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By: Yamuri (


Shortly after the last battle. The outriders seemed to beat up. Nemesis was sent back into Vapor Zone and Jesse Blue with him. Probably he would die there. No human could live in the vapor zone for a long time. Cavalry Command and the Star Sheriffs start celebrating the victory. Peace can come again to their galaxy. But for some people it isn't over yet.

Chapter 1: The Survivor

He felt pain and darkness around him. There was nothing but darkness. He wanted to breath but there was no air. The last he could remember was the explosion. Everything was gone. What was before? He couldn't remember. Even his name. It was all so far away. Suddenly he felt air around him. Was he still alive? Or dead. Once more. How many death did he die? Only two or were it more? Light. Outside the chamber he was in somebody was standing. Watching him. Waiting for something. The pain left him and the only feeling he had was weakness. He felt tired but he knew that it was wrong to sleep. No. It wasn't his day to die today. The chamber was opened. His eyes couldn't see very good but he felt arms holding him and helping him. Someone brought him into another room. A bed. Sleep. Finally it was over. The other gave him something to drink. Then he fall asleep. Hours later he woke up again. He was alone in the room. It looked familiar to him. A long time ago he had been here. They brought him to this room when he tried to kill himself. When he tried to show them why he thought that he was human. Slowly he stood up and walked to the mirror. Looked into his blue face, in his blue eyes, at his green hair and the strange amulett, somebody gave him one time. They were wrong. He was no outrider, although he looked like one. After his accident, after his escape they gave him a new body. A clone or something similar. It looked human. His soul was transfered in the new body which they made for him. Humans thought he was a human and a traitor. But he never was. Now he was himself again. The human clone was probably destroyed when he was pushed back into vapor zone. They had to give him his body back and he was glad about that. Perhaps he could live with the truth now. The truth that he was both, human and outrider. Live would go on and this time he would do what he really wanted and it would not happen again to him that he would almost become like Nemesis. His cousin Nemesis. Why? What did they do wrong? They wanted to bring peace to their own race but in the end Nemesis changed and new wars started. A new enemy. But the past could still repeat itself and he was the only one who could do something against it. Nemesis had to get his body back. Hopefully he would become the old again then. Then they could finally end this stupid war he never wanted to get involved with. Perhaps he could become friends again with those he loved, with those who belonged to him like the outriders did. He didn't hate humans anymore but he couldn't hate outriders for what they did to him too. He still felt tired when thinking about it but this time he wouldn't give up in any way. They wouldn't make him to behave like an outrider again. Now he was free and he would do what he had to do.


He didn't know what happened. After Mirai hurt him that he almost died they brought him out. There he was somewhere locked in a dark room on earth. Would he die here? They couldn't do that to him. Had he to die on this planet. Why couldn't he die on his homeplanet. It was reachable for him. He had the space ship. They were on their way home when Mirai stopped them. Gave the space ship back to Andromeda Promesium to the only one he ever loved. But this was long ago. Why didn't she ever tell him that she wanted to save both races. Why didn't she ever tell him the truth about the black hole. Because of this stupid misunderstandings both of them had to die now. That had never been their destiny. Thy should go back to Lahmetall. There was still power in him and the strong will that he wouldn't die on this planet. But the earths destiny didn't mean something to him. Only the one of his own people and her one. He had to save her, had to hinder her. It was his task to do this suicide mission. He would die in any way. So he could do it for her. Then he could proof that he was not like she thought he was. Slowly he stood up and called for help. Again they thought they must help him and he managed to beat them up. Took their guns and escaped to the underground hangars. His power was enough to fly the space ship and follow her to the black hole. But he arrived to late. It had happened already. She flew in the black hole with her own space ship and caused an explosion with its energy. But it wasn't over yet. Something was coming out of the place where the black hole had been and his space ship was thrown against something, through something. It was as if he was on the edge of the eye of a storm. He was near enough to get himself killed by the explosion but far enough to fly through the last parts of the black hole. The energy was as strong as Mirais energy when she tried to kill him. He still could feel her hands around him and the heat which almost killed him. The terror repeated itself. There was pain and darkness around him. Almost destroyed his body which seemed to burn. His shuttle became such a speed that the pressure on his head caused that he lost his consciousness for a long time. Perhaps he had not saved her, but he would not die on earth. It was better to die out there in space than to live on such a stupid planet whith only monkeys on it. Why did she love them? He would never understand because this day was probably the day he would die.

