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Jesse Blue
By: Yamuri (


The war against the Outriders, extra terrestrial species, took some years already. Cavalry Command is not able to beat up the enemy but within the time new and better Star Sheriff teams are needed. It's a time of change and hope but also fear and violence for both races. For some months Fireball's father who was well known by the humans and Outriders disappeared after beating up Nemesis. The Outriders had to retire for some while since Fireball's dad seemed to die in his fight against Nemesis. At first humans thought they won the war although they lost their best warrior and pilot but than Outriders came back and it was like a miracle that Nemesis survived the last battle. This time noone knew about his cyborg body and less was known by the vaporizing effect of the Outriders. Saber Rider, Colt, April and Fireball themselves were just kids and didn't know anything about their upcoming glorious future.
The following will describe the experiences Jesse Blue made during his childhood and youth. A time of separation and fear but although the chance to change human's and Outrider's attitudes towards each other.

Chapter 1: Kidnapped

It happened on one of those hot summer days on planet Far when Snake was in the next town with their stepfather to fetch some food and water for them and the animals. The boy who was playing outside the hole was almost seven or eight years old. He weared no more than light brown slacks and a light brown shirt which sleeves were cut and which he weared open cause it still was hot although night would come soon. His light blue skin glowed in the sunlight and even his green hair seemed to be bluer this afternoon. When Snake and his stepfather were in town he often discovered the area. What could happen to him? There was nothing but rocks, sand, snakes and other animals or even plants that could survive in the desert. He knew that he should stay at home in the hole which his stepfather had changed into a house before they used to live with him. From outside it looked like a cave but as soon as you went inside you realized that it was like an apartment. As far as he knew he always lived together with his brother Snake and their stepfather here on planet Far, alone. Nobody ever took care of them and so he wasn't scared of walking alone into the desert. By the way he knew the desert and there was no need to worry about not finding home again.
For how long he walked through the desert up to the next group of rocks he didn't knew when he realized something new out there. New things had to be explored by him. When he reached the place he meant to see something or somebody. He discovered a space ship he never saw before. Their stepfather often told Snake and him about space ships, Cavalry Command and all those interesting technologies they used. But he never saw a picture of such a space ship. What was it? He went nearer and when seeing nobody he walked around it and even touched it. Wow, how would it be to fly with it to drive it by himself? While being far away with his thoughts he didn't hear the footsteps behind him. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned immediately. The young man in front of him looked like an Outrider he recognized. Snake brought some pictures about this race from town one day. Outriders were their enemies. They were violent and cruel people, warriors who had no feelings .... And he stood in front of such an Outrider. Oh, oh, he thought. This couldn't mean something good but he would not show that he was worried. The young Outrider weared an eye patch on his left eye and some sort of black - blue uniform. He even smiled at him what confused the boy a bit.
“Hello little one.” he said. “What are you doing so far away from home?”
“My name isn't little one. I'm Jesse. Jesse Blue.”
“Okay, Jesse. I'm Rezzl, Commander of the Outriders.”
“I know you're an Outrider. And I think you will soon get a problem. How did you come here? I guess Cavalry Command will find you soon.” Jesse said and grinned.
Rezzl shook his head. “Nope. Who takes care of one small space ship? By the way some of our ships have a special mechanism, which help them to teleport. So noone knows about me being here.”
“Oh. And what do you want? I thought Outriders are just warriors. You seem to be on vacation.” Jesse laughed but stopped when Rezzl stayed earnest.
“I'm not on vacation but you're right the last time I had not much to do. Just thought I could visit planet Far. We could build a secret base here.”
“You couldn't manage that. Cavalry Command would hinder you.”
“Probably. Well, why did you watch my space ship so carefully? Would you like to make a flight?”
“I would be curious but I guess you would not bring me back. I don't want to be involved in those senseless wars. Better I stay here.”
Jesse turned around and wanted to go away but Rezzl hold his arm.
“Wait. Don't make it difficult for me. You're a nice boy Jesse and if you look at yourself you will realize the same as me. You aren't human. I'm not here just for fun Jesse but to fetch you. You're an Outrider yourself.”
“What? “ Jesse turned back. “I'm not an Outrider. I don't belong to those ones. I hate them. My stepfather told me they killed my parents. I hate them for what they did and what they are doing. I won't come with you and I don't be an Outrider.” he cried at him and tried to free himself. But Rezzl was stronger. As more as Jesse tried to run away as much firm Rezzl hold him. Soon Jesse started to fight with all his power but he was to weak against the Outrider. Rezzl was a warrior for his whole life; Jesse was just a small boy. What could he do against him? It was impossible to escape but Jesse didn't want to give up. Finally Rezzl forced him to climb in the space ship and tied him to one seat. Jesse started to shout at him and call him with lot's of swearwords while he tried to get rid of his ankles. Rezzl didn't say anything but started the engines and not much time later they left planet Far. From out of space it looked like a small sun or a big moon. Light brown with lot's of rocks. But Jesse couldn't enjoy it. When they left planet Far and were on the way to vapor zone it came to Jesses mind. He was captived, captived by the Outriders. Nobody could escape them he heard once and now he was their prisoner. He felt a stone in his stomach and couldn't talk anymore. His thore was dry and he felt terrible. Tears came to his eyes but he did his best not to show his despair and looked out of the space ship. They didn't pass any planets or solar systems but found themselves suddenly in a strange light. A terrible pressure seemed to come from everywhere and caused that Jesse lost his consciousness. When he woke up again they were in a part of the universe he even didn't know by stories. In front of them he could see a planet or was it a space ship, which had the same form? Rezzl wanted to land there. Probably this was the Outrider's main space ship or their home planet. That would mean he was far away from home. Out of reach for the help of Cavalry Command, handed over to the Outriders. To their enemies. But he would be strong and never give up. One time he would certainly get the chance to escape and he would take it. Rezzl was glad that Jesse stopped fighting and followed him when they arrived at Helpereside. Jesse was brought to an apartment where he was locked for some time. Alone again Jesse had time to calm down himself and to think about his situation. The apartment looked similar to those human ones on planet Far, only more sterile. At first Jesse tried to go out but the windows and main doors were locked. While discovering the apartment, which should become his new home he supposed, Jesse thought about Rezzls words by him.
“You're an Outrider.” Rezzl had said. Was that true? He knew that he looked like one. Yes, he had the same skin, similar ears but could that really be. If Outriders killed his parents his parents couldn't be Outriders. Why did they kill them? For what reason? Could he find out more if becoming friends with Rezzl? Perhaps. But he would never work for them, never getting involved in the war. Now he was feeling better although he still was confused about Rezzls words and a bit mad on him cause he forced him to come here. A friend should not act like this? But according to what his stepfather told him Outriders weren't friends anyways but very cruel and rude creatures. If he was an Outrider himself how could he like him then?
Jesse sat down on the floor. Suddenly he heard something at the door. Probably it was Rezzl.
But instead of Rezzl a boy not much older than him entered the apartment. He looked at him surprised. “Who are you and how did you come in here?”
“I'm Jesse and I didn't broke in here. That bastard locked me up here. Can I go now.”? Jesse said while jumping up and walking to the opened door.
“Wait. Where do you want to go? They will always bring you back.”
“They won't! Who will hinder me!”?
“Space. You can't fly a Renegade or even a small space ship. Or can you?”
The boy nodded.
“Wow. Can you teach me?”
“Nope. I still learn it myself. Well you will start to learn soon too, I guess.” He smiled at him and gave Jesse his hand.
“My name is Jean Claude. Just call me Jean. I'm living here. That's my apartment. Mine and Rezzls.”
“Is he your dad?”
“I have no parents. They are dead. Both of them. I've got an older sister who vanished about seven years ago.”
“Mine too. I've got a brother who lives on planet Far.”
“Planet Far. Then you come from the New Frontier. You grew up with humans?” Jesse nodded. Now he felt better. A plan grew in his mind.
If he couldn't escape now then he had to learn as much as he could to escape later. But he would escape. Noone could make him a prisoner.
“I guess I won't learn for school today.” Jean grinned. “Let's go out I will show you everything. You will like it here. Believe me. And afterwards you have to tell me more about humans. I think they are very interesting.” Then Jean looked at him thoughtfully.
“Can I tell you a secret?”
“Of course. I wouldn't tell anybody. They would have to kill me and I wouldn't say.”
“Although you don't know me for long?”
“Sure. Why not.”
“My sister often was in New Frontier. She told me a lot about humans. And well, I have to say that I like those people although I only know them from stories. I would like to meet some of them in peace one day like my sister did. She was very brave.”
“Why was? Where is she now?”
“I will tell you later.” Jean said and turned. Jesse followed him out. The planet looked similar to Yuma. It was great to watch the nature together with a friend. This time Jesse didn't knew that this was the beginning of a long and strong friendship. In his mind something started to change slowly.

