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Jesse's Gift
By: Yamuri (


Imagine that parallel universes exist and that at special points in time doors can open between two universes. This story will deal with that idea. The Saber Rider universe which we know from the series will collide with an alternative universe I created. In this alternative universe some facts will be different. Saber Rider who was trained to become a Star Sheriff fell in love with his fellow student April Eagle. But April didn't love him back. Saber got very angry at her and even tried to rape her. Luckily he failed and was therefore pushed out of the academy. Later on Saber met the young outrider spy Lily and decided to work for the outriders. From that time on he became one of the worst enemies of Cavalry Command. Snake (Saber's half brother), April, Mandarine (the young Star Sheriff which appeared in the final battle against the outrider planet) and Susi (the Star Sheriff who appeared in the episode "Snow Blind" and was a friend of April) become Star Sheriffs. While April works at the construction of Ramrod Snake, Mandarine and Susi start fighting against the outriders. While hunting the outrider spy Vanquou they get to know Fireball and Colt. After they beat Vanquou Fireball decides to join the team while Colt prefers to stay a bounty hunter.
Susi who fell in love with Colt leaves the group with him. The famous Star Sheriff team is formed by Snake (team leader), Mandarine, Fireball, April. Jesse was trained by Whitehawk to become a spy and joined the outriders to get informations about them. During his time with the outriders Jesse discovered old legends which told about the arrival of somebody who would bring peace to the outriders. He also got to know that Nemesis soul was transferred into the Triton Materia a long time ago and that the outriders managed to separate feelings from mind. That's why outriders can't have fun. Later on Jesse meets Yamuri. Yamuri tells Jesse a lot about his inventions (for example a special mechanism which is put in the outrider's clothes to collect the energy which is set free when somebody shoots with a laser gun; the energy is transformed by the mechanism and the outrider's clothes get the ability to teleport the outrider back to the outrider's planet - humans call this vapourize) and also about a small group of rebells who believe in the old prophecies. Jesse decides to stay longer and risk his life to get to know everything about the rebells and the old prophecies. Jesse meets April for the first time when he's on a mission on planet New Witchita. It's Jesse who saves Trista and discovers her secret, that she's half human/ half outrider. From this time on Jesse has a new enemy, Saber Rider and Lily. But luckily the Star Sheriffs are on his side. Snake is the one who transfer the informations Jesse has to Whitehawk. April admires Jesse for his courage and falls in love with him but he has no feelings for her.
Jesse discovers that Trista is the girl of the prophecy and he helps her to fullfill her destiny to save her people, outriders and humans. But Saber is still out there seeking for revenge. When Lily is killed in a battle against the Star Sheriffs he get's angry and tries to kill them but fails cause Jesse is there to save them. April has now to sit in a wheelchair and has to understand that Jesse doesn't love her but Trista. She's sad but let him go when Saber kidnapped Trista and Jesse is out to save her. Trista dies in the battle while Saber and Jesse are thrown into a parallel universe.

Chapter One: Shadows (universe of the series)

The war against the outriders had reached it's climax when Ramrod fought aginst Badlander while searching for a way to destroy the Triton Materia. But could anybody destory the Triton Materia? At least the Star Sheriffs had to try it, otherwise the planet would crash into Yuma and this would mean the end of Cavalry Command. For hours they were fighting when they finally hit the Triton Materia and caused that the whole planet vapourized and vanished into vapour zone. Jesse Blue who had been fighting with them in the end was thrown backwards by the explosion and sent into vapour zone as well.
No human could survive that. Hours later the Star Sheriffs celebrated their victory on Yuma. Finally the war was over and hopefully the outriders wouldn't come back that fast. But peace was new for them and they would have to get used to it. But was that really a good idea? Rumors said that the outriders didn't vanish. That only their main space ship was gone but the enemy was still in the galaxy, hiding in old outrider bases on several planets. While the Star Sheriffs didn't think of any danger and just relaxed at the party, which was held by Commander Eagle, nobody noticed the light which passed the sky. Miles away something crashed into the ground. The space ship looked like a mixture of Ramrod and Badlander. Fire surrounded the space shuttle. A young man, clothed in black, climbed out and was thrown forward by an explosion of a Renegade which crashed into the ground not far away from the Ramrod-Badlander ship.
The young man stood up slowly and looked back. He had to leave this place fast. His enemy wouldn't wait to come out and hunt him and for a battle face to face he was to weak now. As fast as he could he ran towards the next town to hide there. Somebody was behind him. Again he turned back to see a tall blonde man running behind him. He shot towards him and the enemy cried in pain. Finally he reached a village. In the back of a house he could hide and take care of his injuries. Then he would call for help. They were on Yuma. Not far away from other Star Sheriffs. Maybe his friend, the bounty hunter, was on Yuma, too. It had been wrong to do this alone. But if he had not come alone he would have killed his girl immediately. And now, what now? She was dead, but the enemy would pay. He had promised to her that this bastard would die if he did any harm to her, his love, his girl. Why her? Tears ran down his face. Angry he threw his helmet away and stroke his hands through his wet green hair. His blue eyes scanned the area around him, his ears were able to hear each sound.
He could smell his sweat and blood. But he didn't care. Carefully he took care of his wounds before he took out a small two-way radio.
Obviously he had managed to escape him and to find a save place. It wouldn't be save for long, but he would stay only for a short time anyways. Soon this bastard would die, for what he had done to his girl and his friends. Shit, why didn't anybody answer the two-way radio. All of them new about his mission. What happened? Why didn't this stupid thing work when you needed it. Suddenly he heared a voice calling for him. Surprised he looked up to the brown haired girl, who was running towards him. "You?" he said asking. "I must be dreaming." He whispered. She sat down next to him and looked at his wounds. From far away he heard her speaking to him. It was like being in a dream.
Her brown eyes looked down to him, her hands touched him. And suddenly her eyes became wide. A strange light surrounded her hands and his body. Some seconds later the wounds were gone. "How?" she asked. "I didn't know. This never happened before." She was confused and wanted to run away but he hold her back. "Are you real?" he asked her. "Is it really you, Trista? Did you come back? I thought you died." Again she looked at him confused. Why did she cry? Did he die? What happened? "You said you don't love me? You said you hate me, you used me! I loved you, I thought they killed you." Trista shouted and tried to get away. But Jesse hold her arm and pulled her towards him.
His face was near, his eyes looked deep into hears and for a second she could feel his soul. "Trista." He said. "Who told you that I ever said something like that to you. Do you really think I hate you? Trista, I love you. I would do anything for you and don't you remember my words. If somebody tries to hurt you he will pay! Look in my eyes, look in my soul. You know that we belong together. Don't you remember when we met for the first time? You were hurt, he had hurt you, had betrayed you, almost killed you. We came to save you." His eyes looked sad but full of love "Why? Why do you do that? You say I'm your girl. Then you meet April and say I will never be your girl and now this? I'm glad you're alive, but I ...I'm confused." "Trista. I will never love April. Whatever she does, I won't love her. I don't want to confuse you Trista. And I don't know how much time we have untill he finds us?" Before Trista could answer his hands hold her head and he moved forward to kiss her. Her mind was shaking and she didn't understand anything. Some minutes ago she had been walking along the streets, not able to feel happy about the victory over the outriders, and now this. Where did Jesse come from? She thought he died in the final battle. At least the news had told that Jesse Blue had died. But then she had seen the young man, the young commander of the outriders she had fallen in love with on New Witchita. His kiss was full of love and she felt that the fire in her heart was burning again, burning for him. When he broke the kiss she looked at him asking. "I still love you Jesse. And I hope this is real. That you're real." "You can be sure that I'm real." He said and smiled. His eyes weren't cold any longer. She remembered that his eyes had been cold for all the time she new him. But this time his eyes were warm and kind. Somehow he was different. Did he change? Could somebody change that much? Was he somebody else? A twin brother of Jesse? It wasn't possible. He talked about her as if he knew and loved her for a long time. Nevertheless something was wrong. Why did he have such strange memories and who was this enemy who was hunting him? To many questions for her. He helped her up and they walked towards the main street. "We have to reach Cavalry Command fast." He said. "I hope he isn't on his way to our friends yet." "Friends?" she asked. "Ähm, Jesse? Who's this enemy?" He looked at her confused. "When we're back you have to see a doctor. It's Saber Rider. Since Lily has been killed he's worse than before." Jesse answered. "But he's one of the Star Sheriffs." "You mean, he was, untill he tried to rape April." What is he talking about, Trista wondered. <Saber Rider is the leader of the Star Sheriffs. Something strange is happening here. Very strange.> Jesse also felt that something was wrong. He worried about Trista very much. What had Saber done to her? She barely remembered the time with him, Jesse. Or was it him who was wrong? He remembered a strange light which passed them while he fought against Saber. What happened? Jesse had to find out and tehy wouldn't find out if they stayed here and waited for the enemy. With the help of Cavalry Command and Nemesis they would certainly solve that problem, whatever it was.