Chapter 2: The Stranger

Some days later far away on planet Alamo. While Saber, Colt and Robin enjoyed the party Commander Eagle had organized for all the people who helped beating up the outriders Fireball went out alone. Somehow he couldn't relax. April would probably think because of Claudia who also came to the party. But this wasn't the reason. He didn't want to talk to Claudia, didn't mean to meet her and to make April mad with him. What could he do? Claudia liked him and well she was a good friend and she understood his love for racing. But he and April had much more in common and they had gone through difficult situations together. He could not think of somebody else to be his girlfriend, one of his best friends. Claudia was just a girl with whom he could talk about racing and such things. With April he could talk about almost everything, except racing. She would not like if he would go back to his racing life now. But this could bring him on other thoughts. What did him make so sad? Why did he have to watch the sky tonight and why couldn't he feel happy about their victory. Even Colt could relax and think of a new life. All of them did believe in the peace and would now try to start a new life. Probably Colt would marry Robin and have his own family soon, Saber would go home or life together with Cynthia and April would still work for Cavalry Command. He would like the idea of doing that too. Maybe he could compare that with his racing life. He could meet April pretty often. That would be great. But he still felt tired and sad. Suddenly he heard steps behind him. Who? He turned and there April was standing in the monlight. Pretty as always. She still weared her red overall she always weared on their mission. He liked her most when she weared the overall. Then he thought silent by himself as famous warrious of both of them. For him it seemed not to be such a good idea to see everything like Colt who only joined the Star Sheriffs to revenge for the death of his parents and who would start a normal life then. How could he give up that. Perhaps he need the adventure more than his friends cause his dad was a famous pilot himself. And there he was again. With the thoughts which made him sad. But April was here now too and they could share his sadness. Perhaps he would feel better then. Hopefully she didn't only come to talk with him about Claudia.
"What are you doing alone out here Fireball? You seem somehow sad. What's the matter with you? Is it because of Claudia. I didn't mean to argue with you. Hey I talked to Claudia and everything is okay. I acted in a stupid childish way. Sorry."
Fireball looked at her surprised. "What did you talk to her? Hopefully nothing bad."
April laughed and he couldn't do anything but had to join in the laughter. "No. We just talked. I guess we could become friends. She's really a nice girl."
"April she will never be like you. That's all I wanted you to know about this. I'm glad that this problem is solved now. It made me sad that you were mad with me because of such an stupid reason. We could never be a couple. There is only you April with whom..."
"You have not to tell me Fireball. I know this. So what did make you coming out here alone. Don't you enjoy the party?"
Fireball shook his head. Both of them sat down on the field and while he hold her hand they watched the stars. He felt better now but still there was this feeling in him that he lost somebody. Why? He didn't understand. Suddenly they saw it both. A strange light went over the sky and vanished in the dark. Far away they heard a loud crash and the night turned into day for some seconds. The earth shaked. April and Fireball looked frightened at each other. What was that? She didn't know who started but suddenly April realized that both of them were running to the place where the crash could have come from. Soon they were followed by Saber, Colt, Commander Eagle and a frightened Robin, Cynthia and Claudia. It was clear that the party was over for today. The Star Sheriffs had to do their work again. Couldn't they have a small break? That's like a curse Saber and Colt thought by themselves while following April and Fireball as fast as they could. When they reached the place of the accident they heard and felt another crash more hard and loud than the first one but far away from the place they were now. It was a small space ship which looked familiar to them. Lots of people in New Frontier used such space ships. But what worried them more was what did make it crash down here. Something was out there again. Could it be that some outriders survived and started to fight against them on their own now? Hopefully not. All of them were surprised when rescuing the space shuttle and realizing that the pilot was someone April knew pretty good. Trista. April didn't know that Trista could fly a space shuttle and she never thought they would ever meet again after Trista vanished the time they meet first on New Witchita. What brought her here now? While her dad, Saber and Colt started an expedition to the other crash April decided to stay in the hospital with Trista. She was glad Fireball stayed too cause he had some soothing effect on her. Somehow she had the feeling that Tristas appearance didn't mean something good. Robin, Cynthia and Claudia were to much worried too so that April decided not to stay too much with them. She was also nervous herself so she didn't need people around her who were it too. Both of them, Fireball and April were now standing infront of Tristas bed. The doctors said that she would surely survive. She wasn't hurt too much.
"Could it be that you were worried cause you felt what would happen?" April asked him.
Fireball looked at her surprised. "I don't think that I have such an ability and I wasn't worried cause of the comeback of outriders or anything else. It was only that I felt a bit sad that our adventures would be over and something else I don't want to talk about."
"If you need someone to listen I'm here."
Fireball nodded. "I wonder where she was going to and how this happened?"
"I guess that her accident has something to do with the other crash. Maybe...."
"Psst. She wakes up."
"How are you Trista?" April asked and sat down at Tristas bed.
"It could be better." She smiled. "I heard that you're on Alamo and I wanted to visit you again. I don't know what happened. But suddenly this other space ship arrived out of nowhere. It was to fast. Both of us couldn't hinder the crash. Hopefully the other isn't hurt to badly. I would never want to kill somebody."
"It's okay Trista. We don't know what happened to the other. Saber and Colt are going to see after him or her. I'm glad that you're fine."
"Where did you learn flying a space shuttle?" Fireball asked her surprised.
Trista smiled but it was difficult to talk for her cause she felt still tired and ill. "Jesse taught me. Jesse and Jean Claude."
"Jean Claude? The outrider commander who managed to kidnap you and this guy Pierre once. Do you remember Susi and Pierre?"
"Oh no. This stupid little boy." Fireball nodded.
"Jean told me about your meeting. I guess he admires Colt very much. When he talks about him then always positive as if he would be his friend."
April and Fireball looked at Trista surprised. They thought the opposite,that Jean would hate Colt. But he liked him? But at the moment this wasn't of any interest because Saber and Colt arrived not long after their short conversation. They brought a young woman with them. She weared a long black dress. Her long blond hair fell down her shoulders. It was as long as she was tall. She was very pale and her life was in real danger. Saber told them that her space ship was as big as Ramrod and that you could measure a strong field of energy around the ship. April realized that Cynthia and Robin were afraid of the woman. Well, she was pretty. Probably Robin and Cynthia were afraid that Colt and Saber would loose their interest in them. She had not to worry cause Fireball seemed not to be interested in the young woman. He was very thoughtful the last hours. If he would only talk to her. She would like to help him but he didn't want her help. When the theme turned to Jesse and Jean Claude he decided to let her alone with Trista. They talked a lot about Tristas feelings for Jesse Blue and her sadness that he would probably be dead cause he was sent into vapor zone like the outriders. That would probably have killed him. Trista needed a good friend and April was glad that they could have a new start, could become friends again. She worried only a bit about Fireballs strange behaviour. What was the matter with him. Tristas proposal was that she should talk to him but she decided several times and he always said that everything was okay and he would only need some time for himself just to think about some things.
Of course Fireball thought about Trista and the strange woman. But there were other thoughts in his brain too. He remembered the time he was young. The time when his mother died and how she died. From this time on he had nothing to loose. He was about twelve years old. His mom never wanted him to do this stupid car races or to become a pilot like his dad. She was glad when seeing him infront of a computer and studying. She never knew what he was learning himself. If he had never done perhaps he would not have known how to use a gun. He would be dead like his dad. But shortly after his birthday when he turned twelve years old they were attacked by outriders. It was the time he had to grow up, had to become an adult, the time they killed his mom infront of him. Terrible. When thinking about this time he almost started to cry. After killing his mom they took him with them to the outriders main space ship where he was brought to Nemesis. He didn't understand what they wanted to do but he didn't like the idea of beeing pushed into a phantom chamber. Someone saved him. A young outrider, only some years older then him, a boy who got the mission from somebody to save him, to bring him home. He escaped but he changed. From this time on he was free to do what he wanted but never ceared of his own life again. He started to become like his dad. For a long time he didn't remember the outrider who saved him but know he was thinking about him again. Somehow the outrider remembered him to himself and he looked sad when he left the planet as if he would wish to come with him. Later on when Jesse Blue seemed to organize a cease- fire between Outriders and Humans Fireball had almost believed in the peace and hoped to meet the outrider again. But his silent dreams were destroyed by the betrayal of the outriders. Could there never be peace? Perhaps peace would change him again and at the moment he wished that cause he had something to loose again. And he didn't want that one time the past would repeat itself and he would loose April the same way he lost his mom or his dad. He never had enough time to think about that but after Tristas accident he thought about that without knowing why he thought about all those things now and not before. Perhaps because he didn't believe in the peace anymore. Didn't want to be disappionted again. Tristas accident was only the first sign for a new danger. He didn't know what he really wanted anymore.