Chapter 2: The phantom chambers

For the whole day Jesse almost forgot what happened. It was as if he had been here for his whole life already. Jean showed him not only the towns and sights on the planet but although that places where young warriors were taught and where they built Renegades and other space ships. Only one place wasn't shown to him. The place where Nemesis and the phantom chambers were. Jean said it was too dangerous to go there. Kids weren't allowed to go there, they even shouldn't visit the hangar. As Jesse found out Jean didn't care a lot about rules except the one not to come near Nemesis and the phantom chambers.
Outriders had to follow strict rules. In school they were taught to be strong, to hide their feelings, to stay cold in times of war, to kill without feeling pity, to be brave and most important to hate humans for what they were. Humans also learn to hate Outriders Jesse thought by himself the time Jean told him about school. That's why adults think the other race is bad in the end, cause they are taught so when they are kids. Included the Outriders and humans had a similar culture and way of life, although Outriders were taught to become warriors in their childhood and humans not. Humans had more liberty to choose their own future. Outriders had to follow their ancestors.
The first day in school Jesse had a lot of problems to deal with the new system. It was hard always to do what others said. He hated to do what others ordered. It was easy to be strong and brave, to become a warrior. This spirit had always been in him. But he didn't want to accept stupid rules. He knew himself what he wanted and what was right or wrong. Nobody had to tell him. And it was stupid not to tell the truth about what someone was thinking only because Nemesis could be mad about some opinions. A good leader had not to be afraid if some of his people had different opinions. Good leaders could deal with it without having to punish someone for what he said or thought. And Jesse was sure Nemesis was a good leader cause he wouldn't be the Outrider's leader anymore if he was not. So why not talking about what he thought about the stupid war and his own opinion about humans. But the teachers and his classmates didn't think like him. His classmates saw in him a traitor very soon and the teachers started to think about special projects for Jesse. He had to learn a lot and he had to change his opinion pretty soon if he didn't want to get into serious trouble.
Not long after Jesse got used to his knew life a bit and had to undergo a special training which should change his mind about humans and the war Jesse had to tell his class about the training. The sense of that was to show all young Outriders what happened if someone broke the rules.
Jesse still was hurt pretty much. His arms and legs were aching and he had a bad headache. Besides he didn't show. He would be brave as always and never show what he was feeling. If he would show he was weak they would be glad and would go on. They wanted to break him. But he swore to himself they would never manage something like that. In the end of his lecture Jesse would show all of them that nobody could ever change what he was thinking. He would show them what freedom was and that he still was free, free to think and do what he wanted and not to be a slave to be a warrior who didn't think and only did what his leader said.
They would be surprised. While his classmates looked at him worried, cause they were afraid what could happen to them if they would break the rules one day, Jesse took out a knife. It happened to fast. Jesse cut with the knife in his arm and all could see that his blood wasn't blue like the one of the Outriders but red with some blue drips in it. They starred at him while he started to go on with his lecture.
"I told you what they wanted me to tell you! But they can't make me doing what they want. I'm no Outrider. Do you see! They want me to become one. But I'm not. I don't hate Outriders. I'm a human and I like Outriders. They want you to think humans are bad and humans want their children to think Outriders are bad. But that's wrong. We can become friends. Friends." His blood didn't stop to flow and Jesse became tired and dizzy. He sank down on the floor but continued to talk. "You're prisoners. You're slaves. You do what they want. But I'm free. Free to talk and do what I want. They teach us to be brave and strong. I'm and that's why I have the courage to be free." Then he lost consciousness.
When he woke up again he was in Rezzls apartment again. Rezzl was standing near his bad and looking at him seriously.
"You could have killed yourself. Do you know?" he said.
Jesse nodded. "Who would care?"
"More people than you think. I can understand you Jesse and I suppose there are many people who understand. But Nemesis would not understand."
"Why should I care about Nemesis? I don't know him. I'm not afraid of him. And most important you see you're wrong. I'm human. Not Outrider. Human." Jesse looked away cause tears were coming to his eyes. He had to be strong and brave.
"You're both Jesse. Look in the mirror and look at your blood. You're both. Outrider and human. It was wrong not to tell you. You have a right to know where you come from. I should not tell you but I know you have to know it."
"Who doesn't want me to know all about my past?" Jesse asked, curious again.
"Some people you will get to know when you're older. Do you feel better now? Then I will show you something."
Rezzl helped him out of the bed and both of them went out. Soon Jesse realized the place they were going to. The phantom chambers. Jean told him it was forbidden for kids to go there.
"No. You don't want to punish me and put me in one of those chambers. No." He said and tried to free his arm Rezzl was holding.
"Of course not. Only Nemesis can decide who has to. And you have not. I should not bring you here as you know and you are not allowed to tell anybody about what I show you. Okay."
Jesse nodded. "Promised."
They stopped in front of one of the phantom chambers. A young woman was in there. Jesse looked at Rezzl wondering who this woman was. His mom?
"You see the room is separated in two parts. This part includes phantom chambers with Outriders who were punished by Nemesis. The other part includes those who were hurt badly by humans or who are ill and we have no help for them. They will be frozen in those chambers until we know how to heal them and until we have enough time to heal them."
"You need a lot of energy for all those chambers right?" Rezzl nodded.
"Who is she and why do you show me. Shall this be a warning for me? Well, I'm not afraid of being punished by Nemesis."
"You have not to lie. Everybody is afraid of that. But I would never let Nemesis do that. You can be sure what else will happen to you I won't let them putting you in there. The woman in there is Jean's older sister."
"Oh. He told me about her. He's proud of her."
"I know. But nobody knows her secret except me and the human who is your dad."
Jesse looked at him surprised.
"My dad is alive. Can I see him? Where is he?"
"You can't see him now. I don't know when. If I would bring you to him now Nemesis would realize and would certainly try to use you to get him. He hates him."
Jesse touched the phantom chamber carefully. "Mom. Why does Nemesis hate us Rezzl? What have we done to him?"
"Your mom fell in love with a human. With a human Commander. A very famous Commander who has done pretty much to Nemesis. Because of him Outriders lost several battles and some of the conquered places. Before you were born your dad was our worst enemy. After he found out that your mom gave birth to you he came back. This time your mom hid you on planet Far already. Nemesis realized what she had done and cause she didn't want to betray you and your dad she was put into the phantom chamber."
"What happened to Jean and dad?"
"Nemesis didn't take care about Jean, cause Jean didn't ever show that he understood his sister. He's very brave. And your dad. He lives among the Outriders and searched for you all the time. He couldn't wake up your mom cause someone could have realized that he isn't an Outrider."
"But if it was him who wanted me to come back here why doesn't he want to see me than."
"From the first day on you acted like a human you acted like...Well Nemesis still heard about your actions and your dad don't want that Nemesis finds out who you are and that he is still alive."
"That's not fair. He had not to act like this. I was save on planet Far. Why didn't he visit me there?"
"I know. But if he had left the planet he would probably had no chance to come back. It would be too dangerous. You ask too much Jesse. I can't and I'm not allowed to answer all your questions. I just wanted you to know the truth about your past."
"So, according to what you told me I can meet my dad as soon as Nemesis isn't interested in me anymore. Well, I can hide my feelings too, I can learn not to show what I'm thinking, you will see."
Rezzl smiled at him but said nothing. It was the right decision to bring Jesse here. It was wrong to tell him a story he was not quite sure that was also right. He didn't know everything, only some rumors about Jesse's past. Perhaps they were right and the human Commander among them was Jesse's dad. But he was not sure. For now that would not matter. In the near future the problems with Jesse would be solved. Probably he would become a normal Outrider, almost normal, except the fact that when he was old enough Rezzl would arrange a meeting between Jesse and the human Commander. The Commander who gave some of them a vision of peace, a new hope and perhaps Jesse was the key to this hope.