Chapter Two: A new man (alternative universe)

Pain and darkness surrounded him. They had almost won the battle. But again the Star Sheriffs had managed to beat them. They had destroyed the Blue Cobalt Blaster and now even the Triton Materia, or had they?
Nemesis himself had said he couldn't defeat him, nobody could defeat him. What did he mean by those words? He couldn't imagine, could barely think. So much pain and no air. A heavy cough escaped his lips and he could taste his blood. <I need air...air...can't breath anymore. Need air.> he thought in shock and was pushed further into the darkness. Suddenly he felt as hands grabbed for him and a helmet was put over his head. Finally he could breath again. His heart beat fast and his lungs still burnt from the loss of air. Slowly he opened his eyes to realize that he was in the back seat of Bronco Buster. He had not known there was space for a human behind Colt's seat, not had he ever expected Colt would rescue him. Why, he wondered. <What is he doing and...what the hell.> he thought. Right in front of them was the outrider planet and it seemed to be in the same orbit as Yuma's moon. Like the moon it moved around Yuma. His eyes widened in shock and terror. <That can't be. I saw it's end...I saw as the Star Sheriffs destroyed it. What happened? Is this a dream? But for a dream it's to real. And why is Colt helping me.> Bronco Buster reached Yuma's orbit and some minutes later they landed in front of the headquarters of Cavalry Command. Colt helped him out of the space ship. His legs were weak and he could barely walk. Each step sent a wave of pain through his body and he mouned silently. They were welcomed by General Whitehawk and April. <April?> He starred at her amazed. <Why is she in a wheelchair? What happened to her? Who did this to her? Why? And where have I been when this happened? I should have saved her.> tears formed in his eyes but he forced himself not to cry. She wouldn't have let him to save her anyways. General Whitehawk lead him to a room where some doctors took care of his wounds. For the first time he realized the concerned look on April's face. <Why does she care?> he thought. Colt and General Whitehawk were still around and sat down on chairs next to his bed. Colt looked somehow sad. "What?" he managed to ask. "What happened."
"You don't remember?" Colt asked carefully.
"I don't understand what's going on here. No, I don't remember." he answered, still confused. <It's certainly better if I play the one who lost his memory. Maybe they tell me what's going on then and I will find out what happened to me? Somehow I must have...I remember that light was almost invisible cause of the explosion...another universe maybe...or just a dream...what does it matter.> he thought. The doctors left after taking care of his wounds, only Colt stayed. General Whitehawk had been informed the Star Sheriffs were coming back and April followed him. He watched her leaving and turned to Colt afterwards. Colt touched his shoulder gently. "I'm sorry mate that I didn't listened to your orders. But if I would have come only minutes later you would probably be dead. Due to the fact that we have only three Ramrod pilots left Susi joined Mandarine, Snake and Fireball. I'm sure they will find him and bring Trista back. Hey...don't worry Jesse. Saber will pay."
Jesse's blue eyes narrowed and looked at Colt surprised. He treat him like a friend, like somebody who was admireable. "Okay...okay...stop..." Jesse interrupted Colt. "I can't follow you. Why are we behind Saber? What happened to April and ...well, it seems my memory is totally lost."
Colt smiled at him sadly. "Don't worry. We will fix that. Soon you remember. I'm sure Yamuri has been informed yet that you arrived and take care of your mental problems and your wounds. Soon your health will be restored." Again Jesse was surprised. "And who's this Yamuri?"
"Trista's brother. Like her half outrider and able to use some old powers, as you called it once. Your wounds will be healed in seconds."
"Oh...okay. You haven't answered my questions yet."
"As for Saber...when he kidnapped Trista he also tried to get April, but failed. She was injured badly. But if we had not come in time who knows what Saber would have done to her."
"So, we saved her?"
", Susi and me."
Jesse nodded thoughtfully. This world was amazing. <How come that I deserve this? A second chance?> His thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door. A young outrider stepped in. His hair was dark brown and covered one of his eyes and he wear a red overall. Colt greeted him and Jesse realized this must be Yamuri. Jesse wondered why Yamuri's eyes seemed that sad and in the same moment Colt, who couldn't be tactfull, asked him. "Hey, what's the matter mate? You look sad. Jesse's fine, except his loss of memory. And Trista will be..."
"Is dead." Yamuri interrupted him. His words were hard and Jesse could see the pain in Yamuri's eyes. For the first time since years Jesse felt something like concern, although he didn't know that stranger.
<Oh, shit.> he thought when he realized Colt's shocked look. <I believe I'm supposed to be shocked. Somehow I have the bad feeling I should be sad about this and angry. Oh well, I'm angry...but not...or am I...I don't know anymore. The only thing I know is I hate Saber Rider and they do as well.> "Saber Rider." he shouted angrily. Again his eyes narrowed. Colt and Yamuri could see the hate and darkness in Jesse's cold Blue eyes. They had never been that cold. For all the years Yamuri had known Jesse, he had never seen his eyes being that cold and emotionless. "He will pay." Colt added. <For what he has done to my new friends.> Jesse thought to himself.
<Certainly he will pay and I will be the one who kills him. And afterwards...maybe there's finally a chance for me and my April.>
But still he was a bit afraid of how Yamuri would heal him. He could see something in his mind which he shouldn't see. <I have to play them.> He sat up and Colt looked at him surprised.
"You won't believe what happened. I remember again." he said and tried to stand up but was stopped by Yamuri, who looked at him suspicious for a moment.
"No...I know what you think and what's in your mind, Jesse. But don't do anything stupid now. When they told me I wanted to rip his heart out of his body and torture him to death. But it's no solution and you aren't in the best condition now. General Whitehawk will take care of him. Right now they brought him to prison. He won't escape."
<I have not a good feeling, as if he's lying to me.> Yamuri thought.
<But why should he? I have to talk to Snake about that. And I want that he stays where he is. Maybe April could take care of him and find out more.>
Jesse lay back again, unsure how he should react. There was still much confusion in his brain and he wanted to know more about the latest events.

