaviour might work in most cases but one time you will underestimate your opponent and boom - you're history."
Vegeta growled quietly and sat down again. Hopefully they would finally talk about those dragonballs. He wanted them, he needed them and he wouldn't wait longer to get them.
"So you answered my questions for you already. Dragonballs you search?" he nodded. "Well, your friend is right. A long time ago we left our home planet and traveled through vapor zone. I see, you're a sayja jin. Barely I remember that time. Your people were nothing more than apes but great potential lay in their genes already. Proud to see what became of our heritage."
"I'm not interested in talks about history, but only in those dragonballs."
"This way you'll never find them, young prince. Legends are always connected to history. My people have almost forgotten their history. Only few could tell you about books that tell of the past. Ask them about dragonballs. They could only ask back what you mean and laugh. For me and some others they're still a name. But as far as I know they were a legend already when I was young."
Vegetas eyes started to gleam and for a second Cooler had the impression as if Vegeta would transform in Super Sayjan level each second. "You tell me they're just a legend, what means we came all the way through vapor zone for nothing?!" he jumped up once more and ran out of the room without looking back.
Nemesis laughed. "You're impatience will get you killed one day. Everything needs it's time. Being a legend doesn't mean that something doesn't exist anymore."
"You have no clue!" Vegeta shouted and slamed the door behind him. Cooler wanted to follow him but Nemesis hold him back. "Let him cool down. He has a wild temper. I like that. Reminds me of the way we were. I'm sure he'll come back." he said and continued his talk with the reptile prince. "I feel that this is just the beginning. Finally something that makes my boredom go away." Nemesis thought to himself. Of course he knew more about those dragonballs than he admitted. But he would be a fool if he told them. How should he influence and use them. If they got what they wanted they would probably leave and he wanted them to stay. Besides he couldn't give them what they asked for due to other personal reasons.
Unlike the other outriders Jesse and Jean had also thought about the term 'dragonballs'. Jean had also heard about them when studying the outriders history, while Jesse had the strange feeling that there was more. Where did the feeling came from that there was a connection between his own past and the legend of the blue dragonballs.
While the others were involved in some uninteresting discussions Jesse also left the room. His clone was now invloved in a talk with Cooler and he could be sure he wouldn't interfere if Jesse should meet Vegeta. "Maybe I can help him. If I could finally remember my past life...I'm certain, I could help him. Those dragonballs exist. I'm somehow sure of that. But where? I have that feeling I should even know where they're hidden? How come?" Jesse thought intense. It was then he almost ran into someone familiar. Someone he would have never expected to be here and who was talking to Vegeta right now. "They seem to be crazy." he whispered and hid behind a corner. "We have a concentration of the most powerful outriders here and they have the courage and cheek to spy around on the outrider planet?" he shoke his head, but a smile passed his lips. Even if it was suicide he amdired their behaviour. He wouldn't betray them. In any case it was a matter of time untill Nemesis realized, he should be careful...very careful, otherwise they would become aware that there were two of him.