Chapter 3: The Escape

Years went by and Jesse grew up like a normal Outrider kid. Soon noone could see a big difference between him and his classmates, except that Jesse's skin was lighter. Jesse learned pretty fast to act like an Outrider, to use Outrider weapons, to build some of his own, to make technical inventions, to know all he had to know about their enemies and beside how to know about the best way of fighting against them to create knew ideas knew strategies. Jean was proud of his friend when seeing that Jesse became some sort of ideal for their classmates.
But he didn't know about Jesse's plans this time. When Jesse was about ten years old, not old enough to be allowed to learn flying a space shuttle or even a Renegade Jean took him with him to the hangars although this was forbidden. Jean knew he could get a lot of problems but in his opinion it was the right time for Jesse to learn about the Renegades too. He knew how often Jesse watched him while his training and Jesse was as good as him. Why shouldn't he learn this earlier? If everything went right both of them could become Commanders in some years and then each of them would have his own Renegade and his own troop. But most important was, that if time would come up Jean himself would get the chance to visit New Frontier. Of course humans would consider him as an enemy but he could finally meet them. See how they were like. Perhaps Jesse could show him a way to communicate with them. They would see. From now on he would teach Jesse everything he had to know for flying a space shuttle and later on a Renegade. That was a mistake.
Again Jesse learned fast, almost too fast Rezzl would say. All the free time Jesse had he used to be near the space shuttles and Renegades. Rezzl wondered why he was so interested to learn, almost like Nemesis was. When Rezzl was a kid himself they told him about Nemesis intelligence about his knowledge, which grew more and more within the years. Jesse acted like Nemesis now, like this Nemesis he heard of. Somehow he was frightened about this although he didn't know what the feeling was, he had when watching Jesse.
One day after school Jesse met Jean at the hangar again. Jean was back from his training and they were alone in there.
"You look somehow confused Jesse. What's the matter?"
"Nothing. You know in some days I will be eleven and in one year I'm allowed to do the same training like you. But you know I could learn it know, right. The last time we met you said so."
Jean nodded. "But I'm not allowed to. You know how to fly and I guess you could right now but if they catch us."
Suddenly another boy came around. He seemed to be a bit younger then Jean and Jesse never saw him before. Jean looked at him a bit suspicious but said nothing.
"There is a possibility you can start right now Jesse." the young Outrider said.
"Ask the Commanders here. Show them what you know already. If they think you learned enough already perhaps they can make an exception. I can fly those space shuttles although I'm not twelve already. Of course you can't fly a Renegade. Therefore we are to young but a shuttle. Why not."
"I would like to start right now, without asking." Jesse said earnest.
"Don't worry Jean. Go ahead and tell our Commander what's going on. We won't have problems if he knows about it."
"Do you know what Nemesis does to traitors Yamuri? You're never frightened. But you don't have a sister who was punished and who..."
"I know about your past and I know about mine. Nemesis has several reasons why he could control me all the time, like he can control you."
"By the way," Jesse interrupted them. "Wouldn't it good for Nemesis if we would become good warriors soon. As sooner as we learn to fly those space ships and become Commanders as sooner we can beat up our enemies."
Yamuri nodded and smiled while Jean was still suspicious what Yamuri's plans were. Jean knew that Yamuri belonged to the human Commander's group but as long as he knew him Yamuri acted so loyal to Nemesis. Could they trust in him? Perhaps he just wanted to push Jesse out of his way to become famous himself. On the other hand Jean worried if Yamuri knew about Jesse's past and would help Jesse to escape from the planet. The only reason Jean saw, why Jesse wanted to learn flying as soon as it was possible, was that Jesse wanted to escape. Would Yamuri realize and if yes what would Yamuri do then. Would he be on Jesse's side, on Jean's side or on his own? Hopefully Yamuri knew what he did and it was not the wrong thing. Tonight Jean would have to talk to Jesse.
This night Jean realized at first that Jesse went to sleep very late. He knew it was wrong to spy after friends but he needed to know what was going on. Late at night Jesse worked at his computer.
"What are you doing? Do you work at a knew invention?" Jean asked Jesse when visiting him one evening.
The only thing Jean could see that Jesse cutted a connection.
"You're sending out messages? Aren't you? Do you know...?"
" dangerous this is?" Jesse finished his sentence. "I know but who will hinder me. You? Well, try. I know that you worry about me but you need not to. I'm not a child anymore and you aren't my dad or my older brother."
Jesse realized Jean would become mad with him if he would go on with talking like that to him so he decided to change the theme. He knew Jean pretty good. Good enough to know that he wasn't afraid of a punishment. Jean was taught to become an Outrider and he became one. But Jean still was interested in humans. There he could catch him. Although he was loyal to Nemesis and Jesse didn't believe Rezzl that there were some Outriders who just seemed to be loyal but weren't Jean was his friend. Perhaps he would help him when he gave Jean the chance to meet humans then. They would see.
"You still want to talk to humans?"
"You are talking to humans? Those ones from planet Far?"
"Of course. Who else. And I want to be with them on my birthday. You understand. Outriders don't celebrate this but humans do. I want to be with my family again."
"Your family isn't on planet Far Jesse. You're..."
"I know I'm an Outrider but you saw my blood. Don't you remember? I'm also a human. Rezzl had to give up. So, I have the right to go home if I want and I will do. You can help me if you want. I hoped you would do so."
"I'm your friend and I help my friends if they need help. If you want to betray Nemesis okay. I help you even he will punish both of us. Can I come with you?"
"You should not. Later on but not immediately. I just want you to show me how to teleport with the shuttle. I know the time already when I have a fair chance to escape."
"Will you come back?"
"I can't. You know that. But I will try to fetch you too. Then you can live with us on planet Far. I'm sure we can manage this. Won't be too difficult."
"Do you trust in Yamuri?"
"I trust in noone Jean. I never trusted in anybody. But until now you never betrayed me. I hope it's right I consider you as my friend. I don't trust in someone I don't know for some time so you know if I trust in Yamuri or not."
Jean nodded thoughtfully. Jesse remind him to the human Commander he once met. The human Commander who managed to look like an Outrider.
"I guess Yamuri helped you to find out about the right time to escape."
"He did and I checked it up. He's right. But he won't tell me how to teleport. If he would realize what I plan to do I don't know how he will act."
"I don't know him very well too. Sometimes he acts like you and sometimes he is so loyal and you think he would do everything for Nemesis. I don't know what I shall think about him."
Jesse nodded thoughtfully.
A few days later Jesse left the planet. While teleporting to New Frontier he thought by himself that it had been too easy. Not cause he worried about his friends and if he could really trust in them but cause he heard in former times that nobody could ever escape out of vapor zone. He managed an escape. He was the first one and he had to say it had been easy. Too easy. They would hunt him. Certainly. The nightmare wasn't over although he would be at home soon. Poor Jean. He would never meet him again. Why did he have pity with Jean? It was normal for Outriders to use others. But the human part in Jesse considered Jean as his friend and friends should not act like this. Jean helped him and would trust in him, would wait for a reply from him. With Jean's help he could probably show his stepfather and Snake that some Outriders weren't their enemies. But what if he was wrong and Jean would use all his actions to be the best himself and in the end only Jesse would be punished. If he thought about it he had to say although he didn't know Yamuri as well as Jean he liked Yamuri better. When beeing together Yamuri acted like a human and Jean always acted like a normal Outrider. Perhaps it would be better if they would catch him again and bring him back here he would trust in Yamuri and not in Jean. He had to be careful and perhaps it was a mistake to tell Jean about his plans. And he wondered a bit why Jean was thinking that Yamuri acted more like an Outrider although he belonged to a range group of Outriders, led by a human Commander. Jesse was curious about that but at the moment there was no time to think about it.
The flight was great this time. He really enjoyed passing the planets in New Frontier and landing on planet Far. Good to have a space ship, which could become invisible. Thank the Outrider's technology. Cavalry Command could have seen the space ship then and considered him as an enemy. When he climbed out of the space ship he felt free again. The pressure he felt during the last hours before and during his escape went away from him. Although it has gone too easy he was glad it worked fine and he was at home again.

