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Dangerous Alliances
By: Yamuri (

Chapter One

The hours went by after the incident in the outrider base on New Wichita but there was no sign of Trista. It was dark already when April finally gave up searching for her. Perhaps one day they would meet again and then they could become real friends. She felt miserable when they left New Wichita but there was nothing she could do. One day April was sure she would get the chance to tell Trista that whatever happened she wanted to be her friend anyways, wanted to be from the first day on and felt sorry for what she did to her.
April new how much she had hurt Trista and she wanted to make it good again but at the moment it looked as if she would never get the chance to do.
While the Star Sheriffs left New Wichita again and the humans took over the empty outrider base Trista was running alone through the woods. She didn't feel the pain of her wounds, only an terrible emptyness in her heart which almost killed her. To avoid the feeling she ran on and on, without having a break. From now on she was alone again. Outhere she had no friends, obviolsy she never had. Perhaps it was the best she would die here in the woods where nobody took notice of her. The night had began already when she was still running. Her eyes were wet but she stopped crying.
Suddenly she saw a strange light in front of her. Light of a house. A big old house in the woods. Trista stopped for a moment and went to the house more careful then. Her wounds started to ache again and she had to sit down beside one of the large trees.
She closed her eyes for a while. From far away she heard a voice. "Look what we have here." strong arms carried her away. Slowly she opened her eyes.
Blue eyes looked down at her. The young man grinned while he carried her in the house and lay her down on a bed. He was definetely a human. His eyes were similar to Jesses, but they weren't as cold as Jesses eyes, and he had a pale skin and light blond hair.
For some moments he watched her when a girl, not much older than herself and a bit younger than the man appeared next to him. She was as pale as him but besides she was pretty. Her long curly black hair fell down her shoulders and war brown eyes looked down to Trista.
"She's not here for meal Spike." She said and sat down beside Trista. "Miss Edith told me you would come. You're weak and you have to stay in bed for a while. We will take care of you untill you feel better." She smiled and the fear Trista felt at first when Spike watched her went away.
"Thank you." Trista managed to say. "I'm..."
"You're name's Trista. Miss Edith told." the girl gave her a small dirty doll.
"Miss Edith will take care of you now. If she's not nice you have to say and she will be punished."
Trista took the doll and looked at it amazed. Why did she always talk about the doll as if the doll was alive? Was she crazy? Then the girl turned to Spike again. "I will healing her wounds. Means no hunting tonight." The blond man nodded.
"I will fetch you something to eat then, Dru." He kissed her and left the room. Drusilla smiled and turned to Trista again.
"Where does it hurt?" she asked.
Trista showed her the wounds and soon Drusilla fetched some strange cremes and medical utensils. It didn't take much time and her wounds didn't hurt anymore. Many parts of her body were covered with bandages but she felt better now. But there was one wound left.
Probably it would hurt for a long time and nobody could heal it.
"Why did you help me? And where I'm?" Trista asked after a while.
"Miss Edith told you would come and we would become good friends. We always take care of our friends and protect them from our enemies."
"Who are your enemies?"
"mmm...." Drusilla touched her head carefully. "Get some sleep now, my friend. You need it. We will talk about it later."
Trista wanted to say something but she realized that Drusilla was right. She was pretty tired and need the sleep. Shortly after Drusilla was gone she fall asleep.
Late at night. The clock showed about five in the morning and it was still dark outside Trista woke up again. From another room she heard laughter. Slowly she stood up and opened the door. It lead into a large hall. Another door was open and she could see into a room which looked like a dining room. Spike was standing near the door and watching Drusilla who stood beside the table. On the table a boy was laying. He was pale and looked somehow dead. What was Drusilla doing with him. Her head was near the boys neck and her hair fell down on his chest so that Trista couldn't see what she was doing.
Suddenly she looked up and starred towards Trista who was still standing in the hall and watching the scenerie. Spike turned around too. His eyes glew angry. But it wasn't the anger in his eyes what frightened Trista. Both of them were changed. Their eyes were yellow, their forehead was changed in a way she couldn't describe and most important there was blood running out of Drusillas mouth. Trista cried in horror and went back to her room but was stopped by Spike.
She tried to free herself but he turned her towards him and forced her to look at him. He looked human again.
"Stop that, immediately. Do you want to live?" Trista nodded. Spike smiled. "Okay. Then listen to me. You will never tell anybody what you've seen okay. Do you understand me?" She nodded again. "When I ever find out you will be dead. I can be very angry. You know I'm nice to you cause Dru wants it. But as long as you're our guest you have to behave. Clear?"
"Let go of her!" Drusilla suddenly appeared behind him.
"I told you what would happen if you didn't lock up the door." Spike said to her with an angry voice.
"She would have found out about us anyways. Beside Miss Edith told me we have to tell her."
Spike let Trista free and went back to the kitchen. The door was closed by him hardly. Trista was still shocked and didn't know what to say. Finally she managed to speak again.
"What...What are you?" she asked.
Drusilla nodded thoughtfully, and lead her the way back to her room.
They sat down on the bed without saying anything for a while. Trista took the doll, named Miss Edith, and handed it over to Drusilla. "She was nice to me."
Drusilla took Miss Edith and smiled at Trista. "Good to hear. Well, you want to know about us. You see, we aren't like you."
"Yeah. You...You ...don't get me wrong. I never saw something like this and I ...Sometimes you hear stories about vampires, you know those about Dracula and... Are you a vampire? A real one?"
"Of course we're. Vampires, Demons, that's what you call us. That's what we're. We need blood to live."
"Why didn't you take my blood? What do you want with me?"
Drusilla looked at her amazed. "You know already. Miss Edith told us you would come and you would need our help. My friend, you're our guest and you will be treated as one."
"Really? You want to be my friend? I...I...."
"Don't speak. I know. Your people didn't treat you very well. They don't understand you. You feel alone, you're hurt and you need friends. Want to be my friend?"
At first Trista wanted to refuse taking Drusillas hand but when she watched in her eyes she saw that Drusilla cared about her. In her live she had seen how cruel humans could be, how cruel outriders could be and how cruel those could be you trusted and considered to be cour friends. She never met a vampire before and according to the stories she read she thought of them by creatures who had no feelings. But in those hours she needed friends the most a vampire like Drusilla was here to help her, to take care of her, to be her friend. This creature wouldn't hurt her, wouldn't betray her. Trista didn't know how she knew. But she never saw in Aprils eyes, cause April always weared those sunglasses. When looking in Drusillas eyes she saw that she could trust this creature more than any human. What she saw in Drusillas eyes, she never saw in the eyes of any human or outrider. Then Drusilla embraced her.
"I will talk to Spike. He shouldn't be mad at you tomorrow. But now we have to go sleeping. Soon it will be morning and ..."
"I know." she said. "Sunlight can kill you. I will take care of both of you, okay."
Drusilla grinned. "I knew you would Trista. I'm going to tell you more about us tomorrow. By the way if you are hungry we have food and water in the kitchen. Don't laugh even vampires are able to eat normal food. Spike likes it very much." With those words she left Trista. When she was gone Trista went out again. The boy in the kitchen was gone. Spike carried him away. But Trista wasn't able to eat something now. She would have the whole day to think about what happened the last hours. It was so strange. Almost not believeable.
Could it be a dream?