Chapter 3: The Time Spiral

The same time in the vapor zone. There was still darkness around him. But he could see through it now. Freedom. Something knew. His soul was able to leave the computer now. He could go where ever he wanted. Learn knew things. He knew everything about the outriders and humans past, about their technology, about their behavior, about the old abilities, the secrets of life and the ability to leave your own body without to die. The power was in him. It was his power, his life, immortality. Nobody could kill him anymore. Thank the Star Sheriffs, those stupid humans. They tried to kill him but gave him the ultimative power he needed to control whatever he wanted. Perhaps he could even go through time and then he could learn what nobody could teach him for a long time. How much he was bored by the humans who were not able to show him what it was like to feel. Then Jesse. He knew who Jesse was. He came back. At first Jesse couldn't remember, thought he was just a normal human kid or an outrider or something between. This time he was the son of this stupid Star Sheriff who destroyed his first cyborg body. His best one, which was like Jesses clone body. Less machine than organic. The other time he was his cousin. The body didn't matter. Jesses soul came back in a knew body. He survived. Nemesis never died but Jesse did after the brother war. The war Jesse and him could stop. They seperated something he couldn't remember and transfered his soul into the first cyborg body and later on in the computer. It was possible to come back. It was true that after death you were born again. Jesse had luck to be born into this time, so they could meet again. And Jesse wanted to help him, to find out what it was like to feel. He would have almost become like him and killed him. The brother war would have repeated. Thank the Star Sheriffs again. They hindered him and now Jesse was the same like before again. Remembered everything and was his cousin again. Jesse was his only friend and they would rule the universe together. Strange he could see some sort of space quake. Where and what. In the human dimension a space ship arrived. A large one. And in the vapor zone he could realize a small one. Perhaps the explosion of their main space ship caused a whole in the time spiral. He heard about such phenomens a long time ago when Jesse and him were both living on their homeplanet Metheus. Sometimes when in the same seconds in different times lots of energy was set free it could happen that this caused a whole in the space or even in the timeline. If this happened the strangers who arrived came wether out of another dimension or another time. The twice was more possible and more interesting to him. But he had to return now to their twice main space ship which was built already during the war against Cavalry Command. One of the newcomers would reach it pretty soon. He had never seen such a space shuttle before but he realized that the person inside seemed human. Besides he would help. Perhaps he could learn something new. It was easy to use his power to bring the space ship to one of the hangars on their main space ship. The stranger was hurt badly by something but he would be healthy again soon like most of his warriors. Soon he could start new battles against his enemies and perhaps the young man inside the strange space ship could be a help. After saving him he would go back into the humans dimension to get the control of the other survivor and bring him or her into vapor zone. He called out for Jesse and was glad that it was possible now to communicate with his soldiers only by thoughts. Jesse seemed not to like this knew ability. Nemesis was worried a bit but still confident about the future.
"Where did you find him?" Jesse asked when he arrived at the hangar. Outhere in space. Where else. There are more survivors then most of us thought Jesse. Those who are still healthy will get a lot to do to save all. I guess this one is important for us. We could learn more about the time spiral phenomen
"You mean he came through time? This human came through a time whole. Out of the past or the future?" Jesse asked him surprised. He still worried about Nemesis and knew that at the moment his chances were pretty bad to give him his body back. Besides he didn't knew enough to redo the prozess of transferring. And there was so much to do. Lots of outriders were hurt badly by the explosion. But most of them would survive.
That's my suggestion. You will take care of him. I have to search for other survivors now.
Somehow Jesse had a bad feeling when Nemesis left him again. What made Nemesis so confident? Did he have some new bad plans to beat up humans? To start new terrible wars? Thoughtfully Jesse watched the stranger. He looked human but something wasn't right with the young man in the red overall and the red helmet. Jesse brought him to the other survivors and said that the health of the young man was very important for Nemesis so they had to hurry with helping him although he seemed to be human. While Jean Claude and Grammis lead the hospital which was as big as the whole planet at the moment, Jesse went back into his secret rooms where he continued working at Nemesis phantom chamber. He had to find a way to redo the transferring prozess pretty fast if he wanted to hinder Nemesis to start a new stupid war. For hours Jesse worked at his secret projects without any results when he realized that someone managed his way down here. On the monitors he could see that it was Jean Claude who seemed to be worried. Jesse left the room cause he didn't want Jean to see what he was doing.
"What's the matter? Something with the human?"
Jean nodded. "It's not what you think. We tried to help him and it seemed as if he would die. We gave up him after a while and you won't believe it he vanished. We can't find him but he must be somewhere on the planet. The hangars are closed already and nobody tried to leave the planet. But he is nowhere."
Jesse looked at him mad. "Can't I ever do something else. Noone of you can do important things in a stressful time or was it only that you didn't want to help a human?"
"That's unfair Jesse. You know that I'm loyal to you and that we are friends. Don't start acting like Nemesis again. It's good to know that you're okay again."
"You need not to tell me. I know myself about that. There are more important things to do than to argue about such things. I will take care of the stranger myself. By the way did you find our human commander yet? We should reorganize our organisation."
Jean shook his head.
"Find him and bring him here. I have to talk to him and to all those who knew about our project on Lamari. Perhaps we have to evacuate some people. And be careful. Nemesis is more powerfull than before and more dangerous."
"I will do so. Good luck then."
"Good luck." Jesse went back into his secret lab. Over the monitors and his new abilities Nemesis taught him the last days he could find out very soon where the stranger was going too. Of course he made his way back to his space shuttle. As fast as he could Jesse ran there too. The stranger started to fight with his hands against the outriders who were guarding the hangars. Jesse could overwhelm him soon. The other looked at him angry.
"What do you want? I didn't ask you for help and I won't stay here." he shouted at him.
"How do you want to fly with an almost distroyed space ship?"
"I can it repair myself."
"Then try. There is nothing but your distroyed space ship in there." Jesse let him free and the young man went into the hangar. The other outriders were worried very much but Jesse seemed to know what he did. While the young man tried to repair his space ship he brought him some helpful things without saying a word. But he realized soon that the other, who was as young as himself, wasn't so much angry after some time and even gave him the permission to help him.
"How did I come here?" he asked during a break.
"Nemesis, our leader brought you here. He's searching for survivors while those who weren't hurt to much have to help the others. We are in war against the humans."
"Humans? Those stupid monkeys have own space ships now? As good as your ones?"
Jesse nodded. The stranger must come from the past if he didn't know. "They have very good space ships, like our Renegades. It was a hard fight but noone won it. The humans probably think they won but as long as we can come back to revenge they have not won yet."
"Then we can become friends. I'm Yamori, head of the security and bodyguard of Queen Millennia. I don't like humans too." He smiled at him but he thought by himself that Andromeda Promesium would not have liked his attitude. He acted like before. But she was dead and so it didn't matter anymore what he thought and how he acted.
"I'm Jesse Blue, commander of the outriders. That's my race."
"Why are you fighting against humans? Where I come from they started to fight against us at first. They didn't understand us. They didn't care about us and our future. They wanted only to save their own planet. But we never wanted to destroy it. It's not our fault that Lahmetall pass earth every thousand years and cause natural desasters."
"I don't know exactly. What I know is that our homeplanet was destroyed before I was born and that we search for a new home. Outriders lost their feelings when they had to leave their homeworld. Humans still have feelings. We only use the logic way to act. You have to know more about our past for that. Our planet was destroyed because of a terrible war, called brother war. Nemesis dad and his brother faought against each other with using all weapons they had, also the forbidden abilities. Nemesis found a way to stop the war. Nemesis and his cousin. They thought that the feelings would be the reason for the people to become mad one time. That's the reason why Nemesis started an experiment in which he seperated his soul. One part of the soul was transferred in the main computer. He is a cyborg now."
"Humans are your enemies because of those feelings, right?"
"Most of us are against humans because of that. But that does not mean that all of us want what Nemesis want to. We are loyal to him. But I hope that one time those stupid wars are over."
"Queen Millennia had the same attitude. But she never told that she wanted to save both races and that she only wanted peace." Yamori said thoughtfully. "What I don't understand is how humans got dangerous space ships over night."
"I never heard of the planet Lahmetall and humans call earth planet Yuma now. They have lots of colonies on other planets out there. You seem to come from the past. You flew through time. Have you ever heard of the mystery of time spirals."
"No. That's not my task to explore space and time. Why should anybody want to fly through time?"
"To change the past or the future."
"And how do you think I menaged to fly through time?"
"Probably it was an accident. You see we think time is like a spiral, like DNS, a code. In a spiral some parts are repeated constantly. For example from time to time there are the same natural desasters on different planets. But let's talk about the timeline again. If you would like to fly through time you would have to be faster then light, then energy, then time. You need lots of energy for that. A channel in time can only be created if lots of energy is set free in different times."
"I understand what you mean. In my time we had to save our planet by changing a black hole into a sun. I can explain you how that worked later. Lots of energy was set free. If I weren't somehow in the eye of the explosion I guess it would have meant my death."
Jesse nodded. "During the period of time when the explosion took place in your time and the distruction of our first main space ship by the Star Sheriffs took place in my time a channel was created. A channel beetween our times." Nemesis was right, this phenomen was really interesting but Jesse was always interested in learning something new. That was Nemesis problem now. He wanted to know everything. Whatever he did, he had to be careful.
"By the way before I arrived at the black hole another space ship must reach it. Do you think it came through time too? Probably whoever was in survived?" Yamori asked and Jesse thought by himself that Yamori seemed to worry about something.
"I don't know. But it can be. If it really happened I guess we will find out soon." Probably Yamori would not tell him if he would ask but Jesse thought that he was pretty sure about another one who survived. He could imagine that this was Nemesis reason for searching for other survivors again. They knew about almost all survivors and contacted several bases in the vapor zone where other outriders stayed. Why should he search for survivors then. Probably he knew that onother sace ship arrived and he wanted to fetch it.