Chapter 4: The Reunion

Jesse felt free but also tired and ill when walking towards his home. He was not used to such flights and the new climate had also bad effects on him. When he used to live on planet Far he never realized that but now he felt that it was terrible hot and warm. The sun burned his skin and he hurried up to hide himself in the hole where Snake was still waiting for him.
"You're back. You really managed to escape. You're a genius." Snake cried and embraced his brother. That was too much for Jesse. Again he felt the wounds of the torture aching and compared with the burning sun outside he couldn't stand any longer. Tired he sank on the floor. Immediately Snake helped him up to his bed so he could sleep for a while. It certainly had been difficult to escape. Poor Jesse, Snake thought. What have they done to him but now as he is back and everything can become like before again. Hopefully. After a long time of darkness Jesse woke up again. At first he thought everything had been a dream. Perhaps he had only been ill. If someone had high temperature it could be that he imagined a lot. The nightmare was over, he never had been on the Outrider's planet, was never kidnapped by them, never punished and had not to escape. It was only a nightmare.
But when he stood up and walked outside to Snake and his stepfather he realized that something was wrong.
Snake turned to him and smiled while his stepfather still stayed earnest. "I feel much better now." Jesse said. "I hate always being in the darkness of the hole. Don't look at me as if I should stay inside. I know myself I should."
His stepfather nodded. "Stay in the shadow of the rocks. That's better for your health."
He changed Snake thought. He became colder and somehow he reminds me to those Outriders of whom dad told us. "How do you feel today, Jesse?"
Jesse smiled. "Very good, except that I had a .... Oh. It wasn't just a nightmare, right? Hm. I'm the first person who ever escaped from the Outriders, right? Great, isn't it?"
Perhaps he would not laugh but when Jesse started to Snake felt the pressure falling down from his. Even if their dad didn't think it was okay he was confident about their future.
Then Jesse became earnest again. "They told me that I'm half Outrider and half human. Is that right? They showed me a woman who could be my mom and they said she was punished for what she did and that's why they put her in such a terrible phantom chamber."
"You aren't an Outrider I would know that." Snake said and laughed but their dad interrupted him. "Jesse is right. I have to tell you something. Both of you. Perhaps you will understand why I wasn't too worried at first when Jesse vanished. I thought it was his mom who came back to fetch him to a better place."
Snake and Jesse looked at each other shocked and surprised. "I live here for a long time. I don't know when I decided to come here and to cut contact to most of the people I knew before. It isn't important for you why I did. I have nothing to do with your parents. I'm just a sad man who got rid of the war and who wanted to be alone. Time should heal the wounds. Then one day, I got used to my new life already, a space shuttle landed not far from here. It was a young Outrider woman who came to visit me. She came in peace and she brought a young boy with her. The boy looked more human than Outrider this time."
"It was me, right?" Jesse asked.
"She wanted you to hide. She was afraid of Nemesis and what he would do to you. She said that your dad would not know about you but she would tell him one day. That's why you grew up on planet Far."
"The Outriders told me it was my dad who wanted me to come to the planet. But I wonder why he didn't want to see me."
"I guess they lied. They could imagine some parts of your past but I suppose they don't know your dad. They can't know him. Your mom told me about your dad and what I know about him is that he lost his life during the last big war against the Outriders, which was some years ago, not long after your mom brought you here."
"Who is he?"
"According to what she said I would say he was a famous human Commander. But I'm not sure about your dad's identity."
"Why didn't you tell me before and why do you like me. You often told us bad things about the Outriders but when I'm an Outrider myself why do you like me."
"Your mom wasn't like all those Outriders out there. When I talk about the violent Outriders, those ones who kill humans who attack us I always meant the warriors. There are two different groups of Outriders. But those peaceful Outriders like your mom are very seldom. I know it was a fault not to tell you but the time you vanished I thought you were to young to know and understand."
"It's okay. How should you know what would happen. It was my own fault that it happened. I went to far away from home. Who should help me out there in the desert?"
"What will you do know?" Snake asked him a bit worried.
"I will stay here. And if it is true that my dad want to see me then he shall visit us. I'm not interested in being involved in the war and as long as I leave Nemesis alone why should he be frightened of me. Although I would like to know more about what Rezzl tried to tell me. Perhaps it's a lie but perhaps something of what he said is true."
"What else did they tell you?"
"Many things. As much as I need to be curious. But I will find out more. They also taught me a lot about their weapons, space shuttles, Renegades, technology and even about their culture. Most of them are warriors and in school they learn that humans are bad. You know human kids and Outrider kids learn almost the same. They learn at first about their own race and then they only learn bad things about the enemy race. They don't know how humans can be. They think humans want to kill them, would never help them cause they lost their own home planet in a war which took place a long time ago. Humans seem cruel and violent in their eyes too.
Humans have feelings and they believe that feelings cause wars. Only if you follow the logic way you can find a way for peace but not if you act and feel sentimental."
"Do you believe what they taught you?" his stepfather asked.
"I don't know. It's just interesting and I can tell you about everything. Snake can learn to fly the space shuttle too and if you want I can teach you too. It's great."
Now he is back, his stepfather thought. He acts in the same way as he acted before the incident. Perhaps he didn't change as much as I thought at first, cause he is still as enthusiastic than before and he still shows his feelings. Of course such experiences can break you or make you hard and cold but he didn't live too long with the Outriders. They couldn't make him to one of them. He's still human. Days went by, weeks went by, months went by and Jesse almost forgot the nightmare although he started to teach Snake all he knew about the Outriders. Snake learned almost as fast as himself and Jesse was glad to have a brother with whom he could share his knowledge. About one year or two years were gone when Jesse's past catched up with him. While showing Snake how to fly the space shuttle he realized that another space ship was in the orbit and would arrive at their training place pretty soon. Jesse recognized it as a Renegade and was alarmed immediately. What were Outriders doing here? They came to fetch him? Snake who was sitting behind him in the shuttle realized that Jesse worried about something but he couldn't see what Jesse had seen until the Renegade could be seen with their eyes. It was a large brown space ship, very powerful and for sure much faster than their small space ship. It was impossible to fight against the Renegade but he didn't want to give up before he had not tried to beat them up. They shouldn't get him again.
"Outriders. What shall we do Jesse. Can you send out a message with the shuttle? Would it reach Cavalry Command? They could probably help us. Try Jesse, fast." Snake cried who realized the danger.
"Don't worry. I sent out the message already. But I doubt they will help an Outrider space shuttle. Let's fight against the Renegade and show him how brave and strong we are." Jesse said, somehow enthusiastic and Snake was pinned on from Jesse's zeal too. They would fight for their liberty. It was the first time Jesse used the weapons of the space shuttle but both of them found out very soon how to use them and it wasn't as difficult as they thought before. Snake was proud of Jesse who could fly the shuttle pretty good. The Renegade tried to catch them with his arms but Jesse escaped all the time. As time went by they even hurt the Renegade. But then Jesse became a bit high-spirited and his actions became more and more dangerous. Even Snake liked the fight. He didn't know that he would ever like fighting.
Suddenly Jesse lost control over the shuttle and the Renegade used this time to shoot at him. When Jesse got control back the shuttle wasn't ably to fight anymore. Besides he would not give up although a message arrived that he should do. With a last dangerous maneuver he escaped the Renegades arm and managed to land near their home. As fast as they could both of them climbed out of the damaged shuttle and ran into the hole to fetch all the weapons they had. Their stepfather was there too and all of them started the senseless battle against the Outriders. The Renegade landed too and lot's of Outrider warriors came out to beat them up. At first it seemed as if Jesse, Snake and their dad would win but then the situation changed dramatically. While Jesse and Snake operated the secret arms, which should protect the hole, their stepfather went out to hinder the Outriders to come in. Snake saw it at first but every warning would came to late. There had been still somebody in the Renegade. The Renegade shoots at the hole. Snake shoot down some Outriders immediately but his help came to late. The Renegade shot down their stepfather. Now the chance to come in raised. Both boys left the secret weapons and used their guns to fight against the fewer Outriders who tried to come in and beat them up. Their stepfather's death gave them the power they needed. They would fight until all Outriders were defeated. But the Outriders were powerful too. Jesse was still shooting at some of his enemies when suddenly a voice interrupted the fight.
Jesse turned his gun toward the Outrider Commander who was speaking, ready to shoot him.
"Okay, Jesse. Give up or I will kill your friend here."
Shit, Jesse thought. They got Snake. Those bastards. He would kill them all but at the moment this was impossible.
"Don't give up for me." Snake cried. "Kill them all, kill them."
Snake shouted at him but the Outrider who was holding him hit him badly. Jesse looked at him angry.
"If you hurt him again I will kill you although I have to kill him with you. You understand."
"That won't change anything. If you kill us we vaporize back to vapor zone and come back soon. You can't win."
Jesse nodded. "I know."
"You're a good warrior Jesse. Nemesis would be proud of you if you would fight for him."
"I will never do."
"Then we will take him with us and you will see how funny it is for a human being in a phantom chamber. How do you like that?"
"You bastard." Jesse wanted to come up to him but the Commander choke Snake immediately.
"You can decide Jesse whether he shall live or not."
"That's blackmail."
"Of course. You have no choice. Come with us if you don't want it to become worse."
"Okay, but you have to do what I want. I want you to leave this planet forever. If I find out that you or some Outriders ever put their hands on Snake I will fight against all of you forever. There will be war between us. I come with you and do what you want only if you guarantee me that you won't interfere again in Snake's life. Do you understand me?"
The Commander smiled. "If you don't make problems, okay. He isn't important for us. We let him free if you come with us now."
"Don't believe them Jesse. They lie. They say that cause they want you to come with them. If you're gone they will kill me or do something worse."
Again the Commander choked Snake and Jesse looked still very angry. "You know what I said. Let him free immediately. I will not use my gun. And I want to have the possibility to contact him every day if I want to. And if I find out that something is wrong then it won't be good consequences for you. Don't try to lie or make false promise, cause it will be you who get the problems then."
The Commander gave his soldiers a sign and soon all of them were gone back into the Renegade. Then he let Snake free who ran to Jesse immediately. "You can kill him now Jesse." Snake whispered to him. But Jesse shook his head and laid down his gun. "I keep what I promise."
"You can't go away Jesse. Do you know how they will punish you? You told me and I..."
"I know but I made a deal and I have to go with them. I will come back Snake, I promise. One day we will meet again. I will never forget you and you will never forget me. When I feel down I will think of the time we spent with each other. I learned to be human from you and noone can take away what I learned from you. Nobody. Believe me."
Snake nodded sadly. He found his brother and now they took him away from him again. For all the time he would hate the Outriders for that. Those heartless creatures. The next time he would see Jesse he would probably be like an Outrider. If he would ever get a chance to he would revenge. The best way he could get Jesse back soon was if he would go to Cavalry Command and become a Star Sheriff or something similar. From now on he had a very personal war against the Outriders. Angry and sad he watched the Renegade leaving the planet. Not long after they had gone some people from Cavalry Command arrived. They did come. Snake couldn't believe at first. But they came to late. Besides they were his ticket to Alamo where he wanted to start his training. One time he would revenge for his stepfather's death and for Jesse's kidnapping.

