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The last battle
By: Yamuri (

Chapter One: A trip through time

Nemesis felt still bored when the final battle reached its climax. While Jesse and the few outriders who stayed with him on the outrider planet prepared the Blue Cobalt Blaster Nemesis concentrated on the central computer system. It wasn't that easy to manipulate the computer only with concentrating on it. But as long as Jesse and the Star Sheriffs were busy with fighting out there nobody would take notice of his actions and until it was to late nobody would interfere. In the end he would win. Who did Jesse think he was? Did he really think he could defeat him, Nemesis. Nobody could defeat him. All of them would have to learn that. His power was unbreakable. Finally he managed to live without a body. He could go wherever he wanted to and with the help of those stupid Sheriffs he would be free. Right now he was still connected to the Triton Materia and the central computers. But soon he would be free. Nemesis realized that Ramrod had found an entrance and was on his way to the Blue Cobalt Blaster. For a last time Nemesis checked the systems. The Triton Materia was charged with energy and ready to use.
When Jesse gave the sign and the Blue Cobalt Blaster shot towards Ramrod the Triton Materia started to glow. A blue flash was formed in front of the Triton Materia and sent through the outrider planet. The flash hit the Cobalt Blaster's energy exactly at the same point where the Cobalt Blaster's energy hit the energy Ramrod set free, with using its guns.
A giant explosion was caused by the energy and the outrider planet trembled. Jesse was thrown back against the wall. It was hot like fire and almost burnt through his metal clothes. Shocked but still confident he managed to go back to the computer.
"Commander, we have to go out of here." one of the outriders shouted. The room was filled with steam and fog.
"No!" Jesse screamed back. "We will not surrender. Load up the Blue Cobalt Blaster again!"
"But, commander!?!"
"You have no say in that matter. Do what I say!! And where are those dammed Star Sheriffs!?!"
"The explosion threw them back. It must have damaged Ramrod badly."
"Okay." Jesse grinned evilly. "I fetch ..." but he was stopped by what he saw on the computer screen. The screen didn't show planet Yuma but a blue, green and white planet, which reminded Jesse of the earth, as it had been centuries ago. Jesse had seen a picture of the earth at school and the planet in front of the outrider planet looked like earth must have looked like before humanity started to explore and colonize other planets in the galaxy.
But he had not much time to think about it cause another explosion hit the outrider planet and he was thrown back against the hot wall again. This time it wasn't as hot as some minutes ago.
"Ramrod reached the Triton Materia!" one of the soldiers shouted.
Jesses face turned from white to red. "Then don't sit there and look at me!! Are the weapons ready!?!"
"In a few seconds, commander!"
"In a few seconds?! I said now! Hurry up!" Jesse shouted and left the room immediately.
The Star Sheriffs were stupid enough to face Nemesis. Well, he didn't mind if they got killed themselves. Perhaps they killed each other.
That would have been the best ending of the battle. Then he would finally be the new leader. As fast as he could Jesse ran to his space ship Badlander and made his way out of the outrider planet. Some seconds after he left he could see that another explosion hit the planet. It was shown on Badlander's screen. From distance Jesse watched the outrider planet. It was still far enough away from the earth. But he had not much time to enjoy the view.
With high speed a small space ship was flying in his direction.
Bronco Buster. The cowboy was really tough. Jesse thought Colt had been hurt very much during the last fight and couldn't join the Sheriffs in the final battle. But nobody could tell Colt to stay away from battles.
"Jesse Blue!" Colt shouted to him over the two-way radio.
"You're still alive Colt." It was more a statement than a question. "Well, we can change that very fast. Should be fun."
Colt answered with using Bronco Buster's guns against Badlander. With full energy Bronco Buster fired towards Badlander. The space ship wasn't damaged much by the shot. Jesse laughed and Badlander's guns fired back immediately. Colt reacted fast and Bronco Buster flow over Badlander and fired towards his back. Badlander couldn't move as fast as Bronco Buster but his weapons were much stronger and Colt knew that sooner or later he would loose.
Suddenly a heavy explosion interrupted their senseless fight. Both of them watched over their space ship's screens the outrider planet. It seemed to break and dissolve it. Jesse felt that the explosion wasn't the final one. Shortly after the first explosion Ramrod escaped the outrider planet. The next explosion blinded all of them and when they opened their eyes again the outrider planet was gone. There was nothing but space left. For some minutes time stopped. Then all of them could hear a voice in their heads.
A laughing voice. "You stupid humans. Did you really think you could defeat me?! Did you think that your battle is over and that you've won?! The war will never end but if it should end one day then you won't be the heroes. In the end it's always me who will win."
"What have we done?" Jesse whispered. Then he realized that Bronco Buster was flying towards him again and that Ramrod headed in the same direction. As fast as he could he flow straight ahead towards the moon. Before Badlander crashed into the moon Jesse moved his space ship, flow around the moon and towards the earth where he planed to land in a save and uninhabitant area.
Ramrod was damaged to badly to follow Badlander and had to land on the moon. Although Saber told Colt to come back to Ramrod Colt decided to follow Jesse. Bronco Buster was still in good constitution and he didn't want Jesse to escape. Instead of Saber, April and Fireball who were still confused by Nemesis voice talking to them out of space Colt stayed cool. Before joining the Star Sheriffs Colt had been a bounty hunter. And the headhunter's spirit in him was still alive. He would find Jesse and bring him back before he could make their situation worse. You had always to be prepared for surprises with Jesse.

Chapter Two: Darla's return

Years passed by since Darla fought for the master against Buffy. When she left Sunnydale she had been almost dead. Her favorite childe had betrayed her and helped the Slayer to defeat the master. Angel had almost killed her. But she had survived. Soon she would be as strong as before and their family would be united again. Then after those years of healing she decided to search for Angel's favorite childes.
Spike and Drusilla. Rumors said they went to Brazil and there Darla found Drusilla. But what happened to her? She broke up with Spike. At first Darla thought that couldn't be possible.
"He became pathetic. When Angel lost his soul he even made a deal with the Slayer. Can you imagine Darla, he helped the Slayer to get back her soul boy."
"Angel lost his soul though? What a good news."
"No, no. My Angel has the soul back cause Spike betrayed us. Miss Edith told me. My Spike, my poor Spike. This Slayer is really a threat."
Darla stroke over Dru's head gentle. "Don't worry. We will get them back and the Slayer will be punished. Soon we return for revenge."
"See, mummy is back and will take care of us. Don't worry Miss Edith. We will get our Angel back and even Spike will return. Poor Spike. Too obsessed with the redhead friend of the slayer. I've seen it in his eyes before he left for California the second time." She smiled and pressed her doll against her chest.
Drusilla and Darla stayed in Brazil only for a short time cause Dru had a strange vision. Miss Edith told her they had to go back to California and meet somebody. Usually Darla didn't give much about what Miss Edith told but she knew that Dru's visions could be of some importance. Although she was not ready to face Angel she would go back to the USA with Drusilla.
Then they saw the sign. The moon was glowing and a strange lightening passed the sky. Minutes later something went down from the sky. It landed near the town they were at the moment. In the next night both of them went out to see what it had been and discovered a large space ship. Darla was surprised and didn't know what to do but Drusilla seemed confident.
"Miss Edith showed me that in one of my dreams. That's the thing we are looking for." She went towards the space ship but was stopped by Darla.
"Wait. Tell me what's that?"
"It came from the future. And it came to help us."
"I smell blood and fear. Where do we get in? Have you seen that in your visions?" her voice sounded hungry and impatient. Drusilla shook her head.
Suddenly they heard a strange sound from the back of the ship. A young man appeared. Green hair hang in his face, which was covered with sweat and blood.
He weared only a gray shirt, black trousers and boots. The shirt was ripped and showed his chest, which was covered with blood. His boots were covered with sludge cause the ground was muddy. Angry blue eyes looked up to them. Darla smiled at him and stepped forward.
Suspicious Jesse watched the young woman. Somehow she remembered him to April. Long blonde hair fell down her shoulders and blue eyes looked at him out of her pale beautiful face. She wear a tight black dress and a red coat. A necklace made of diamantes lay around her throat and glew in the moonlight. The other girl behind her, had long black curly hair and wear a long red dress and a black leather jacket. In her hands she held a dirty doll.
Before he could do anything the blonde girl reached him laid her hands around his waist. Jesse was quite surprised. How did he deserve this? "Hey...I suppose you ..." But he couldn't finish his sentence.
She leaned into him and kissed him hardly. "What's your name, luv?"
she whispered. "Jesse. Jesse Blue." He answered. He couldn't resist, pulled her closer against him and kissed her back. Suddenly the black haired girl laughed loudly and Jesse broke the kiss confused. When he looked down to the blonde girl her face had changed. More surprised and confused than frightened he looked into her yellow eyes. "What?"
he asked
"Close your eyes!" she demanded. Faster than he could look she leaned into him and ditched her fangs deep into his throat. Surprised he gasped for breath. His heartbeat became slow and he lost consciousness. Darla laid him on the ground carefully, took a knife out of her purse and cut her arm. She sat down next to him. With her left hand she held his head. From the wound of her right arm blood dropped down to his mouth. "Drink" she whispered to him. He didn't realize what happened but he opened his mouth and started to drink.
Cold blood ran down his throat and gave life back to him. Suddenly the blood was taken away from him and he felt himself changing. His soul didn't want to leave his body. Whatever happened to him he wasn't allowed to surrender. The demon cried out in anger when the soul didn't leave. While demon and soul fought for their right something strange happened. From out of the darkness soul and demon heard a voice speaking to them. "Both of you will loose if you continue fighting like that."
"Who?" they cried and looked at another soul, or were it a demon.
They didn't know. Whatever it was it was complete.
"You want me to solve your problem?"
"It's my body. Nobody will take it away from me. I won't die." The soul cried.
"You're dead already and the body is mine now." The demon answered angrily.
"You want me to help both of you?!" the voice asked.
"Come here to me and become one again."
Slowly the ghost came nearer. When it touched soul and demon a terrible ache was sent through both of them. They cried out in anger and fear.
All of them were one spirit now.
Jesse opened his eyes. They glew blue in the night. He smiled evilly.
<You've lost Nemesis.> Jesse thought. <You arranged that demon and soul wouldn't get separated and therefore you became one with me. But you see in the end it was me who won.> But Jesse didn't realized that whether himself nor Nemesis won this fight. Both of them became a new person, a vampire, the most powerful vampire which every existed. And perhaps this wasn't such a big advantage for Nemesis. Although vampires were immortal he was captived in a body now and if this body died who knew if he would die with it then? But he was young and hungry. The demon in him took away all his doubts and he was confident about the future. He smiled at the girl who was still sitting next to him.
"Who are you?"
"Name's Darla, luv. My friend's Dru."
"And what are you doing here, Darla. You came only cause of me." he grinned and pulled her closer to him.
"Only for you, luv. You're my boy. The best man a girl can dream of. Together we will rule the world. Soon hell mouth will open again."
Jesse grinned evilly and nodded. Finally someone who saw that he was better than anybody else. His eyes glew in the darkness. "I suppose we will go along fine."
"We should leave this area fast." Drusilla interrupted them.
Darla stood up and pulled him off the ground. When looking down he realized that his wounds were gone. He didn't feel a heartbeat, nor blood flowing through his veins or the need to breath. Only hunger for blood. But his clothes were still ripped. Before they went back to civilization he had to get knew ones. But some tracks had to be buried first. He went inside Badlander and activated a bomb. Soon the space ship would be gone. The bomb would destroy it completely.
Then he left his past behind and joined Darla and Drusilla. They could see the first lights of the town already when Jesse stopped them. "Wait. I can't go in town with those clothes. Fetch me some new ones."
"Drusilla!" Darla demanded and Dru vanished into the darkness immediately.
The she turned to Jesse. "Always as you wish, master." Jesse liked the way she was talking to him. It was such a good feeling when she called him master. He was a master vampire. And a girl, similar to April admired him, did everything for him. Dru came back some minutes later and he wondered how she got those clothes that fast. "Thank you, Dru." he said and gave her a gentle kiss. She smiled at him happily. "One happy family." She whispered and started talking to her doll. Jesse watched her surprised and remembered Nemesis youth. Nemesis understood what Dru was doing and he felt himself close to her. In his youth he had a teacher who taught him the old abilities. Now he was a master in those arts and he would teach Dru to use those abilities, too. She would be almost as good as him but he had to take care of his girls. He wouldn't tolerate disobedience. But Darla had hundreds of years practice and knew how to treat him. In the end he would do what she wanted him to do. Of course she would do what he wanted at first.

