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Nemesis' Pain
By: Yamuri (


For centuries they were sleeping while the huge space ship flew through the universe. A long time ago they lived on a beautiful planet, similar to earth. But a terrible war destroyed their culture and their world. Few could escape, many were injured and had to be put phantom chambers. The space ship looked inhabited, like the universe it passed. Only a huge machine in the middle of the planet like space ship was working all the time. Its sounds were the only ones which could be heard. And while everyone slept sensors searched for planets where life was possible and a lonely soul wandered through the corridors and watched the sleeping passengers sadly. Her poor people. Disconnected from their home, their past.
But for years her feelings vanished completely and she became similar to the machine, a part of the machine. Feelings were the reason for the war, emotions had been what caused the distruction of their homeplanet. The phantom chambers had been good ideas. Transformations, longer beings of flesh and blood...but some kind of vapour beings. Their bodies would sleep forever, like their emotions ... but their spirits would wake up again, live forever by using cyborg bodies, that couldn't die. Finally the last step was done to become higher beings. But was it really progress?
After centuries of searching they finally left the vapour zone, the great blankness where life was impossible. New worlds were discovered. Inhabited planets. Interesting creatures, who cought her interest. She sent some spies to the first inhabited planet they discovered.
First contacts were made, trade started and they were even allowed to build a station on the planet. Soon humans, how those beings called themselves, got the permission to visit her space ship. Human scientists were impressed by the huge space ship and their technology. Especially a young man seemed to be very interested not only in their technology but also their culture and past. At first they were just exchanging informations. He was telling about his race, she about hers. It was never supposed to be more but she started to like his company. He was different, interesting and when she realized what was happening it was to late. Somehow he had been able to wake something in her, something lost and forgotten. Since the time when her people almost destroyed themselves she had thought feelings were something bad. Now everything was changing. For the first time in her long life she felt the power of love and it cursed her. Just for him she changed the law and he became a Commander of the Outrider Security Department. The first human who would have ever gotten such a high rank. He should also be the guardain of her body, which still lay in a phantom chamber, in a hidden room somewhere on the planet.
Within the weeks he worked for her a strong friendship was built between them and suddenly a strange and risky idea had come to his mind. Even if it wouldn't work he had to try to give her body back to her. Again weeks passed by and the impossible became true. From now on he wasn't some stranger and intruder anymore but one of them. Especially when the outrider's queen, whose soul he had transfered back into her body, gave birth to their child - Jesse Blue. But their joy didn't last long, when Commander Blue had to realize that the queen's body was to weak and had to be put back into the phantom chamber. When he redid the prozess he swore that one day he would make it possible that all outriders could become beings of flesh and blood again.
Although many Outriders had welcomed the human Commander there were still some who believed in old laws and rules and couldn't accept him that easily. Many wanted to see him destroyed. To provoke military actions a group of outriders robbed a human transport. Due to some misunderstandings on both sides a terrible war broke out soon. Commander Blue didn't want his son to grow up in such a world and decided to give him to his best friend who was living in the desserts of planet Far. There Jesse should be secure. Afterwards Commander Blue prooved that his heart really beat for the outriders by fighting against his own people. Finally they started to believe in him, but he couldn't stop the war.Therefore it was to late. And if it couldn't come better humans suddenly started to think he would be the outriders leader Nemesis. The war reached it's first climax when Commander Blue was killed by a famous pilot who flew with his space ship directly into Blue's space ship. Outriders seemed to be beaten but Nemesis was still there, seeking for revenge. A terrible pain drove her almost crazy when she couldn't save her lover and her hate for humankind became an eternal flame which would hunt her untill the end of time. This was how the second period of dark ages started.

Chapter One: The start of the end

Somehow Saber Rider had hoped that the cease fire would be the beginning of peace between Outriders and humans. Unlike April, Fireball and Colt who acted as if they were missing something Saber could relax. He had become a Star Sheriff to help reaching points like this and it made him feel whole when seeing that first steps were done to find together.
He remembered their mission to planet Lamari. Like his friends he had been sceptically but deep inside his heart he had really hoped that Lamari was a place of peace and friendhsip, a proof that it was possible. Saber had been disappointed when they discovered the hidden military base while his friends jumped happily in the new adventure.