Chapter 5: Nemesis

Jesse watched the Outrider Commander for a while when he started the Renegade and they went on their way back to the Outrider's planet. "You're interested in the Renegade?" the man asked.
Jesse nodded. "Your technology is very interesting. I like it very much. But I hate those people who want to force me to do something. For my friends I can be the best friend but for my enemies I'm the worst enemy."
"You talk like your dad."
"You know my dad? Where is he and why doesn't he want to see me if he sends you to fetch me?"
"He didn't send me. I belong to Nemesis best warriors. My name is Grammis and it was Nemesis himself who wanted me to fetch you and bring you to him."
"Nemesis? I will never help him to find my dad. I know he is human."
"Nemesis knows much more about your dad. Your dad is dead. You understand. He lost his life during the last battle the humans won against us. You were pretty young and our spies didn't know about you this time. Why do you think your dad is still alive?"
"Someone told me. He was very frightened of Nemesis and what he does to his enemies."
"You don't seem very frightened. You're the first one who isn't. All Outriders have lot's of respect in front of Nemesis."
"I heard but I have no fear anymore. If he wanted to kill me he had enough chances. I suppose he doesn't want to kill me, so why shall I be frightened. If Nemesis wants me to do something then he shall talk to me. Why not. Probably I will say no but he can try."
"Don't be too high-spirited. Nemesis is very powerful and you should not think he will forgive you everything."
"What do you think?" Jesse said slowly. "Of course I'm worried a bit cause I always hear how cruel Nemesis is. But what would you do if you were in my situation. Acting sentimental, like a human, beeing a kid. No I show him how brave I'm."
"I guess you will become a good Commander at once. Although you have to learn some things before."
"Yes, how to fly a Renegade for example."
Grammis laughed. It was a cold laughter, not like Jean's laughter, more like Rezzl's. He was an Outrider Commander and he had nothing human in him.
"What's so funny?"
"Nothing. You act like a human. What you have to learn is to become an Outrider."
"Aren't you interested in humans? I'm both. So I want to know as much as I can about both races. Wouldn't you like to know how it is to have fun?"
"Talk with Rezzl about this and not with me. He wants to know about feelings. I guess that's why he is afraid of Nemesis. Nemesis wouldn't tolerate if Outriders would turn into humans. Sometimes I think Rezzl would like to. He lives very dangerous. Should take care of himself. Probably he knows that himself."
This time the flight had no bad effects on Jesse. The Renegade was much better to use for such a long flight. Jesse followed Grammis with different feelings. On the one hand he was exited to see the leader of the Outriders and on the other hand he worried about what Nemesis would do to him. What they told him wasn't nice.
The first thought which came to Jesses mind when seeing the cyborg body of Nemesis in the big central hall was - he is a machine. That's the reason for his behavior. He can't know feelings cause he is a machine. It was somehow spooky to look at Nemesis cause he didn't see in an Outrider or human face. There were no real eyes, only those red points.
"This is the young boy who managed to escape?" Nemesis deep voice asked.
Grammis nodded and kneeled down in front of his leader.
"You aren't much frightened Jesse?" Nemesis asked and Jesse was a bit shocked when Nemesis called him by his name.
"You can go Grammis. I want to talk to him alone. If I need you I will call for you. That was good work."
Grammis smiled and left the room. Now they were alone but Jesse still didn't feel frightened. There was only a pressure in his head as if somebody tried to read his thoughts.
"Brave boy. I admire your actions and you know that this happens only few times. It took us a long time until we found you, you caused lot's of problems while living here, you escaped and Grammis sent me a message already that you fought against him like a warrior."
Jesse smiled at him. "I only gave up to save my brother."
"Is he your real brother?" Nemesis came up to him and Jesse realized how tall he was.
"Nope, but I grew up with him. I consider him as my brother. Did you ever have one?"
Nemesis turned and walked towards his throne again.
"I see you don't want to talk about it. Well, what do you know about my parents and why did you kidnap me when you don't need me anymore. Grammis told me that my dad is dead and I know that my mom is in a phantom chamber."
"You saw the phantom chambers? It's forbidden for a kid. Who showed it to you? Tell me his name!"
I hurt him, Jesse thought by himself. I found a weak theme. There I can catch him.
"I will never tell and it doesn't matter to you. If he had not showen me I would have found out alone anyway."
"You want to know all the secrets. Even those, which are forbidden for the warriors and my closest advisers."
"Of course. But now I just want to know everything about my parents."
"Why are they so important to you?"
"Hm. They are important. I don't know why. Don't you like your parents? What's about them?"
"You should not ask those questions Jesse. If you want to know all secrets you should not ask and talk too much. Hide your feelings and thoughts. Until now nobody discovered all secrets and you will have to learn much if you want to find out. You still act more human than like an Outrider. Be careful what you say and do if you want to survive and if you really want to find out something. Some people tried already and lost their life."
"All Outriders told me you're cruel and violent, that I should be frightened of you. But you're pretty nice to me. I wonder why."
Suddenly Nemesis pushed him away and Jesse stroke hard at the wall behind him.
"I'm never nice to anybody. Think of that all the time. I didn't punish you cause one of my closest advisers thought it would be better if I would not do so. He will take care of you and I will watch you wherever you go. The next time you act wrong Jesse I won't be so understanding. Be careful about what you say and do. It will be not funny for a human being in a phantom chamber. I guess you don't want to be in one like your mom."
Jesse starred at him shocked. He had gone to far. The next time he would be more careful, not only cause he was afraid of the phantom chambers (the only things here he was afraid of) but because he hoped to find out more about Nemesis then. As more as he knew, as better he could understand his actions and knew how to act right to change him. Why did he want to change him? He didn't know exactly but he felt that the key to peace would be to help Nemesis. And he believed that Nemesis had problems and those problems had something to do with those mysterious forbidden secrets. Peace was the only possibility to live a normal life again and that was the reason for his wish for peace. Then he would not have to decide on which side he was. He would be allowed to love both races, humans and Outriders. Another Outrider Commander Jesse didn't know came in and took him with him. From now on Jesse would live in the same building with Nemesis and would not go to school anymore. The Outrider Commander who was the one who saved him from the phantom chambers would teach him. Why did he do that Jesse wondered but decided not to ask. It was better to wait. He had learned to but he could wait if it was necessary. This time it was necessary and it was silly of him to act like he wanted to.
From this time on Jesse tried to become an Outrider and trained to become a good Commander at once like his teacher. Perhaps he would have forgotten his true aims one day, cause he never met his old friends and got used to the new life pretty fast. It was like in the time Jean and him were friends. Sometimes he asked himself what his friend was doing right now but the thought vanished soon. There was so much to learn and so much to do that there was less time to think and to ask questions. It happened on Jesse's 15th birthday. His teacher used to prepare timetables for him but this day he didn't. Instead of that he took Jesse with him just to walk over the fields and to relax. He acted like a father who wanted to celebrate his son's birthday with his son.
"Is today a special day?" Jesse asked him carefully.
The man nodded. "Of course. Your birthday. Didn't you know?"
Jesse smiled but didn't answer.
"You ask yourself why I know and why I be with you today and don't want you to learn and work today. I'm not like all the other Outriders Jesse. I can't tell you right now. I hope you can wait. One day I will tell you and hope you understand my actions then."
"I learned to wait. You taught me and if I have to wait all my life I will wait. But in the end I will find out everything."
The Commander nodded. "You will find out sooner than you think."