Chapter 4: Vanished

During the last days the Star Sheriffs managed to rescue the space ship of the strange woman. It was almost destroyed and it was a wonder that the woman would survive. Trista felt much better now and tried to help the stranger. She talked a lot with April the last days she had to stay in bed and was lucky to be friends with her again. April herself was proud of Trista who lived almost alone on her own and managed to become a doctor the last month. Probably that was the reason for her and the woman becoming healthy again so fast. Soon they could start a conversation with the stranger and could find out where she came from. Hopefully the people she came from weren't enemies. To Aprils unluck Fireball was still behaving strange and didn't want to talk with her about that. Robin and Colt planned to marry although there was still the danger that Colt would continue his work for Cavalry Command in the future. But Robin loved her boyfriend to much to give him up only because he had a dangerous life. Somehow she couldn't imagine a Colt who lived a normal life. The adventure belonged to Colt like his guns.
The last days Trista thought a lot about her past and her future. After she talk with April she felt much better but in silent times she remembered the words of Jean Claude and those of her uncle Commander Whitehawk when she came back to start a new life. Jean had told her about Jesses secret, about him beeing half human half outrider and the transfer of Jesses soul into a new human body which was an android body. He told her about Jesses past and gave her strange links to her own past. She believed what he told her about Jesse but couldn't believe what he told about her parents. Later on when talking to her uncle she also had doubts about what Jean said about Jesse. But then, not long ago she had a strange experience. Similar to this one. She started to work as a young doctor at an hospital on planet Far. She left New Witchita only to forget and that was also the reason why she didn't plan to live on Yuma or Alamo for a long time. She didn't want to meet someone who could talk with her about the past. But then she had this stupid car accident. She wasn't hurt to much. Only some scratches. The other was hurt worse. What an unlucky girl she was. Always those stupid accidents. But again it wasn't her fault. It was luck that she could still use her car and bring the young man to the next hosital where she took care of his health. The thing which confused her most was that the scratches on her arms and her face weren't red but blue. She had blue blood, like an outrider. Could it be that Jean Claude was right. At first she thought that she had imagined everything. The young man was healthy soon and she found out his name was Snake and he knew Jesse very good. They grew up together on planet Far. He told her a lot about their childhood and the time the outriders kidnapped Jesse. From the time on Jesse saved his life and went with the outriders for the twice time as their prisoner Snake started a private war against the outriders. Later on he found out that not all outriders were as bad as he thought and he decided to join a group whose members put in for peace. From Snake she heard that there was a really peacemoving project on planet Lamari and that it was the fault of the Star Sheriffs and some to aggressive outriders why it didn't work. It was Snake who told her that it was true what Jean told her about Jesse and suddenly she started to believe again. That was the reason why she came back to Alamo. She wanted to tell the Star Sheriffs. But she came to late. Snake would say I guess Jesse will survive but was this only a dream. She hoped not. Perhaps she would have told April more about her experiences if there had not been this stupid accident. Now she had a lot to do to save the womans life. She was out of danger now. When this was over she would have to talk to April, of whom she thought she would listen and try to understand. Perhaps she would also ask her if the doctors had found out something strange about her anatomie while she lost her consciousness. But she would not find the time too.
Trista sat down by the young woman who was sleeping now. She would need someone around her when she woke up. Suddenly Trista felt cold. Something was with her in the room. Jean Claude told her once about the secret abilities of the outriders. Jean himself could hypnotize others just with his eyes. It was his secret that he used this ability sometimes. And now she had the feeling that something was in the room with her, watching her, coming nearer and nearer. There was power around her. She felt tired and sick. Something wanted to go in her head, wanted to control her. No. She would fight, never give up. For some moments she forgot everything and only one thought was in her mind. Nemesis. Then she felt the strange wish to bring the woman out of here. She had to find a space shuttle and had to bring her away from here. This was a dangerous place. Star Sheriffs were around here. Humans. Slowly she walked out. There were some doctors. Help me to bring her to the next shuttle. Trista thought. The doctors turned towards her. Their eyes looked tired, like her own one. They nodded. The woman was brought to a shuttle fast. Nobody hindered them. Trista managed to leave the planet without beeing noticed. The voice in her head told her where to go. The secret base on Lamari. Outriders would come back soon. The base would be in use at first. This time outriders would win because they would use their most powerful weapon. The secret forbidden abilities human never thought of or believed in. But it was true and Trista was only the first victim. Nemesis was glad, although he didn't realize the feeling. He had lived to long without feelings so he forgot what feelings really were. The first step was done. On Lamari some outriders would take care of Trista and the young woman. The woman would be brought into vapor zone. Trista would have to stay on Lamari. Soon Trista would finally belong to her race again. She was half human half outrider too. She never knew or believed. But her mother was outrider, like Jesses mom. Her parents were killed for that. But it was not Tristas fault what she was. Nemesis would accept her like all who were born accidently. But those half human beeings were dangerous he knew. They had feelings. Feelings were dangerous but interesting. Should he really try to find out? Yes, he had to know everything to be the most powerful beeing in the universe. He would rule. He would be the master. Then he could also bring peace to the universe again. Why didn't he ever think of this easy possibility. It was the solution for all their problems.
The same time April talked to one of the doctors which took care about Trista and the young woman. Her friends hoped to find out something about her with exploring the place she appeared at first and with exploring her space ship which was almost destroyed.
„I have to say your friend Trista is almost as srange as the woman we found in the big space ship." The doctor meant thoughtfully.
„Why? What's wrong with her?"
„Of course we're lucky that both of them are very strenght and have a seldom string health. Under other circumstances I guess the woman would have died. She lookes human except that she has such a good health. But Trista? I never saw something like this before. She heald herself. We couldn't do it anyways. Her anatomie is so different from hours."
„She is no human? Do you mean she could be an outrider?"
„No. I know something about their anatomie. She isn't outrider but she isn't human too. I would almost say she is both."
„That's incredible."
The doctor nodded. „I wouldn't believe if I had not seen it myself."
„I have to talk to her."
„Wait. She is at the womans room. Taking care of her."
„Thanks." April ran as fast as she could but she was to late. The room was empty. April searched for her immediately and informed her friends by the two-way radio. Where was Trista and why did she take the woman with her? Something was wrong. Saber, Colt and Fireball didn't find out much about where the space ship came from. There were no traces. The technology of this human looking people seemed as good as their owns.
Therefore they found some traces Trista left behind her escape. April didn't tell her friends what the doctor told her but she worried a lot about Trista. What made her to vanish so fast. Could it be that the woman woke up and took her with her? They had to find them. Even Robin joined their team to help finding Trista.
A few days after Trista vanished Robin discovered some new traces which lead them to planet Lamari. Here they hoped to find her. The last days they visited several planets on which they supposed to find her but without success. After their arrival they visited the mayor who seemed to be not very happy about their visit. He acted not more friendly then the first time they met but and even wished them good luck but something seemed to be wrong. Were the outriders back? Or something worse? On their way to the secret outrider base they had found here on their first and last visit on Lamari they didn't see lots of people. And those they met weren't very talktive but tried to avoid talking to them. When they wanted to enter the area which would lead them to the entrance of the base they were stopped by a girl all of them, except Robin knew all to well.
„You should not do that. Can't you read. This is only for outriders, not for Star Sheriffs."
„Snowcone?" all of them turned and looked at the blue haired girl. She looked older now, almost like a young woman. Her hair was as long as Aprils, she weared a blue overal and black sunglasses.
„You remember me? Hey you're really good." She smiled especially in Fireballs direction.
„You can believe me or not. But if I were you I wouldn't go down there. Strange things are happening. I don't want to be involved in." She wanted to go but Robin hold her back.
„You seem to know more about what's going on here. Please tell us about it. We are searching for someone and suppose to find her here."
„I shall help you? For what? You never helped me. You came here and destroyed our peace and now you come back to destroy it once more."
„Hey. How can you say that." Colt shouted at her. „The outriders betrayed you and who knows what would have happened if we didn't do anything."
„Colt, please." Robin said calmly. „Snowcone we aren't here for trouble."
„Does this mean the outriders are back?" Fireball interrupted them.
„That's not your matter. If we need your help we will ask. Okay what's your problem? Perhaps I can help." Snowcone turned back to Robin.
„Did someone arrive here the last days?"
„Lots of people arrive and leave this planet. For whom are you searching?"
„A young woman called Trista. I've got a photo here."
Snowcone looked thoughtfully at the picture, shook her head and looked at them seriously. „I heard about her. She vanished right? I can't tell you if she is here. Who did tell you that?"
„We got a message by somebody." Saber said.
„I can give you only the advice to leave the planet soon. You're right, the outriders are back and most of the people are friends with them again. But something strange is going on. This time my dad and I won't help you. If you get into trouble it's your problem. I told you to be careful. That's all I can tell you."
„Snowcone..." April shouted but Snowcone was gone yet.
„What shall we think of that?" Colt said angry.
„She changed a lot." Fireball said thoughtfully.
„Probably she is mad because you never visited her." April laughed.
„Hm. No it's something else. This time she was a child and I don't think it was real love. I was only some sort of idol for her nothing more. Perhaps she also considered me as her brother. But I'm not the reason for her change. She grew up and somebody put bad thoughts about us in her head. Probably outriders."
„She seemed to be frightened about something. So you could be right Fireball. But I guess she don't know if she really wants our help cause it seemed to become much worse after the last time you helped. You never heard about what happened on Lamari after your last visit."
„Besides she is a stupid kid." Colt grumbled by himself and Robin looked mad at him.
„With this attitude you can't become a good father do you know that." Colt looked at her ashamed and decided to stop talking.
„Of course we won't listen to her warning." Fireball said and started to walk towards the secret entrance.
„Wait. We should try to find her again and talk to her dad again before we do something which could cause a new war." Saber warned him. „I know that both of you Colt and Fireball like adventures but we should think before we do. Snowcone didn't warn us just for fun." Although they decided to follow Saber now Colt and Fireball thought by themselves that they would have a visit at the base alone later on.