They were like kids for whom life was just a game. On one hand this way of seeing the world had something beatiful but on the other hand it made him feel sad cause they never thought about the consequenzes. He saw the pain in their faces when Ramrod was destroyed. Of course it had been a bad moment for him too, cause Ramrod had been part of his life. But as long as it could help to bring peace to both people Saber accepted it and was even glad. They had just seen that their adventures could be over now, and he realized that especially Fireball seemed to be bored. Colt had Robin who kept him busy and April seemed to enjoy Fireballs company.
One time he had also come to watch one of Fireballs car racings and it had been that time he met her. She was standing in the first row. Her short violet hair glew in the bright sunlight and blew in the wind. She had blue skin and was clothed in a white dress. Certainly she was an outrider. When he looked at her she turned her head and her green eyes seemed to look directly into his soul. He smiled at her and his smile was returned before she looked back to the race.
"May I sit down?" he asked her.
"Why not?" she answered. At first they were just talking about the race and that the champion was a friend of Saber. Later on the conversation turned towards Saber being a famous Star Sheriff and what it was like to be that popular. She seemed to be more interested in his feelings than details about his job. Her people barely knew about emotions. To his amazement she even talked openly about the phantom chambers and that those machines were very old and usually used to take away all emotions from outriders, especially those who rediscovered them within their lives. Saber was shocked to hear that and wondered about the reason. A sad smile escaped her lips when she went on.
"Old stories tell about terrible wars which took place in the past. Wars that almost destroyed us. Our leaders somehow came to the conclusion that emotions were the reason for those wars and that's how they decided to take away all feelings. You see....many of us want to experience how it is to feel. For our hole lives we felt the loss of something and we always new that you humans are still capable of that. On the one hand we want to learn, we could learn a lot from you and humanity could also learn from us. But nevertheless there will always be that voice in our heads which tells us how dangerous emotions are. I suppose the whole war between humans and outriders started cause of you being able to feel and us being unable to do so."
Saber looked thoughtfully at her. "And what about you?" he asked. "There was a time I was able to feel something, just for a short time. The feeling of love. Bright and wonderful. But he died when the war between our peoples started. My heart couldn't live with the pain and became cold. Do you know how it feels to loose someone you really loved?"
Saber nodded. Luckily it had never happened to him but sometimes it had been close. "I can imagine and I'm sorry to hear that." he answered and hoped his words could make her feeling better about her past. "If you have time I would like to invite you for lunch? Maybe we can exchange more about our nations."
A smile passed her lips. "Of course I would like to spend more time with you."
Saber went over to April who was standing in the first row and cheering for Fireball to tell her that he wouldn't stay untill the end. Afterwards he took his new friend on a ride with Steed and showed the city to her.
Soon their talks became more personal and she admitted that she was enjoying his company very much. For such a long time she had often wondered how it would be being able of feel joy and fun. As the time went by Saber realized how he was feeling more and more connected to her. Talking and spending his time with her seemed like a drug and her eyes had some hypnotic effect on him. In her deep eyes shadows were hiding some secret but nevertheless they were showing parts of her power. Maybe this should have made him feel afraid of her.
Instead, he was curious and more interested in her. Why not starting some secret adventure?
He wanted to take away the pain which could still be seen in her eyes and perhaps something more would develop. Unlike all the women he had met in his life she seemed to be interested in each part of his personality. The others had just seen the hero Saber Rider, a good friend or an intellectual. She managed to bring our histother side. A side he barely showed in front of his friends who needed a guide and strong leader. With her he could relax and even felt the need inside his heart to enjoy the moment, like Colt would say.
Hours flew by and it were the best hours he spent in that period of peace. He had never talked about philosophy, myths and emotions with someone that often. She was a very good dialog partner and much more. Within those hours a deep connection was built between them. They grew close to each other and then it happened.
She had asked him for an experiment, just to see if she was capable of all her emotions again. Probably it should have been just a kiss, nothing more. But when her eyes looked deeply in his, while her lips found his, both of them fell under each others spell. For the second time she saw into a humans soul and was lost in its light.