Chapter 6: The first secrets

Not long after his strange talk to the Commander Jesse was involved in small battle against humans already and he heard about a special project Grammis and Rezzl had to do. For a long time he had not talked to Rezzl or Grammis now but he thought that if talking to Rezzl he would certainly find out what was going on. Indeed Rezzl told him that since some years they had the order to find the son of the most famous human Commander who beat up Nemesis in the last battle, which humans won against them. Jesse didn't show that he was still interested but went away and dedicated himself to his own tasks again. But by himself he thought that when Grammis talked about his own dad he also said he was a famous human Commander and he also beat them up in this strange last battle which took place when he didn't know already that Outriders could be interested in him at once. Who was this boy they were searching for? Nemesis asked him about a brother too. Could it be he had a real brother out there and they searched for him? A more human brother. What did they want with him? He was certainly too old for to be changed into an Outrider. He wasn't useful for them anymore. If they would really catch his unknown brother he had to help him to escape but he had to be careful cause if Nemesis would find out he would be put into a phantom chamber. Not a good imagine for his future. During the next days and weeks Jesse started to watch Rezzl's actions what caused that he met Jean again. They didn't talk a lot about the past but nothing had changed between their friendship. This time Jesse didn't tell him about his plans. It was better nobody would knew.
Then the day came up, the day of which Jesse hoped it never came, that they really catched this boy. When Grammis and some of his guards left Nemesis throne hall together with the boy Jesse decided to follow them. The boy looked human, he had brown hair, brown eyes and somehow he had the same charisma than his teacher. He was very brave cause he didn't show his feelings and Jesse supposed that he must have lot's of fear. Jesse was shocked when he realized where they wanted to bring him. The phantom chambers. They wanted to put his human brother, he must be his brother according to what he heard about his own and the boy's dad, into a phantom chamber. He had to hinder them somehow. But this was impossible. It wasn't funny to watch them while they pushed him into one of the chambers. Nobody noticed him. So Jesse watched them carefully and remembered how to use the phantom chamber. When they were gone he would wake him up and help him out. At first it seemed as if noone wanted to leave the room. But Jesse would not give up. He went to one of the alarms and used it. Now it was much important for Grammis and his guards to find out about who caused the alarm. He had to use this time to free the boy. Hopefully time was enough and it wasn't to late for the boy anyway. And Jesse was right. Everyone left the room. Immediately Jesse left his hideout and ran to the phantom chamber. He remembered how they used it and tried to redo all their actions. Luck was with him today and the phantom chamber was opened soon. The boy inside had lost consciousness what made it difficult for Jesse to bring him out as fast as he could. At first he brought him up to his home where he gave him something to eat shortly after he woke up. The boy asked a lot of questions but Jesse would not answer them. He betrayed Nemesis and that was enough. When the boy, his name was Fireball, as Jesse found out, told that his dad had been a famous Star Sheriff and died during this battle Nemesis and Grammis mentioned Jesse felt sick when but didn't show. Fireball should not know that he was probably his brother. The only thing he should take with him should be the memory that out there in vapor zone were Outriders who liked humans and who were against war, even if it was only him.
During the next hours, he showed his new friend everything he had to know how to fly a space shuttle. Fireball learned pretty fast and Jesse liked that. If he was his brother he was it worth to be saved. Not long after they were on their way to the hangars, Fireball weared an Outrider uniform and helmet now so nobody could recognize him as a human, Jesse realized that all the Outriders were searching for Fireball already. Some of them even asked him.
"I've seen him, if you mean the human boy." Jesse answered. Fireball nodded but didn't take off his helmet.
"I guess he made his way into town to find help there. You know the old people. They are so sentimental sometimes. Perhaps he found help there. Better you check it out."
When they were gone both of them laughed. It was funny to play tricks on others although their situation was earnest.
Both of them prepared the space shuttle and when Jesse watched Fireball leaving the planet he thought that his brother was similar to him. He had the same spirit to become a good pilot.
While watching the space shuttle someone came up to him. Jesse turned immediately.
"Yamuri? You here?"
"You let him free, right? It was you and it was good work."
"But now it's over and you hand me out to Nemesis, right?" Jesse asked angry.
"Why should I?" Yamuri asked confused. "I've got no reason. You did the job very good. Nobody realized and we had not to do it."
"Who is we and why was it so good to free him?"
"Come with me. This isn't a good place to talk about it."
Jesse followed Yamuri into a secret room not far away, which led them down into an underground town.
"We are save here. The Outriders down here are on our side. They belong to a secret group which support the ideals of your dad."
"Really? For how long do you operate in the underground?"
"Since Nemesis thought the human Commander would be dead."
"Why couldn't you involve me then? I know it was too dangerous. I acted in the wrong way and you had no possibility to bring me up here without someone realizing what's going on. Later on you thought I had become like a normal Outrider. But now I proofed that I'm still on the right side."
Yamuri nodded and smiled.
"We don't want Nemesis to realize that our group exists. We have to be careful that's why we have to act like normal Outriders in front of our companions. By the way Nemesis doesn't believe that our group exists and he believes your dad is dead."
"Can I meet him?" Jesse asked carefully.
Yamuri laughed and walked away. Jesse followed him through the town.
"For some time you meet him every day. How shall you know but when they catched you again he finally had the chance to put his hand on you. He got the order. That was his chance."
"But he is an Outrider."
"That's what I'm going to show you. In reality he isn't but noone will ever realize as long as noone discovers this place."
They entered a room in which they found a single phantom chamber. In it Jesse could recognize a human, a human to whom Fireball looked a bit similar. So he was right and Fireball was his brother. But why was his dad in a phantom chamber and why didn't he die.
"This isn't a real phantom chamber Jesse. It just looks like one and can have similar effects but only if you use it wrong. To save your dad he was put in. Some Outriders who were on his side created an Outrider body for him. A clone, which should look similar to him but be an Outrider. They transferred his soul out of his original body into the new one. Now nobody can recognize that our Commander is a human."
"The human boy was my brother, right?"
"I guess so. Your dad wanted us to save him. He will be very proud of you."
"And what about you. Did you grow up here?"
"No. My parents were traitors. I grew up with humans. There are other ways than this to look human for an Outrider or to look like an Outrider for a human. My parents didn't like the war and moved to New Wichita when I wasn't born yet. When I was still young Nemesis found out that they had children and sent his soldiers there to fetch my sister and me. My parents lost their life with saving us and Cavalry Command expelled the Outriders. My sister still lives, without knowing about her ancestors, at our human uncles house. I discovered who I am and well I went with the Outriders the time they attacked us. But I was lucky to meet the right people here. Besides Nemesis wasn't very interested in me. I don't know why. Perhaps I acted in the right way. But I guess you could have acted like you want Nemesis would have been interested in you anyways."
"Because of my past, right?"
Yamuri nodded. "I will tell you more later. We should go now. Someone could search for us and have the wrong thoughts when not finding us." Finally Jesse discovered some secrets of his past and Yamuri thought by himself that it would have been better if they had shown him earlier. Some problems could have been avoided so.
From that time on Jesse and Yamuri met pretty often. They worked it out too that they could train and fight in the same group, for the same Commander.
At first both of them didn't tell anybody of the underground group about what Jesse knew now. It was their secret. Later on Yamuri started to explain Jesse how all the technical things in the underground worked and sometimes they talked untill late night about a secial project Yamuri had on his mind and their Commander wanted to realize with him at once. It was about a planet where Outriders and humans would live together in peace. Of course Jesse liked the idea pretty much and soon he was involved pretty much in the actions of Yamuri's friends.