Chapter Two

But it was reality. Spike and Drusilla were real vampires, creatures of the night. Immortal beeings who could only be killed by sunlight.
Holy water, crosses, pegs and a lack of blood consume could hurt them badly too, sometimes even kill them. But in general most of those stories were fantasy, that they couldn't see crosses or that they didn't like garlic for example. Besides they could even drink water and eat food like herself. Sometimes Spike had dinner with her and she liked the way he treat her. As if she was someone special.
Everywhere were candles to make it more romantic and after dinner he danced with her like he often did with Drusilla in the morning after they went outside for hunting. Trista always managed to avoid seeing them fed from humans. She didn't like it but on the other hand she understood they needed the blood to survive. It was nice to dance with him. She always thought of Jesse when dancing with Spike. Of course she never told him. The only one she talked to about what happened before she was on the run through the woods was the doll Miss Edith of whom she had to take care during the day. But sometimes in the evening she had the strange feeling that Drusilla seemed to know exactly what happened to her although she never mentioned it.
After a while Trista wondered if they were going to make her one of them one day but somehow they seemed to have forgot that she was human.
One day, before standing up Trista heard Spike and Drusilla speaking in the hall.
"Spike you have to believe. Miss Edith told me. I know she was bad today and will be punsihed but Angel is in danger. I know it. We have to tell Trista about it finally. Miss Edith told me she would help."
"No. We can't talk to her Dru and you know that."
"She's our friend."
"She's more than that already, although I never thought something like that would ever happen at first. She almost belongs to us. But she isn't one of us."
"My Spike, you also know that Miss Edith knows the truth about future."
"I know that almost all your dreams are true. But I worry about you Dru. I also worry about Angel. But you don't feel good enough again and your little sister isn't doing alright again too. We can't risk your lives with going on a journey. It will take us lots of time to find Angel and we will probably have to fight. You don't know how much enemies we have to fight against, do you?"
"Miss Edith told me only about the strange project. About a new race they want to create and that they want to use my Angel. We have to find him soon and not only him. Lot's of people are in danger. Nature's balance is in danger. Spike..."
"It's okay Dru. Everything will be alright. I'm talking to her tonight. Agree?"
"Oh Spike, I knew you would do. We will find Angel soon, Miss Edith. Did you hear? Spike will take care of the matter."
Then Trista heard doors open and close and it was silent again. What was going on she wondered and what did she have to do with the vampires problems. But Spike called her Drus little sister. Trista smiled to herself. He considered her to belong to their family even she wasn't one of them. If she could help them she would try. In the evening she found Spike sitting alone in the kitchen. Drusilla had left already to get tonights dinner. Trista avoided thinking about it. She always felt sick when she remembered the boy on the table.
"What's the matter? You look so sad tonight."
Spike looked at her confused. He didn't hear her coming in. Then he smiled but it was a weak and sad smile.
"Well, I heard you talking in the morning. Dru can see in the future right? She always says it is Miss Edith who talks to her but in reality..."
"Stop that." Spike interrupted her. "Don't talk about Miss Edith and about her abilities. And if you ever say she is insane..."
"Sorry. I didn't want to hurt you. I know that you love her very much."
He looked at her again. "You know?"
Trista sat down beside him. "Of course. Everyone can see that. She also knows it I'm sure."
Spike nodded. "Love can hurt very much, you know."
"I know from experience."
"Yeah, Dru told me about it. It must be very hard for you. If the one you love didn't respect your feelings and only pushed you away. Be sure, one day he will realize what he had with you." Spike touched her shoulder gently and their eyes met for some moments.
"You think so?" she had her doubts about that.
"Pretty sure. Always stand by him and show him you care even if he doesn't. One day when he's alone and you're still there he will realize that you're the one who is a real friend."
Spike grinned and stood up. "It's not like with me and Dru. It's much easier you will see. Demons have more problems with this love thing I would say."
"She also loves this guy named Angel, right."
"Oh yes, he's her sire. It was him who drove her insane before making her a vampire. I don't understand why she loves him so much. He killed her family and then he tortured her untill he made her like him. She had those abilities before already. She's something special to me. I don't like the Miss Edith game, but I don't show it like Angel always does. Sometimes I hate him but I also admire him.
Perhaps you understand. You also love a man who doesn't treat you like he should."
Trista nodded, she could imagine the case very good. "And you care so much about Angel cause you love her? You would do anything for her, right?"
"I would do everything for her and also for Angel. I was made by both of them. Dru drank my blood and Angel gave me his blood. That's how I was made. Don't ask me about the details. I don't want to remember this time."
"Well, according to what Dru said in the morning I can help you with something. What's it."
Spike looked at her amazed. She changed the theme as fast as he often did when he realized he became to emotional. As time went by he liked the girl more and more.Right now he had to be honest he considered her to a part of his life. It was not like it was with Dru. He loved Trista, but not in the way he loved Dru, more in the way he loved Angel. Like being her brother, like he was Angels brother, Angels mate.
When he saw her the first time he only saw a meal in her, then she was Drus friend and a trublesome guest. But suddenly his attitude changed. After he talked to her for the first time and after they danced in the early night. Somehow it had been as if she was a part of their little family now and somehow it was logic she would ask about Angel and would care about them. Dru had known that, Dru often knew what would happen. And if she was right about the project, all of them were in danger. He had to tell Trista even he didn't know how she should help them.
"Listen. Dru is pretty sure that there exists a group of scientists who work at a dangerous project. According to Dru they kidnapped Angel. I think it can also be that Angel only wanted to get rid of us and left us. But she's sure he is in danger."
"Where did Angel leave you?"
"We lost him somewhere near the outrider base not far away from here. The one you came from. At first we thought outriders could have something to do with it but Dru told me they brought Angel away. I ask who are they? She say the scientists, those who work at the project, the project to create a new race. Something half human, half vampire, half machine and half outrider. A super being, a new kind of soldier."
"How does she know?"
"Miss Edith told her. ...After Angel vanished her strange dreams about the project started. And also dreams about your coming and heloing us. Don't get it wrong now. She always does what Miss Edith tells her and she really cares about you."
Trista nodded thoughtfully. Spike walked nervously through the room."I have an idea."
"What?" and he turned back to Trista.
"We call the Star Sheriffs. We have to tell them. They can help us."
"Are you crazy?" he shouted at her. "When they discover what we are they will start to hunt us like they hunt those outriders."
"But we have the same enemy. Listen Spike, I wouldn't tell you if I wasn't sure that they could and would help us. They hurt me once very badly but besides I trust in them. I believe in them. They only want peace. And by the way I won't tell them what you're and they won't ask or realize untill you show them."
"And why do we sleep the whole day and be awake in the evening? How do you explain that to them?"
"There are humans who have an illness that they can't go into the sunlight too. Really. I can manage that they will believe me. You have only to take care they won't see you when feeding."
Spike grinned. "You don't like it, hm."
"I always get sick when thinking about it."
"Okay, I know we can trust you but besides I'm not sure we can trust those Star Sheriffs. I don't know them, I never cared about them.
They use the day. We use the night and that's why we don't meet outriders too often. You see, we don't have to think about the outriders."
"But you do, right?"
"But only cause if they kill all humans we would have to feed from the animals. The nature's balance has to be kept. We need humans to live but when there aren't any humans anymore...."
"You could fed from the outriders."
Spike laughed. "Oh no. We aren't outrider vamps. We all were humans before and if we would ever feed of an outrider. Some tried already. Outriders blood can be a poison. The outriders don't know about it but they could use their blood as some sort of biological weapon as well as humans could do. Only if you have the same blood group it doesn't matter to mix up humans and outriders blood. And when do you have such a luck."
"Well, then the Star Sheriffs are your friends, aren't they?"
"In some way you're right. Okay, you can manage that but that doesn't mean I trust them. I will watch all of you carefully. And if something goes wrong some people will die, you understand."
"Sure. Everything will be alright."
Spike turned towards the door and shook his head. "I really don't know why I'm doing this. I must be as crazy as Dru." With those words he vanished into the night.