They kissed a second time while embracing each other softly. With each kiss they sank deeper and the spiritual bond between them became stronger. Suddenly the world among them was forgotten. Like being in trance they took themselves some hotel room to spend the night together.
Time stood still while they were holding and peting each other, kissing and slowly getting rid of their clothes to feel the others naked skin. She could see red fire in his eyes and feel the heat of his naked skin while Saber saw the most amazing thing when looking into her eyes and soul. Somehow the ice inside her heart didn't fuse but started to burn like a fire of ice, while her cold body absorbed the heat. Extremes combined while he was lost in the gleaming colours her icy fire.
Gently he was putting himself into her, experiencing a world he had never seen when being with women before. She showed him something fascinating and new. A world of magic that sustained their spiritual bond. For both of them their time together seemed like an eternity. But the next morning Saber Rider felt as if everything had just been a beautiful dream. He was laying alone in an empty hotel room. No sign of his outrider lover. A terrible loneliness and sadness filled his heart. The night before he had felt whole and realized that he had found the love of his life. He had seen in her soul that she felt like him. Why did she leave, without saying a word? Had he done something wrong, or had he misinterpreted the whole situation and for her it had just been a game?
Nevertheless he had no proof that anything had happened and maybe he had just dreamed. Probably he had gotten to bed alone after an interesting talk to a strange outrider woman. Hopefully he would meet her again and made his secret dream coming true. Less he knew about the truth. And time wouldn't let him much time to think about the case or searching for her.
A second time he felt as if someone pulled his heart out of his chest when Cavalry Command contacted him and he was informed that the outriders broke the treaty and attacked a city on Yuma. War had broken out again. Why, his mind screamed in frustration.
Soon the Star Sheriffs met at the secret headquarters and were introduced to a new Ramrod that had been hidden for emergencies. All Star Sheriffs had to undergo special trainings now and to prepare for further battles against the outriders. This time it would become worse, cause reports told that the outrider planet was moving slowly towards Yuma. Luckily King Jarred would send his royal army to support them. Nevertheless it would be one of their hardest battles to hinder the outrider planet of colliding with Yuma which could mean the end of Cavalry Command. And not to forget Jesse Blue who was preparing the blue cobalt blaster that could become a real danger for Ramrod.

Chapter Two: Hopeless

Each party was prepared for the worst and the tension rose with every second. On both sides heavy problems were reported. The outriders army was impressive and Cavalry Command had to be careful. But Jesse Blue had also mayjor troubles. This time he had to concentrate on two enemies. His eternal rivals the Star Sheriffs and Nemesis. Who would have imagined that? During the time of peace he had finally found what he lost in his childhood and found something new to fight for. Everything in his life had become a total new meaning. He knew where he came from and why Nemesis had always cared for him so much. Strong feelings rose inside his heart and he would have gone through the fire to give Nemesis her body back. He truly cared for her and realized what had made him really jealousy of the Star Sheriffs. All of them had still parts of their family. They were never alone, like himself. Suddenly he had discovered that he wasn't alone either and even managed to give Nemesis her body back, make her a being of flesh and blood again.
For such a short time. Why, his heart was still screaming? Whatever he started was destined to break and fail. He was supposed to be the best, to fight, to lead and most important to protect those he loved. In his short life he had loved and cared for less people. His mind had always told him to be strong, to be brave, never to cry and avoid strong feelings towards others who tried to be his friends. Those years of loneliness had made him cold. For most people he appeared to be arrogant. Regardless from the pain in his soul he had pushed himself even further into the darkness and became what he feared. Under his command many people had lost their lives and families were destroyed. In some way he had even enjoyed breaking others and the darkness within his soul had been fed untill the day he discovered that Nemesis was his mother. When she had been alive his dark side had been totally suppressed but only a small mistake could release all demons. Hate and aggression filled his mind and drove him insane. Even his own mother was unable to reach him and all he wanted was power and chaos. While preparing the blue cobalt blaster and leading the attack against the human forces he grinned evily and gave in to the need of his inner demons completely. His eyes glewing strangely in the artificial light of the outrider planet and Nemesis realized the last hope for peace and her own sanity had died with Jesses weakness to resist his evil side.