Chapter 7: The transformation

Jesse was about seventeen years old when he realized that his dad made special arrangements with Nemesis. He was sure that it had something to do with him but when he asked noone wanted to tell him. One day he discovered that some Outriders in the underground were building a twice-phantom chamber. What was the reason for that? Did he do something wrong?
"Jesse, can I talk to you?" the Commander said some days after Jesse discovered the secret.
"Of course. What's the matter?"
"Probably you will have realized already about the twice phantom chamber."
Jesse nodded. Pity that his dad wanted to talk with him only about this. Both of them new about their past but they never spoke about it. For some time Jesse knew about the underground now and he was sure his dad knew that Jesse knew everything about his secret. But they couldn't talk to each other.
"This phantom chamber isn't for punishment Jesse. I guess you know for what reason the first was built. The twice will be built to give you a human body."
"Why?" Jesse asked confused. "I don't need one. I'm lucky with this one and I don't plan to go away from here."
"I want you to become a Star Sheriff Jesse and I made special arrangements with Nemesis. He thinks you are in to spy them out but in reality you are in to learn their ways of fighting and more important their thoughts and feelings. I want you not to become only an Outrider. You're both and you shall stay both. But you can't move to Alamo and start the training when you look like an Outrider. They won't let you. That's why you need, only for that time another body. Do you understand? Do you agree?"
Jesse starred at him amazed. He was allowed to go home. Allowed to have the chance to meet Snake again, to meet humans again.
"Of course I agree. If my new body will look similar to my own one." His dad smiled. "Of course it will. Like mine." Jesse nodded. They didn't talk about it but Jesse was glad to know his dad knew what he knew. Besides he was a bit frightened of the transformation process. Hopefully everything went right.
Jesse himself was allowed to take place while his new body was created. It was interesting to hear more about that and humans and Outriders anatomy. Yamuri and Jesse made some own experiments while they had to wait for the main transformation of Jesse. This times they started to make interesting experiences, which could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Blood could be used as a biological weapon. If you mixed up humans and Outriders blood it caused some reactions, which could kill the organism. Blood started to become hot and could, it was only a theoretical thought, cause a heart attack which lead to death. A fact was that human blood was poison for Outriders and Outrider blood was poison for humans. But how could he exist then, Jesse thought. Probably there were exceptions of the rule. If humans and Outriders would have the same blood group it could be that nothing would happen. But the wrong blood group could cause death. Jesse didn't know yet but those first discoveries would lead him to a dangerous idea, a new project that could be a new hope but also a new threat.
The transformation came up sooner than he thought. Carefully Jesse climbed in the chamber and he had still the bad feeling that it was a mistake, although he was confident about the process. It had worked the last time too. Why shouldn't it work with him? At first Jesse didn't feel anything. Suddenly he felt weak and a strange smell filled the whole chamber. He couldn't breathe anymore. Around him the air was hot and cold. Jesse tried to fight against it but some seconds later he lost his consciousness and woke up again some hours later.
Yamuri and his dad were standing beside his bed. Both of them seemed a bit worried.
"What's the matter with me?" Jesse asked.
"You lost consciousness for some hours. That wasn't a good sign. But it seems as if you are fine again." his dad said.
Jesse smiled. "How do I look like now?" he wondered and stood up to watch himself in the mirror. "I didn't change too much. Just my skin isn't blue any longer. Good work. When do I start training?"
"We have to wait for someone to fetch you and you have to prepare yourself to some questions they will ask you. You've got a new identity now. If you have problems talk to Commander Whitehawk. He knows about the truth. But you can only talk about the truth with him and with noone else. Remember."
Jesse nodded and during the first hours he was awake he had the feeling already that he missed something. The transformation process had turned away something from his soul, but what? He still had feelings, but only less, he still knew his aims but he felt different than before. Like a new person, tougher people, more hard, like an Outrider warrior. They changed him. Nemesis used the transformation to change him. Now he was more Outrider than human although he had a human body. But he felt more like an Outrider. Of course he changed during all those years but now the last phase of changing had begun. He didn't know if this was good or not. At the moment he didn't like it very much cause it confused him and hindered him to concentrate on the training.
Some time later his dad and himself went near new frontier to meet Commander Whitehawk who should fetch Jesse. When they met His dad even embraced the Commander. They must be very good friends. "I'm glad to see that your son wants to become Star Sheriff himself. I'm sure he will finish the training as the best one, like you."
Commander Whitehawk said.
"I hope so. Take care of him. You know that nobody shall find out who he is in reality and for what reason he is in. We should not endanger our project. You know what I mean."
Commander Whitehawk nodded and Jesse realized that he was part of something special nobody had told him yet. That was unfair and he would find out. If his dad didn't want to tell him he would ask Commander Whitehawk later on.
"By the way how are the Star Sheriffs?"
"They are fine. Doing their job pretty good. You can be proud of them. Hopefully you all will meet one day."
"The day we have peace between both races." Jesse's dad said and then he walked back to his space shuttle and flew back into the vapor zone.
During their flight Jesse decided to ask Commander Whitehawk some questions.
"I wonder why nobody told me for what reason I'm in. I just thought that dad wanted me to learn everything about the Outriders and humans cause I'm both."
"That's not all, right. I'm not allowed to answer you but I think you're old enough and you have the right to know."
"I won't tell anybody. I know that all others have to know my new identity, which is not my true one. What about the secret now?"
"According to your dad you're the key to peace."
"Me? He jokes."
"You're both. You belong to both races and that means that it is possible that humans and Outriders can love each other. He has special plans about planets where humans and Outriders live together in peace. Well, he thinks you will help him to realize this cause you will probably consider yourself to both races."
"Of course. But what has this to do with my training? With becoming a Star Sheriff?"
"Not exactly, right. He wants you to become Star Sheriff cause he wants you to get a special order from me then. A secret order. Only few persons will now about it. A few humans will know that you work for the Outriders just to spy them out. You have to be the connection between Cavalry Command and your dad, of whom almost all people think he lost his life."
"I see. It's dangerous you know, cause Nemesis watches me all the time. But I can manage this. I had similar plans already about planets where humans and Outriders live in peace together. Why couldn't he talk with me about it before? Wasn't he sure I would agree?"
"Probably. You behave almost like an Outrider."
Jesse nodded and didn't comment on what the Commander said. He changed into an Outrider but now he had the chance to get his human side back. Nemesis had not won yet.