Chapter Three

The next few days Trista spent in town again. Her relationship to her relatives was as bad as before and she decided only to stay as long as necessary. Finally she got a response from Cavalry Command that the Star Sheriffs were on their way to New Wichita again. She would meet them at the woods. When they arrived she wondered why April didn't come with them. Could it be she felt too bad because of what she did to her. On the way to Spikes and Drusillas residence she didn't talk much with them. She only informed Saber Rider about Spike and Drusilla, their illness of not beeing able to go outside during daytime and of the fact that Drusilla had some interesting informations for him and was searching for help. Trista also told Saber that Drusilla and Spike agreed when she came up with the idea of asking the Sheriffs for help. Colt made some jokes about what happened some weeks ago and that this time she wouldn't have seen them as her friends but she stayed silent. Saber looked at him angry and Colt stopped talking for the rest of the way. And when they arrived he didn't manage to say something cause auf Drusilla. But Spike would be always near her so that Colt could see she was his. As always Saber showed himself as a noble gentleman who knew how to treat others in the correct way. Fireball and Colt seem like little boys beside him, Spike thought by himself. I will have to be careful with the cowboy and the race boy. They could be troublemakers and that's not what I'm looking for. We have enough trouble right now.
"Trista told me already that you asked for help. I have to apologize we didn't manage to come immediately but we have some interior problems which still keep us very busy.Besides we will do our best to help you." Saber said after Trista introduced them to Spike and Drusilla.
They were sitting around a long table in the dining room. Drusilla had prepared a nice dinner for their guests. "You're right, we need you help. The matter is very serious and important for humanity. We know about an organisation which aims are to create a new race. It shall be a mixture of humans, outriders and machine, a super being. A being which shall unite Outriders and Humans but also take their place. Humans and Outriders wouldn't be of any necessity. The new race shall replace both races. You understand the new race would rule over humans and outriders."
"I'm sure you heard that people are disappearing alread?" Spike interrupted her and turned to the Star Sheriffs with his question.
"Yeah, we know." Colt said.
"April vanished." Fireball said slowly.
"April?" Trista wondered. "She disappeared? That's why she didn't come with you."
"She disappeared not long after the incident on New Wichita." Then Saber turned to Spike and Drusilla again. "But how did you get to know about such a project?"
Drusilla wanted to answer but Spike interrupted her before she could say something wrong. It was better the Sheriffs didn't know about Drusillas abilities and Miss Edith. They wouldn't believe an insane woman. "We get to know from my brother Angel." Spike said. Drusillas and his eyes met for a moment and she knew it was better if Spike talked to the Sheriffs from now on. "Shortly before he vanished he called us. He wanted to tell us about this weird story. We came here to meet him and get to know about a strange project he found out about. We only know what he told us and what Dru told you already. Angel didn't tell us much more. Then he went out into the night to search for some evidences. But he never came back with a proof. Well, maybe there is a connection between Angels and Aprils disappearance."
Saber nodded. "That means he get lost in this area."
"Yeah. Think so. And what happens now. Trista said you would help us but to me it looks as if you can't solve your own problems."
"Hey!" Colt said a bit angry. Spike grinned evily.
"I would say we have similar problems. It's the best to work together."
Drusilla nodded and whispered to Spike. "I knew they would come and we would search for Angel together."
Fireball watched them suspicious.
"Miss Edith told again, right. And what else did she tell you about the Sheriffs?" Spike asked.
His girlfriend smiled. "We will find them and we have a happy dinner."
Spike laughed but became serious again immediately. "They aren't dinner, yet. I will fetch something for us so we survive the flight. Aren't you curious about it."
"It will be great. But why can't I have the cowboy for dinner?"
"Cause they would refuse helping us then. And now be quiet."
For some moments he watched Fireball but race boy didn't stare at him as if he was a ghost Spike turned to Drusilla again who started talking with the cowboy. Spike didn't like the way Colt looked at his girlfriend. Trista, Fireball and Saber continued talking about their problems.
"I think it's great that we met again." Fireball said. "Well, it would be better if not such problems would be the reason again. But it's good to know you're fine again. April worried about very much when you left so fast last time."
Trista nodded. "I need time to think about everything. I felt alone and betrayed. My life lost ist sense and then I met them. They care about me. Perhaps you're suspicious cause they act a bit strange sometimes and cause of their illness. But they are okay, really."
"You trust them?" Fireball asked.
"Of course. When I need help they cared about me and I'm glad that I can help them now too."
"Trista, do you know if the outriders could have something to do with the project Drusilla was talking about?" Saber wondered.
"Oh, no. I'm sure they have nothing to do with it. But perhaps...There is another base on New Wichita. It's a secret base. I dunno what they're doing in there but perhaps they didn't hear already that I broke up with Jesse. I know where it is. I could go in and search for informations. I know some of the outriders there. Perhaps they know something."
"What? You still believe in the outriders? After what Jesse did to you?" Fireball shouted.
"Hey! Don't talk to her like that!" Spike interrupted their conversation. "If you're better than the outriders you should be more tolerant and accept other opinions, don't you think so?"
Saber smiled a bit. Fireball often was impulsive and Spike was right. "Do you think you could really manage that, Trista. If it is to dangerous we should..." Saber said but was interrupted by Trista.
"Sorry to interrupt you. But it's really okay. Some of them are my friends. Yes, I still consider them to be my friends after all. Let me try it. They won't kill me. I'm sure."
"That's our girl." Spike smiled. "I like that attitude. Brave as always." Trista smiled embarrassed. Somehow Spike was similar to Jesse, although he was completely different from Jesse on the other hand.
Of course Saber didn't want any risks. That was why he gave Trista the same transmitter he gave April when she went with Trista into Jesses outrider base some weeks ago.They could always hear what was going on while she was in the base. And when she got problems they could help immediately. The secret base Trista was talking about was several miles away. That was why they had to use Ramrod. Trista worried a bit about the vampires health before the flight but Spike told her he fetched some animal blood for the trip already.
"I never thought you could drink cold animal blood?" Trista wondered.
"Well, it doesn't taste as good as warm human blood and it's not very healthy but we will survive."
"It doesn't kill you?"
"Why should it? We aren't like those vampires from the Anne Rice novel and by the way vampire Lestat even survived when drinking blood from the dead. By the way the animal blood isn't dead blood, it's nly cold and preserved in these little boxes." And he showed her some strange bottles in which he had put the blood.
"Looks like juice." She said.
"We won't risk the Star Sheriffs find out about us."
"Hmmm...why don't you take me. I mean you have not to kill those of whom you feed, right?"
Spike laughed. "I never heard someone say I could feed from her willingly. You're funny." He shook his head and wanted to leave but was stopped by Trista.
"Why would you refuse?"
He watched her earnest. "I told you already. You seem not to know. You aren't a normal human. I can smell your blood and I smell it's not human blood. It smells similar to outrider blood."
"What?" she was pretty shocked by his words. "No, I can't be ..."
"An outrider? You have not to believe me, but I know that your blood would be poison for me. I didn't realize the first time cause I was too hungry. But I had much time to watch you. Thank Dru that she didn't let me taste from you."
"Are you sure?" she sobbed. Spike took her in his arms and caress her head.
"I'm sure, luv. Wouldn't say so otherwise. Don't be sad. Everything will be alright soon."
"Nothing will be alright." She said. Tears were running down her face.
"Come on stop that. Where is the brave girl we saw the last days. You will get over it."
"But what I'm? Where do I belong too? Am I an experiment? Was I created by..."
"You belng to those you love. It doesn't matter what you're but who you are. Understand?"
Trista nodded. "How could that happen? You said human blood and outrider blood doesn't fit together?"
"Ask me something easier."
"Hey what's going on here." Colt interrupted their conversation. "I thought Dru is your girlfriend."
"Shut up cowboy!" he said angry. "Don't you see she's feeling bad. And cause all of you only think of yourself I have to take care of her. Dru and me are her only friends."
"We are her friends too." Fireball walked up to them. "What happened?"
"It's nothing." Trista said. "When can we go?"
"When Drusilla is finish we can go." Fireball said, still watching Spike with suspicious eyes. This guy was somehow strange and Fireball didn't feel well near him. He was not sure if he was the right friend for Trista, but somehow it seemed as if Dru and him really cared about Trista. Perhaps it was wrong that he had prejudices only cause Dru and Spike had this illness, that they could only be outside at night. Somewhere he heard about this desease already. It was very seldom. But Fireball was suspicious too cause of the strange talks between Dru and Spike. Both of them were strange. And he promised himself to find out within the time, what was wrong with them.