Her own son had turned against her and she knew that it had partly been her own fault. She had never given love to him escept untill the end. But his personality had been damaged to much by then. Even his genius mind had not been able to save him. Like his father he had managed the unbelievable and for some time she had been alive. It had been a wonderful time and she had almost believed it would be real, not just a dream that ended with a crack and pushed her back into the pain which was still eating her soul. Dark memories rose inside her head. Memories about the dark ages of war that haunted her people, memories about her human lover, his death, their son and memories about a long bloody war against humankind that ended with a cease fire. Not for long. The truce was broken again and in her own frustration she had directed the mother ship towards Yuma. Nobody would stop her. Humankind, her people and even her son had failed in saving her.
"The end is near." she thought when watching Jesse using the blue cobalt blaster against Ramrod. "What have you become, my son? You're crazy like me. Can't fight your dark side, must feed it with hate and anger. Children of revenge, that's what we're. And I thought there could be hope. Just for seconds I believed your heart could heal as well as mine. But it was an illussion." She was interrupted in her depression when explosions hit the artificial planet and tremors were reported everywhere. Shortly after first reports about heavy damage of the mother ship and evacuation of her people she could feel a familiar presence. A person that reminded her of the time she had been alive. A bright light passed her soul but she couldn't keep it and beat the darkness. Instead she was driven more insane.
The first time when she had been alive humans had caused the death of her lover and the only one who had been able to give back what she lost. Revenge had been her answer. Something similar had happened again when Jesse brought her body back to life. Now she was trapped in this stupid machine once more and the next few minutes would decide about her future. She had never feared death. Jesse and the Star Sheriffs were no real threat for her, even if both had impressive weapons and techniques. Her fear was not adverted to death. Death would mean salvation for her tormented soul.
Meanwhile a battle had broken out between Badlander and Ramrod. Both used all their power to win and a huge amount of energy was set free. They fought for a while untill Nemesis couldn't stand the fight anymore and interfered by using the Triton Materia and shooting at both of them. Immediately Ramrod prepared itself to attack the outrider planets heart while Badlander was frozen. The Star Sheriffs weren't aware of Jesses fight with himself and concentrated on their mission to destroy the outrider planet before it would collide with Yuma.
For the whole battle Saber had had a strange feeling, as if fighting against a friend. He didn't know where those feelings had come from, but he couldn't push them away. Each time he did what he was supposed to do in this situation he felt as if someone was breaking his heart. It had never been that heard for him to fullfill his duty. Saber was sure that when the outriders were beaten and vanished to vapor zone he would still be haunted by images of the outrider woman he had met during the cease fire. She would probably be after him for a very long time and as long as he couldn't forget her he would feel as if he had fought against his own family. And if only parts of Eagles report about outriders history were true Saber was partially right in considering outriders as related to humankind. In any case Saber knew that if they won he wouldn't feel satisfied but sad about the whole development.
In the meantime Badlander had been damaged to much and Jesse was forced to leave the space ship, while Ramrod still fought against the almost invincible Triton Materia. Neither of them new Nemesis intentions in directing the planet towards Yuma on the one hand and the defense of her existence on the other hand. A Collision with Yuma would mean Nemesis death. If she wanted to kill herself, why had she to take other lifes with her? For Jesse the case was clear. Nemesis had become totally insane and it was time for him to take over the empire. But again those stupid Star Sheriffs had to interfere.
Angrily he watched as Ramrod used its weapons to damage the Triton Materia heavily. Fire and fume filled the room. Sweat ran down his body and he felt as if his spacesuit was burning. His eyes widened in terror when Ramrod bombed the Triton Materias center which would cause its complete distruction. Explosions hit the whole planet while the Triton Materia was trembling.
Gravitation was broken and Jesse lost his foothold and was thrown through the room. All machines reported red alert and a warning for immedtiate evacuation was sent each system on the whole planet. If they wanted to survive Saber and his team would have to leave fastly. All of them could see the horror in Jesses eyes but new there was nothing they could do for him. He had his chance to escape but decided to stay and fight untill the bitter end. It was over now. They had to leave and save their own lifes before the storm would catch them.