Chapter Three: Body Switch? (universe of the series)

The same time in the headquarters of Cavalry Command. Colt and Fireball enjoyed the party very much. Only April realized that Saber Rider had vanished. Where did he go, she wondered. She searched for him but it looked as if he had left the building. Why should he leave the party that early? Slowly she went outside to see a strange light passing the sky. Far away she meant to hear a crash. Nobody took care of the light and her being outside. April decided to go back and change her clothes. Maybe somebody needed help. She told the others they could party, but she would do her duty. As fast as she could she changed into her red overal, took her weapon and left the place with Nova. In half an hour she reached the crash point. One of the space ships looked similar to Ramrod, the other was obviously a Renegade.
Outriders, she thought alarmed. But around the two ships she could see no sign of an outrider. She moved forward when she saw the man who stood at the entrance of a small village, which wasn't far away from the crash point. The man was familiar to her. He was clothed in brown leather and had blond hair. When she went nearer she realized that it was Saber. He searched for something. At least he was scanning the area. Suddenly he turned around and his furious and angry eyes met hers. Nova moved backwards and April felt uncomfortable at first, too. His blue eyes were cold and mad. But when he saw her a strange smile passed his lips. He grinned at her. "April? You're okay. I didn't mean to hurt you." He said. "Are you okay?" she asked. Something was wrong with him, she could feel that. "You never hurt me." Saber laughed. "Such nice words from your sweet mouth. What did you bring here? You want to finish what he started? Well, try it." He took out a gun and pointed it towards her. "Saber? Did you drink to much? Please, give me that gun and I will take you home." "Take me home? Into your arms? Are you sure you want that?" he asked and April looked at him suspicious. He used similar words Jesse Blue would use if he was in such a situation and the space ship behind her looked like a mixture of Badlander and Ramrod. Bodyswitch? Could that be? "Stop acting like Jesse Blue, Saber. You seem to be ill and should see a doctor." Saber laughed again. "I act like Jesse? Then why don't you like me." "Saber!" this time her voice sounded angry. That was to much for her. Saber must be totally drunken, otherwise he wouldn't talk like that. He had to see a doctor and she would inform her dad about what she had discovered out here. Maybe Saber didn't drink that much but something in the space ships had driven him insane. In any case they should go back to the headquarters immediately. By the way, how did Saber manage to reach this place without a car, space ship or at least Steed. "Okay. I will call a doctor now who will take care of your wounds and amnesia. My dad will then take care of those space ships." Saber smiled his strange smile and shock his head. His eyes starred at her with desire and he thought wondered how she had managed to survive that battle. When he had tortured Trista she told him that April had to sit in a wheelchair. And besides, some moments ago he had meant to hear a familiar voice not far away from where he was standing. It had sounded like Trista. How could that be? He had killed Trista to drive Jesse mad and insane and April was supposed to sit in a wheelchair. Saber could barely remember a strange light which had passed by during his fight against Jesse. They had been far away from Yuma but when the light vanished and both space ships had been in Yuma's orbit. That was strange, very strange. Obviously April didn't hate him, but cared for him. Hopefully there wasn't another Saber in this reality who would destroy everything. It was his turn now and he would play the role of the man who lost his memory. That would be fun. And in the end he would even get April and revenge. Jesse would die. April didn't like him and would surely help him to beat up Jesse Blue. Saber grinned satisfied. But maybe she was playing a game, it hit him suddenly? And if there was another Saber Rider, what then? He let himself fall to the ground and whispered April's name. April who just wanted to talk to her dad right now looked at him surprised and worried. She disconnected and left Nova to look what was wrong with him. When she bent down to him and touched his head he reached out for her. A hand hit her in the stomach and she felt a terrible pain in her shoulder before she lost consciousness. Saber grinned at the girl who was laying in front of him. Now, you're mine, he thought.
Fastly he pointed his gun towards Nova and shot. Energy hit the horse and destroyed the metall. Then he grabbed April and went back to his Renegade. It wasn't damaged that much and instead of Jesse's space ship it was still of some use. Good that he had managed to bombard Jesse's ship while his own had crashed into the ground. Finally he had a bit luck. From far away he could hear people. Somebody would reach this place soon. Saber started the engines and some seconds later the Renegade transformed into a small space ship and left Yuma.
Commander Eagle and the Star Sheriffs arrived to late. The Renegade was gone already. Not only Fireball and Commander Eagle were worried but also the rest of the group. Colt had hoped that he would finally have time to spend with Robin, while Robin had been glad that Colt wouldn't risk his life for others in the near future. General Whitehawk also worried for Saber. What had happened to him and April.
April had been the one who noticed Saber's departure and had left alone to find out what happened. Suddenly Commander Eagle's two way radio had rang. It had been April but she disconnected before he could answer the call. Immediately he had decided to call the other Star Sheriffs and to follow her. All of them were shocked about the Renegade which left Yuma.
"Outriders." Fireball whispered coldly. A lonely tear ran down his face. "Why did I listen to her and stay at the party. I should have joined her." He looked at Commander Eagle sadly. "I promise, I will bring her back." He said and went to Ramrod . "Wait, mate. Let's do it together." Colt shouted and joined him. "I will be careful." He waved a bye to Robin and some time later Ramrod left Yuma. While Commander Eagle would lead the investigation General Whitehawk went back to the headquarters where a worried Sincia waited already for informations about her missing Saber Rider.

Chapter Four: A strange prisoner (alternative universe)