Chapter Three: The first victim

"How are you my boy?" Darla asked, after Jesse finished his first meal. Drusilla had brought him some girl she catched in town and he had tasted human's blood for the first time. It was delicious.
He grinned at her evilly. "Couldn't be better. There's only one matter left." His eyes glew yellow while he watched back into the direction they came from.
"Forget your past." She whispered while turning him around again. Her hands touched his shoulder gently. "There's only one thing we have to worry about. The slayer. But I'm sure we will get rid of that problem soon."
"I give a damned thought about the slayer!" he wanted to add something but suddenly a strange smell reached his nose and he could feel the presence of an intruder.
"That's what my Spike said too before…" Dru started to say but was interrupted by Jesse.
"Hush." he demanded. To Drusilla's surprise Jesse just leaned into Darla to kiss her. But only for moments. Then he pushed her away, turned around quickly and vanished into the woods.
"What's now?" Dru asked.
"Somebody is watching us. I can smell the fear." Darla whispered.
The same moment a young blonde man appeared out of the darkness and fell down in front of them. Behind him Jesse stepped out of the woods. "Number One." He said. "Take care of him. I will fetch the second one." With those words he disappeared again.
"What a sweet prezie. Is it for me?" Dru sang while sitting down next to the young man. "Strange clothes." She whispered. The man looked up to her. His face was pale and covered with blood. The metallic clothes were ripped and dirty. Carefully she helped him out of his destroyed spacesuit. He wear a white overall under the spacesuit. It was red, too. "Must have been a hard fight." Darla said from behind. "Yeah. And what a waste of blood." Dru answered.
"Who are you?" the man asked.
"Me? Call me Dru, pet. She's Darla. My grandsire. How lovely you're."
She said while holding him in her arms and stroking over his hair.
"Please." He said. "You have to help me."
"I will, when our master is back."
"Your master? You don't mean Jesse?"
"Shut up." Darla said and sat down next to his other side. "You won't speak mean about him. Soon you'll learn to respect him."
"Listen to me please. I can help you. You have not to do this. He only uses you."
"He's confused and tired isn't he?" Dru asked. Darla grinned evily. "Let's take care of him until he's back."
Far away they could hear someone fight. "You can't win." The man said but the vampires ignored him. From out of nowhere Darla fetched some cords and tied him to a tree. She pulled as firm as she could. Then she used a scarf to gag him.
Dru giggled happily. A few moments later Jesse joined them. He carried a blonde girl. She was unconsciousness and blood turned her hair red. Jesse took off her red spacesuit and tied her to a tree.
Afterwards he turned to the man and sat down in front of him. Darla took away the scarf.
"Nice to meet you Sheriff." Jesse said. "You know how long I've waited for this moment."
"It's not to late Jesse. We can still help you." He answered. Jesse laughed loudly but suddenly he bent towards him and pushed his fist into the man's stomach. "Ouhhh…." He coughed and gasped for breath.
"You see. You have no say in this case, Saber Rider. And now you will watch carefully. Lesson first, I'm the boss. Beside from now on you will call me Nemesis. That's who I'am." He seized forward and choked Saber whose breath was flat now. An evil smile passed the blue haired man's lips. <I have a new body now. A powerful body and finally I defeated this stupid demon and Jesse. As long as they don't try to separate from me we will go along fine.> Nemesis thought.
"Are you frightened, little Sheriff." Nemesis laughed. "Frightened of me? Yes you're. Come on, say it. Or do you want more pain."
"You…You're crazy…"
"Now, that was bad. Really bad. You second lesson for today is. Obey me and only talk when you got the permission too." He ripped Saber's overall open and fetched a pointed stone. Saber's eyes widened when Nemesis used the stone to cut into his chest. In horror he watched Nemesis' face. Nemesis didn't look human anymore. The demon form took over the body. Fastly Nemesis leaned forward and bit into Saber's chest. A scream escaped Saber's mouth. Darla and Dru giggled.
But the vampire didn't take much blood. When he moved back his demonic form vanished. "What do you say now, Sheriff? Are you frightened or not."
"I'm." Saber whispered.
"That's good. You learn fast. Very good. If you're good you can have some fun." Nemesis grinned and stood up. "He's useless for me. You can have him." He said and kissed Darla gently.
"No…" Saber whispered. "You have not to be afraid of me." Dru said and sat down next to him. "Mummy will take care of you." From distance Saber could watch Darla and Nemesis talking to each other.
But he couldn't understand anything. This was a nightmare. They had come to earth and searched for Colt. Instead of Colt Nemesis found him and April. Somehow Nemesis must have been managed to take over Jesse's body and to turn it into a monster, a being from legends, a vampire. Hopefully April was okay. Her skin was pale and she lost more blood than him. She seemed to be of not much interest for Jesse as long as she was unconsciousness. How could he save her?
"My poor little pet." Dru said and stroke his hair gently. Carefully she bent down and kissed the wound on his forehead. Saber didn't move. It almost felt good and let him forget his problems. Dru's hands stroke over his chest and made his heart beat faster. She licked at his chest softly. "You remind me of my Spike, you know."
She said. "Your eyes are so beautiful. Mirrors of your pure soul. And your blood tastes wonderful." She stopped talking for a moment to lick at his chest again. "I can see you, my Saber. I can see your soul. Pure and light. Do you also want to see me? I know you want. Let me show you a world you never expected to be real." He didn't know what she meant, but right now the only thing he wanted was to sleep. Maybe she would let him sleep and forget about this nightmare if he agreed. Slowly he closed his eyes and nodded. The same moment her face changed. She leaned forward, touched his chest gently and bit into his throat softly. A silent cry escaped his lips and his eyes opened wide. His heartbeat became slow and he lost consciousness. Before he would die Dru moved back. She used her fingernail to cut into her throat. Blood ran down her white skin.
Carefully she leaned over him, her hands holding his head. "Drink."
She whispered. Saber's eyes opened again. He licked at her throat slowly. Suddenly he felt the demon taking over his body. The soul screamed in pain and fear but the demon was stronger and pushed the soul away. Demonic features took over the body and he drank from Dru greedily. After some time she moved away. His yellow eyes looked at her greedy and wild. "I know you're hungry, pet. Be patient. Mummy will fetch you a present, soon." She said. Dru stood up and watched as Saber teared up the ties' and joined her.