Chapter Four

On their way to a hideut near the secret outrider base Fireball tried to spy after Spike and Dru but he didn't manage to find out much.
Only that they were drinking a strange red juice and that their rooms were completely dark during the day. Saber and Trista talked about their plans for hours and Colt couldn't help himself but tried to get near Dru all the time. Everything was prepared when Trista was on their way to the secret base some time later. Who would have thought what a brave woman Trista was. Well she was trained to be a security officer. Trista felt a bit frightened when she came near the base. If the outriders knew already that she wasn't Jesses girl anymore it could have a bad end. But then an idea came to her mind. Didn't Spike say she was half outrider? Perhaps that could be an advantage. When she reached the main gate she was stopped by two outrider soldiers. "Who are you and what are you doing here?"
Her heart started to beat wildly but she tried to stay calm. "I'm Trista Derringer. You should better know me. If you act in such a stupid way again in front of me I'm going to tell Commander Blue."
One of the soldiers went back some steps and whispered. "She is Jesses new girlfriend."
"Don't joke. Jesse has no girlfriend since some weeks. She must be the one who betrayed him. You are stupid to come here after what you did."
He went towards her with his gun pointing at her. "Are you crazy. I'm going to tell Jesse and now let me go in immediately." Her voice almost broke but she stayed cool.
The soldiers started to argue and were talking to colleagues by their two way radios when a young man came out of the base. He weared a red overall, his brown hair hang over the left side of his face and his eyes watched both soldiers angryly.
"Now, stop that. Why didn't you inform me immediately instead of asking everyone who she is? I'm the leader in this base and not Jesse, although he's my friend. Trista didn't betray Jesse, you have to know. It was April. By the way, Trista is my sister and she's an outrider like you and me. Don't treat her like that only cause she looks like a human." Then he turned to Trista and smiled. "Well, what did bring you down here. I never thought you would come back after all."
"Yamuri." She said slowly. "Well, I...I think I have to accept and face what I'm."
"Think so too." He said and embraced her. Then both of them entered the base.
"So, how come that you changed your mind? Want to join our group?"
"It's a long complicated story. I can't tell you everything now and I'm sorry I mainly came cause I need your help."
Both of them sat down in Yamuris office.
"Hey I'm your brother. I always will be. It doesn't matter to me what you do and on whose side you're. What's your problem? I will see if I can help."
She smiled. "Thanks. I'm really glad to have you. Perhaps I should have asked you for help before I asked the Star Sheriffs."
"What?" he looked at her shocked. "They know of this base?"
"They know but don't worry. I will tell them about you and the rebells and they will understand. I'm sure. They aren't as bad as Jese always said. And Jean was only mad with Colt cause he almost killed his Annabelle. You remember."
Yamuri nodded thoughtfully. "It was a risk for you to come here. I guess it's the best you tell me from the beginning."
"Okay. I will make it short. I was very down after leaving Jesses base. Somehow I get lost in the woods. I wanted to die and my life had lost its sense but then I met Spike and Drusilla." Trista hated it to lie to her brother but she promised Spike not to tell anybody, besides she had to be carefuly cause of the transmitter. "Spike and Dru have a seldom illness. They can only go out in the night. Well, when I need someone they were there for me. I didn't want to come to you, I even didn't knew that you would be here. Dru told me about the disappearance of Spikes brother Angel some time ago. And she also told me that she believed that Angel in in danger. According to Spike and Dru Angel found out something about an organisation which wants to ...."
"To create a mixture of human, outrider and machine right." Yamuri finished what Trista started to say.
Trista nodded. "But how do you know about it?"
Yamuri smiled. "We have our spies and for some time we know that Nemesis arranged an alliance between human scientists and his best scientists. Nemesis is bored by the war you have to know. He wants something new. Something powerful."
"What will the rebells do against it?" Trista asked.
"At the moment we just spy them out. I sent Calibos to Yuma, where the headquarters of this new organisation is. He should be back soon."
"You know where it is?"
"Not yet. Calibos is on his mission to find out about the place and what's going on there. Well, it wasn't such a bad idea to call the Star Sheriffs."
"Why? At first you were mad cause your mission is probably in danger."
"No. My mission here is finished. We will leave this place soon. As soon as Calibos is back. Then Calibos and me are meeting with Jean."
"Shouldn't we tell the Sheriffs about the rebells. In that matter you could work together."
"That's to risky Trista. Nemesis could find out about us easyly. We have to stay in the underground and have to act secret. But I can give you all informations you need. But if the Sheriffs should fail in this matter don't hesitate to call us. You know the number of my two way radio?"
"You would do that?"
"Of course. What Nemesis is doing isn't for peace, but for a new much more terrible war. You see Nemesis is somehow immortal and to life forever can be very boring. He knews almost everything, that's why he comes up with such crazy ideas. But sooner or later we find a way to help him. At the moment Jean arrange the first steps towards peace."
"Great, what's he doing."
"Better not talking about unfinished projects. To your problem again. I will help you. But I have a request for you too. Manage that the Star Sheriffs let us finish our mission. We aren't here for to cause problems and we want peace. As soon as Calibos is here you will get all infos you need and we will leave the planet again. You know this base is secret and whatever we do here, we don't involve humans. I trust you Trista."
Trista nodded. "I promise to do my best and I hope the Star Sheriffs won't disappoint you. I thank you so much that you help us. I wish Cavalry Command could work together with the rebells." She stood up, embraced her brother and left.
"Humans wouldn't understand our history. They even don't believe in legends and special abilities." Yamuri said to himself when she was gone.
"And what will the Star Sheriffs say when they find out about the experiment of the initiative." Yamuri looked up amazed. He didn't hear Calibos enter the room. "I didn't thought you would be back so soon."
Calibos looked at him earnest. "The Star Sheriffs know about the base, right?"
"They know. But we will be gone soon. There aren't many people left here. They won't make any problems. Trust me. What did you discover?"
"The headquarter is on planet Yuma, near a town called Sunnydale. Detailed information about the initiative, the position and its members are on this disk." He handed it over to Yamuri.
"I transferred all the data to my head when I was on Yuma and when being back I transferred it to a disk again. You can watch it carefully and show it to the rest of your group. Well, that's all by now. I will stay in contact with you. But I have to leave again, Nemesis called for me and if I'm not punctual you know he won't be happy."
"Yeah, I know. Thanks a lot for the infos. We can use them." Yamuri stood up and they shake their hands. "Bye then and good luck."
Some time later a young man reached Ramrod. All of them were amazed how he found Ramrod. Another surprise, in the Sheriffs eyes, was that the outriders kept their promise and while they were talking to the young man started leaving the planet.
Trista was confused when seeing the man. He looked like Yamuri, except that he looked human. Before talking to the Sheriffs he went outside to talk only to Trista.
"Who are you?" she asked confused.
"Your brother. You see, I used a special creme to look human. It's easy. By the way I have some time left untill I meet with Jean and the rest of us. That's why I decided to come myself and hand over the info you need to you."
"Well, I managed that the Sheriffs give the outriders some time to leave the planet."
"Thanks. They started already. On this disk, it's a copy of the original, you will find what you need. But I would like talking to the Sheriffs myself too. If you don't mind."
He grinned. "Of course you can. Maybe you can also tell them more about the rebells."
"We will see. Who is that? He's been watching us fo a while." Yamuri said while pointing at Spike who was standing at the entrance to Ramrod.
"It's Spike. One of my new friends."
"May I ask you a question before we enter?"
"What do you know about our parents? Were we experiments?"
For some moments Yamuri just looked at her. "Well, I can't remember everything from the time I were at home. But my stepfather told me our parents were rebells themselves. Our dad was a human and mom an outrider. She left the outrider planet cause she fell in love with a human. So, don't worry. We aren't experiments. Our parents wanted us and they loved us, I'm sure." He smiled at her and lay his arm around her shoulder. She looked up at him happily.
When they entered Ramrod Spike joined them. "Thanks for helping my sister." Yamuri said to him. Spike smiled, but said nothing. He had realized that Yamuri was half an outrider when watching them already. The Sheriffs wouldn't realize what Yamuri was in reality. But there was something Spike worried about for some time already. Fireball spied after them and if race boy was good he could manage to find out about Spike and Drus true nature. That would make things complicated and Spike wanted to avoid troubles. They had had enough problems the last time. There was no need of more.