When April heared about Trista's death she was shocked very much and went to see Jesse immediately. She had to take care of him, look if he was alright. Susi, Mandarine and Fireball joined her while Snake and General Whitehawk would look after the prisoner. She froze when only thinking about Saber Rider. <This bastard. How could he do that? Did he have no feelings? Can't he understand? Jesse loved her so much? He will never love me that way, he will feel pity, but he will never love me.> she thought sadly.
Meanwhile Snake entered the small cell where they had locked up Saber. Due to the fact that he was one of their worst enemies and criminals the had put him in chains. When Snake took a chair and sat down in front of his brother he noticed Saber's eyes for the first time. Unlike the last times they had met, they were confused, weak and sad now. For years Snake had meant to see in the eyes of a devil when meeting Saber. But now it was different. <Strange.> he thought and remembered where they caught him. He had been near Cavalry Command and seemed to wander around. <He looks broken and lost.>
Snake thought to himself. <But right now I'm the only one who can talk to him calmly. What he has done was to terrible. I'm the only one who can stay objective. Me and General Whitehawk. Maybe that's cause he's my brother. The love for him and the hate are equal and unite to a neutral feeling.>
"Saber." he said silently.
The blonde Star Sheriff looked at him sadly. "What happened?" he asked. "Why are you here? Why d you treat me like a criminal?"
Could those innocent blue eyes lie? Could it be Saber lost his memory or finally woke up. Snake was sure that Saber had been insane. Only a lunatic could do such cruel things. A lunatic or a devil. But Saber was human and certainly no demon, if such things existed.
"I'm sorry it had to end this way, Saber. I don't know what brought you here again. But what you have done can't be forgiven that easily.
So, please don't play the one who lost his memory. See, the others are really mad with you and I don't know why I can stay that calm.
Maybe cause I'm your brother."
"Brother?" Saber ineterrupted him confused. " I didn't know. Snake, I really don't know what I have done. Tell me...tell me what happened?" tears formed in his eyes and again Snake asked himself if those eyes could lie. Had Saber really been a lunatic, was he somehow separated. Did he consist of two personalities who didn't know of each other?
Suddenly he remembered what General Whitehawk had told him shortly after their arrival. Jesse had lost his memory. Could it have been body switch?
"If I weren't your brother Saber, I wouldn't listen to you know. I would just leave you and tell the others that you're completely insane and deserve to die."
"Snake, I was on a party. We had won against the outriders. I saw that strange light outside and wanted to see what it had been. I went outside and there was a thunder not far away. It had been night and suddenly it was day. What happened?"
Snake was totally confused. If it had been body switch Saber would certainly have tried to convince him that he wasn't Saber but Jesse.
This was weird. He admitted to be Saber. What happened to his memory?
Soon Snake realized that Saber was as confused as him. "So you want to tell me we won the war against the outriders? Yeah, the war stopped, but there wasn't a looser. Both of us won. The outriders live in peace with us now. They even started to share their technologies and knowledge with us. Except a group of traditionalists who want to bring back the old regime. But they aren't a big danger.
The worst danger in the last months has been you, Saber. You seem not to remember, but I don't know if I can believe you. You tricked us to often, even me, even your brother. I can't just believe you, but I will see what I can do and find out. If you talk the truth and you're somebody else you have not to be afraid. I will take care of that problem but in your own interest you have to stay in that cell.
Nobody will harm you as long as you don't harm anybody. Understand me." And Snake stood up. He looked at his brother sadly. <I don't know if there's any hope left for him.>
"Wait." Saber called after him. "Can't you tell me what's going on here?"
"General Whitehawk will do. I have to see after Jesse. He had been injured badly in the battle against our Saber Rider. Things are different here. You see, I hope that this is just a trick of you. I thought that we finally caught you and solved that problem. I so much hope he isn't still out there. But if you're really another one...I don't know if you just look like him and how you can have the same name then. And if you came from another dimension, a parallel world, I can't say if you switched places with our Saber or not. If you did..." Snakes eyes widened when he realized what this meant. He turned back and looked down at Saber earnest. "If you lied to me, you're in big trouble. If you talk the truth all of us are in big trouble. I don't know what I prefer. I so much wish that you were just lunatic and become sane now." He said and left the room. Saber starred after him amazed. Realization hit him. Snake had only suggested that he had come from another dimension but Saber himself was now sure of that. <How shall I convince them about the truth.
According to what he talks my friends will be in big danger. Oh god, and I can't do anything, can't help them.> Saber thought shocked. <I have to convince them. But how, when they think I'm insane. How shall I convince them I'm sane and ...what did he say about Jesse? Is Jesse a Star Sheriff in this reality? Oh my god...what if the explosion of the outrider planet opened a portal. When both Jesse's also changed places. Whatever they think, he will certainly do everything to convince them that I'm insane and maybe even that I have to die.
Somehow I have to manage to escape.>

Chapter Five: New enemies (universe of the series)

It was dark when she opened her eyes. The last thing she remembered was when Saber had hit her. Why, she wondered. How drunken had he been? Or was it body switch? Could it be that Jesse and Saber switched bodies? But Jesse died in the battle. They had seen it.
There was much confusion in her mind. Her head still hurt and when she finally managed to see in the darkness she realized he had brought her into some cell. Probably she was in that Renegade. She could feel that they were flying, flying through space. What was his plan? Slowly April tried to stand up, but couldn't. Her arms were chained to the wall and started to ache when she moved them. Fear overcame her. In this position she wasn't able to defend herself.
What would he do to her? Why did Saber kidnap her?
Tears formed in her eyes when she thought how easily he tricked her.
It made her angry to feel that helpless. Somehow she had to escape, to get rid of those chains and to...suddenly she realized that they landed. The Renegade stood on the ground. There was no window or anything in her room, so she couldn't see where he brought her to.
Again fear rose in her heart, but she tried to be strong. She had to be strong. To bad that she couldn't move her arms. But her feet could be of use to defend herself. Slowly she tried to move them and it worked. Only her arms were chained to the wall. If he tried something she could push him away. Suddenly she heard footsteps out there and the door was pushed open. Only few light fell through the door into the room. "Well, well...there you're. And now you're gon.a tell me what's going on here. I figured out something already. But'm not sure yet." With those words he sat down in front of her. His blue eyes were cold as ice. "How come that you don't like Jesse? I thought you admired him."
April looked at him shocked. No, it was certainly not body switch. He wasn't Jesse. He was still Saber, but how come that he behaved that strange. "I never admired Jesse. Saber, you should know that. Don't you remember? He was jealous of you and Fireball, he tried to destroy Ramrod, he kidnapped my dad and much more. And he probably died in the final battle against the outriders. Saber, please listen. I don't know what's going on in your head. But I want to help you. You were always like a brother to me."
Saber laughed loudly. "That's so funny. Some hours ago I fought against Jesse Blue, the savior of the universe, I fought against someone who will become a legend once and suddenly I see that light and find myself in a completely different world. I just hope so much that there's no other Saber around. Oh well, we could become best friends, my sweet April." He moved closer and she froze. "Saber, you certainly need to see a doctor. Something happened with you out there. We will find out and we will help you."
"I don't need a doctor April. I just need you." He said. Fastly he moved forward and sat directly in front of her. Her legs between his and his weight on them. "Don't." she said when his hands moved over her hips and her breast. It felt so wrong and when she looked in his eyes, which were full of desire,it hit her. Saber had told it himself. This man wasn't the Saber Rider she knew. He was someone else. A criminal Saber from another dimension. Fear overtoook her and she struggled against the chains but her arms would ache terrible when she moved them. Slowly his hands moved upwards and hold her head while he bent down to her. Again she tried to struggle, but it didn't help. Their lips met and he kissed her deeply. April felt anger and hate rising in her heart. That bastard. She couldn't defend herself and he forced himself on her. He was even worse than Jesse Blue. While kissing her his hands moved down to get rid of her clothes. But in the same moment a signal was sent through the Renegade. It sounded like a warn signal. Saber let go of her and stood up again. His eyes looked at the door angrily. "Didn't suppose anybody would discover us here. Seems as if I have to get rid of that problem at first before we can have some fun." He said and left the room. April's eyes watched him leave and she froze when listening to his words. She hoped that her friends had come to rescue her. And she also hoped that their Saber Rider was still alive and would come back again.
Meanwhile Colt and Fireball who had used their space ships to chase the Renegade had discovered it's hideout. It landed on an asteroid which was near vapour zone. Both Star Sheriffs wondered why it had stopped there and not decided to jump into vapour zone. When they flew nearer it began to move and transform.
"I've never seen such a machine before." Fireball whispered. "So huge and..."
"I have a bad feeling...very bad..." Colt interrupted his friend and partner. "We should prepare for a hard fight." The engines were loaded with energy as Colt and Fireball started their attack from different sides. The Renegade was huge indeed but not as fast and moveable than Colt and Fireball's small space ships. And to their luck it had not been repaired yet. They had to move fast and do risky maneuvers to escape it's attacks. Although the Renegade managed to hit them badly they were able to give it a lot of damage too. "We can't win that battle." Colt told Fireball over the two way radio, which was installed in their helmets. "But we have to. Colt watch out...he uses his whip." Fireball shouted back. As fast as he could Colt moved his space ship and escaped the energetic whip the Renegade tried to use on him.
Suddenly their fight was interrupted when out of nowhere space ships appeared. It were certainly fighters from the outriders. "Damm...shit, it was a trap." Colt shouted.
But the Renegade didn't take much notice of the outrider ships and was as much confused then them.
"'s just an accident. Come on Colt we have to come back later on. We can't help April and Saber when they catch us as well." The small space ships did one last risky maneuver and escaped towards New Frontier.
The didn't see how the outrider ships overtook the Renegade. Saber and April were both locked in different cells and a young outrider Commander they knew very well payed Saber a visit soon. It was Jean Claude. "I wonder since when Star Sheriffs fight against each other and where you got that Renegade from?" he said while standing in front of Saber's cell. Saber Rider pulled at the lattice without success. "Forget it. You won't escape. Do you want the hard way or will you tell me what I want to know?"
"You make a big mistake, Jean Claude. I'm not an enemy of the outriders."
"What a change of mind. Well, then I should even thank you or what? You killed Nemesis. Defeated our leader. There's war among us now. But soon it will stop. When I bring you to vapour zone I suppose they will take me as their new leader. Don't you want to congratulate me."
Jean Claude laughed at him. But not for long. He could see the hate and darkness in Saber's eyes and when the Star Sheriff told him his story Jean Claude didn't know if he liked it or not. Saber could be of help but also be a danger.