Chapter 5: Betrayed

Some time later on New Helpereside. When Nemesis came back Yamori noticed that he brought someone with him. Jesse told him already that it was possible that Nemesis didn't search only for outrider survivors but for other strangers out if Yamoris time. Perhaps Queen Millennia survived. The last days Jesse helped him to find out more about the past. One of Jesses human friends sent him some informations what happened to Lahmetall after the explosion which caused the hole in time. Humans and Lahmetalls had become friends and their races mixed up within the time. With the help of Lahmetalls humans could discover knew and better technologies and start exploring their galaxy. Lahmetall was now called Alamo and it wasn't covered with ice and snow anymore. The war was over and at first Yamori didn't know what to do when he heard about it. If there were other survivors of his time he would have to take care of them but if not he had to decide wether fighting for Nemesis or joining Jesses secret group which wanted peace between humans and outriders. Shortly after Nemesis arrived and started to organize knew trainings for his warriors. They had to learn new abilities which looked strange and dangerous to Yamori. When finding the stranger he was worried and lucky together. Yayoi Yukino, alias Andromeda Promesium, survived. She was as surprised as him cause she suspected him to be dead also. „Yamori? It's you? What are you doing here and where are we?"
Yamori sat down near her bed and hold her hand. „You're right. I survived. Like you. I'm glad that you're still alive."
„What happened? Are they save or did I fail. How is Hachime?"
„I don't know. We aren't in our time. The explosion you caused opened a whole in time and we were sent through. I tried to stop you. Tried to do what you wanted. I wanted to save you. If you would have told me about your plans I could have understand and I would have done it instead of you."
„What do you mean we went through time? And you ..."
„One of those who saved me told it to me. I can't imagine it but you have not to worry about humans. I found out that after the explosion of the black hole both planets were saved. Humans and Lahmetalls became friends. As you wished. There was a long time of peace. Lahmetalls and Humans mixed up within the time and today those stories about us are probably history and legends. Lahmetall is called Alamo. The informations about the past were found by one of my new friends in some history books. But humans have new enemies now."
„That's a long story. I'm glad about what happened and that you seem to understand me now."
Yamori smiled at her. „May I work for you again. Would you let me swear loyality to you again?" He asked slowly.
She smiled at him and nodded. „I alsways believed in you Yamori and I'm glad to see you changing. But do you know what's going on here and why I'm brought here. Some humans helped me. I was in a hospital and suddenly I was brought here. I don't understand."
Yamori looked at her confused. He didn't understand too. But he could imagine something.
Suddenly the door was opened and Jesse came in. „Here you are. I searched for you already Yamori. Is she the one you hoped she would survive." Yamori nodded.
„Why were I brought here?" Yajoy asked him.
„I can't tell you. Where have you been before."
„Humans found her." Yamori said.
Jesse nodded thoughtfully. „I can imagine you don't understand what's going on. But I have not the time to explain all to you now. But I guess our leader Nemesis has some bad plans and wants you to get involved in the war against humans."
„You're in war with the humans? Why?"
„There are several reasons. They have feelings and they still have planets to life on. But there are other reasons too. We are a race of warriors. But not all of us want war. I'm also a member of the small group of outriders who want peace."
„My race didn't know about feelings very well too." Yajoy said thoughtfully.
„I don't want you to get any troubles. That's why I planned to sent both o you to planet Lamari. We have a secret base there. Outriders and Humans managed to life in peace there the last years. It's one of our projects. I can tell you where to fly and you can use Yamoris space ship to go there."
„Can't we help you to bring peace to the galaxy?" Yayoj asked him thoughtfully.
„Perhaps you can. But at the moment it's the best all members of our group eave vapor zone and meet on planet Lamari later on. Nemesis is more powerful and we can't know what he plans to do now. You should leave Helpereside soon. Besides I don't know if you can't live in vapor zone anyways. Humans can't do it for long and your anatomie seems to be similar to their one."
Yamori nodded. „Let's go then. Can we contact you when we arrived?" „Of course. But only if it important. I could get really big troubles here if Nemesis finds out what I'm doing. He won't be glad when realizing that he can't use your technology now. But I try to manage this."
„Why don't you come with us then?"
„I have to do lots of things here. Important things. On Lamari you can contact Jean Claude and Calibos. They can help you." While saying that Jesse went with them to the hangars without speaking much more to them and watched them leaving the planet a bit worried. He was pretty sure Nemesis would realize something. From now on he had to be very careful. Most of his friends left New Helpereside already. Jean and Calibos were searching for Commander Shinji, Grammis and Rezzly were on Lamari already and Isis had the task to manage the escape of all members of their group out of vapor zone. Hopefully they wouldn't get only problems with Nemesis but with the Star Sheriffs too because of Nemesis actions now. Thoughtfully Jesse went back to his secret projects. Hopefully Nemesis wouldn't be to mad with him but he he had some good arguments for him. If he had luck everything would go good. While working at his projects he felt Nemesis coming back.
Jesse. Did you take care of our guests? Why do they leave the planet? And what are you doing down here at my body. It's not your task to make experiments. Important missions are waiting for you.
Jesse looked up from his work. He worried when he heard Nemesis thoughts in his brain. Nemesis became much powerful.
„Something was wrong with your phantom chamber. I had to repair it. Remember. If your body dies it can be that your soul will search for a new body and you will be born without a memory on your last life again."
I know Jesse. Good to know that you take care of my body. But what's going on with our guests. I heard they left New Helpereside.
„I have some new projects. Yamori and Yajoy will help us. They can lead the projects on Lamari without humans realizing immediately that we are back. You know they look human."
Are you sure you can trust them?
„You should know that I'm always sure of what I'm doing. What's going on with your projects? Didn't you plan something new for beating up humans?"
You know about the old abilities Jesse. Some of our people have talents and I started teaching them. Some of them even started to teach their own groups. This is a weapon humans can't resist.
"But it's dangerous. You know why they were forbidden."
I know. But everyone has the right to learn them and besides I have the control over them. Continue your work now Jesse. I will watch you.
With this words Nemesis left the room again. Jesse might think he believed in his words but he didn't trust in Jesse yet. He had to be very careful. You never knew what Jesses plans were. But he didn't want to help him that was sure. Jesse was powerful and a real opponent. Nemesis had to be careful if he didn't want Jesse to beat him up. It was better never underestimating Jesse for what he did. Jesse was still like before. He changed twice. What did he really want? Only his freedom, his position or did he really want to help him to get to know what feelings are. Perhaps he wanted to teach him also how it was to life in peace with other creatures. One day he would know but he would watch Jesse carefully. One of his most loyal soldiers should take care of him.
Jesse also realized that Nemesis didn't trust in him. But he was glad that Nemesis wasn't to mad with him cause he sent Yamori and Yajoy away. But he worried that Nemesis knew that they were on Lamari. If Nemesis found out about what they really were doing there that could have terrible consequenzes. Peace would be in real danger if it weren't now yet. The outriders learned fast to use the old abilities. Soon they were able to attack New Frontier. He had to finish his work or to continue it on planet Lamari. Humans had to be prepared for the new weapon of the outriders. In the other way they had no chance to win. Why didn't he think of that earlier? He had to play a dangerous game.
The same evening Nemesis met Nikodemus who had the task to spy after Jesse. Nemesis worried a lot about Jesse. Sometimes he talked like his cousin, sometimes like a loyal warrior and sometimes like someone who could be his enemy. Perhaps he acted so different because he is half human this life. He has to control his human side. Besides Nemesis would be careful. He didn't want to loose him again. One time to his people and one time to those humans. He would see what future would bring. Let's hope the best. Now he had to continue his projects again.
What could you find out Nikodemus?
„My sister contacted him again. You know that Isis often has different opinions than the rest of us. But she is no danger. I guess Jesse plans something but I could not say what it is. Some people say that Yamori and Yajoy weren't sent to Lamari because of the reason Jesse told us."
So you bring bad news. I want you to go to Lamari and check out the situation. Take the best trained warriors with you and take over the control there. Than inform me immediately about what's going on. If you need help I can take the control over several people there. And I want you sister coming here. I have to talk to her.
„She didn't do anything bad. I will do what you wish but don't punish her to hard."
I do what I have to do and leave me alone now. Nemesis felt angry and bad. His cousin beatrayed him again. What were his plans? He realized that Jesse sent all his friends to planet Lamari and he had a bad feeling about that. Probably they were all traitors. When bringing Trista to Lamari he had the control over most of the soldiers there that was the reason why he didn't worry a lot when realizing that Jesse started to send his companions there. But now?
Not long after the conversation between Nemesis and Nikodemus a short message arrived at Jesse central computer.
„Isis to Commander Blue. My brother was sent to Nemesis not long ago. I guess he arrived yet. The rest of Commander Shinjis company and me are on our way to planet Lamari. We sent a message to them already that it would be the best to evacuate. Nemesis knows probably something about our plans and he could feel betrayed. I hope you get my warning. Isis over."