Colt, Fireball and April gave not a single thought about Jesse. Whatever happened to him was his own fault. Only Saber felt pity when they had to leave the young man behind. A long time ago he had promised his mentor and friend General Whitehawk to do evertyhing to bring Jesse back. He knew exactly how General Whitehawk felt about his cadets and besides even a fallen man like Jesse Blue deserved a chance. But since that day at the training center when Jesse begged him to save April he had never gotten the chance to talk to him anymore. Even when Jesse had come to them as ambassador to lead the cease fire movements Saber had not gotten the chance to break through Jesses ice. Within the years the young man had built a wall around his soul and nobody had ever been able to come really close to him. Most people had given up Jesse soon, but Whitehawk and Saber had hoped of being able to save Jesse from his dark side untill the last day.
And while they left the outrider planet, watched its final distruction and listened to cries of joy through their intercoms Saber felt as if parts of him were dying with Jesse and Nemesis. For now the war was over but Saber knew that in wars each victory was also a rout.

Chapter Three: Times of darkness

Peace had come back to New Frontier, but terrible civil wars had broken out among outriders the same time when their mother ship had been distroyed. Outriders most powerful comanders tried to take Nemesis place but none of them was able to unite all clans. Some said that Jesse, heir to Nemesis throne, would have been able to lead them. Unfortunately Jesse had lost his life in the last battle against Cavalry Comands forces and there was no way to bring him back. His body had been atomized during the explosion and without his body, any rituals to revitalize him were useless.
Months of wars followed untill a genius scientist, discovered an interesting issue. Before the final battle Nemesis body had been brought to their space station in vapor zone, by Jean Claude who had lately shown more interst in discovering the outriders past than anything else. He was up to something and to his own luck nobody seemed to care. In any case the scientist detected that Nemesis body wasn't a lifeless form that was frozen forever. She wasn't sleeping as before, nor was she dead but in some sort of coma. Somehow the distruction of the outrider planet caused the transfer of her soul, back into her body. But something prevented her from waking up.
At first Nemesis body was scanned and a strange anomaly was found in her blood. Somehow human blood had come into her veins and slowly poisoned the organism. If Jesse had not refreezed her she would have probably died. The reason why human blood was running through her veins was the unborn child in her womb. Obviosly she had been with a human while she had been alive. Secret studies followed untill a group of scientists were able to remove the embryo without harming Nemesis or the child. Nevertheless there was still no possibility yet to heal Nemesis from the sepsis and even if they could it was doubtful Nemesis would awake. But thanks to Jean Claude old machines, which were found on their homeplanet behind vapor zone, could be used. For the next few months the baby had to stay in some kind of incubator. His physis was very strong and with the help of technology he could survive.
A new heir was born and Jean Claude new that with his existance problems would occur. After Nemesis fall many outriders had hoped to be able of taking her place. But all of them had failed in uniting the nation. Former rebells, traditionalists, militarists, idealists and serval other groups were fighting for domination now. With the existance of a new heir the question would arise who would be a worthy guardain and mentor for him? This question could be solved by a competition. The winner would legaly be the boys warden.
Thoughtfully Jean Claude watched the child in his arms and cradled him softly. Since the child could be taken out of the tank it had been in for the last months Jean was taking care of him. He had given him the name Trunks, cause he new from his researches of Nemesis great grandfather - a great warrior of the old empire - who had also been named Trunks. In any case it would be a good name for their new empire.
"You will be the strongest in the universe on day Trunks." he said while carrying him around. "At this age already your aura is almost as strong as your mothers has been. But you will need it. Your life won't be easy. This violet hair, undoubtfully from your mother, but your white skin. I wonder about your father Trunks. His heritage could become a problem for you when you want to take your birthright of ruling."
"Indeed it will." a female voice interrupted Jean. He turned around to see his new girlfriend, who had taken care of Nemesis body the last weeks, standing in the room. Jean grinned, walked over to hear and gave a short kiss. Like his former girlfriend Annabelle she had long red hair but emerald eyes and light blue skin that she didn't hide by using special tinctures. She was a scientist and not a spy like Annabelle had been.