Chapter 8: The Star Sheriffs

At first Jesse had to undergo the basic training. It was easy for him to learn how to use guns, defend himself, and what else the basic training included. He grew up with Outriders and had to undergo the hard school of Outrider soldiers. As an young Outrider warrior it was easy for him to learn about the human way to fight. What was more difficult for him was to hide his thoughts sometimes but he knew if he would talk to much someone could realize that something was wrong with him. He didn't want to endanger himself and show almost that he was no human. Jesse finished the basical training soon. Commander Whitehawk was proud of him and he liked being the best. After doing special trainings in aeronautical specialist, technology, bomb expert, did all self-defense courses with success he started the Special Agent courses. Besides doing this he tried to find out more about medicine, just for himself. It was his special theme and he took care that only few people new that he started to learn everything about human and Outriders anatomy. Perhaps he could use it one time.
One day Jesse realized that his companions were somehow nervous. Why, he asked himself. The last tests would be soon and then he would finish Special Agent and be a real Star Sheriff. What else could be that was of such an interest? Outriders? No. They had some problems with outlaws out there but that was all. Probably he had not noticed what was going on because he had spent lots of time only with his special courses about anatomy he would not need to do.
A few days later Jesse knew what caused this nervousness. The first Star Sheriff team Cavalry Command had would visit the training center. And Commander Whitehawk wanted him to welcome the Star Sheriffs. He realized that his companions were a bit jealous but he didn't take care. Together with Commander Whitehawk and some high graduated officers at the training center he welcomed them. They were very young, not much older then him. Two of them were even younger. The young boy with the brown hair remembered him to someone. Of course it was Fireball. But Fireball could not recognize him.
Hopefully there would be a time they could talk to each other like brothers. But this time was not the right moment. To dangerous cause he had to go back to the Outriders soon. The girl was really pretty. He had strong feelings for her. Feelings he should not have. It was better if he controlled them and he tried not to meet her to often. In his situation he should not fall in love with her. Besides there was this deep feeling in him which said that she would belong to him. Training together with the Star Sheriffs was great. He admired them, especially Saber Rider. He was a very good leader, a leader Jesse wanted to be once too. Fireball and Colt were similar to him somehow too. He liked Colt cause he knew how to use weapons so well and he was proud of his younger brother who had become a Star Sheriff and was a famous racing driver. Probably he was such a good pilot for the Star Sheriffs then he was for the Outriders too. And April. She was as good as him when they were doing self-defense training together. What a silly guy he was, fell in love with a human girl although he was half an Outrider. That would not take a good end. Besides he realized that April was Fireball's girlfriend already and loved by Saber like a sister already, he still loved her and couldn't control his feelings. They were too strong. It was the first time and cause he never had a mom and never learned what love means and how to show it in the right way he didn't know. When the Star Sheriffs beat up the outlaws near the training center Jesse got a bit jealous of Fireball the first time cause it was him and Saber who saved April. He should have done this to proof her that he was worthy enough to be her boyfriend. But she didn't give him any chance to proof his love.
That was unfair.
Then time came up Jesse had to take his last tests. Commander Whitehawk didn't tell anybody. Jesse became a Star Sheriff one night before the party, which should pass the Star Sheriffs. It was a secret test. Nobody knew.
"Will you tell the Star Sheriffs tomorrow or shall I tell them?" Jesse asked Commander Whitehawk enthusiastic after passing the test.
"You will not be at the party tomorrow, Jesse. I will tell them. You have to go back home."
"What? I won't do that. Dad can't force me. Besides what makes one day more or less?"
"You know it yourself Jesse."
"Will you hinder me? I'm a Star Sheriff now and I wish to be together with my colleagues. Do you understand?"
"I understand and if you really want it, okay. But I warned you. I have no good feeling Jesse and I don't want to loose my best pupil." Jesse didn't understand what Commander Whitehawk meant but soon it would be to late to change the past. He was nervous and excited. At first the party seemed boring to him and he didn't know exactly what to talk with the Star Sheriffs. Most of the time he spent with his companions. He hoped they could help him and tell him how to talk to April. But they were so childish and silly. They could only make jokes and that was something he didn't like. All the time they had to tell how much they liked April but that she would never go with anybody of them. If they had stopped talking perhaps he would never have done what he did. When April went out for toilet he followed her.
His companions hidden behind the door, he walked in. Of course April could hear and see him coming. He didn't care cause he wanted to talk with her, to ask her to dance with him later or something else. But instead he only could say the few words "I love you". She laughed, and suddenly he thought that this laugh meant that she didn't believe him, thought he was joking.
"I'm earnest he said." now a bit angry.
Then everything went to fast, to fast for him. He couldn't control his feelings any longer, hold her by her shoulders and tried to kiss her. That was his fault. While he didn't concentrate but only thought of April and kissing her she managed to push him away. He was thrown against the wall and the same moment the back wall of the room opened. All the people in the dancing hall could see him on the floor, his companions laughing behind the door and April standing in the middle of the room looking very confused. Jesse felt his heart banging fast and he felt more angry then hurt. They laughed about him. He hated them, all those humans who laughed about him. April certainly would think he was an idiot. His eyes glittered when he stood up. All eyes were on him and on April.
One Commander said he should excuse for what he did otherwise he had to go and would no longer accepted in the training center. He should not talk like this to Jesse, not in this situation. Jesse was too angry about his actions and the reaction of all the other people around, especially April's ones that he only heard that he had to go. "I would have quit anyways." Jesse said and left the room. He was too angry to talk. Nobody could fetch him back. He would go now. Go back to the Outriders who were his friends. Rezzl was right when he fetched him a long time ago. He was an Outrider and would never be accepted by humans even if he had a human body. From now on he would be a loyal warrior and do everything to become a good Commander of the Outriders. They were his family. He belonged to them. How could he ever think Fireball was his brother, how could he ever admire those silly Star Sheriffs. In his anger Jesse didn't take care a lot that the Star Sheriff had done nothing. It was the Commander who wanted him to excuse and it were his companions who opened the wall somehow. At the moment he was too much confused to realize the truth and Commander Whitehawk wasn't here for some hours.
Jesse wanted to leave the training center when April came out to talk to him. He didn't want to but he couldn't run away when she wanted to talk to him. Although he didn't turn towards her he listened her.
"They will accept you Jesse if you excuse. There is no need for you to quit. Come back, please."
"And you?" he asked slowly. "Will you accept me too?"
"You can't force love, Jesse." she said. But she didn't answer his question. He wanted to know if she would still be his friend, just his friend, nothing more. She said she would not love him. This moment he wasn't in the situation to think about what she said. He misunderstood her and thought she wouldn't like him any longer for what he did. She didn't want him back. For her it didn't matter if he quit. So he would quit. There was no need for him to come back. He was a Star Sheriff already although he would fight on the other side from now on.
The next day was the last day he saw her for some time. Jesse joined a group of outlaws to steal a space ship and all of them were involved in a battle against the Star Sheriffs. Jesse almost managed to destroy Ramrod and to kill April and Fireball what he didn't mean to. After the accident he left the planet as fast as he could and flew back into vapor zone.
Those last experiences with humans took away his feelings and the less human part in him vanished for some years.

Epilogue: Nemesis´s secrets

The first days after his arrival at Helpereside went by without a word between him and his dad. The reason was that Jesse tried not to meet him but to work hard to become a Commander of the Outriders like Grammis. One day after talking with Nemesis about new projects against the Star Sheriffs Jesse visited his old body again, which was in the phantom chamber in the secret room down there in the underground city. He wanted to find out how to redo the transformation process without telling someone. While he searched for useful materials and books in the room he discovered a hidden door behind the furniture. Curious as he was he had to open it even with force if it was necessary.
The room behind was old and dark, with no windows in it. It smelled terrible inside and there was lots of dust around him. In the middle of the room he could see another phantom chamber, which looked similar to this one his own and his dads own body were in. In the phantom chamber he could see a young Outrider man who weared clothes of which he heard in the history lesson. That Outrider came from the past. On the edge of the phantom chamber someone had written a name. Nemesis. That was his secret. Nemesis transferred his soul out of his body into a machine. Suddenly he could understand Nemesis and the Outriders. In their past terrible wars had destroyed their home planet. That was the reason why they searched for a new home out there. The reason for their lack in feelings was another one.
Probably Nemesis thought that feelings were the reason for the wars and with transferring his soul into a machine he wanted to get rid of his feelings. He thought that the logic way was the better way, what was right. But he could imagine that nobody could live separated of his body for a long time. Feelings weren't too bad but they had to be controlled.
Nemesis. He thought and suddenly he didn't feel alone in the room. Something was in here with him. Something that came out of the phantom chamber was still around the body. It was spooky but it filled him with sorrow, sorrow about his past, a past of which nobody would ever remember. But he could remember the past, the time before he was born again, born as half human half Outrider. Before he was born again he had been an Outrider, he was responsible for what happened to Nemesis and he was the only person who could redo Nemesis transformation process. He and Nemesis stopped the war, which destroyed their home planet. Jesse died within the time but Nemesis could life forever because his soul was transferred into a machine and a cyborg body. Nemesis would never really punish him if he wouldn't betray him, cause Nemesis was his cousin. Not in this life but the last one and Nemesis recognized him. Nemesis knew that he was born twice. He was afraid on the one hand but full of hope for a new beginning on the other hand. They belonged to one family and it was his task to save Nemesis and Nemesis was in danger, in danger of becoming what humans thought he was. So Rezzl was right. Only this time he wasn't angry any longer. It didn't matter for him if humans liked him or not and he would talk with his dad about everything again, perhaps about this too. He felt like an Outrider now, cause he was an Outrider, although an Outrider with a human body and a very strange past. The first person who came back from death, who knew his past life and who could change the future cause he would hinder people to redo the mistakes of the past.
The changing process was finished and he was a real Outrider now. But he was a bit different from his companions; perhaps the reason was his past and the secret he shared with Nemesis.

The End

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