Chapter Six: Searching for the truth (alternative universe)

When Yamuri told her to take care of Jesse April's eyes widened. She was glad that she could be of some help. Since she had to sit in that wheelchair there was less she could do to support her friends and former partners. Colt had left the room to welcome Susi and to talk with her, Fireball and Mandarine about the latest events while Yamuri had a conversation with Snake and General Whitehawk who had talked to Saber Rider already.
Slowly April rolled to the room and entered it. Jesse sat on his bed and starred out of the window. When she entered he looked at her surprised and smiled. April could feel a strange tension in the room.
Probably he had gotten the bad news already. How much he must hate Saber now. She wished she could take away the pain he must be in. "I'm so sorry." She said and rolled with her wheelchair to his bed. His eyes looked at her coldly but she could see a strange gleaming in them for a second.
"You don't have to, April. You did nothing wrong." He said. "It's me who did. But maybe it was Trista's time to die." He said and looked out of the window again, his thoughts were far away. From the conversations he had lately he could take that this universe was completely different from the one he came from. And it offered him so much. At the moment he didn't realize yet what it meant to be famous, to be a hero, a legend. Jesse just felt good and he had to guarantee that it stayed this way. This world was perfect for him. Hopefully the other Jesse didn't come back.
"You mean?" April said and looked at him hopefully but also sad. He smiled at her friendly, although she had to admit his eyes were still cold, like the eyes of an outrider. <I've never seen him that way.>
she thought. <It's so sad and terrible. I can see how much he hurts.>
But she didn't know what was really going on in his heart and brain.
"Life has to go on, April. I can't stay in the past and she's past now. Even if it's hard...but I learned a lot from the outriders. You have to be strong and you have to move on. I can't change what happened. But I will certainly punish him. He will pay." His eyes narrowed and again she meant to feel the darkness around him. Since he came back he was different. He had been different before he got back his memory already, she realized. "Why are you starring at me?"
he asked suddenly and disturbed her thought.
"Oh, it's just....I...sorry, I don't mean to, it's just I still like you and care for you. Your heart will always belong to Trista I know that but I wish so much I could take away your pain." His eyes became wide and for a second she meant that the darkness vanished and she could see through the barrier he had built. For a second she almost believed she was able to see his soul and a strange fire and desire burning in him. April felt that she turned red and looked away. She didn't see Jesse's smile but felt his hand on her shoulder. Slowly she turned her head. His eyes were still cold but not as cold as before.
"You can take away the pain, April. Only you. The place in my heart where Trista has's empty and dark. I felt like falling in a deep hole. But then there was you April. I know I've never seen you, only saw Trista, my heart belonged to her, and some part will always belong to her. But now I can see you, the real you. Your kindness and caring. Maybe one day I could even fall in love with you." <If you only knew that I always loved you. And I will take care of you now. You will never be alone anymore.> he thought to himself. April looked at him amazed. She could almost not believe her ears. "What you say. It's...I'm glad that I can help you. Jesse, I also see you. Not only the hero, the friend, the partner, the fighter, the legend and what else...I see the real you and I love it. The man behind your past."
She gave him a kiss on his cheek. Her eyes were wet and joy overcame her body. Before he could answer she rolled out of the room again with her wheelchair. Jesse himself felt like being in heaven. April loved him.
But his joy and happiness were disturbed by a visitor. It was Snake. Jesse didn't know that the room was watched by cameras and Snake had seen his strange behavior towards April. Snake looked at his suspicious and Jesse wondered why he had come. The young leader of the Star Sheriffs sat down at a chair and looked at him earnest. "I know that you need a break now and that my request will be difficult but Saber Rider acted strange and I wonder if he just plays us or if he's somebody else. His story sounds possible and if it's true there's still danger, especially for you and April."
Jesse's eyes cold blue eyes were fixed on Snake and his brain worked hard. Somehow Saber and him must have switched places with the Saber Rider and Jesse from this universe. Or were the other two dead? They couldn't know. He had to be careful, cause he didn't want to go back.
This place was great. Everything he had ever wished for was coming true. "So, what do you plan?" he asked.
"I've thought about a meeting between you and Saber. I trust you that you won't loose your nerves and starts a fight and it's the only way to find out about his true intentions. You will be watched by a camera and afterwards all of us will analyze his behavior."
Jesse nodded thoughtfully. <Do I have an option? No.> he thought and decided to do it. Hopefully Saber just wanted to trick them and wasn't the one he knew. But when Jesse entered the cell and looked at Saber's warm blue eyes he realized that Saber Rider didn't trick them. Carefully he sat down in front of him. A smile passed his lips. "How long have I waited for this." He whispered. Saber looked at him surprised and suddenly realized that he knew this Jesse. <This is a nightmare.> he thought. <But why can't I wake up finally.> "Jesse Blue." He said. His voice was weak. "You have the same icy blue eyes the Jesse has I know."
"I've heard that you talked about strange things." Jesse just ignored Saber's statement. <Shit, he recognized me. I have somehow to proof that he's the Saber they were looking for, even if he isn't. But what if the right Saber comes back. What a dilemma?!> he thought.
"Jesse." Saber said, before Jesse could go on. "I know you. You must have switched places like me. Those icy blue eyes...the hate in those eyes...the anger...I know you have me in your hands now and it's up to you what will happen. But both of us now...somewhere out there...there's a criminal looking like me. We have to catch him.
He's a danger for all of us."
Saber's words surprised Jesse but also shocked him. He had spoken out what Jesse had thought about. Their eyes met and they didn't need to talk. Jesse knew that Saber was talking the truth but he couldn't, no he wasn't ready to do it, to team up with Saber. When he had himself under control again he shook his head. "So you really think, after all you did you can trick me?" he answered. "Do you really think I'm that stupid that I would believe in your game? Of course we know each other? Sure we do...and both of us know what you have done. What do you think, that my eyes will look at you understanding, after all you did?" Jesse voice was hard but for a moment Saber could see a strange light in his eyes and he knew there was hope. Jesse understood, even if he didn't want to accept the truth right now.