Chapter Four: Decisions

Darla and Nemesis watched Dru patiently. "It was a lovely present for her." Darla said. Nemesis nodded. "She's feeling better now." He said.
"You give me a present, too?" she asked. "Depends on how you behave."
He answered. "You won't be disappointed." Nemesis smiled and kissed her hard.
Darla smiled satisfied. The first step was done. She was glad she made him a vampire. He was what she needed. With his help she would get her Angelus back and afterwards they would rule the world together. Nemesis, Angelus, Spike, Dru, Saber and Darla. What a happy family they would be. Without the slayer.
Nemesis turned back to Dru and Saber now. "I see your boy is awake."
He said. Saber's eyes glew yellow. "You will have to wait some time for your dinner, mate." Saber nodded. Nemesis smiled satisfied. It had been a good idea to hand him over to Dru. She would take care of him and they had one enemy less.
"But before we're going to have a bit fun …My dear Darla wants to tell us something, right?" he took her in his arms and kissed her gently. "I have. Important tasks are waiting for us."
With those words they sat down and Darla started to tell Nemesis and Saber her whole story. At first she told him about her own life, how she became ill and the master saved her from death by making her a vampire. Then she told him details about how she got to know Liam and made him her mate. Nemesis was impressed by what she told about Angelus and his actions.
"Why isn't Angelus here with you? Did the slayer kill him? Is this the reason for you anger?" he interrupted her.
"Oh no. It's a long and sad story. But Angelus isn't lost. We can still save him from becoming totally insane."
"What happened?"
"He got cursed with a soul." Drusilla sang while torturing her doll, by using stones. Darla didn't pay attention to her acts but continued her story about how Angelus got cursed and became Angel. Her voice sounded sad and far away when she told about how all of them got separated. She told about how she went to the USA and worked for a master vampire again. And how she met Angel again and that he almost killed her. Then she finished her report by telling about her escape and her meeting with Dru.
Nemesis nodded thoughtfully. "Angel is in love with the slayer. Very interesting."
"We brought him back for some time." Dru said. "Angelus. My Angelus came back. Spike brought me to the hell mouth to search for a cure. In Prague, you remember Miss Edith, in Prague I got hurt and my Spike helped me to become healthy again. We met Angel. The slayer. It was the slayer who managed to break the curse. She did it by accident. We were a happy family then and we almost killed the slayer. But Spike, my Spike was jealous of my Angel and made a deal with the slayer."
"Spike helped to bring Angel back?" Nemesis wondered.
"No, no. Miss Edith told me it was the redhead, the slayer's best friend. She's a witch and she cursed my Angel with the soul again. Spike took me with him after a big fight against the slayer. We went to South America. But Spike became pathetic. Wasn't vampire enough for me. I left him."
"We will get him back and remind him who he is."
"Yeah." Dru smiled. "He has killed two slayers already. Me too. I killed one myself. It was during the fight before Spike left Sunnydale with me. My poor Spike. Maybe the redhead did a spell over him, like she did over my Angel. Perhaps that's the reason why he felt connected to her. After I left him he went back to Sunnydale. I know. Then he came back and tried to convince me to take him back. I couldn't. His thoughts were still in Sunnydale."
Nemesis nodded. Then he realized Saber's look. He knew how he had felt shortly after becoming a vampire. Saber was hungry. Thoughtfully he followed Saber's look. <He's watching April.> a part of him thought. <How beautiful she is when she's sleeping. Finally she is mine. Mine forever. Nobody will ever…Saber? Well, he can't have her.
He has to accept that.> Thoughtfully he watched her when the feelings vanished. <Wait, I have a much better plan. She didn't want Jesse-me.
We will give her a last decision and if she refuses she will get what she wants but in the end she will regret it. That's my promise.>
"Where are you looking at, mate?" he asked. "She's sweet, isn't she? But she's all mine. Always remember that."
Saber looked at him a bit angry but nodded. "We understand each other, good." Nemesis said. "Well, I see you're hungry. Darla and me we're going to have some fun and you? You can have dinner. Show him the best places to feed Dru."
"I will." She pulled Saber with him but Nemesis stopped them. "Saber, my dear. You know two of our enemies are still out there."
"We will get rid of them if you want." Saber smiled evilly.
"Not yet. But I want you to destroy Ramrod."
"But maybe we can use …"
"NO. It's too dangerous. I had to destroy Badlander, too. Humans military could find out and then we would be in great danger. You don't want that, do you?"
"Nope. Dru and me will take care of the case. Don't worry." With those words they vanished into the woods. <There will be no way back.
Humans don't have the possibilities to travel through time. When all weapons and vehicles from the future are destroyed we must stay on earth. And that's part of my plan.> Jesse thought. <What a great idea to turn Saber into a vampire. From now on we're going to change the timeline.>
The same time April woke up. At first she didn't know where she was and what happened. Then it came back to her. During the battle against Nemesis some sort of time tunnel was opened. Nemesis wanted to destroy the earth but they managed to stop him. Afterwards Jesse appeared. Colt followed Jesse to earth. Later on Saber, Fireball and her had used Nova and Speed to follow him. They separated. Suddenly she heard Saber scream and went to help him. It had been Jesse. He captured them. Slowly she opened her eyes. In a distance she could see Jesse and Darla talking to Saber and Dru. What happened? Why was Saber acting as if he was Jesse's friend? What was that? Did Jesse mentioned to destroy Ramrod? No, not Ramrod. Saber and Dru vanished into the woods but Nemesis and Darla stayed. They seemed not to be interested in her. Thought they were save. Darla laid her hands around Nemesis' waist and kissed him. Soon he pressed her against him. April looked away. She wasn't in the mood to watch this scene.
He could do what he wanted as long as he didn't harm anybody. While Nemesis and Darla were engaged in having sex April thought of a way to escape. She tried to reach the knot, which hold the cords together. Her arms started aching but she would survive it. Finally she got it. Nemesis and Darla were still too occupied to realize what was happening. As fast as she could April got rid of her ties. <I have to find the others before Jesse finds them.> she thought. <And I may not become panic.>
She ran through the woods as fast as she could. Her heart beat fast and sweat ran down her face. Sometimes she stumbled and pain shot through her body. <I have to warn my friends.> she thought and ran forward.
But she didn't know that Nemesis had watched her. <There you go. You know April, you wouldn't have managed to escape, if it wouldn't have been my wish.> he thought. <Somehow I feel you're the connection we need. You will lead us to the place where the last battle will take place. My sweet April. And then you will be mine. Jesse-me you had a good taste. But soon dawn comes up. We need a place to hide. Although the trees will protect us from the sunlight for some time. Hopefully Saber and Dru will make it in time. I will use telepathy to tell Dru where we're going, too.>