Chapter Five

Yamuri talked to the Sheriffs for a long time and told them lots of stuff about the rebells. Spike realized that the Sheriffs weren't quite sure if they could believe him and they informed Yamuri about their bad experiencees with outriders. The Sheriffs were willing to learn that not all outriders were enemies but beside everybody should be carefuly and who knew if the so called rebells didn't only abuse the humans trust. Also Yamuri realized that it would be really difficult to convince the Sheriffs but he had done much with telling them a bit about the rebells already. Now it was their turn. Saber offered him to come with them to Yuma but Yamuri explained that he couldn't go with them. He wouldn't tell them his reasons but he would contact them again. They got all the information they needed and he wished them good luck for their mission. Then he left them. Saber was still suspicious. Something was wrong with this human. And besides he thought a lot about what they had heard over the transmitter when Trista went into the outrider base. Fireball and Colt seemed not to care but before talking to them he would have a talk with Trista. And then they would check out the disk.
"Trista." He said. "We have to talk. The man you met in the outrider base said you were an outrider and he called you his sister like the man who came to bring us the disk."
Trista starred at him shocked. What should she say. He was about to find out about her secret.
"We're your friends Trista. I won't punish you for anything you didn't. You grew up with humans?"
Trista nodded. "I don't consider outriders to be my family Saber. But the truth is that I'm half an outrider like my brother Yamuri. The man from the base and the one who came to bring us the disk were one and the same."
"I understand. Did he also..."
"He did. But when I was younger he vanished. It's a long and sad story. I don't want talking about it now. Besides we have more important things to do now. Perhaps Yamuri and me are only products of this initiative."
"No. I don't think so. I believe that some outriders could really be our friends and that a group of rebells could exist. By the way I became a Star Sheriff cause I wanted to bring peace and freedom to the galaxy."
"So you won't tell anybody what I'am?"
"If you don't want to, no. I keep your secret save."
Trista smiled. "Thank you." They went back into the conference room. "I can always talk to you about everything." Saber nodded. "You're a friend like Spike." She said.
The infos on the disk were amazing. As Yamuri told already the headquarter of the initiative was placed near a town called Sunnydale, on planet Yuma. Outrider scientists and human scientists were working down there together. Nemesis himself was the one who organized and financed the whole research work project. On the disk they could also find detailed infos about where and how the building was built. This knowledge could be of advantage cause they had to plan how to get in and out of the building again. But the most interesting stuff was the one about the experiments.
It was almost not believable. They wanted to create a creature half human, half machine and half demon, whatever could be understood by demon.
While Saber, Colt and Trista read through the infos of several experiments and found out about some names of the scientists and victims Fireball went out again. He had an idea what was meant by "demon". And know he would see what he could find out. He didn't want to talk with Colt and Saber about his thoughts cause he wasn't sure if he was right or if it was wrong alarm and there was nothing wrong with their guests. Besides he knew that Colt liked Drusilla very much and tried to spend lots of time with her. And cause Drusilla also seemed to like him Spike started to act more friendly towards Colt.
Drusilla and Spike were sleeping right now. Yamuri had come in the early morning when it had been dark outsider and Spike and Drusilla were still awake. But it would be midday soon and they had gone to bed when the sun was rising. Fireball went into their room silent. He had to manage they didn't wake up. For some time he had watched their sleep rythm and now he knew when it was the best time to come in without waking them up. Carefully he went to the cupboard and opened it. As fast as he could he grabbed after one of the bottles, closed the door behind him and went out of the room. Not much time later Spike woke up. Somebody had been in the room. Spike could still smell that it must been race boy. Shit, he thought. When would the boy finally stop spying after them. He went up without waking Drusilla and left the room. Soon he reached Fireballs room. Race boy was sitting inside at his desk and he had one of their bottles with blood. The door was opened hardly and Fireball starred at Spike who was entering.
"Spike....ähm....what's up?" he managed to say.
With an angry look on his face Spike closed the door behind him and walked over to Fireball who was still starring at him frightened.
"You always spy after your friends?" he asked.
Fireball shok his head. "No, sorry. I didn't mean to..."
"Make me angry? You did. And now it's your problem you understand."
"What do you want?"
"What I want?" Spike laughed. "I want back what's mine." He grabbed for the bottle.
"Well, now you have it back. I promise I won't do it again."
"What can I give on your promise, race boy. What did you want with the bottle? There is nothing in it for you."
Fireball looked down on the floor. "I know I shouldn't do that. But I did. I just wanted to find what's wrong with both of you."
"So. Why have all people prejudices about us? Is it our fault we are children of the night? What did you discover so important now?!" his voice was still angry.
"I'm sorry. I said that already. But I know what you're now. It's still hard to believe but it's the reason why you can't go out into the sunlight. It would kill you, right?"
Spike grabbed Fireball on his arms and pushed him to the wall. "And what I'am you would say now." He asked. Fireball was frightened a lot now, with Spike standing in front of him and no way for him to escape.
"If my friends find out...."
"If you tell them you're dead. But unlike me you will stay dead."
"You're vampires."
Spike grinned and vamped out. "You're so right. And do you know what, you will be dinner."
Fireball shook his head. "No. No, stop it. We can talk about it. You still have those bottles of blood. You don't need me and beside you need us alive."
Spike in his human look again laughed. "How easy it is to frighten you. Well, you're right. I don't need your blood, it only tastes better and besides I can also bring you back to be like me.
But...Perhaps I should hand you over to Dru."
"I promise Spike. I won't tell anybody about your secret. I really promise. You can trust me. But don't make me a vampire. I don't want to life forever."
"Lifing forever can be much fun sometimes." Spike said, walked over to the desk again and sat down on it.
"Yeah. But I prefer to be mortal you see. Can we be friends again."
The vampire smiled at him. "Okay. But I will be watching you. One mistake."
"Sooner or later they will find out Spike. The organisation which was responsible for the disappearance of your brother make experiments. And my friends know because of the infos this guy handed over to us that some scientists want to create a being half outrider, half human, half machine and half vampire, half demon."
"I know they will find out one day. But not now. And maybe they will never find out. They can only guess. You're the only one who saw and know it now." Then he pat on Fireballs shoulder friendly and left the room again. Shortly before he vanished he looked back over his shoulder.
"Besides how could I kill the new love of my Drus little sister."
"What?" Firebal said, but Spike was gone already. He knew Spike considered Trista to be Drusillas sister but he never thought Trista could fall in love with him? She never acted like that. Probably it was just one of Spikes silly jokes.
What a stupid human. If they wanted to they could kill them immediately but he would keep the promise he gave to Trista. Only if Fireball made more problems he would have to make him a vampire. The boy was right, they needed their help. But the organisation was a danger not only for vampires.
Later on Drusilla and Spike get to know all the details about the initiative too and soon the Sheriffs were on their way to Yuma. Spike also talked with Drusilla about the incident with Fireball but she only said Miss Edith had told her the Sheriffs were friends and they could trust them. Although she would like to have Colt for dinner.
Afterwards we are going to make all of them one of us, Spike thought by himself. Then his dark princess would get what she wanted but first they had to destroy the initiative. But although Spike seemed to be confident about their plans there was still something left he worried about. The Slayer and her friends. He remembered the time he moved to Sunnydale with Dru cause he wanted to restore her health. It hadn't worked that easyly. Buffy had been their problem, Buffy the vampire slayer.
She was after them from the time on he tried to kill her for the anointed one but failed. Later on he became the new master cause he killed the anointed one, who wanted to punish him cause he failed with killing Buffy. When he managed to restore Drus health with Angels help and Angel lost his soul again all of them were after Buffy again.
A long time ago not long after Angel and Dru made Spike Angel was cursed with a soul for having killed the familiy of a gypsy girl and the girl as well.
Untill Angel met Buffy and they fell in love for each other Angel had a soul and seperated himself from his childs Drusilla and Spike. But Buffys and Angels love broke the curse and Angel became the vampire he once was again. It was Angel who planned to kill Buffy then but there were still feelings for her in him. Lots of fights against the Slayer and her friends followed. Buffy almost won. Then before she could kill Angel and Drusilla Spike made a deal with her, he helped her with something and he promised her to never come back to Sunnydale if she let all of them go. And now he had to come back. He didn't meant to and he wouldn't broke his promise if Angel had not disappeared.
Why had this initiative to be near Sunnydale? It wasn't enough that they had to deal with the Initiative and the Star Sheriffs, no they had also to deal with the slayer and her friends. Well, somehow he liked meeting her again. What a easy way to break his promise. He would also see her little friend Willow again. The redhead was really sweet. Should have made her one of us the last time, Spike thought by himself. But he was to obsessed by Drusilla that time and worried to much about Angels relationship to Buffy. Well, sooner or later they would have come back to Sunnyhell anyways. From the first day on after they left the hellmouth Spike realized that Angel had missed her. In the beginning he was angry with him but cause they didn't manage to kill the slayer and destroy the world but then he had changed. Perhaps the demon had realized that not only the soul had loved Buffy and that their unlife would be very boring if there were no humans and especially no slayer anymore. And right now Spike even wouldn't mind anymore if Angel would be together with Buffy again and if all of them would fight on one side with the slayer. Perhaps it was the age that changed all of them within the time. Humans changed a lot in their lifes and vampires, who lived much longer, did more often of course.
Fireball was still afraid of Spike and avoided talking to him for the next few days. Spike always grinned at him evily when they met. He didn't make Trista one of them Fireball realized. Why he asked himself. But at the moment he didn't find the courage to talk to Spike and if he would talk to Trista about it he didn't knew what Spike would do then. And then there was this one sentence about Trista being in love with him which kept him thoughtful and because of which he refused talking to Trista. He loved April and he wouldn't take the next girl during the time April was away. That was Colts behaviour, not his.
Besides his friends also kept him busy cause they had to plan what to do. Saber decided that their mission had to be secret cause they couldn't know exactly who knew about the project and if high ranked officers of cavalry command knew about it too. They only told a worried Commander Eagle that they were going to find his daughter as soon as possible.