Chapter Six: Intruders

Vegeta had still been angry when he ran into a bunch of people. "Can't you look where you're going!" he shouted and gave them a short glance.
"Hey! It's you who's running around like a fool." the cowboy said. Vegetas eyes narrowed and he stopped immediately in front of the stranger who had just called him a fool. "Say that again!" he demanded. His dark voice sounded dangerously. But before the cowboy could response anything a blonde guy stepped between them. "Excuse my friend. He has a fast tongue. It wasn't his intention to insult you." The sayjan prince rose his eyebrow. "Don't you see when people want to be alone? Besides aren't you humans? What do humans on this planet?" he asked, while his eyes watched them suspicious.
"You aren't an outrider either!" the brown haired boy next to the girl said.
"I'm Prince Vegeta, the last surviving sayjan. The only reason why I came into this part of the universe is my search for the blue dragonballs. And now you will tell me what you're doing here?"
"No need to argue with us!" the blonde tried to calm him down. "We're Star Sheriffs and were sent here by Cavalry Command, the human military force, to discover more about the appearance of some unnatural new power in this part of the galaxy. My name's Saber Rider, my partners here are April Eagle, Colt and Fireball." he introduced himself and his friends.
This Saber Rider seems to be the only one with good manners, Vegeta thought to himself. Well, maybe except the girl. She didn't say anything since we met. "And why do you think outriders could have something to do with this new power? Anyways you must plan to commit suicide. When they discover you, you're history or at least prisoners."
"And what makes you think they catch us?" Fireball asked.
Vegeta laughed. "They have you already, except you can tell me where those blue dragonballs are."
"Are you threatening us?"
"Stop it!" Saber Rider interrupted Colt who had spoken again. "Why would you support the outriders? They seemed not be able to give you what you search for."
"Cause of my heritage, human. At least we have similar origins. That's the only reason why I haven't started to blow this place up." Saber had watched and listened to Vegeta carefully. He must be one of those people who had arrived from vapor zone and indeed he was dangerous.
"And now give me a good reason to let you go and not telling the outriders that you're here or killing you right here!"
Jesse who was still watching their little conversation had become pretty nervous. Inside his heart he was fighting with himself. Vegeta wouldn't kill them, would he? Memories rose in his head and he knew that if Vegeta tried to do any harm to April he would have to interfere. I still love you April, he thought. I know that we belong together. It may be stupid of me to believe that. Once you said that I can't force love and if you remember your words you know that you can't force me not to love you as well. I know that I can't love any girl like I love you. But within those years I had time to think and the only thing I want is that you're happy, even if it is with raceboy. It still hurts to see you with him. Hurts to see that you give no thoughts about me. Nevertheless I have to stop this and you have to leave this planet before more people become aware of what's happening. I'm doing this for you, only you, although you will never see what risks I take.
He put on his helmet to hide his blue skin and stepped out of his hideout. Vegeta turned around immediately and rose his eyebrow when seeing him. A smirk passed his lips. "Not my decision anymore what's happening to you!" he said to the Star Sheriffs.
"Jesse Blue!" Colt and Fireball shouted and prepared for a fight.
"Calm down and save your power." Jesse laughed to their surprised. "It's your lucky day. I have no intentions of fighting you and Nemesis is to busy to locate intruders on our planet." Did he just call it his planet, Saber wondered.
"We won't make deals with you Jesse!" April interrupted before Colt or Fireball could say something stupid.
"What makes you think I would ever deal with you. Maybe with you April, but no deals with your friends back there. You should better be carefuly with making a sayjan angry. Especially a prince like him. Of course I could let him the fun of destroying you. But I prefer living Star Sheriffs. Leave this planet now and hurry up. I could change my mind otherwise. In a fight against Vegeta you would certainly loose."
"If he wouldn't have been corrupted by your outrider friends Jesse, I'm sure he wouldn't act that angry towards us."
"April, love. You still don't get it, do you? Whenever people feel to support us we must be the criminals who rolled them up. But there are people out there who join us willingly cause like me, they don't see any sense in your social system anymore. Or maybe some even build a friendship to an outrider." he shoke his head. "But for you those actions are impossible, right?"
"We've discovered that outriders manipulated humans in helong them often enough, Jesse. There's still lot's of anger in you. That's why you can't see that they even manipulated you, used you. You could come back." Saber meant.
"Playing mister nice guy again. Saber, times have changed. In the beginning they may have been another way and I could have come back. Now things are different."
"You're sick Jesse. Your hunger of power shows nothing. It just admits that you haven't learned anything yet." April shouted.
"Wrong April. I learned more than I came for. Things that should have better stayed untouched. But it's to late now. The only way is moving forward. This is not about power or an injured ego. Perhaps I will tell you some day, if both of us are still alive then and you're ready to understand. So, don't ask me now. I won't tell. And a last time I beg you to leave this place. All most powerful outriders are here and I want all of you to stay alive."
"What's this for?" Vegeta interrupted. "You sound as if you have pity with those humans. How can you show mercy to them. Next time you meet they would kill you."
"No." Saber replied. "Our mission is not to kill but to help people in need. To fight for peace, freedom and friendship."
"Some people may not need your help."
"I would say many people just don't see that they need help or they're to proud to ask for it and take it."
"One day you will understand what's really behind my actions. And now hurry up and get away from here. You can tell Cavalry Command there is no need to worry. The new powers won't attack your planets. This time you can trust me."
"We would be stupid to trust you Jesse." Colt said while flying away.
"We will meet again." Fireball added. "And don't think you can play your tricks on us. We'll be prepared."
"They can fly? How?" Vegeta wondered.
Vegeta smirked. "I don't need such stuff. Should I blow them up while they're on their way?"
Jesse shook his head. "I have my reasons why I want them alive."
"Which one of these Jesses are you then?"
"Let's talk about this somewhere else. I don't want any third listener. And I may have informations for you about the blue dragonballs."
"You aren't kidding?"
"No. But I have the feeling it will be difficult to get them." Curiously Vegeta followed Jesse, while the Star Sheriffs had just pretended to leave the planet. Jesse could only hope that they heeded his advice. But with Vegeta on his side he could be certain that they had only their common enemy - the outriders and Jesse Clone of course. Jesse had even to be thankful for their talk to Vegeta. Without knowing they had arranged a good situation for a meeting. Colt and Fireball were still arguing over the topic Jesse Blue while Saber Rider walked next to April thoughtfully. Jesse's behaviour had been strange. He wanted them alive? Since when and why? In any case all of them shared still the opinion that Vegeta was manipulated by the outriders and Jesse Blue. But how should they contact him? This guy was stubborn and aggressive. He wouldn't even listen if they tried to talk with him? Was he only interested in those dragonballs, whatever they were?

To be continued

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