"Don't worry Rhea. We'll fix this." he answered. "At first we'll hide him. As long as nobody knows of his existance he won't be in danger. In the meantime we have time to think of a master plan and finding out who's his father." As if Trunks understood them he suddenly cried loudly and a smile passed his lips when Jean looked down to him. Trunks eyes gleamed bright and Jeans eyes widened when seeing into those blue eyes. Realization hit him hard. He knew those eyes from somewhere. Of course he knew many people who had blue eyes but there was something in Trunks look that reminded him of one person he had met only once. Nevertheless he would always remind him, even more than his mortal enemy Colt. Was it possible?
"What's wrong Jean. Why do you stare at him like that? You will scare him when you keep staring at him." Rhea said and took Trunks out of his arms, lulling the baby to sleep.
"I just remembered my last meeting with the Star Sheriffs. It has been a while but I still remember their faces, their eyes. Trunks has undoubtfully the same eyes than Saber Rider."
"What, the famous Star Sheriff Saber Rider? You can't be sure Jean." shocked she looked from him to Trunks and back.
"I can't believe either how he can have Saber Riders eyes. But I always study my enemies and images of them in my head stay as clear as if they were standing right in front of me."
Rhea nodded thoughtfully. "We have to audit that. If you're right he's in much more danger than we expected."
"Well, untill now nobody even knows that Nemesis is still alive, just in coma. Maybe we can even hide Trunks for his first few years. We'll stay out of the fights and could move to a place our people have forgotten yet. You felt his incredible power. In some years he'll be stronger than Nemesis."
"You forget that Nemesis had good teachers. Trunks will only have us. Two outriders who studied the old forbidden tenets. We aren't experts." Rhea was still more worried than Jean could ever be.
"We'll find a way. So, what do you think of moving to our homeplanet."
"Certainly an interesting experience. Why not. Probably we'll be the only inhabitants there for some time. I hope Trunks will really be save there untill we know more about his father and he's old enough to fight back in case that someone attacks him."
Jean nodded gladly while thinking about the latest developments. Telling his people that their new emperor was half human would have been difficult. But if they had to tell them that he was the son of one of the famous Star Sheriffs it would probably cause more wars. The same day they left the outrider station they were staying at. Vapor zone was boring anyways and Jean was dying to show her the place all of them had come from once. He had been there some times already and it had been amazing to see how nature regenerated itself during the last centuries. Life was feasible there again and still evidences of ancient times could be found. The best place for their young prince to grow up. A new hope for their future had been born with Trunks and maybe he would be able rebuild the ancient empire of glory and connect outriders and humans.
Trunks future seemed to be assured. Nobody paid attention to Jean and Rhea at first, who had moved to their former homeplanet Metheus together with Trunks. They had taken Nemesis body and Rheas technical inventions with them and after one year living on Metheus Trunks got a little sister. She had green hair like her father Jean and emerald eyes like her mother Rhea. They decided to call her after a famous scientist of the past, in hope to reawaken ancient times by smoothing the way. Nevertheless a shadow was still laying over them.
Shadows of dark prophecies that emerged since outriders were forced to build a new mother ship, so they could go back to New Frontier and take revenge for Nemesis death. A young outrider had become famous during the last years by publishing his prophecies. As Jean new the young man had even predicted that their empire would fall again and that humankind would defeat them. He had discribed the final battle exactly even before it happened. Nobody, except the rebells who had formed a group of idealists now, had listened. Now the same outrider was telling about Nemesis treachery at her own people, about her love to an certain Star Sheriff and the existance of Trunks. Years ago people may haven't listened but this time they would.
It wasn't the prophets intention to assess but those who listened would return a vedict and according to the prophecies dark times would come. More suffering and pain. Jean could imagine that and he disliked such changes. Something had to be done to stop or corrupt the prophet, or at least to use his prophecies for their own advantage. Therefore he would have to leave Metheus and travel back to vapor zone to meet the prophet.

To be continued

2003 Yamuri. And don't forget to write her what do you think about this!