Chapter 6: The Escape

Trista felt empty and tired. After she brought the woman to the outrider base noone took notice of her anymore. She was almost free. But when they brought the woman away she felt the other leaving her too. There were no voices in her head anymore. Had the woman been an outrider she wondered by herself while walking through the outrider base. Hours went by untill she found a way out. Planet Lamari. Not long after her escape out of the base she met this blue haired girl who helped her.
For some days the girl looked after her. Trista didn't know her name. But it was good to have a friend. The last day the girl seemed worried about something. Perhaps she was the reason. She talked to much to her about what happened. The girl was confused and frightened about her story.
Suddenly a name came to her mind. Snowcone. Snowcone she thought by herself while imagine the blue haired girl. Something woke up in her soul.
The door opened. „Did you call for me?" the girl asked while looking at her worried.
„You're name is Snowcone?" Trista asked her.
She nodded. „Have I told you or is the other coming back? Do you hear voices again?" Snowcone asked suspicious.
„I don't hear voices but since I heard them things come up to my mind which I could not know. But I know them. I don't know what's happening to me. Will I become crazy?"
Trista sat down tired. Snowcone sat near her and hold Tristas hand. „You won't become crazy. I will help you. We have to know what's going on. If you know something about the outriders, please tell me. They are our friends but according what you said already they could be in danger too. Peace could be in danger."
„I'm glad that some outriders survived. Perhaps the one I love survived too. I also want peace."
„Trista, there are people out there searching for you? Do you really know the Star Sheriffs?"
Trista looked at her surprised. „You mean they are here? They can surely help us Snowcone. April can. I hope so. She is my friend. I know her."
„I didn't tell them about you cause I don't know what they can cause this time. I admire them, especially Fireball. But I don't know if I can trust in them. If they really want peace and not only killing all the outriders here who are really friendly. I know some by myself."
„Who says that the Star Sheriffs only want to kill outriders?"
„I made some bad experiences. At first it looked like they wanted to help us. Well, perhaps you're right. Probably I don't know the Star Sheriffs very good. There were lots of misunderstandings the last time I met them. Outriders and Star Sheriffs acted in the wrong way and me too. In another way the battle could have been avoided. But I was only a child."
„Everybody can make mistakes Snowcone. But if you learn out of them it doesn't matter. Where can we find the Star Sheriffs. I would like to talk to April."
„I guess they visit my dad. He is the major in town. I will show you the way."


After getting the warning Jesse prepared everything to leave the planet. While flying away with Badlander he had a bad felling already. It was to easy. Did Nemesis build a trap for him? How could he think that he could really escape? Nemesis would find him everywhere. To save his friends it was the best not to go to Lamari. He sent out a message to them. They would be careful. But he had gone to far with Nemesis. Or did he talk to less with him? If he would give him a chance he would talk to him. But for now it was the best to go. Save the body untill Nemesis got crazy.
Suddenly he felt something near him. Powerfull and old. He is somewhere near me Jesse thought. I remember the past with my brain but not with my heart yet. If I would I could resist. I know what he wants.
You betrayed me once more Jesse. I know about your peacemaking actions. You would let me die only for peace.
„You're wrong Nemesis. I don't want you to die or why should I take care about your body. I don't want to betray you and I know I made a mistake without telling you about my plans. But I guess you would not believed or not wanted such actions."
I admire you Jesse and I still consider you as my cousin that is why I'm so understandful. But one time I won't forgive you again. What have you to tell?! Tell me now!
„The peacemaking movements on planet Lamari shall show humans that peace is possible. When we come back I want to make a new cease-fire. The other plan I have is to redo the transformation prozess. You could become the old one soon. I almost found out how to do it."
Your peacemaking movements aren't bad Jesse. But you see how good I feel. I don't need my body and I don't want it. You will take care of it but you won't redo the prozess.
„I knew that you would think so. That's why I didn't tell you. Believe me I only want to help. I don't want your place, I just want to live a normal life, a life in peace where I'm allowed to love both. Humans and Outriders. I'm not your enemy. I only want peace. And I want you to know how it is to feel. It was wrong that we separated..."
I don't need a body therefore. Nemesis interrupted him. Suddenly he stoped talking but Jesse felt sick. Something - Nemesis wanted to take over him. Voices were in his head. Voices and pictures. Feelings and thoughts of the old times overwhelmed him. Pain and darkness. But he would fight, would never give up, surrender. The pain. No, he had to survive, had to escape. He must help his friends, warn the humans...overtake them.
Planet Lamari. The invasion would start there. As fast he would arrive as fast the invasion would start.


Somewhere in space.
There was almost no air around him. He couldn't breathe anymore. It had been a bad idea to turn back into his human body. But Jean Claude and his son Jesse seemed to like the idea. Now they would bring him to Lamari. That would be better. Air to breathe again. The air in the small space shuttle was scanty. Calibos was bringing him home again now. Hopefully they would reach the human dimension soon enough. He didn't like vapor zone as long as he was in his human body. The outrider clone body was much better to use here.
But now they had to prepare their last projects. Peace had to return to the galaxy fast. The wars must end finally. Not the way Nemesis wanted it to end but another way.
Friendship was needed between their races. Friendship like between him and the woman who gave birth to Jesse a long time ago. When remembering the young outrider woman he always thought about his human wife who he had to let alone with their unborn son.
Fireball. Would he ever forgive him for what he did? Could Jesse and Fireball become friends and accept each other as brothers? Could Fireball live with the ruth one day or was it better never to tell him? But Jesse knew already and Jesse would tell one day. Truth found a way like life.
He realized Calibos worried looks at him. Probably he realized that air became scanty in here. Calibos gave him a mask and he felt better seconds later. But there was still few air and the whole climate in vapor zone had a bad effect on his body like the first time he was thrown into vapor zone. This time he was saved by some outriders who founded a group already which wanted peace.
It was a bad time. A time of war and fear. Nemesis changed a bit because of Jesse. Perhaps because Jesse gave him new opportunities to learn and get to know more.
Jesse knew Nemesis better and Jesse found the good part in Nemesis. It was good to fetch Jesse those days. He was the one they waited for. His own son - Nemesis cousin who was born twice. The first person who came back after death. Humans didn't believe in that. They thought you could only live one time and after death your soul went back to god. But Jesse was the first example that they must be wrong. The secrets of life were much more complicated then humans thought and there was still a lot they could learn.
Suddenly a message arrived at the space ship and the human commander was interrupted in his thought.
„Calibos? Are you out there?"
„Isis? You? What's the matter? Where can we find you?"
„I'm here at one of our outposts. I'm okay. Don't worry. Trouble is coming up. It seems as if noone takes care of this outpost."
„What's the matter?"
„Nemesis called out for my brother. You know Nikodemus is loyal to Nemesis. But he also tells me a lot about what's going on. He warned me that Nemesis would be mad with me and mainly with Jesse. He sent him to Lamari. I warned Jesse yet, but I don't know if I was fast enough. Nemesis wants to use the old abilities to take over the humans."
„Bad news."
„The good news are that most of our people are saved and here on my outpost. Grammis is fetching the last ones no. Sorrowly we had to give up Lamari. For you it would be better to hid here to."
„We can't. Commander Shinji is in his human body again. I will bring him to planet Far. Hopefully Snake can help us to get contacted with Cavalry Command. Hopefully they will listen to us. Humans have to be warned."
„I hope for you that it will work as you wish."
„We have to try. Good luck then."
„Take care of yourself. Over."
„I don't think we will get trouble with Cavalry Command. They know me and will listen to me. But I worry about Jesse."
Jean who flew the shuttle nodded. He didn't speak to much since they found the commander and redid the transformation prozess. What was on his mind?
„I will bring you to planet Far and from there on you will lead the arrangements with Cavalry Command. I have to search for Jesse then. Something went wrong. We underestimated Nemesis. But there is one person I don't know out there who could resist Nemesis. But who?" Jean said silent more to himself then to Calibos and Commander Shinji.