Chapter Six

The same time in Sunnydale. About two years passe by after Angel, Spike and Drusilla had left Sunnydale. At first it had been terrible for Buffy. She still loved Angel even if he lost his soul but she had todafter Angel, Spike and Drusilla left Sunnydale. It had become silent in the town. With the masters death and the disappearance of Angel and his childs the vampire population in and around Sunnydale decreased.
Since one year Buffy, Willow and Xander went to College, while Giles start to work in the towns library after the destruction of the old High School.
In the evenings Buffy and Xander went on patrol together. Sometimes they were joined by Willow. Up to the time Angel, Spike and Drusilla left Sunnydale Willow started to train her abilities as a witch more and more. Not all her spells worked but she became much better in the subject. Although it would probably take a whole life to become perfect in all the magical stuff. For her young age Willow was pretty good in it yet. Beside it was although Willow who supported Giles where much to get the newest stuff about upcoming problems they had to solve together.
For some time one of those problems weren''t the vampires and demons anymore but strange commandos which appeared only at night to catch demons and vampires. They had not found out much about them yet. The first time they got to know about the soldiers had been some months ago.
The night was dark and no moon was shining. There was no need for patroling this night and Buffy staye at the dorm with Willow just to talk about several themes. When everybody had gone to sleep Buffy was waked by a strange noise outside the room. She went out, but it was silent in the dorm. Buffy decided to have a look through the dorm.
When she was downstairs she suddenly heard a cry. The voice was familiar to her. Worrid she went back to her room. Could it have been Willow who cried? As fast as she could she ran back to see Spike who sat on Willows bed and held her in his arms.
His vampire face glew in the dark and he grinned at Buffy when she entered. Buffy took out a peg immediatelyeand started running towards Spike. But she was held by somebody who hid himself behind the door. She cried and turned immediately to be prepared for any attack. A hand grabbed for the peg and threw it away. In horror she starred at Angell who was standing in front of her. "Angel! I told you to never come back!" she shouted at him. "You want the fight, well then." He only laughed at her, grabbed for her arm and pressed her against him. Then he vamped out too and sank his teeth deep into her neck. Buffy cried in horror when she woke up. Her face was wet from sweat and she realized it harom sweat and she realized it had only been a nightmare. Willow was still laying in her bed but waked by Buffys cry.
"Buffy?" she asked. "Are you okay?"
Buffy stood up. "Everything okay. Had just a nightmare." Willow looked at her worried.
"From him!" Buffy said. Her voice almost broke.
"You still love him, right? Oh, Buffy." She wanted to make feel Buffy better but didn't know how.
"It doesn't hurt that much anymore. But I still think of him. The last time I had dreams of him was when he left Sunnydale. It's strange. Why now?"
"We can always talk about it Buffy."
"I know. But well, I have the strange feeling that the dream want to tell me something. An it's nothing good. I..." but Buffy was interrupted by a loud noise from outside. When looking out of the window they could see a strange scene. they could see a strange scene. Buffy didn't recognize the man standing in the moonlight at first. But after the blue light hit him and he was captured by four soldiers she realized that it had been Angel. Before they vanished she heard one of the soldiers speaking into his two way radio. "Mission finished. Hostile captured again."
"It was Angel?" Buffy whispered. For some moments she was shooked but then she started to change her clothers.
"Are you sure?" Willow asked confused while joining Buffy.
"They're back. I can figure out what he did near the dorm." she said. Now with an angry sound in her vice.
"Then we should inform Giles. Also about the soldiers." Willow answered. Buffy nodded. As fast as they could both girls changed their clothes, took some stakes, crosses and holy water with them and left their room to fetch Xander and visiting Giles then. He wouldn't be happy about the late visit but it was a serious matter.
Some minutes later the whole Scooby Gang sat in Giles dining room discussing the situation.
"Who were those soldiers?" Xander asked curious.
"Well, we don't know yet, but we will find out after we taught Spike his lesson."
"Didn't he promise to never come back? Besides we heard almost nothing about them the last years." Giles wondered.
"Yeah, but I never believed in his promise."
"So, let's go out and beat him up." Xander said while standing up. He was excited about the whole matter pretty much. For the last weeks they had not much to do. Only view demons showed up and Xander got used to an adventureous life already.
Buffy interrupted him. "What do you think Giles. Why did they come back? According to the soldier they captured Angel before. That means the three must be here for a while and I wonder why they didn''t show up then."
"Maybe the commandos catched all of them And Angel managed to escape but was captured again." Willow suggested.
"Would be a possibility." Giles said thoughtfully. "There aren't any informations about prophecies or rituals which should take place these days. I wonder why they choose this time for their comeback."
"Perhaps they got bored and decided to finally beat up the Scooby Gang." Xander grinned.
"Okay. First of all I want Buffy and you, Xander, to go out on patrol." Giles ignored the joke.
"Perhaps outriders have something to do with those commandos. I never saw such weapons." Willow said more to herself than to the others.
Buffy who was about to leave stopped and looked at her best friend amazed. "Outriders? I didn't hear of Outrider activities near Yuma. Besides Cavalry Command would never allow them to come near Yuma."
"The idea isn't too bad." Giles interrupted her. "I heard they had problems near Alamo some years ago. And Alamo isn't far away from Yuma. Why shouldn't they come back."
"Maybe there's even a secret base on Yuma." Xander said.
"That would be bad. But wouldn't we've heard about outrider activities already?" Buffy said.
"Probably. But to be sure it's the best if Willow makes a reasearch. We will meet tomorrow afternoon and talk about everything again. I will search for infos again. I will search for more infos about why Angel could have come back in the books." Giles said. For the next weeks they were very busy. It seemed to be true that Angel, Spike and Drusilla had captured by the commandos and that the night they saw Angel outside with the soldiers he managed to escape for some hours. They didn't escape for some hours. But they didn't find any sign that Angel and his childs had come to Sunnydale befor bevore they were catched by the misterious soldiers.They also didn't find any sign of the soldiers. Some times they managed to almost meet them but they always vanished as fast as they appeared. Could it be that outriders had something to do with it? Willow was searching hard for any informations but there weren't any any informations. Nothing. There were some activities on the border of the galaxy and on New Wichita. But you could hardly find any informations and the news told that there weren't any problems in the area near Yuma.

Chapter Seven

It took them a long time untill they found out a bit more. And it started with a strange dream again.
Willow was walking home alone. It was a dark night. No stars and no moon were on the me alone. It was a dark night. Somehow she felt as if somebody was following here. She hurried to reach the dorm before whoever was behind her would catch her. When she was about to enter the dorm she heard a scream. At first she didn't know what to do but she carried some stakes with herself and decided to find out what was going on. The scream lead her to the alley.
At first she couldn't believe what she saw. It was a young man about 20 years old. His skin was light blue, as his eyes and his hair was green. One half of his face was covered with some metal. He looked like a mixture of machine and outrider. But what was terrifying her most was that his face was vamped. She never saw such a being before. Partly vampire or demon, machine and outrider. Like the girl under him he weared only black overal.
Willow acted immediately. She never thought she had such power in her. But when she staked him she had to see in horror that his wounds healed immediately. Wether crosses nor holy water could hurt him and whatever she did each wound would heal. While Willow continued fighting against him she shouted towards the girl. "Run!!!" The girl was still weak but managed to stand up. She started to run away but fell down again. Her skin was pale and strange voilet lines were running down her body. Willow did her best to beat the man up but in the end he grabbed for her and pulled her down on the ground. His blue eyes starred at her angry. When she was about to gave up the man was pulled from her and thrown into the darkness of the alley. A hand helped her up. And she found herself in front of Spike. Not far behind him she could see Drusilla and a brown haired girl she never saw before.
"Spike." Willow whispered.
"Well, I'm back. Right in time to save you. What did you think when fighting this crreature alone?"
"I heard that scearm and well..."
Spike forced her to look at him and grinned when their eyes met. "Buffy seems not to care a lot about you."
Willow stepped backwards but was held by his arms. "She cares a lot and will be probably here in a few minutes. You better leave."
"Don't think so. We just moved in. Angel needs our help."
"I won't be of any help. Let me go." Willow answered.
Spike laughed at her. "Bad idea. You see Dru sometimes knows about the future. Cause of her we're here. And you would be dead if we wouldn't come for you. Understand."
Willow nodded. "Well, thanks for saving me. But I have to go back now. Buffy waits for me."
"Brave girl you're. Wouldn't have thought that of you."
"What?" Willow asked confused.
"We will come back soon for you. But before we have a little meeting with the commandos. Someone has to be punished." He smiled at her. Before he let go of her he pressed her against his chest and kissed her. Suddenly everything went dark around her. From far away she heard Drusillas voice. "The commandos mean danger, not only to us. Remember. This time we all have to fight on one side together. Miss Edith told, and what she tells about future is always the truth."
"And you had the dream for the second time now?" Buffy asked when the girls met after school.
Willow nodded. "I'm sure it wants to tell me something. But I don't know if we can believe that it tell reality.You remember. Giles heard that demons are afraid of a new enemy. It's just called 3 14. Nobody knows something about it but somehow there's a connection between 3 14 and the commandos."
"You think so? Maybe the commandos are called 3 14. Wait. In your dream some kind of outrider appeared. What if 3 14 is a secret project of the outriders?"
"I haven't found any proof for outrider activities yet. But the being in my dream was half outrider, half machine and half vampire."
"Oh my good. Giles said vampires talk a lot about a new race which is created and that the balance of nature is in danger."
"If my dream is true that's the solution. And according to what Spike told the headquarters must be near Sunnydale. Spike said he came back because of the soldiers."
"But perhaps it's only a dream."
"I know how we can find out about the truth of my dream. I will see if there is any spell I can do."
Buffy nodded. "So you won't show up at Giles' this afternoon?"
"Nope. But I will call you when I find out something. In any case tell everyone best wishes from me."
"I will do so. Tonight I have to go on patrol again. It will become late untill I'm back. We see us tomorrow then."
Willow nodded and they went on their ways. On her way to the dorm a new idea came up to Willows mind. Perhaps she could find out where the soldiers took the demons with a spell. It could be a wrong way but she would do a spell to find out about a place where lots of demonic energy was held. Maybe this could lead them to the place the commandos brought Angel. She went back to her room at the dorm and closed the door behind her. Then she took out her magic stuff and built a square of twine. The pionts were held down by four different colored crystalls. She sat down infront of the square. On her right side she puts a grey stone bowl with a green potion and on her left a green mortar with a white potion in it. Before closing her eyes she took a bit from the potions in each hand and held her opened hands in the air in front of the square. The Willow closed her eyes and started to speak. "Thespia, I walk in shadow, walk in blindness. You are the protector of the night. Thespia, goddess, ruler of all darkness, I implore you, open a window to the world of the underbeing."
Then Willow blows the powder from both hands, her eyes still closed. She continued to speak. "With your knowledge may I go in safety. With your grace may I speak of your benevolence."
Slowly she opened her eyes to see the powder concentrating itself in the north-east direction of the square. It glew in several colours which meant that there was a place in or around town where different demons were meeting right now, or what was more possible were locked up somewhere in that direction. It may mean nothing but it could mean something.
Willow cleaned up the room and left. Xander and Buffy were still at Giles' when she arrived to tell them about the spell. Giles also thought it was important to take Willows dream serious, cause her abilities as a witch had been grown during the past few years and perhaps she had some sort of true dream. After Willows explanation on the spell and its effects all of them were studying a city map which also showed parts of the district. They came to the conclusion that the base must be under the ground. In one of the houses near the college or even in the college or the dorm must be the hidden entrance to this underground base. This evening all of them, except Giles, went on partol in the area near the college. Maybe they could see or find something usefull. This night Willow had again the strange dream but it was more intensive than before. When waking up Willow tried to stand up silent. She didn't want to wake up Buffy. Slowly she went into the bathroom. All over her body was sweat. The moment she watched her face in the mirror she had a strange experience. Instead of seeing herself she saw a pale brown haired girl, the girl from her dream, the girl which stood beside Drusilla and watched the hole scene without saying or doing anything. Willows eyes met the girls eyes and for some moment Willow meant to feel the presence of somebody else in the room. But then it was gone, as fast as it came. For some seconds she almost meant to see a strange light in the sky which was also gone immediately.