Chapter Seven: Jesse vs. Saber (universe of the series)

Trista had tried everything to stop Jesse from going back to Cavalry Command, but he couldn't be stopped. Meanwhile he had realized already that he somehow was in another universe, that it was him who was different. But he also knew that not only him had ended up here but also Saber Rider, the criminal from his universe. He had to warn Cavalry Command and they had to listen to him.
On their way to the headquarters Jesse told her about the past, the fights between him and Saber Rider and the light which passed by during their battle. Trista also realized that he somehow came from another dimension or universe, however you would like to call it. She didn't know if she should be happy about that. The only thing she knew was that she didn't want to loose him, never. Soon both of them reached the headquarters. When they entered they caused confusion and fear. To the soldiers surprise Jesse didn't fight when they took away his weapons and brought him to a room where he should wait for the arrival of the Star Sheriffs. He wanted to talk to them anyways and told the soldiers he had something important to say and needed to talk to Comander Whitehawk, Comander Eagle and the Star Sheriffs as soon as possible. While talking his voice stayed calm and decent.
Trista was sure now that he had been talking the truth and really came from somewhere else. He was totally different from the Jesse she had known. Comander Whitehawk and Comander Eagle came shortly after Jesse and Trista arrived.
While Comander Whitehawk looked more surprised Jesse could see lot's of anger in Comander Eagles eyes. "I wonder how you could survive?"
he said. "But you will certainly be punished for your actions. How did you find the courage to come back here after all you have done."
But Jesse still stayed calm and looked at both men earnest. "If you like it or not, I'm not the one you think I'am." Jesse answered. "Trista told me about Jesse already. The Jesse Blue from this universe or dimension, if you call it that way. She also told me about the battle you had against the outriders and the explosion of the outrider planet. I suppose it somehow opened a portal which caused that I switched places with the Jesse from this world. But that's not all. Saber Rider also switched places. And from what I've heard about this world's Jesse I have to say that our Saber is worse than the Jesse you know. I know how unbelievable my story sounds but I had to come to warn you. You have to know, even if I had to risk that you won't believe me and lock me up in some cell." With those words he finished.
Comander Whitehawk changed a suspicious and confused look with Comander Eagle. Certainly Comander Eagle didn't believe him but if he could convince Comander Whitehawk there was hope. "I'm the only one who can defeat Saber. I know him and what he will do. The first person he will try to get is April. He's obsessed with her.
Afterwards he will try to kill all of us. He's totally uncompromising. If you ask me he's insane. And I don't want to kill him but catch him. He has to undergo a therapy."
Comander Whitehawk nodded. "I want to believe you. But it's hard to believe someone who has the face of a traitor."
"I know. Well, maybe you need not to help me repairing my space ship so I can hunt him. You could repair it, I explain to you how it works and afterwards I explain your Star Sheriffs how they can catch him. I need not to be involved in catching him. Something else I suppose is that he will probably try to contact outriders."
Both Comanders were still unsure if they should believe him. Jesse had a talent to lie and trick others. Why should he talk the truth now. But it spoke for him that he came to Cavalry Comand. Why should he do that? And he even offered to stay here, while the Star Sheriffs searched for Saber. Comander Eagle agreed to Jesse's proposal but was still suspicious. Hours later when they saved Jesse's space ship Fireball and Colt came back. They were surprised to see Jesse alive and even more when they heard his strange story. It was unbelieveable. "After your great story about the Phantom Chambers we shall believe you this." Colt said.
"At first we also didn't believe him and I still don't trust him. But the knowledge he has about the strange space ship he asked us to save and his proposal to tell us how to use it I almost believe his story could be true." Comander Eagle interrupted Colt. The space ship was indeed different from what they knew. It wasn't Badlander and certainly not a production from the outriders. Somehow it was also a mixture of Ramrod and an outrider space ship only smaller and for two people.
"I've never seen such a thing before." Fireball said amazed.
Jesse smiled at him and nodded. "I told you that where I come from outriders and humans live in peace with each other. We share our knowledge with each other. It's a pity that you have still war here.
Humans and Outriders can learn very much from each other."
Not only Jesse's words but also the expression in his face surprised Fireball. There was no hate, anger or any sign of jealousy in his eyes. He had the impression they could believe him. Even when Jesse had come to destroy the old Ramrod Fireball had been able to see hate and darkness in his eyes. Now there was nothing left but friendship.
Jesse seemed to understand that they were suspicious and was totally self-confident and sure of himself. What he said was true. In the following hours Colt and Fireball told about the incident with the Outriders and Commander Eagle lead the preparations for a possible attack of the Outriders. Later on Jesse helped the technicians to repair his space ship and to explain Colt and Fireball how the system worked and which tactic they had to use to catch Saber Rider.
Obviously Jesse's story was true. Slowly Colt and Fireball got even used to the thought Jesse could be a part of their team and Colt even suggested Jesse should use his own space ship while Colt and Fireball would use Ramrod. If they fought together they should be able to rescue April. "Of course we can do that, but only if you trust me. If you can't trust me our team couldn't work as it should." Jesse said.
But in the end they decided that Jesse and Trista would go with Jesse's space ship and Colt, Fireball, Mandarine and Susi would use Ramrod 2. Together they should be able to rescue April and to solve the problem with those Outriders who had just appeared in New Frontier again.

Chapter Eight: Decisions (alternative universe)