Chapter Five: The earthquake

Dawn had come and April was still running. But finally she reached a town. Maybe she would be safe there. They had come to stop Jesse and to find Colt. But Jesse found them. Something must have happened to Jesse. She didn't understand what. He wasn't the man they knew. While running she remembered the fight against him. His face had been changed. It had looked like the face of some demon. <This is crazy.
Demons only exist in movies and books. They aren't reality.
Nevertheless he looked like such a creature. And somehow I feel safer now. Oh my god, hopefully he didn't turn Saber.> she thought. Tears formed in her eyes. Suddenly she was interrupted in her thoughts.
Hands grabbed for her and turned her around. "Ahh…" then she stopped screaming and starred at the boy who hold her. "F..Fireball." she stuttered.
"April. What happened? You look like you had a hard fight. Did you find Jesse? And Saber?"
"Fireball." She sobbed. He took her in his arms and hold her firm.
His hand stroke over her head gently. "April, it's okay. You're safe."
"Hey, where's Saber." A voice called from behind. It was Colt. Two girls followed him. April realized all of them wear clothes, which were typical for the 20th century, even Fireball.
"Oh my god, what kind of clothes do you wear? What a terrible taste.!" The brown haired girl said. She wear a red top, a short black skirt, and a small purse. The blonde girl wears a tight colored shirt and a short black trouser.
"You look as if you had a fight." She said.
"You can say that." April said. "Name's April." The other girls smiled and shook her hand.
"I'm Cordelia. You can call me Delia. That's my friend Harmony. Nice to meet you."
"You're the girl, Colt told us about, right?" Harmony said. "Wow. His story was really amazing. At first we thought he's insane but then he showed us his space ship. Great." She smiled happily. Fireball rolled his eyes and shook his head. "When I met him he had done it already."
He whispered to April. "Incorrigible"
"I don't know if our story is that great." April said. "It seems as if it turned into a nightmare."
"Why, what happened?" Harmony asked interested.
"She can tell afterwards." Delia interrupted her. "First of all she has to get some new clothes. I know a good shop."
About an hour later April was dressed in a pink top and a white skirt. From Delia's point of view she looked much better now. All of them sat down in a restaurant where April started to tell her story.
Fireball and Colt were as shocked as Cordelia and Harmony when April finished the story.
"You had luck." Delia said. "Usually you don't escape them that easily."
"Whom?" Fireball asked. He was still confused about the whole story.
"Vampires. Demons." Delia answered. "I didn't believe in them at first, too. But after I got to know Buffy I met lots of them. That's one of the reasons why I quit contact with her."
"You mean those vampires, they are real?" April wondered.
"Yes. They are. You're better carefully after dusk."
"Vampires? Demons? I'm not afraid of such creatures." Colt laughed.
But Delia looked angry with him. "If you don't believe you have just…"
"Stop that." Fireball interrupted them. "What did you say about Jesse's plans, April? He wants Saber to destroy Ramrod?"
She nodded.
"We have to stop him."
"Probably it's to late already. He sent Saber to destroy Ramrod last night. Maybe we had luck and he didn't manage to do it last night."
"I will use Bronco Buster." Colt said immediately. "I can check out the situation right now. Those vampires sleep all day, right?" Delia nodded.
"Okay. You two will stay here and I will fly to the moon and check out if Ramrod is okay."
"And Badlander?" Fireball asked.
"Is destroyed. Jesse told the truth. Shortly before I reached Badlander it exploded. I searched for Jesse then. Well and then I met Cordy and Harmony."
"And as always when Colt meets a woman he forget his duties."
Fireball meant.
"Well, then." Colt stood up. "See you later." He smiled and left.
"Good luck." Harmony shouted after him.
Colt left town in the southern direction to fetch Bronco Buster.
Instead of Fireball he wasn't shocked that much. For him it was just another adventure. But the relationship between Fireball and April had grown during the last weeks and Colt understood how he felt when hearing about the incident with Jesse Blue. How he hated this bastard. He activated the disguise device after climbing in his space shuttle. Then he started the engines and flew away.
April had a bad feeling Colt left them but Delia proposed to go shopping. They spent the whole day with talking about each other's life and having fun. In the evening the went to the Bronze where they wanted to meet Colt. Time passed by, but no sign of Colt. April and Fireball got nervous when they were interrupted by an earthquake. The room trembled. Furniture crashed to the ground, people were screaming and fell over each other. Soon first sirens could be heard and lamps exploded. A few minutes later the earthquake was over. April and Fireball acted immediately and helped the people to calm down and to clean the Bronze.
"What was that?" Fireball asked.
"In California you get used to earthquakes." Delia said. "Is Colt here already? Cause I don't want to stay."
"He isn't. At least I haven't seen him yet."
"He won't come." April answered. She was pale and her eyes starred towards the door. Outside in a dark corner someone was standing. When Fireball looked in the same direction the person was gone.
"Who was that?" he shouted. "Stay." And April hold his arm firmly. "
"What's the matter?" Harmony asked. "Isn't Colt coming?"
"It seems as if big problems are coming." Fireball answered. "Better you go home."
"I have the bad feeling something terrible happened to him." April sobbed.
"Don't. Everything will turn out okay. Calm down." Fireball said and took her in his arms.
"How can we fight against vampires?" April asked.
"I hate this. I really hate this." Delia bitched.
"Buffy. We have to ask Buffy for help. And that means I have to see Xander again. I can't stand the thought to see him together with Willow and now Anya."
"You have not to ask her for help. We won't involve you in this fight. How can she help us?"
"She's the slayer."
"Slayer?" April and Fireball were surprised and confused.
Delia nodded and told them about how she met Buffy for the first time and got involved in Buffy's fight against vampires. She also told them about the second slayer, Kendra how she was killed and how Angel came back from the demonic dimension. Then she turned to the incident between Willow and her ex-boyfriend Xander and what had happened between the new second slayer, Faith, and Xander. She also explained to them how Faith betrayed Buffy and Angel and teamed up with the major, who had also been a demon. April and Fireball were surprised by the story and wondered why nothing of that was ever mentioned in history books. Maybe it was but those history books, according to Delia, belonged to the so-called Council. When Delia ended her story Fireball decided it would be the best to visit Buffy. Perhaps she could even help them with their problem. Delia and Harmony decided not to interfere and went home. Before they would check out the address Delia handed over to them April and Fireball went to the place where Colt had hidden Bronco Buster. No sign of Colt. But both Sheriffs new that the earthquake wasn't a real earthquake. They knew the sound of space ships crashing into the ground or of explosions. This had been one. When Fireball used his two-way radio to contact Colt it stayed dead. One thing they knew for sure. Colt had failed.
They were trapped in the past. Probably Colt was dead.

Chapter Six: The Curse

Willow sat on her bed at the dorms and thought about the past days.
Oz had left. He even didn't say good-bye, but left. She knew he left with Veruca, the she-wolf. Tears ran over Willow's face when she remembered the last week. They were meant for each other. She had been the happiest woman when he forgave her after she kissed Xander.
But now, she was alone. Truly alone. Her Oz didn't want to be with her anymore. He didn't find her as exciting as Veruca. A part of her was fine with that and understood how Oz must feel. Finally he met someone who was like him. But she had loved him that much and it hurt when she only thought about the way he left. Even Xander said that was rude. Suddenly she was interrupted in her thoughts by a knock at the door. "Come in." She said. She wasn't really in the mood for company although she would have been happy if Buffy would care a bit more about her than she did right now. But Willow knew that the last weeks had been worse for Buffy, too. The fight against Faith and the major. The door opened and Spike walked in. She jumped off of the bed. "Spike." She watched as he strolled around the room. <Well, no slayer.> he thought. <Let's see if we can have some fun with Willow.>
he smiled and remembered the time when he had kidnapped her about a year ago. "What do you want? A spell? I...I can do that." Willow knew he had not come for a spell but maybe she would survive a bit longer when talking to him.
When he didn't react to her question she rushed towards the door, hoping to escape. But Spike caught her and pushed her back towards the bed. She felt her body hit the end table next to the bed.
"I'll give you a choice." Spike told her as he stalked towards her slowly.
"Now I'm gonna kill you, no choice in that. But...I can let you stay dead or...I can bring you back, to be like me."
Willow watched as he stalked towards her. He could smell the fear and hear her heart beat faster. This would be much more fun than fighting against the slayer. Maybe it would hurt Buffy much more if he turned her best friend into a vampire. <I should have done that last year.>
he thought. <Dru wasn't worth all the trouble. I should forget her.>
Frightened Willow watched him, as his demon face took over his human features. For some moments she wondered if she should allow him to bite her and end her pain but she decided against it. Although Oz had left her there were still lots of people who needed her.
"I'll scream." She said.
Spike grinned. "Bonus"
In fear she watched him bent his head towards her neck. Before his fangs could touch her skin she started to scream. But he shoved her in the bed and turned the radio up to a blaring level quickly. "No!"
Willow shouted. Spike jumped on her and pressed her arms down. She struggled but he was stronger and bent down to bite her. Tears formed in her eyes when she realized that he turned in his human form again.
Surprised he sat down next to her. Confused he shook his head. "I don't understand. This sort of thing's never happened to me before."
Willow took a deep breath. <I really don't know why he stopped, but I'm glad he did. Well, I shouldn't stay silent. Who knows what he does next?> she thought.
"Maybe you were nervous." She said.
"I felt all right when I started. Let's try again."
<That wasn't a good idea.> Willow thought and tried to get away when he bent to her again. Nothing happened. He wasn't able to vamp out.
For a short moment, when his face was near her throat Willow meant to hear him breath. <This can't be possible.> she thought and pushed the feeling away. Although she was still frightened she had the strange feeling to comfort him. Angrily he got up, kicked the dresser and started to pace around the room.
"Maybe you're trying too hard. Doesn't this happen to every vampire?
"Not to me, it doesn't!" Suddenly he looked at her suspicious.
"Is there anybody else hiding in this room?" he asked.
"No. Why?" she asked.
"I hear two hearts beat. One is almost…Wait!" he looked down and put his hand on his chest. "I have…"
"…a heartbeat." She finished his sentence.
Both looked at each other amazed. "How could this happen? A spell? You did a spell on me!" he shouted and pulled her towards him.
She tried to get away but he hold her hands and forced her to look at him. "I..I didn't." she managed to say. "I..I even didn't know you were in town."
"You didn't?" he asked suspicious. "But how? He pushed her back on the bed and set down next to her. "Damm it. It must have been this girl. Down there in the sewerage, where I found the ring of amara."
"What happened?"
Spike watched her surprised. <She doesn't ask about the ring. Does she care about me? I can't harm her now. Why should she be nice to me? I tried to kill her several times. What makes her acting this way? > he wondered.
"I went down there to search for the ring. You know it's true. As long as a vampire wears it, he can walk in the sun without being burned."
"That's why you came in the afternoon."
He nodded. "The ring and the gem were protected by some vampires and this girl. I don't know her name. It's not important. We fought. She was like a slayer. But something was wrong with her. I felt it."
"But you ignored your feeling."
"Yep. Everything was okay before I killed her. Before she died she thanked me. Can you imagine that? She said, thank you."
"Maybe she was cursed and when you killed her the curse was transferred to you."
"You mean I'm cursed? Cursed like Angel. That's the worst thing, which could ever happen to me, except that Dru broke up with me again. That's why I came back. If I would have killed Buffy, maybe she would have come back to me."
He looked at her sadly, not knowing what he awakened in Willow when talking about his girlfriend. Willow looked out of the window, not able to say anything. His words remind her of Oz' departure. Tears formed in her eyes.
"What's that?" he asked and turned her towards him.
"Oz…" she sobbed. "He …he left me. I…I loved him. But he left with … Veruca. She was like him. A…a… wolf." Carefully he took her in his arms and stroke his hand over her head. "He isn't worth the tears, luv. Dru wasn't worth the trouble, too." She looked up at him, wondering why he was nice to her. <What have I done to deserve this?>
she asked herself. <Probably he only acts that way cause he wants me to remove that curse.> Sadly she pressed her head against his chest.
"It's okay Willow. I know how you feel. I felt the same when Dru left me. I thought our love was for eternity. But it wasn't. Life or unlife has to go on."
"I don't know how."
"Time will heal the wound. You will see. Beside you will find another boyfriend."
"You think so?"
"Of course." He smiled when she looked up. Their eyes met and for a moment she meant so see some sort of desire in his eyes. She wasn't sure but could it be he felt something for her? Last year, when he kidnapped her she didn't realize it. But know it was different. The way he hold and looked at her. For the first time since she knew him she saw him from another point of view. He had always been the bad vampire, never a friend who cared about how she was feeling. At the beginning of their conversation she had felt afraid, then she felt pity for him and now she almost liked him, maybe even more. Probably he was right, and she shouldn't think that much about Oz.