Chapter 7: The Invasion

After taking over Jesse Nemesis felt much better. He wouldn't loose Jesse and the brother war would never repeat itself. But Jesses thoughts confused him a bit. At first he thought Jesse only said he want to help him cause in reality he wanted to take his place. If he was in his body again he would be weaker, someone could kill him or manipulate him. Jesses thoughts were much different from what Nemesis expected. He was hurt and he was frightened although he didn't show. Always tried to hide his feelings. Besides he was full of hope, hope for peace and a life where he had not to choose wether he had to be human or outrider. Jesse seemed to be the same idealistic person he had been in his last life. Nemesis had also been idealistic. Was it wrong to do the transformation prozess? It can't. Now he had the chance to learn everything and to become the most powerful beeing in the universe. Of course he was a bit crazy about knowing everything but he was to curious to stop it. His mind become larger and he tried to see on different places the same time.
What could he see? His people overtaking the first humans. There were still outriders who seemed to work for Jesse and didn't want to overtake humans in vapor zone. They had to be overtaken by him. Isis Okar, as easy to overtake as her brother? Difficult. But he would manage it. Pretty soon all outriders would leave vapor zone and the invasion would start.
Planet Lamari. There it would start. Started yet. Power and knowledge. A warning. Jesse warned humans yet. Yajoy and Yamori were traitors. They made arrangements with the Star Sheriffs, like Snowcone and Trista. But Jesse would come soon and those problems would be solved faster then they began.
Calibos was on his way to Cavalry Command. How easy. Nemesis felt Calibos soul which wanted to push him away but he was stronger. Commander Shinji? Nemesis was confused. His main enemy was alive. Overtake, overtake.
Commander Shinji realized that something was wrong with Calibos. It would be great to overtake his worst enemy. They wanted to escape but they had no chance. He could find them everywhere. Now they were his slaves. They would met some high ranked officers from Cavalry Command and soon Nemesis would beat up humans military force.
Humans were lost. He took over the only people who could help.


The same time Trista started to train Snowcone, Yajoy, Yamori and the Star Sheriffs so they could resist against the outriders. Of course Yamori and the Star Sheriffs prefered fightening with guns but how should they fight against brainpower. Yajoy was the one who learned fastest.
The silent war started on several places in the galaxy almost at the same time and more and more humans were its victims. Even Cavalry Command seemed to be overtaken and the small group of rejects on Lamari wasn't able to protect the whole galaxy. Their enemies were strong and humans weren't used to use the old abilities. Especially for the Star Sheriffs it was difficult to learn, but they had only few time. Almost no chances.
If Jesse had survived Trista thought he could probably have the chance to win against Nemesis.
During the battles the outrider warriors used the old abilities to get control over the rejects. At first they could resist the new enemy but later on the brainpower started to confuse them. In the end they almost didn't manage to fly Ramrod.
Out of their house they started to fight against humans who were still controled by the outriders and the darkness which wanted to fill their heads. Something powerfull was outthere and it came nearer.
As time flew by they realized that if there wouldn't come help they could not resist any longer.
Trista also felt the power of Nemesis near herself again. He came back to fetch her. Hopefully she could resist and when time came up she could warn her friends. But with Nemesis arrival Trista felt something else too. Jesse. He was still alive. Somewhere outthere. Hopefully he could help. Save them. There were voices in her head again. Silent voices which talked to her. Jesse was outthere. Not far away from her. He seemed to be able to talk to her over thoughts. Jesse came back to help her. She would listen and believe. How much she knew about him yet. April was wrong, Jesse wasn't a bastard who only used her. She would follow him. He would help.
Snowcone. Jesse is coming and helping us. Do you hear him? She asked and saw Snowcone nodding her head. Her eyes looked tired like Tristas ones.
Suddenly April sank down on the floor. Fireball started to help her immediately.
„What's the matter with you? Trista, help her. What's going on." But Trista didn't say anything just watched them. Jesse comes to help us.
Fireball heard Tristas and Snowcones words in his ear. What happened to them? Please not April. Don't take her away from me, Fireball thought shooked while watching Trista and Snowcone coming near him.
„Saber, Colt they took over Trista and Snowcone. Come in!" he cried while taking care of April who was still on the floor and whispering their names.
You can't win. Saber and Colt heard the voice in their heads while binding Trista and Snowcone. I'm the best. You have to realize now. Surrender.
But Colt and Saber started fightening. It was hard to fight against an enemy you can't see. There were more voices in their heads then Jesses one.
Unable to help or do something Fireball watched his friends almost becoming crazy. He had to escape. Outriders started to make their way in the house.
Robin tried to fetch Colt but Colt and Saber were enable to move. There was darkness around them. Darkness, pain and confusion but mostly the pain of Nemesis past which travelled within the time in the humans zone too. Saber felt almost pity for the Outriders leader. Voices were everywhere and Robin was infected too when holding Colt tight in her arms.
Yajoy still seemed okay. While Yamori fought against the outriders and humans who wanted to beat them up Yajoy helped Fireball to bring April to Ramrod. There wasn't enough time to save the others. Four people could fly Ramrod but one of them was unable to do. Three could also make it.
In Ramrod they were save for the moment. But Nemesis would find them everywhere. Yajoy could feel him yet as she felt him when Trista brought her to planet Lamari and later on when outriders brought her to New Helpereside. He would try to overtake Yamori. As long as they were together she could protect him with her own power.
How long could they resist? Renegades were coming up and they couldn't win against several of them. The last fight would be decided here. Would humans win? The situation was hopeless.
Perhaps she should use her own power to beat up Nemesis although this could mean her death.
Almost all humans were overtaken yet by outriders and Nemesis didn't need his power to control them. He controled his own people and his own people controled humans. He only helped them to use their own power.
Probably Yajoy had no chance. But she had to try before the outriders would beat them. Yamori would take care of her while she tried to fight against Nemesis.
There was darkness, pain and fear. Terrible wars of the past. Two boys between the most terrible war the outriders ever were confronted with. Nemesis and Jesse. The sons of the leaders. Only one of them should lead the outriders. But they wanted to role both. They were friends and they didn't want to fight each other. They could divide. Their dads didn't want to. The brother war. Then something new. Jesse and Nemesis discovered how to seperate feelings from brain. A cyborg. Nemesis soul was transferred in the cyborg body, in the central computer. Warriors. People without feelings are perfect warriors. Learning. Nemesis wanted to know everything. What are feelings? How is it to have the ultimative power? Still the wish for peace. Peace. Yajoy lost her consciousness and wasn't able anymore to protect Yamori who begand to hear voices too. Kind voices. Voices which promised him a lot. He would never have to decide between his queen and humans. Yajoy would understand him. Finally he could rule over humans again. Power. The truth. Humans were just monkeys. Stupid monkeys. It doesn't matter what Yajoy said. Why fightening against them if you could control them with your own power? The voices could give him the power. He wanted it. Need it.
All his friends were gone. Fireball felt lonely and weak. If Yamori would also been infected he had no chance. What would happen to him then? How could he alone beat Nemesis and save his friends and humanity?
You can't beat us. Do you want to see your dad again? The voice asked and Fireball looked up shoked by the words of Nemesis. Don't listen to him he thought.
You can decide wether he shall live or not Fireball. Give up and both of you will meet again. He loves you very much. He would give up for you also.
That's not true Fireball thought. His dad died a long time ago. He lost his life in the first war against the outriders. But suddenly pictures came up to him. His dad was still alive. Somewhere outthere. It was possible. To meet him he should surrender. No. Never. He would fight. Perhaps he had a little chance to win. He had to try. But those voices were terrible.
Fireball didn't realize that it wasn't Nemesis any longer who talked to him but one of his warriors. Soon it would be over. When the last human was overtaken.