Meanwhile Yamuri had been at the Outrider planet to inform Nemesis about the latest events and got to know that in hours ago the main computer of the Outrider planet had received a strange signal. It was obvious that during the battle between Jesse Blue and Saber Rider a cut in space had been built.
"When huge energy is set free it can sometimes happen that it opens a portal between different times or universes." Nemesis told Yamuri.
"Both Jesse and Saber acted strange when they were brought to the headquarters on planet Yuma. When I came to heal his wounds he even didn't want me to help him. Do you think that while such portals are open..."
"If Jesse and Saber would have been at the same place in space where the portal opened it could have happened that they were thrown into another universe or time." Nemsis interrupted him. "I know a bit about such travels. In former times Outrider made experiments with that and we thought it must be possible to use the same technology we use to vaporize. But it's different. You can't just jump to another time or universe. If you do you need lot's of energy and if you jump there and in this time or universe somebody exists who looks like you that person will be thrown to your universe or time immediately."
Yamuri looked at Nemesis amazed. "Maybe we somehow have that problem. Jesse and Saber seem to be totally different. Maybe you could come to Yuma and help us. Do you think we could open such a portal by using the blue cobalt blaster?"
"It could be possible but probably only one person could go through the portal and afterwards it would be closed for some time untill we could open a new one. Certainly we wouldn't be able to send whole space ships through such a portal." Nemesis answered him.
While Yamuri prepared Nemesis travel to Yuma Saber and Jesse were still talking to each other. Even if Jesse finally admitted to believe Saber's story he still said that he belonged to this world.
Not untill Nemesis arrived and informed everyone about the portal which had been open for some time Jesse's secret was lifted. Saber felt a stone fall of his heart when Snake told him that they believed his story and he was allowed to leave the cell. To Jesse's surprise Saber didn't tell Snake and the rest of the group anything about Jesse but told them that their Jesse was just a bit more aggressive but not much different from the one who belonged to this world. The main difference was just that he loved April and not Trista and but their April didn't love him but Fireball.
"Why would you do that?" Jesse asked Saber later, while their new friends were working at a solution for their problem.
"What do you mean? Why I don't act like you would have acted?"
Jesse nodded.
"I'm not you. I have never been your enemy Jesse and I never wanted that it would end like that. When you quit your training not only General Whitehawk was hurt and felt sorry, but me too. If you believe or not, we never hated you. It was you who thought that we want to hurt you, but you were wrong. I see now the ice and barrier you built around your heart. Even before you met us somebody must have hurt your feelings badly."
Again Saber could see Jesse's eyes gleaming in a strange light, but only for seconds, then it was gone.
"What do you want? What's that? Your sudden change of mind, your offer of friendship or what? You know what, I don't care what you do cause I won't go back. I will stay here, in that world. I'm needed here. Needed. You know what I mean? April needs me, she loves me. Have you ever loved someone like I have." He shouted at Saber.
"I won't force you to come back Jesse. Trista is dead in this world and in our world she's still alive. For you and the other Jesse it might have been good that you switched places. But you won't win anything if you stay that way. As far as I know you're some kind of hero in this world, you're famous. But you don't know yet how it is to be famous and important. You have lot's of responsibility. Sometimes being a hero can be very hard, sometimes you will wish to be just a normal guy with a normal family."
"I never wanted to be normal and I never will." Jesse answered coldly.
"Sooner or later you will understand what it means to be famous. It's not what you think it is. Think of my words then." He said and left Jesse.
"What were you talking about?" a voice interrupted Jesse in his thoughts. He turned and saw April. Her blue eyes looked at him asking but also full of desire. Jesse smiled at her. "Oh, nothing. Just about portals and being famous."
She nodded. "You have to know that I don't like you cause you're famous but cause you're you." She said. A smile passed his lips and he kissed her on her mouth this time. Still he didn't know what was awaiting him and that he would soon realize what Saber meant by "to be a hero can be hard". At least Saber spoke out of experience. It had been a hard decision for Saber to convince the others that Jesse should stay here. But Saber felt it was the right decision. Jesse deserved a second chance and maybe he would change in this world.
Slowly he went to the main central where Nemesis gave some soldiers instructions how they could use a Phantom Chamber as portal. Saber was also surprised that Nemesis had a body in this world and the Triton Materia was just the central computer of the Outrider planet.
In a conversation with Nemesis he got to know that it had been Trista and Jesse who transferred Nemesis soul back to his body which had been in a Phantom Chamber for centuries.

Chapter Nine: The battle (universe of the series)

Trista felt honored that Jesse taught her how to fly with his space ship and that she was allowed to come with him and help him in the battle against Saber Rider and the Outriders. It had been easy for her to accept that he was another Jesse and it didn't change anything. She was still in love with him and felt that she was loved back. In the upcoming battle she would do her best to support him and show him she was a fast and good pupil. But during the preparations she had never thought about the universe Jesse had come from and that maybe he had to go back once. Somehow she felt that she had not to worry about that, cause he would stay or take her with him.
Ramrod and Shadow, as Jesse called his space ship, lead the attack.
Cavalry Command and the Kingdom of Jarr supported them by sending their best fleet. But before they reached the place where Colt and Fireball lost Saber and April they were attacked by Outriders who suddenly jumped into their dimension. Saber Rider had managed to convince Jean Claude of his intentions and true identity and lead the attack. The darkness of space was lightened by the energy which was set free during the battle. Yellow and red flashes of light left the space ships and hit each other. Saber's Renegade had transformed into the huge robot and attacked Shadow immediately. Shadow also transformed and prepared for the attack. The Renegade used an energetic whip, dangerous maneuvers and laser guns to hit Shadow but Jesse knew Saber's style and moved Shadow fastly while Shadow's guns fired towards the Renegade and used an energetic net on the Renegade.
But the Outrider fleet was larger than the human fleet and although Ramrod supported Shadow in fighting against the Renegade there were still more Outriders out there. It seemed as if the battle would go on forever when the Renegade was suddenly hit by a strange light.
Jesse's eyes grew wide when he recognized the light. For some seconds the battle seemed to stop. Surprised Colt and Fireball watched as the Renegade disappeared and in the free space April appeared. "April?"
Fireball cried confused. Her eyes were opened wide and she tried to breath but there was no air in space. She fought against loosing consciousness and fear almost drove her insane, when she realized she was in the middle of a battle. Colt reacted fastly. Ramrod transformed back and opened it's gate. He left his place and fetched April from outside. Finally she could breath again. Colt and Fireball were shocked when seeing her. From inside Ramrod they had just seen it was her but not the wounds which covered her body, her pale face, covered with tears and the dirty clothes.
Seconds later a call from Shadow reached Ramrod. "Make sure that she's save." Jesse told them. "We will manage this alone. Go back to Yuma."
"You can't be sure about that." Mandarine answered him.
"I'm. Saber had enough time to hurt her badly. She should see a doctor immediately. Of course we could need your help here, but you should bring her back to Yuma immediately. I know what damage Saber can do to others."
She was silent for some minutes before she responded. "Okay. Colt just told me that she had been hurt badly. Susi will use her space ship, which is in Ramrod's hangar now and has space for two people, and take her back to Yuma. This way we can still support you."
"Okay. Trista and me will protect them, so they can leave the area in safety.
Shortly after Susi had left Ramrod with April and the battle went on another space ship arrived. Jesse could see that it entered Ramrod.
It was not Susi. She couldn't have come back in such a short time anyways. Immediately Jesse called Ramrod and got to know that Saber Rider had returned. The real Saber Rider. Jesse suggested that it was a matter of time when the other Jesse would return. But Saber told him in short words what had happened and Jesse agreed to Saber's idea.
Meanwhile they had managed to push several ships back into vapor zone and surrounded the Renegade which seemed to lead the attack. An energetic net Shadow had sent out hold the Renegade at it's place and it couldn't jump back into vapor zone.
While the others were still fighting against some last space ships Jesse sent out a message to the Renegade. Soon a familiar face appeared on the screen. "Jesse?" the Outrider Commander said surprised. "Why are you? Oh, I understand you're another one."
Jesse could see the confusion in the Outriders face and a risky plan came to his mind. "What do you talk about, Jean Claude? I'm away for some weeks and chaos breaks out, as I see. You see I was busy with some arrangements. Have you forgotten who your leader would be if Nemesis dies?" Jesse said coldly.
Jean Claude looked at him much more confused. "But you fought against us."
"Yeah. To show you who the real boss is." He answered and gave him a cold smile. "You should better surrender and send your boys back to vapor zone. Afterwards we need to talk. The Star Sheriffs won't do any harm to you if you surrender."
"You teamed up with them? Why and how? And what happened to Saber Rider?"
"He's back in his own dimension. And we have more important things to do now than worry about him. He won't come back. And we need to prepare a new cease fire."
"No but. You do as I say. There's a chance for humans and outriders to live in peace with each other. Don't you remember your ideals Jean. Nemesis is dead and what do you think about, power and chaos.
That's not your way, it never was. I know you better than you know me." <I'm really glad that the other Jesse told Trista that much privat things, otherwise I would know nothing about this Jean Claude.
And good to know that Jesse had power over the Outriders. The only strange thing is that in this reality Nemesis seems not to have transcendental abilities. If he had he must have been able to survive without having a body or a brain. It shouldn't have killed him that the Triton Materia and his brain was destroyed but set his soul free. Well, but maybe it's not that bad. From what the Star Sheriffs and Trista told me this Nemesis was worse and maybe it's better this way. I'm sure I should be able to arrange a cease fire.> he thought.
Confident he watched as Jean Claude transformed the Renegade in a space ship and sent out signals that his soldiers should jump back into vapor zone. Afterwards Jesse arranged that Jean Claude would enter Shadow. The Commander of the Outriders was still suspicious but Jesse had played the role of the other Jesse not bad and Jean Claude almost believed him. If everything worked as he planned there would be peace between Outriders and humans in this reality soon, too.