Chapter Seven: A new friend

"You're only nice to me cause you want me to remove this curse, right?" she asked. A last test to find out if he really cared for her. Spike starred at her surprised.
"You think so?" she nodded. "You're wrong." His hand moved forward and touched her chin gently. Again she looked up to him. Carefully he bent down. This time not to bite, but to kiss her. It was like being in a dream. For Willow it was the best dream since Oz's departure.
His hands were touching her gentle and his kiss made her forget the surrounding. In Spike's whole life and unlife he had never tasted something that good. When he broke the kiss to breathe she looked at him surprised. She didn't think Spike could really feel something for her, but he did. Spike also seemed to be a bit confused. <Hell, I really feel something for Willow. I shouldn't, but I do. I want her so much and I know she wants me. Let's forget our problems for some time.> he thought and wanted to continue but she stopped him.
"Did I do something wrong?" he asked.
"Mmm…No, it…it was great. I didn't expect…"
He smiled. "I should have done that before."
"If you would be a vampire we couldn't be together you know." She said.
"You want to convince me to stay human?!"
"Yes. It's not that bad."
"No way. We will search a way to remove the curse and afterwards…"
"You turn me into a vampire."
"Why not. I suppose…"
"I don't want to be a vampire. Beside Buffy would stake you."
"Depends on if she finds out." He grinned evilly.
"Well, but as long as you're human she won't be in your way."
<She really wants to convince me. And I let her find arguments. Seems to be official that William the Bloody is insane. Probably spent to much time with Dru.> he thought by himself.
"Guess so too. Maybe you're right and we think about removing the curse another time." Spike wanted to kiss her again and spend the night with her but she put his arm away and looked at him earnest.
"I thought of some sort of deal we can make. For the next month you will stay human and I will show you the advantages of being human. If I can convince you within this month, well you stay human. If not I do my best to remove the curse. But if I shall remove it you have to promise me you won't bite me afterwards."
<She would really do that?> he wondered. "And how will you know I won't lie."
"I will know. Beside I won't do the spell alone. Buffy will be with me."
"Well, okay. Maybe I even prefer it if you stay human. I don't know if I want to know the demon which would take over your body."
Willow looked at him surprised.
Spike nodded. "Let's quit the talking part now and continue the fun part." He pressed her against him and kissed her hard. Suddenly the phone began to ring.
On the one hand Willow was glad that they were interrupted, cause she didn't feel ready for this, but on the other hand she had forgot all her problems while kissing Spike. She picked up the phone to answer it.
"Willow? It's me, Buffy. How do you feel?"
"Better. Really. Why did you call? Not only to ask me if I'm fine, or did you?"
"Not only. But I…I worried about you. I consider you to be my best friend and I should have been at the dorm with you."
"It's okay Buffy. You're the slayer."
"Thanks. Could you come over to Giles? We need everyone."
"What happened? You sound worried."
"I will tell you there. It's important."
"Okay. Take care."
"You too."
Willow turned back to Spike. "It's Buffy. I have to go." She took her backpack and a jacket. "You mind, if I come with you?" Spike asked and joined her.
"No…I mean yes. Buffy can't see you. She wouldn't understand. I will tell her later."
"Then let me drive you to Giles."
"Come." He took her hand and pulled her with him. Some minutes later they were on their way to Giles. "I will fetch you afterwards." He said when Willow climbed out of the car and walked to the front door.
Willow nodded and smiled.
Spike parked his car near the house and went to spy after the Scoobies. <I wonder what's that important. The dammed slayer. She always gets into my way. Well, I didn't think Red feels something for me.>
Inside the house Giles, Buffy, Xander, Anya, Willow, another guy and a blonde haired girl were sitting in the living room. Buffy explained the case to her friends. Spike wasn't very interested in the slayer's problems but he worried about his Red. He wouldn't allow that anybody hurt her. How much a kiss could do. Suddenly Spike realized that somebody watched him. Not far away a girl was standing. She was clothed totally in black and somehow remind him of Dru, cause of her long black hair. When he looked in her direction she went back and vanished. Curious Spike went to search her. <Who's that girl? And why does she spy after the slayer? She's human. I can sense it. She's confused and frightened but her aura is also full of hate and anger. I wonder who she is?> Spike thought.
For some seconds he lost her but then he saw her again. From a short distance he could see her fighting against some vampire. But they stopped and the vampire handed over something to her. Then he vanished. The girl looked around and went into his direction. In her hand she hold a stake. <Damm it. She must be the second slayer. The one which was called after Kendra's death.> Spike realized. Spike hid in the darkness and she stopped. He could watch her opening the box.
It must be some sort of mini-TV. At least somebody was speaking to her from out of the box. Someone Spike had only heard about during his last stop in Sunnydale, about one years ago.
She sat on the ground and watched the clip. Memories came back to her. The major. He had been the only one who ever cared for her, who wanted her. When she had come to Sunnydale she wanted to be friends with Buffy. The famous Buffy. But Buffy had not wanted her. After the incident with Gwendolyn Post, the insane watcher, she had decided that she would probably always be alone and that it was the best if she never trust anybody anymore. Then she had killed this man by accident. Buffy had become furious and somehow all of them had lost control of what happened next. Angel tried to help her, although she had tried to kill him when they met for the first time. It had not worked. Later on the major had taken care of her. He always treat her as his daughter and showed her that her life was of importance. Now he was dead. But she was alive. This was his present for her. It would be her task to take revenge for his death. Nevertheless when she had watched Buffy she had suddenly felt sad. A part of her wanted to be friends with Buffy again, one part wanted to help Buffy, to excuse for what she had done and to do penance. Another part only wanted revenge and Buffy's death. What should she do?

Chapter Eight: Homecoming

Far away in L.A. Angel stepped out into the night. It had been months since he had seen Buffy for the last time and he still felt sad about it. There must be a way for them to stay together without loosing his soul. As always he went out to help lost souls. This night he had a strange feeling. The night was dark and silent. Suddenly an earthquake interrupted the silence and deep inside he felt the break of a connection. <Spike.> he thought. <Something happened to him.>
The same moment he felt the presence of something familiar. <Darla. Drusilla.> He turned around but only a blue haired man was standing at the corner of a building. Angel was confused. The man was a vampire and he could smell Darla's scent on him.
"Who are you?" Angel asked.
"A friend."
"And what do you want?"
"You need help. You just don't know it yet. But you do."
The man stepped out of the darkness into the light of the streetlight. "I can help you to get your girlfriend back. It has not to be this way. You can keep your soul."
"How do you know?" Angel wondered suspicious. Something was wrong with the man.
"I know. And I offer my help. You'll get only this one chance. Take it or forget it." The man turned away.
"Tell me how to keep the soul."
He turned back and smiled. "I will show you." Then he reached forward and touched Angel's chest. Energy left the stranger's hand and covered Angel's body. For some moments he felt a terrible ache in his chest. A voice started talking to him and his eyes drowned in the stranger's clod blue eyes. It was a deep hypnotic voice. "You want to know how to keep your soul?" Angel nodded. "Follow my instructions and you will get what you want." He lead Angel to an old building.
Buffy was waiting for him. What he didn't saw was that it wasn't Buffy who was awaiting him. They entered the hall. A bed was standing in the middle of the room. Buffy was sitting on it. "Go to her. She's waiting. Love her and you will see. Nothing happens. You can't loose your soul." Still hypnotized Angel walked past Drusilla who was sitting on the floor and casting a spell. He sat down next to Buffy.
She smiled at him. Touched him gently, kissed him, loved him. It was like being in a dream. Suddenly the pleasure and joy were taken away from him. There was only anger left. His demonic features took over the humans ones and he went backwards. The demon screamed. Darla left the bed and put on her clothes again. "How's my Angelus feeling?" she asked. Angelus shook his head. "Darla." He said and grinned evilly. "I will always stand by you, my love." She said and kissed him but he pushed her backwards. "No time for that now."
"Daddy's going to kill the slayer for us." Dru giggled and laid her hands around his waist. "And teaching Spike a lesson."
"But before we have to finish some other business." Nemesis said.
"Hope it will fun. I liked the sound when Bronco Buster exploded in the air."
"Who are you?" Angelus shouted.
"Call me Nemesis." Then he pointed towards Saber. "He's just one of Dru's little toys." He laughed. Angelus grinned. "Good choice Dru. But we will do it my way."
"I'm sure the one's I hunt teamed up with the slayer already."
Nemesis answered.
"I see Darla told you about my way to solve problems. First of all we're going to kill the slayer's friends and when only she's left it's easy to kill her."
"But don't forget the second slayer." Dru said.
"Faith? Maybe she will even team up with us."
Nemesis nodded thoughtfully. He would have to be careful with Angelus. This vampire was strong and he also wanted to be the leader.
Nevertheless at last he would be the leader. But at first he had to be careful. Angelus had to think he was the leader. In reality Nemesis would be the one who lead them. As long as they had the same intentions everything would be fine. Afterwards he would have to get rid of Angelus.
Spike was still watching Faith when he suddenly sensed a familiar smell. The same moment Angelus stepped out of the darkness. "Faith."
She turned around immediately. "Angel." Her voice was unsure.
"Wrong. Angelus." He answered and went towards her. Faith smiled unsure.
"Well, then…" But she was interrupted by him. She still felt weak and when Angelus grabbed for her she wasn't prepared. Suddenly she felt herself pressed against a tree. His hands pressed her hands down and his face wasn't far away from hers. "Let go of me." She shouted.
Angelus laughed and vamped out. Usually Spike would have enjoyed the scene but this time it was different. Maybe it was because the girl remembered him off Dru. She was pale and shocked by his actions.
Probably she didn't believe when he told her he was Angelus. Spike didn't give a thought about the relationship between Angel and the girl and why she hated Buffy.
<You ruined my unlife, mate.> he thought. <I won't sit here and watch you while you ruin her life, like you destroyed Dru's. Drove her insane and whatever.>
Angelus leaned down to bite her when he realized that she managed to free her hand and hold a knife against his chest. The same time they were interrupted by Spike who pulled Angelus away from her and pushed him to the ground.
Now he was standing between them. "It's Angelus again. That's nice.
Perhaps you didn't realize it yet, mate. You aren't wanted here. Let her alone."
"That's no matter of yours, Spike. This is between me and the slayer."
"Hey, I can take care of myself." Faith said.
Spike turned back to her. "You better leave now."
"I'm not afraid of Angelus."
"You should. Besides he's just out for torture. Aren't you?" he tried to shove Angelus but was thrown back at a tree. Angelus grinned at him while Faith was still watching them. They fought for a while until Angelus pressed him down into the ground and Spike wasn't able to move.
"How did you get that heartbeat?" a strong hand choked Spike's throat. Spike gasped for breath. "Oh, I forgot. You need to breath."
He laughed and stood up again. "Bastard!" Spike hissed and jumped up to fight back. But Angelus grabbed him and pressed him against a tree. "Run!" Spike shouted back to Faith. "Take care of my Willow and warn…"
"I think it will be a long night." Angelus interrupted Spike and kicked him in the stomach. Spike moaned. The same moment a hard punch hit his temple and he lost his consciousness.
At first Faith played with the thought to interfere and help the stranger. But when Angelus beat the blonde up and turned back to her she decided to follow the young man's instructions. To her surprise Angelus didn't follow. Probably he would sire or kill the young man now. She had to warn Buffy. Would B believe her? It was the only possibility. B would know how to defeat Angelus. In the whole fight she had totally forgotten the major's present, which had fallen to the ground and destroyed wile Angelus fought against Spike.