Chapter 8: Samantha

Although it seemed to be over there were still three persons alive. Two of them were meeting on planet Far the same time the outriders beat up the Star Sheriffs. Snake worried a lot when talking to Jean about what was happening. If the stories were true humans had almost no chance. But Jean was sure there was one person outthere who could resist Nemesis.
"I thought this person is Jesse." Snake meant thoughtfully.
"For a long time I thought so too. But that would be to easy."
"Maybe you?"
"My power isn't strong enough. I don't know any outrider except Jesse who would have a chance. Probably the strangers can help but our legends don't hint to something like that."
"Perhaps the legends are wrong."
"They don't say that it can't be a human who will resist."
"Trista? Me?"
Jean shook his head. "Trista is to weak. You? Possible. But we have to be sure. And we must find Jesse anyways. He has Nemesis body. Only with his help we can redo the transformation prozess and..."
Suddenly they were interrupted by Jesses voice which appeared in their heads.
We won't redo the prozess
"Jesse. It's you. Glad to see you alive." Snake started to welcome his friend.
Snake we are free. As long as we let Nemesis do what he wants he will let us alone. We can finally live a life without fear. No wars. No battles. Peace. Snake we have what we wanted.
"We haven't. And if we have for which prize? You give up your liberty Jesse. Didn't you realize? He uses you."
NO. He can't. Everything will be okay Snake.Ah!. Who tries... Jesse sank down on the sand.
Go out of my head Jean. What do you want? Why? You hurt me.
"What are you doing to him?" Snake asked worried but Jean didn't care about him.
The fight between Jesse and Jean didn't take a long time cause he got help pretty soon by Nemesis.
Snake heard again Jesses voice in his head and it was difficult to resist his friend. He wanted to believe and follow him. Help him. But he also wanted to stay free.
When Nemesis turned in the fight Jean got a real problem. Of course he knew about using the old abilities and probably he was the one who had the most chances to resist Nemesis. But Nemesis lived much longer then him and his abilities were as good as his one when he was as young as himself. Now Nemesis was to powerful. Hopefully the legends were true and outthere was a human or an outrider who could and would help them.


It was almost over. The galaxy was under his conrol. All humans and outriders under his control. Even Jean the most powerful of his soldiers. But then there was something new. He felt the presence of something new. What was it? He didn't understand but he wanted to find out. What an interesting aura? Who? Something happened to him. Something he didn't understand. He could see at each place and he tried to see the person who he felt. Emotions? Could it be that he could feel? Now? No, nobody taught him. But he had to discover the new. Planet Far. Outhere in the dessert somebody was walking. Someone he didn't control yet.
The wind blew through her long black hair. Her skin was darker than of most humans (not black but brown) and she weared a white overall which reflected the sun. She seemed to be hurt by something. Probably she fought against his warriors. Resisted. A new challenge. She was weak but also strong. Strange. He couldn't do something but only watching her. Making her way to Snakes home. Did she know him? Probably not. She wanted to escape. But he could find them everywhere. He could not control her. Never. He didn't want to. Suddenly he remembered all the thoughts of the people he managed to control. Their hopes, their fear, their love for other people. Emotions. The only reason for him beeing unable to control her that his feelings hindered him. It came back to him.
For a long time nobody could show him how to feel. Humans were unuseful he thought cause they couldn't teach him the most important thing he wanted to know since he met them. But this girl managed to teach him only with her appearance. She was human but that didn't matter to him. He was the outriders leader and he could make laws as he wished. For her he would change them. It was new and it was great. It was the ultimative power.
He knew everything. No, not quite. To know everything he had to go back into his body. He need to be a live not only existing. He wanted to know her name, to talk to her and he wanted her to know who he was how he looked like and he hoped she wouldn't be afraid of an outrider.
What had he done to his people and to the human race? All he wanted was peace but with separating emotions from brain he created perfect warriors and new wars started when they met humans. Nemesis felt sad and weak but the love for the girl walking through the dessert helped him to get his strenght back. Soon he would be the old again and together with Jesse and his friends he could start a new beginning. For most outriders, like him, and most humans, like the Star Sheriffs, it would be difficult. But it was possible. He had to try.


She didn't know how long she walked through the dessert since she left the last city. People started to become crazy and her dad told her that it was the power of nature which came to revenge for the wars and the destruction humans did the last years.
The power of the outriders was probably only a symbol for the natures revenge. But outriders wouldn't win. Humans never won against the power of nature and outriders wouldn't to. Bevor her dad joined Cavalry Command to train new Star Sheriffs he lived with her and his tribe on planet Far. She was his hear.
Instead of him she learned the old abilities of native americans, which didn't only include to heal, to know the way of living in harmony with nature but also abilities to see what white people couldn't see, what modern people couldn't see.
Humanity lost those abilities within the years her teacher said. But native americans still use and take care of the abilities to understand visions and dreams, to realize cosmic connections, to know the secrets of life and nature and to have the ability to feel what others felt, to see insider other people and knowing how to help them to find the right way for their own future.
She tried to save her people but she couldn't resist for them. Now she was on her way through dessert to ask nature for help. Suddenly she felt the presence of somebody else outthere in the dry land. But as fast it came as fast it vanished. For a short time she had a strange vision.
There was a hole which looked like an appartement inside. A phantom chamber, she didn't know where she ever heard this word and why she compared it to the picture she had of whatever, was standing in the hole. An outrider a human and someone who seemed to be both were standing around the phantom chamber. It opened and inthere was a young man, not much older than herself in a darkblue overall. From far away someone was calling her name.
Perhaps it was a sign. She would follow this vision and try to find the place where the phantom chamber was standing. Perhaps this could help her people.
There it was. Not far away from the place which was known as Snakes Rock by her people and the one who used to live out there. Lots of people thought he wasn't a human himself. Less was known by his past. Only that he used to work for Cavalry Command and it was said that once when he was a child his home was visited by outriders. He had an outrider brother people said.
But the native Americans thought he was the heir of the Snake people. A long time ago their legends told the Snake Rock was inhabited by people half human half reptile. Perhaps they were just an experiment which was stopped because of some reason.
One day those people mixed up with humans and now there was only few left who were real heirs of those Snake people as they were called in those days.
The young woman walked on to the place she met Snake the first time. Infront of his home lots of Snakes could be seen. From out of the whole a blue light was shining. Carefully she walked in.
The scene inside remembered her to her vision. Snake and two young outrider commanders stood beside some sort of phantom chamber. She didn't knew why she knew but somehow she knew that it was a phantom chamber.
Insider the chamber somebody was sleeping. When she came in Snake looked at her surprised.
"Samantha? You?" Somehow Snake felt that she was the one they waited for. A human woman. Probably this had been the only possibility. Nemesis had to fall in love with somebody, had to discover why it was needful to have a body. Something new would come up.


Almost the same time humans and outriders woke up from their trance. At first they didn't know what happened at what was going on. Humans stopped fighting when seeing their enemies confused and acting in a more human way. Emotions and feelings were coming back and lots of warriors had problems to deal with them. For a long time they lost their feelings and from one second to the other they found what they had been searching for a long time. It was new, it was great but it was also frightening. All outriders, except those ones who were on Lamari started to go back to vapor zone. They had to reorganize themselves. Beside it was the first time they were really free. On Lamari the situation changed fast. When the Star Sheriffs were realizing that the outriders lost the control over them they continued the battle. Trista, Snowcone and Robin didn't like their attitude. It was hard to tell them that also the outriders had only been prisoners and were controlled by somebody.
The battles should finally be stopped. It was Yajoy who talked to Saber and tried to organize a cease fire. But it was still a long way to peace.
First steps could be made in the time of reorganisation. The outriders and humans would surely not trust in each other and it was hard to tell people who were used to the war that from now on they had to live in peace together.
But there was hope again. With the help of Yajoy and Jesse's secret outrider organization the way to peace could be built. In the end it would be not only the decision of Cavalry Command and Nemesis if peace was possible but of all people in New Frontier.
They had to forgive each other and they had to trust in a new way of live. Everything could change.
With Nemesis getting back his feelings a new time could begin. If only few people believed in it it could be realized.
The change of the outriders could make humans change too. And perhaps Yajoy could bring peace to this time as she brought to her time too.


Nemesis felt the changing. Something new and interesting was coming up. He would never feel bored again. Finally he knew how humans worked that out to be happy to have fun. It was good to come to this dimension. Humans could give him back what he lost. Jesse was right. It was a mistake to separate the soul into to parts. To forbid feelings. To take away emotions from the outriders. They created perfect warriors instead of bringing peace to their people. He never wanted that. He felt regret and sorrow. His poor people. What had he done to them. From now on he would live for his ideals again. Perhaps he was idealistic again and had lots of dreams. But dreams weren't bad. A new, a better time would begin and he would take care of the future. The wars of the past should never repeat as they almost repeated itself if they didn't repeat already. If he could change his mind towards humans, perhaps his people could also do and perhaps humans could do so too.

The End

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