Chapter Eight

The next day after school. Willow was on her way to her room to meet up with Buffy and Xander there, cause they wanted to talk about the dream and what to do now. She was far away with her thoughts. Should she tell her friends about the strange experience in the early morning and the strange light? While walking around a corner she didn't pay notice to the other students and ran into somebody. Books fell down but nobody was hurt.
"I'm sorry." Willow said and helped the girl picking up her books. When looking in whom she had run Willow was amazed pretty much. The girl looked at her amazed too. She had brown hair and almost black eyes. Like Willow herself she wear a red jeans and a white shirt.
"Do we know each other?" Willow asked carefully.
The girl smiled at her. "Don't think so. My name is Trista. I'm new. Just moved in town."
"I'm Willow. Nice to meet you." Willow smiled and they shook hands. "Well, I guess I mistook you for somebody else."
"Probably." She said. "See you." Then she went away. Willow shook her head and went to her room immediately where she told everything to Buffy and Xander.
"What?" Xander said. "Did I get that right? You met the girl which appeared in your dream?"
"I'm sure it was her. It has to be."
"Then we can say Spike and Drusilla will probably show up soon too."
Buffy concluded. "I really hope that dream won't come true. Noone of us is going out at night alone. Okay." Xander and Willow nodded.
"According to your dream Spike and Drusilla knew something about the commandos. We go on patrol together tonight and have a look on two vampires we all know. It will become a long night."
They searched for the whole night but as strange as it was this night was the most silent night for days. No vampire activities and no commandos. What happened?
The next day Buffy didn't went to school but was still searching for a sign of Spike and Drusilla of whom they were sure now, weren't catched by the soldiers yet. In the afternoon while Buffy was still outside and Xander visited Giles to tell him the news Willow sat in her room making homework for all of them. Suddenly it knocked on the door.
"Come in." Willow said and looked up. The door opened and Trista came in to Willows surprise.
"I hope I don't disturb you?" she said. Willow shook her head.
"No just take a seat. What's up?"
"Well." Trista continued. "Where did you think you knew me from?"
Willow smiled. "Ah, it's nothing. Really. I just mistook you with somebody else I know from my childhood."
"I don't think so." Trista stayed earnest. "Don't get me wrong. But the last days before moving to town I had a strange dream. You were pretty strong and fought against some mixture between outrider, machine and vampire. When I had the dream for the third time the day before yesterday I tried to remember you and sent you a message. For some seconds I could even see your face in the mirrow. I guess you got my message."
Willow starred at her amazed and shocked. "You also had this dream? Yes, I ...I saw you in the mirrow." She couldn't say anything, that was too amazing, and Trista continued talking.
"I think the dream wanted to tell me to contact you. You see I came to town with some friends of mine."
Willow nodded. "You mean Spike and Drusilla?" She didn't knew how she could take it so easy but somehow she knew that Tristas friends had to be Spike and Drusilla and that Spike und Drusilla didn't come to cause trouble.
"You know them?" now Trista was surprised. Spike never said they had been in Sunnydale before.
"It's about two years they had been in Sunnydale. They promised to leave forever."
"Oh. They only came back to help..."
Trista nodded. "You also know him? I wonder if he is as nice as Spike."
"Angel has been my best friends boyfriend. But things changed. Seems as if Spike changed too. But I suppose he can be very friendly to friends. Pity we aren't his friends."
"I didn't know."
"It's not your fault. But you should be careful with him. He is..."
"a vampire. I know. But he won't bite me. He even considers me to be Drus little sister."
"Well, if you even know that. Besides be careful."
"Why are you enemies. Spike and you."
"He didn't tell you about us already, I suppose."
"Nope. You don't belong to those guys who captured Angel, don't you?"
Willow grinned and shook her head. "No. Have you ever heard of the slayer?"
"The what? Slayer? Oh, you mean. You're a vampire Slayer?"
"The Slayer that's me." another voice interrupted them. It wasn't to late yet but Buffy had come back earlier cause she couldn't let Willow make all the homework alone. That would be unfair. Trista starred at Buffy surprised.
"In every generation a choosen one is born. One girl to fight against the demons. That's me. Willow's my best friend. And who are you?"
"Trista." She said. "I'm the girl from Willows dream. I'm the one who contacted her. That's why she was my face in the mirrow."
"You came alone?" Buffy wondered.
"My friends don't like daylight you see. Well, some of my friends. The others decided to stay out of town untill I checked out the situation here." Trista smiled.
"And why are you here?"
"Humans, Vampires and Outriders are in danger. We know that the headquarters of the initiative, the commandos is here in Sunnydale."
"What do you know about the commandos?"
"They protect a project. A secret project lead by human and outrider scientists. You won't believe, but scientists always work together. There are no wars between scientists. They only live for their projects. This projects aim is to create a new race. A race which shall rule the galaxy."
"A mixture of outrider, human, machine and vampire." Willow whispered. Trista nodded. For some moments Buffy couldn't say anything. They searched for some infos over weeks and this girl came here and in a few minutes she would tell them almost all they need to know. What else did she know and how did she find out so much about this project?
"We should all work together." Trista said. "Willow told me Spike and you, you're enemies. But in this case they are on your side. Besides the Star Sheriffs will join to help us too."
"The Star Sheriffs?" Buffy laughed. "The famous ones? They are here? I can't believe that."
"It's true. We should all meet and share our informations. Then we can work out a plan."
"You're very smart. That idea should have come from us." Buffy grinned and shake Tristas hand. "Welcome to Sunnydale."
Later Trista and the Scooby Gang met at Giles' to talk about everything. Giles and Xander were also surprised. The last weeks had past by without big results but with Tristas arrival everything seemed to light up. In any case it was a good idea to meet up with the Star Sheriffs and to figure out a plan. But somehow Giles had a bad feeling about.
The Star Sheriffs also didn't mind about meeting the Scooby Gang and getting their help but they didn't want to involve civilists in any fights, if fights would be necessary.
Spike wasn't happy when he listen to the conversation between Trista and the Sheriffs. She invited the slayer. Great. When he had to face Buffy it was obvious that fights would break out.
"What did you think when contacting Buffy?" Spike asked her in the evening.
"Calm down. I know what I do."
"Oh yes. Sure you know. Do you know who she is?" he pushed her at the wall angryly.
"She's the slayer. And she know that you're here already."
Spike vamped out and pressed her against the wall. "Repeat that. You told her that we're here."
"She found out herself. Really. She thought you were caught by the commandos. Okay, I told them that you're here. But they aren't mad. They know why we're here and they agreed with working in one team with us. Trust me."
Although his vampire face looked so ugly in her opinion she tried to keep eyes contact while talking to him. Brave girl he thought. He turned into his human face again and calmed down a bit. But he was still angry. They had a deal and the Sheriffs were also about to find out about their true identity, not only cause of Fireball but cause of the dammed project. Perhaps he should never have allowed her to contact the Sheriffs. Those stupid humans would always think of saving civilists but he wanted to beat those scientists from the initiative up. He wanted to kill them all. Spike moved away from Trista again and left out into the night.