Chapter Ten: Coming home (alternative universe)

For a moment Jesse had felt unsure when they opened the portal and Saber Rider went through it. Could it be right that he stayed in this world. The other Jesse would have much problems in his reality. Where did those thoughts come from? Why did he care? Because it was also him? Even if there were differences, he just felt connected to the other one. He wondered if Saber Rider also felt connected to the other Saber. Maybe that was the reason why he talked to him and told him he should try to behave like the other Jesse and try to stay calm. He got a second chance and they shouldn't judge over the other Saber and just kill him but help him to become sane. Snake had agreed with Saber about helping the other Saber Rider. While the portal was opened a trap was prepared for the arrival of this world's Saber Rider. Jesse was impressed by the huge Renegade but of course it was nothing compared to his new Badlander. Although Yamuri, who had taken care of his wounds after the truth had come out, said he shouldn't lead the attack he decided to do it. He had to make sure that this Saber Rider was captured and locked up. At first he didn't realize it, but he got more and more used to his new position. Would he change into the other Jesse? Could this happen? He still could barely believe that this wasn't a dream but a new reality for him. Somehow he hoped for the other Jesse that everything would turn out okay for him and that Saber Rider would convince him to give him a second chance. Hopefully. When they finally caught Saber and brought him to the prison on Yuma Jesse was still feeling confused. For the first time his words, opinion and actions were important. He could feel that he was watched and that many people admired him. In his own reality they had been frightened. Jesse had always thought this was what he wanted. Power and Chaos, being someone important, someone dangerous. Now he was famous but in a completely other way. People liked him, admired him, looked up to him. They didn't fear him and he was glad about that. As strange as it was he enjoyed his new status very much but slowly he also started to realize what it meant to be famous. Yes, you had lot's of responsibility and it would be a hard decision for him to judge over Saber. What Saber had done was terrible and usually Jesse had immediately supported his execution.
But could he still do that? Tell Snake that his brother had to die?
Deserved to die? He had been a murderer, a traitor himself and he had done similar things in his own universe. Not that he felt sympathy but some part of him could understand. His Saber had given him a second chance. Maybe this Saber deserved a second chance as well. For the first time since years Jesse felt unsure and didn't know how to react, for the first time he realized how difficult it was if you were famous to make decisions. All your actions were watched by millions of people and they talked about you. It wasn't that easy to be famous, he knew now. Sometimes it could even be difficult and suddenly he understood what Saber had also meant by his words, that Saber sometimes wished to be released of that burden. Jesse understood now why some people didn't want to become famous but to live a normal life. But right now he wouldn't want to change his status. Even if difficult decisions awaited him, at the moment he was full of strength and confidence to solve each problem.
Snake was surprised when Jesse also supported that Saber would be sent to a mental hospital and should get the best doctors. <He's really similar to our Jesse.> he thought. <And he plays his new role very good. Maybe he's more cold and reserved, but still he's Jesse.>
Although Yamuri told me he could sense something different when healing Jesse. That maybe the other Saber had not told us completely the truth about Jesse. But with his noble reaction he proofed that he could overtake our Jesse's role as it should be. It has been the right decision to leave him here. And as I can see, his eyes seem to become more warm. I just hope that our dear Jesse will have a good life in the other world too. He will be united with Trista again and there's much he can teach those humans and outriders, in the other reality, about peace. Nevertheless there will be times we'll miss him and he will miss us.>
Happily he watched as Jesse went out with April to see the sunset, later on. Like Mandarine and Fireball and Susi and Colt they were such a lovely couple. And while his friends celebrated their latest victory Snake went to see his brother and to spend the evening with him. The other reality had changed Saber and Snake felt that something must have happened which drove Saber more insane than before. Hopefully there was a chance for him. A chance to become sane again. But afterwards Saber would need much help to face the nightmares of his past, the crimes he had done. There was still a good side left in Saber and he wasn't lost yet. Probably they caught him right in time before he lost his mind completely. For hours Snake just sat at Saber's bed and watched his now sleeping brother. "Hope you have nice dreams and the dreams will help you heal. I still wish I could have changed the past." He said. But Saber couldn't hear him.
His mind was far away in the world of dreams where nightmares and wonderful dreams, ideals and horror fought against each other. When he would awake the next morning those nightmares and dreams would be gone but sometimes it was the question if reality wasn't a worse nightmare than any dream at night.


At first the Star Sheriffs had been suspicious and Cavalry Command had also not wanted to create a new cease fire. Jesse could understand their statements and arguments. At least Trista had told him a lot about the past. But they had to try. The Outriders were involved in a terrible civil war now. Nemesis dead had suddenly set them free and most of them didn't know how to react towards their new freedom. It was a pity that Jesse knew only less about Nemesis past of this reality, but he would find out. From Jean Claude he got to know that everybody thought he had also died and that he had good chances to become the new leader of the Outriders, even if he was human. Although the Star Sheriffs were still suspicious and saw it as a high risk Jesse decided to follow Jean Claude into vapor zone and to unite all Outriders to one folk again and to convince them peace was still possible.
While Jesse used some special mechanism, which had been created in his reality and had been added to Shadow and his space suit, to jump into vapor zone Saber Rider started his own investigations. Snake's strange story had take his attention and he wanted to find out if it was true for his universe, too.
He arranged a meeting with Snake and talked to him. What he discovered was amazing. In former times the so called Snake People had lived on planet Far. Probably they had been the ones who were responsible for the fast evolution on earth. They had come from far away and from the stories Snake told him and the secret holy places of the Snake people which could still be found on planet Far those Snake People must have been similar to phantom beings as well. Saber remembered the story Commander Eagle had told them about the heads of Moi and the long journey of the Outriders, who had destroyed their home planet and searched for a new one. The Snake People must have been direct descendants of those Outriders who got lost on the journey. Snake himself was one of the few direct descendants of the Snake People, who had only managed to survive on planet Far by doing some strange experiments. They created a new race which had also reptile blood in them. This was the reason why they were called Snake people later on. Some legends even told that the Snake people could transform themselves into snakes and Snake himself told Saber that it could have been possible. But within the time Snake People mixed up with humans very much. There weren't much differences between them by now, only that people who had the blood of Snake people in their veins had a special talent to communicate and understand animals, especially reptiles. Saber Rider also discovered that in his reality Snake wasn't his brother but he discovered that behind the cold and reserved young man a very intelligent and friendly man had been.
Those conversations with Snake and some meetings with the major of planet Lamari, Jesse and Jean Claude convinced Saber to support the peace movements. It would be a hard and long way but maybe one day their hopes would come true.
Peace was Jesse's gift for them. Saber wondered if this gift to see always the positive side, the good side and a solution for each problem lay in other Jesse's spirit and soul as well or if only this Jesse was different. Maybe one day their universes would collide again and he could see if Jesse had taken the second chance he gave him and what he made out of it.

The End

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