Chapter Nine: The Warning

About half an hour later Spike woke up in Angel's mansion. Chains were wrapped around his hands and holding them together. The end of the chains was fasten to the ceiling and made him hang there. Spike twisted his hands around trying to loose the chains without success.
His eyes wandered through the room. He was in the cellar. Around the wall he could see lots of chains and a table with some weapons on it was standing in the middle of the room. Shortly after Spike woke up the door was opened and Drusilla walked in.
"Daddy said I may play with you until he's back." She smiled at him and came nearer. "Dru." He whispered. Old memories woke up. What a happy couple they had been before Angelus lost his soul for the first time. Dru went towards him and stroke her hands over his face. "My Spike." She said and laid her arms around his waist. Her eyes met his and he felt his heart beating faster. She closed her eyes and bent to him. He felt her tongue slipping into his mouth and caressing his.
Everything would become fine again. Spike felt her excitement and it made him to want more. But she refused to give him what he wanted.
Instead she broke the kiss and pushed her fist into his stomach. He moaned and looked at her in surprise. "What?" he asked confused. "If I get rid of those chains I will torture you until you come back to me. Understand. Look what you have done to me, bitch." He shouted, now angry. Laughter filled the room.
"Oh Spike. How stupid do you think I'm? There's Red wherever I look. Your heart isn't with your dark queen but with the slayers little pet." Then Dru vamped out, reached forward and ripped his black T-shirt off him. The black leather jacket and the red shirt were gone already. "Wait!" he shouted.
"Afraid of me, luv." She laughed. "Poor Spikey. Human again. Cursed like my Angel." Spike tried to free his hands again and struggled but Dru pressed him to the wall and bent to his chest. Pointed teeth touched his chest and cut into warm flesh. But she didn't take blood, just bit him. "You see. That's fun. You will get a place of honor to watch the slayers death. And never forget the redhead witch." She grabbed for a glass, standing on the table, and smashed it into his face before he could answer anything. Blood trickled down his cheeks making him look quite battered. "Let me go." He whispered, knowing she wouldn't but continue the torture instead. Confusion and fear filled his heart. How could he have fear for humans? Only hours were left since he was human again. And he hated it, hated to hear his heartbeat and blood running through his veins. Nevertheless he hoped that Buffy would listen to the strange girl and that Willow would be save. Hopefully they wouldn't get her. He remembered the time when Angelus lost his soul for the first time and froze. This time it would be worse.
"You mean Jesse and Saber could be vampires?" April said in surprise.
The conversation was in full swing. After April told about their problem Buffy informed them about everything they had to know about Sunnydale being the town at the edge of the hell mouth.
"It's possible. According to what you told us." Giles answered.
"Then there is no way to save them? Oh my god. What shall we do now?"
she sobbed and cuddled herself into Fireball's arms.
"We will have to stop them before …" but she was interrupted by a knock at the door. Fireball looked up in alarm when Giles went to open the door. He was pushed backwards by somebody and the door closed behind the girl. Sweat ran down her face and her black clothes were dirty and wet. It was raining outside.
Giles got up and looked at her surprised. Buffy was the first one who reacted. She jumped forward, grabbed for the girl, pushed her against the floor and climbed on top of her to hold her down. "Faith!" she shouted in anger. Faith coughed. "B..Please. You must listen…"
"No. F. You must listen. Who do you think you're? You won't destroy my life again. I will…"
"Kill me. Okay, do it. I don't care."
But Giles interfered and pulled Buffy off Faith. Faith got up and looked at them unsure. "I…I didn't come for trouble." She stuttered. "But he wanted me to warn you."
"Sit down Faith and tell your story from the beginning." Giles interrupted her and offered her a seat. <I don't know if we can trust her and what happened. But nevertheless we have to listen. Sometimes people change after they were in coma. Maybe there is hope for Faith. Perhaps she isn't bad anymore. > he thought. Then Faith told about what happened. Willow wondered if the blonde man who helped her could have been Spike, but didn't say anything. Buffy was still suspicious.
"You want to convince us that Angel is Angelus again?! Well, I can assure you he isn't. I didn't sleep with him."
"But he is. He said it himself. He wanted to sire me. I wouldn't have come here if that wasn't true."
"Do you believe her?" She asked, looking at her friends. "Faith. You lied to often. Maybe it's a trick again."
"And if not?" Xander shouted alarmed.
Again they were interrupted by a knock at the door. All of them starred towards it, unsure of what would happen next. This time Giles opened the door carefully. But he couldn't see anything and opened it wide. A box was standing at the stairs. He fetched it and put it on a table after closing the door behind him. All of them starred at the box.
"A present from Nemesis." Giles read to them. Fireball jumped up and starred at Giles in fear. "Nemesis?" Giles nodded. At first Fireball couldn't say anything but then he managed to tell their new friends all about it. They had to be careful with the chest. Maybe it was a bomb. Slow and cautious Fireball opened the box and looked into it. Then he closed it again. His face was pale.
"What's it?" Buffy asked and went to open the chest.
"You don't want to see it." Fireball answered and sat down again. "Don't open. It's terrible."
"I have to see, if I want to help you." She said and opened it. All of them starred at it in horror. Three heads lay in the chest. One head was burned and damaged badly. Buffy didn't know to whom the head belonged. The other two head were cut from their bodies with a sharp knife. "Cordy and Harmony." She whispered. "I told you Angelus is back." Faith whispered.
"It wasn't Angelus." Buffy shouted. "This guy. Nemesis is behind it and we're going to…"
"We're going to help you." Fireball interrupted her. "Together we will defeat him." April nodded. Her face was red and wet. Buffy could see the hate in Fireball's and April's eyes.
"We should calm down and …"
"I won't calm down. This monster killed friends of mine." Buffy interrupted Giles and went to fetch her weapons. "B…" Faith said but nobody could hinder Buffy from leaving the house.
"Well." Xander said. "That's what Angelus would also do, if he was back."
Giles looked at him earnest and nodded. Then he went to the phone to call Angel. The phone rang for some minutes. After a while Giles hang up and turned back to Faith and the Scoobies. "Noone answers the phone."

Chapter ten: The trap

Meanwhile Saber, who spied after Fireball and April, left the shadow of Giles house and followed Buffy. From some distance Darla watched him suspicious. Nemesis had told him to hand over the present to them and to come back afterwards immediately but Saber had other plans.
Why was Angelus allowed to do whatever he wanted to but he had to do what Nemesis told him to do. He wanted some fun and didn't care about Nemesis plans. Of course he knew that Nemesis would punish and torture him afterwards but the fun was worth the trouble. Maybe Nemesis would even be happy if he managed to kill the slayer.
<Stupid boy.> Darla thought. <Alone against the slayer. Only Angelus, Spike or Nemesis could survive such a fight.> She followed Saber for a while and decided to go back to Angelus' mansion immediately when she realized what Saber planned. <It won't work and they will force him to show him the way to Nemesis. But we will prepared.>
"Where's Saber." Nemesis asked her when she came back.
"He's bringing the last sheriffs and the slayer. Don't worry, soon they will be dead." She laughed but Nemesis stayed earnest.
"I had other plans."
"But this one isn't bad, isn't it. Give him a chance."
"Saber isn't very useful for us. But well, it's a good way to get rid of him. In the end all Star Sheriffs will die." Nemesis grinned evilly and his blue eyes glew in the darkness of the night. <Soon you will have to decide April.> he thought.
Not far away Saber jumped out of the darkness to catch Fireball. But he failed. Fireball was thrown to the ground by Saber but Buffy turned around immediately and pushed the vampire of Fireball. Both April and Fireball starred at Saber in surprise. Saber vamped out, got off the ground and tried to kick Buffy but was thrown to the ground by her. She jumped on top of him and pushed her fist in his stomach for several times. In a few seconds she took a stake out of her pocket. "No." April cried and interrupted her. "What no? He's a vampire." Buffy shouted back angrily.
"Maybe he knows where Nemesis is?" Fireball said.
"Well." She smiled down at Saber who starred at her in shock. "You have luck. Maybe you survive a bit longer when you show us Nemesis' hideout."
Saber nodded. "I can show you. Sure. Will you let me go then?"
"We will see. Get up vampire."
Some time later they reached Angel's mansion. "That's the place."
Saber said.
"I know this place." Buffy whispered.
"Somehow this was to easy." Fireball and April changed a glance. The mansion was dark as if nobody was at home. Buffy could also feel the tension, which lay in the air, although the place looked peaceful.
The next moment they new why. From out of the dark several minions appeared. "Take your weapons!" Buffy shouted. Two vampires tried to grab for Buffy but she pushed them backwards and took out a stake to attack them. April joined the fight immediately to help her new friend. <It must have been some sort of trap.> Fireball thought and took his guns. While April and Buffy were mostly using their knowledge in martial arts he could use his guns to beat the vampires.
Saber used the confusion to attack Fireball. With a few kicks he pushed Fireball to the ground. Strong hands hold him down. April who was fighting against two vampires realized the danger and tried to get to Fireball but she was to late. Saber vamped out already and bent down to bite Fireball. The same time April managed to break free and stake both vampires. She reached forward to push Saber of Fireball but was stopped by a female vampire. "That's the girl who haunts my by." She said and pushed her fist towards April's temple.
April stumbled back but was catched by somebody. Blood ran over her face and she looked up to see that Jesse was holding her. Then she lost consciousness.
"Let's carry her indoors." Nemesis ordered and Darla followed him into the house. Meanwhile Buffy was still fighting against the other vampires. It was a hard fight and some parts of her clothes were ripped already, showing deep wounds. Nevertheless Buffy fought with all her power and overwhelmed the minions soon. Right in time to see how Saber sired Fireball she managed to reach him and pull her stake deep into the vampire. He cried in anger and fear before he turned to dust. "Bad girl. You killed my little Saber." Hands pulled her away. "Drusilla!" she shouted angrily. "I guess I have not to ask where Spike is." "Ouch." She cried when Buffy pushed her backwards and staked her several times. Luckily she didn't hit Dru's heart.
Fireball was still weak and confused. The demon took over the body only minutes ago and he didn't know about the slayer already. He was too weak and young to fight the slayer. In fear he watched Dru and Buffy fighting against each other. Suddenly a stranger appeared out of the darkness and pushed Buffy to the ground. "Angelus." Buffy whispered and crawled away. Tears were running down her face. Faith had been right.
"Will my Angel kill the slayer for me now?" Dru asked from behind.
Angelus smiled evilly. "Not yet. I like to see her suffer." He laughed and grabbed for Buffy's hair. "No!" she screamed. The dark haired vampire threw her against a fence and turned back to the mansion. Buffy felt a terrible ache in her back and almost lost consciousness. Using her last strength she got up and limped away.
She had to warn her friends. Maybe it Willow could bring back his soul again. Hopefully it wasn't to late. She should have believed Faith. Only this time.
Angelus watched her leaving and smiled. Nemesis plan had been perfect. He went indoors to meet up with the others. They lost many minions. But it didn't matter. The cellar was filled with prisoners now. <What a good plan to separate our groups. Only two slayers are left now. Sooner or later we will get Faith and Buffy too. When they realize what happened to their friends they will show up.>
Giles, Xander, Anya and Willow were chained to the wall like Spike.
Darla and Dru were just watching the whole scene when Angelus entered the room. Nemesis brought April to another room and took care of her wound. Then he locked up the room and went downstairs. Fireball watched him coming and hid in one of the rooms. Since he became a vampire and survived the slayer he had a strange smell in his nose.
It was sweet and delicious. He didn't care about his new family but about this scent. Somehow it was calling for him. Slowly he walked upstairs to find a closed room. Behind this door was the source of the fragrance. Fireball used his power to break the door and move in.
A beautiful blonde girl was lying on a bed. <April.> he thought. When he came in she opened her eyes and smiled at him. "Fireball."
"That's me." He said and sat down next to her.
"What happened? What are you doing?" she asked when realizing that he got rid of his clothes. "Relax." He said. "Fireball. Not here. Not now. We have other problems. We…"
"Shut up." He shouted and jumped on top of her. Violently he hit her wound.
"Fireball. No! What are you doing?"
"Shhh…" he said and bent down to kiss her while tearing her clothes to pieces. April struggled but he hold her down and continued kissing her.

Chapter Eleven: Fate

Nemesis reached the cellar when he suddenly felt somebody moving behind him. <Fireball? A vampire? Well, I wonder why he isn't with the rest of us but wandering through the house.> He didn't care about what Angelus was doing and followed Fireball upstairs. When he entered the room slowly, without making a noise, he could see Fireball lying on April. Both of them were naked. She trembled when he forcefully parted her clenched knees and positioned himself on her. April could feel his throbbing cock at the entrance to her hole.
Rubbing it. Fireball took her mouth in yet another kiss. It was less cruel than the first one. But he still couldn't get her to fully respond. His hands roamed all over her body now. Touching, fondling, pressing certain points, exploring others. His searing tongue was flicking at her neck as if in preparation for something. April felt the familiar pang of terror. But she didn't have time to dwell on it.
As he abruptly lunged forward once more - this time to bite into her throat deeply, she opened her mouth to cry out in pain. That did it.
Anger and hate overwhelmed Nemesis when the Jesse part of him took over the body. Nobody was allowed to hurt his April. And everyone who did had to be punished. A shadow fell over the bed and strong arms pushed Fireball away. In horror Jesse looked at the beaten body of his love. His eyes glew yellow when he vamped out and pressed Fireball against the wall. Fists reached forward and hit Fireball's chest and stomach violently. "Bastard!" the vampire shouted. "Stupid, minion! She's mine. Always mine." He cried. Tears ran over his face.
Fireball had been too much surprised to react and Jesse-Nemesis was to fast for him. Within a second he took out a knife of his pocket and pushed it in Fireball's chest for several times. The minion cried in terror and begged him to stop. But Jesse-Nemesis had lost all his control. Suddenly he felt dust falling through his hands and stopped screaming. His hands were covered with dust and blood. Raceboy was dead. Finally Nemesis thought. Slowly he turned around. April's face was pale. Her eyes were opened wide and she didn't move. The beautiful naked body of hers was covered with bite marks and her face with a mixture of sweat and blood. Nemesis-Jesse reached forward and took her in his arms. He couldn't hear a heartbeat. April was dead.
Tears ran down his face while he pressed his princess against his chest. <Why her? She belonged to me? Why April. Why did I let her die? If I only had come earlier.> he thought.
Another part of him laughed in joy. The Star Sheriffs were finally dead and he had won.
Angelus could feel the fear in the small cellar room and enjoyed it very much. Xander and Anya were still unconscious but Giles woke up already and cursed him with angry looks. It had been an easy fight and the prisoners weren't injured very much. But soon they would. He had wanted them healthy. The torture would be much more fun this way.
They had prepared a curse. Luckily he managed to interrupt them.
Spike started struggling again when he woke up and realized that Willow was next to him. Chains hold her. Angelus grinned at Spike and moved towards Willow. "She's mine. Let her go." Spike shouted angrily.
"I wonder how she tastes." Angelus said ignoring Spikes screams. "To bad that you're human Spike."
"Hey. I bet that although I'm human I can do that much better than you!"
Willow starred at Angelus in horror than looked back to Spike who grinned evilly. He did his best to get Angelus attention and to make him angry.
"You won't get away with this." Angelus said earnest. He turned back to Dru. "Turn him. Then we will see who's better."
<Oh no.> Willow thought. <Please don't. It will kill him. The curse can't be broken this way.>
Meanwhile Anya woke up. Slowly she realized what had happened. Next to her Xander and Willow were hanging. Again for months she felt angry at her helplessness again. If she still would be a demon she could have protected Xander. She realized that Angelus and Dru were busy and didn't take much care about her. They planned something with Spike and Willow. <Shit. I know why Willow is their next victim.
Luckily they don't know that I can cast spells, too. I have to escape and help Buffy and Faith to finish the spell. As I see they weren't captured.> she thought. Besides she had noticed that Spike was human again and she knew about this curse. Dru would kill him if she tried to sire him and become a human herself. Anya also realized that Willow seemed to have feelings for Spike and she didn't want Willow to be hurt again, like she was hurt when Oz left her. An idea came to her mind. A long time ago, when she started to practice magic she did a spell to drive someone insane. There must be the other way round, too. She would just try it. Anya closed her eyes again and concentrated on Drusilla who was standing in front of Spike. While Angelus watched Dru he didn't take notice of Anya who started whispering a spell. Also Darla was didn't take much notice of Anya but concentrated on the whole scene. "Finally I can see you again, my Spike." Dru said and clinged to Spike. He changed a short look with Willow. His eyes told her not be afraid, cause even if he was a vampire again he was still in love with her and wouldn't harm her.
Whatever would happen he would do his best to protect her from Angelus.
"Soon we will be one family again." She bent her head to his throat, vamped out and bit him. Spike didn't show any emotion. He could feel his life passing by. Suddenly, he meant it would have been over soon, Dru stopped. "What?" he said but she only looked at him. Her face was pale, blood dropped from her mouth and she turned into her human form again.
Angelus grabbed and shoke her wildly. "What's the matter with you. Finish your business!" he shouted at her. Dru only coughed and puked.
Angrily Angelus starred at Spike, then at Willow. "You!" he said. Dru fell to the floor but Angelus didn't take much notice of her. "What did you do?! Curse her like Spike?!"
"No…I didn't." Willow whispered. She was as pale as Dru. "Please don't. I can remove that curse. I promised Spike to do so. He came over to force me."
"Force you? Don't believe so. You two are in love. I can feel that."
"Maybe." Spike interrupted him. But do you think I want to stay human. Damn it. I hoped Dru would remove this curse by biting me."
Spike lied.
Dru just lay on the floor. She didn't move. In her head she fought a battle. Suddenly everything came back to her mind. The time before Angelus drove her insane, the time with Angelus, the time with Spike, everything. Then she understood. When she had seen Angelus for the first time she had fallen in love with him. But she had fallen in love with an Angelus who had not shown her his true face already. She knew why she fell in love with Spike later. He had always been different. Spike understood her and treated her the way Angelus treated her in the beginning. This realization changed something in her head. It made her whole again, took the insanity away and gave back purity to her. Drusilla wouldn't be insane any longer. When she stood up Spike realized that something changed. Her look was different. But he had no time to concentrate on Willow cause Angelus gave him other problems. He had sent for Nemesis and planned to torture Spike and Willow until Willow would remove the curse.
Xander watched the scene in terror while Giles and Anya changed conspiring looks. They had to get Drusilla's attention. Also Drusilla watched the scene and each action remind her of what Angelus had done to her. Anger and hatred formed in her heart but she knew she was to weak to fight against Angelus. <Didn't the gypsies curse Angelus with a soul one day? Maybe I can do the same. I will free Giles. I know he helped Willow to prepare this spell the last time Angel lost his soul.> She looked at Giles who struggled and whispered something.
Slowly she went to him. "You need to be quiet. I can't save you otherwise." She said.
"You can't. He has the keys for the chains. But we prepared the curse to restore his soul already. It has just to be finished."
"Finished? Where?"
"My home. You have to go there. Fast."
Dru nodded. She understood. While Angelus was still busy she left the room.

Chapter Twelve: Reconciliation

At the entrance of the mansion she was stopped by Nemesis. "Where are you going?"
"I fetch some utensils we need to remove the curse. Like my Spike I'm human."
Nemesis hold her close to him and looked at her earnest. "And you're sane. You don't want to remove the curse. You want to help those humans."
"What are you talking about?"
"You know." He said and let her go. <I don't know why I'm doing this. Maybe cause I have done what I had to do. I destroyed everything and then suddenly I became aware of what I lost.> he thought. "Dru?"
"Yes." She turned around.
"The only thing I wanted was to destroy those Star Sheriffs. But know I feel somehow empty. I wonder if it had been the right thing to do. For the first time I have feelings again. One part of me, the part who was Jesse Blue showed it to me."
Dru nodded. "You were like me. Insane. Now you become aware of sanity and changes. I know you tried to save this blonde girl. I can see. You know Miss Edith. She's dead. She stopped talking. It's me, it has always been me who saw things and finally I can live with it. I'm not a child of the devil. I'm just me."
"Humans are strange." Nemesis said. "But finally I start to understand them."
"I have to go."
"I know."
"You killed Darla?"
"I did."
"Angelus will be angry when he finds out. You should leave."
Nemesis nodded. "Maybe. But maybe I want to know how it is to be human."
"Well, then you have to bite Spike. But don't take to much blood. He was always nice to me and I know I made him feel miserable when I wanted him to torture me. He really loved me."
"That he did. And still does."
"Yeah." She said and laughed. "But he deserves Red."
Then she left into the darkness of the night. Nemesis stayed there and watched some minions who went in and out of the mansion. He went downstairs when he suddenly meant to hear someone scream. It came from the entrance.
Nemesis went back and hid in one of the corners to see two girls fighting against a group of vampires. He knew one of them already - Buffy the slayer. The other girl, was black haired and clothed totally in black. She fought like Buffy. Maybe she was another slayer. Two slayers. For some seconds he felt anger. His demon wanted to interfere and kill the slayers. He knew he could. But he didn't want to. There was no need to. Soon the demon would leave his body, like Jesse's soul did. Or did he? Perhaps it just become one with him, finally. The demon would do, too. Something new was beginning and for the first time Nemesis felt excited about it. For to long he practiced hate and war. Friendship would be new. He decided just to watch what happened and afterwards he would leave. Earth was a big planet and lots of experiences were waiting for him to be explored.
Buffy and Faith didn't realize Nemesis. They were too much involved in the fight, not only cause they were surrounded by four vampires.
Both girls were fighting side by side. Buffy threw a punch at the first vampire, but he ducked it while another vampire pushed her in the back. She stumbled forward towards the first vampire. Fastly she aimed for his stomach but he blocked it away and caused Buffy falling to the ground. Immediately she rolls away, jumps up again and ended up back to back with Faith. Simultaneous they jumped forward to kick their attackers. Both vampires are pushed back but their mates tried to punch them immediately. Faith and Buffy ducked, grabbed for the vampires arms and sent them flipping onto their backs. They took out their stakes but the other vampires jump up again and tried to push them down.
Buffy roundhouse kicked hers again in the stomach. Faith punched her vampire in the stomach and takes aim with her stake. Buffy shoved hers against Faith's, and they end up back to back for another time.
The Slayers both plunged their stakes into their respective demons simultaneously, causing them both to explode into ashes. Then they turn around to the two other vampires. Both vampires are hold in their attack when the slayers pushed their stakes into them. After the dust settled, they give each other a high-five. "Synchronized slaying again." Buffy smiled. "New Olympic category?" "Yeah, I didn't think this would happen again." "History repeats." "I hope not. Let's find Angelus." Faith nodded and they went downstairs immediately.
The door was pushed open and Xander let out a scream of joy. Finally rescue was coming. Spike was still hanging in chains, covered with blood and mud. Angelus had tortured him with fire and knifes. He looked like a mess. When Faith and Buffy entered the room Willow was lying on the table. Angelus sat over her. His face buried in her throat. Surprised he looked up to Faith and Buffy. Blood dropped down from his mouth.
"Take me and let her go, Angelus!" Buffy shouted angrily.
"Buffy?! What a surprise." He said and went towards her.
"This is only between me and Angelus. Take care of our friends, Faith." She said and stepped in front of Angelus who grinned evilly.
"You really believe her. She isn't your friend Faith. She just needs you."
"I'm over that now Angelus. I know what I did wrong and now I'm back to make better." She said and went to Willow.
The same time Buffy attacked him but he ducked away and made her running against the table. "Ouch." She turned around ready to block his blow.
Meanwhile Faith had found the key for the chains.
Suddenly, Buffy had finally managed to overwhelm Angelus, the vampire gasped loudly and groaned in pain. She saw his eyes glow bright red for an instant and go back dark. He looked up at her, but quickly collapsed to the floor, crying. Buffy stared down at him surprised.
Angel rose himself back up, his eyes heavy with tears, and looked into her eyes. "Buffy? What's going on?"
"It worked. Dru did the spell." Anya whispered behind them.
"Where are we? I-I don't remember." He whispered.
Buffy turned around to face Anya. "He's Angel again."
"Angel?" she whispered while turning to Angel.
"Oh, Buffy... God. What happened? What have I done." He cried and embraced her. She wasn't completely sure that it was true but accepted the hug.
Happily Anya turned to Xander and Giles who were taking care of Willow and Spike. Nobody took notice of Nemesis who left the mansion to meet Drusilla.
"You did it." He said.
She smiled. "Everyone is happy. I can see that. My Spike is with his Willow and my Angel with his Slayer. Soon Faith will find someone, too."
"She will?"
"Yes, but the one who is meant for her doesn't know he is, yet. Oh, I see you dyed your hair black. Fits you."
"You offered me to become human."
"I did."
He took her in his arms and bent down carefully. His demon face took over his human features and he bit into her throat. Like Dru before he stopped after a while. Nemesis felt sick and his face was pale.
Gently Dru stroke him "I wonder why you didn't kill me?"
"You don't see it." He coughed. "But you're needed here."
"Maybe I'm."
He looked up at her and smiled. "I can teach you to wake up all your spiritual abilities."
"I know you can. We should go back to the mansion to help our friends."
Nemesis smiled and took her hand. Before they went back to the mansion they watched dawn. For Nemesis it was the first time he saw it like that - all golden.

The End

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