Chapter Nine

Shortly after he was gine Fireball came into the room. "Did he hurt you?" he asked. "I heard you argue."
Trista smiled and sat down. "No. It's nothing."
"He seemed pretty mad."
"Yeah. He ..."
"Doesn't like Buffy. Right."
Trista nodded.
"May I talk to you about something?" he asked.
"Of course. What's it?"
"I thought about it for a long time. I had a fight with Spike some days ago cause I found out about their secret."
Trista looked at him amazed and afraid. "You did what?"
Fireball lay his arm around her shoulder. "You have not to worry about me. I made a deal with him. I won't tell anybody and he won't kill me. I know he's a vampire, like his girlfriend. What I just wonder is why he didn't change you already? You're pretty lucky." She didn't push his arm away. Fireball still felt a bit unsure but he wanted to comfort her and it if she loved him, why not. He would not push her away like Jesse did. They could be friends although he was together with April. And somehow he liked her too, had liked her the first time he saw her.
Trista smiled weak. "I can't tell you the reason."
"I didn't ask for it."
"They are vampires, right. And I know that Saber is about to find out too. Colt is to obsessed with Drusilla what can ..."
"Cost him his life. I know. Stupid cowboy."
"I thought he's one of your best friends?"
"Yeah. But that doesn't keep me away from seeing that what he's doing is dangerous. I'm not as smart as Saber myself but a bit more than Colt. He's obsessed with girls. Wonder that he didn't try to make you his new girlfriend."
"I spent to much time with Saber or Spike I guess." She smiled.
"Well, it was luck and by mistake that I found out about Spike."
"I can imagine that. Saber started to ask me questions already too. But I guess he will find out at least when Buffy and her friends show up tomorrow."
"She's the slayer. In each generation..."
"I thought all those stories about vampires and the slayer are just stories." He interrupted her. "Untill I found out about Spike. I wish I had not. He was as angry as before when you were talking to him."
"I will talk to him later. Or to Dru. Things will become alright then again." She smiled and went out, leaving Fireball alone.
He was joined by Colt later and the conversation subject was changed immediately. Soon Fireball forgot about his problems and Colt and him were playing cards, chatting and laughing untill midnight.
Spike was still angry after feeding from a girl he just met at the Bronze. Two years weren't two long and he figured out that Sunnydale hasn't changed to much. The town had grown but in general each place he knew was still where it had been when he left. Spike hated loosing control and he felt miserable cause of his situation. Perhaps it would have been better not to ask the Sheriffs for help, or to turn them into vampires. He knew that the Sheriffs would find out about their true identity tomorrow. There was no way to avoid it. Buffy would tell them and if not Buffy than the bloody watcher. Well, right now he needed something to damage.
Let's see if I can find the entrance to this underground base myslef Spike thought and went into the direction of the college. According to what he heard from Tristas conversation with the Sheriffs Buffy thought the entrance must be in this area. "But perhaps I should just visit the slayer. Big bad is back." He whispered to himself and laughed when he was hit a light.
From behind he heard a voice. "Hostile!"
Spike turned. The soldiers fired towards him and he was hit by a blue light. He tried to stand up and attack them again but he wasn't able to move. Men in similar clothes as the Star Sheriffs were standing around him. His demon cried in anger but he could only watch them carrying him away.
They brought him to a house not far away from the dorm. Inside was an elevator which lead them down into an underground laboratoy and prison. That wasn't the way Spike wanted to find out about the entrance but anyways they had shown it to him. When he was able to move again some people would have to die. While carrying Spike they passed the laboratory. Spike could see demons and vampires on strange tables and chairs. Scientists working at them. With horror, unable to do anything Spike saw as they hurt his fellows. Although he didn't know any of the vampires and demons he felt sorrow for them or at least anger because of their and his situation. It couldn't have come worse.
Then they reached the area with the prisons. Looks like showers with glass doors, Spike thought when he was put on the floor in one of the cells. After some time Spike could finally move. He stood up and looked around. Suddenly he heard a weak voice from the other side of the left wall in his cell.
Spike went to the left wall searching for a way to make direkt contact with the one speaking. "Who's there." He asked.
"Spike?" the other said.
"Yeah it's me. How do you know?" For some moments it stayed silent. "What?" Spike said angryly.
"Calm down childe. When did they get you?"
Spikes eyes opened wide. "Angel! Angel, is it you?"
"Who else."
"We are here to save you Angel. I should just get a way out of this dammed cell."
"It's too late Spike. Try to save Dru and leave this place. Call the Slayer. 3 14 is a dange for her too."
"Dru is save Angel. Dru is together with the Sheriffs. It was my own fault that they caught me. I wanted to find the entrance on my own. You sure we shall work together with the slayer? Cause that's what the Sheriffs want too."
"What Sheriffs?"
"The Star Sheriffs. You sound somehow weak. Don't scare me okay. As soon as I get out of here you're save and humans here are dinner."
"Dru is here Spike."
"What? What did you say! Repeat that Angel! That's not true. If they caught Dru I will torture and kill them all. Anyways they are dead." Spike cried and hit against the wall.
"Calm down, childe. You have to escape. I know the way out but I'm to weak right now. They let us starve untill we bite ourselves and then they hand over blood to us, blood with drugs. Even if I want to come with you, right now it's impossible. Get out and save Dru."
"Where is she Angel?"
"In the opposite cell out of my direction."
Spike went to the right site of his cell to see in the cell Angel told Dru was. Dru still lay down on the floor of her cell. She didn't move. Her face looked pale and dead, like her body. Tears came up to Spikes eyes. How did they get her? His dark princess, his love. He had to protect her. It had been wrong to leave Ramrod alone without caring what she was doing. All his fault. Why did he care if the Sheriffs found out? What did it matter if they knew? He almost couldn't stand the thought she could be really dead. He had to get out of here immediately. With all his force he hit the glass door in front of him but was thrown back because of an electric shock.
"Shit." He said and tried it again. This time the electric shock didn't hurt him too much. Then he watched two scientists carrying out another demon of a cell and a plan came up to his mind. Spike lay down on the floor and closed his eyes. When he heard some Scientists pass by he started to moan. After some time the door was opened, hands grabbed for him and pulled him out onto a gourney.
As they started to strap him in Spikes eyes opened. He grabed the lab guy by him by the throat and grinned evily. Then he jumped off the gourney. An orderly rushed him, and Spike grabed him by the arm and fliped him over the gourney, sending him rolling to the floor. Spike followed him, ready to attack, and the orderly grabed him and slamed him into the glass wall of Angels cell.
Spike threw the orderly off of him, into another with a syringe, who accidentally stabed him in the neck with it. He fell onto the gourney. The second orderly looked up alarmed. Spike vamped out, grabed the orderly and fliped him onto the floor.
Finally free Spike ran over to the orderly sprawled on the grouney. He went through his pockets and grabed the security card. Immediately Spike ran to Drus door opened it and took her in his arms and went to Angels cell immediately.
"Okay mate." Angel said. "I will divert the commandos and you will escape. Hurry and don't care about me."
"I will come back." Spike whispered to his sire.
They ran down the hall and quickly under a closing security door. Then they split up. While Angel ran towards coming soldiers Spike headed into the other direction with Drusilla, who he carried on his shoulder. But Spike was stopped by some other soldiers soon and involved in a battle. Suddenly he heard Drusillas weak voice speaking up to him. "Escape. You won't make it with me."
"Not without you." He said. Picked her up from the floor, kissed her and ran on. Soon the soldiers catched them again and a hard fight broke out. He realized that from now on he didn't fight against humans but also against outrider soldiers and they were much better then humans. Dru lay on the floor behind him. Spike faught as if it was for his life. Well, exactly it was for Drus and his freedom.
"Come back later. Do it for me Spike. Please. You must escape." Dru begged. But Spike had to realize she was true. More soldiers were coming. He knew that Drusilla was alive now cause his brave dark princess managed to stand up again and threw herself against the soldiers. She did it for him.
He bit his lip and ran off to an air vent. His body was hurt by the fights enough. The only way to escape was through such an air vent. If he didn't make it in time the soldiers would catch him and then he didn't want to think what they would do to him. As fast as he could he climed through the air vent, not looking back cause this could have broken his unbeating heart. He had to let Dru in this underground base. And somehow it was his own fault. Well, his fault that he was caught but he couldn't blame himself that Dru was caught. She could take care of herself but sometimes ...Probably she wanted the same. He always thought he was the one who was impatient but well. Better leave this place now. His body was so terrible aching but the wounds would heal, at least faster than human wounds would heal.

Chapter Ten

The whole day Trista wondered where Spike and Dru had been for the night and the day. They didn't show up in the morning. Perhaps they didn't made it in time and had to stay somewhere else during the day. Besides Trista had a bad feeling. Spike and Dru would have come back for sure. Or didn't they only cause Buffy and the rest of the Scooby Gang would show up this afternoon. No, Spike wasn't frightened of the Slayer, only angry because his plans didn't work out as he wanted them to work out. The vampire lost control over the situation and that drove him mad.
Also Fireball wondered where the vampires were. They didn't come back this morning. And sunlight would kill them. What was up? When he met Trista and Colt all of them were involved in a worried talk about the vampires. Trista cared a lot about the vampires. And since Colt made friends with Spike he also cared for both, although he was still more worried about Drusilla than Spike. Even Fireball felt himself caring for the vampires they spend so much time with. Saber was to much involved with preparing everything for the meeting that was why he didn't care a lot where Spike and Drusilla were.
When Buffy, Giles, Xander and Willow arrived Trista and Fireball almost forgot about their worried thoughts. After eating together Saber showed them all the infos they had about the project and they were discussing about the entrance to the lab. Saber and Colt also learned about the identity of Spike and Drusilla who still weren't here. Buffy joked that Spike would probably have found a crypt for Drusilla and him to settle down in town again but that wouldn't be for long. Colt was as gentle as always but Fireball grinned by himself he wouldn't land a coup on Buffy or Willow. But the cowboy wouldn't ever learn that he couldn't get every girl, no matter of how cool he was. Besides the subject turned on Spike and Drusilla more and more. Soon it wasn't only him, Trista and Colt who were worried but also the rest of the group,even Buffy, who worried more about Drusilla than Spike of course. It didn't last long when their peaceful conversation in Ramrods dining room was interrupted by a loud noise from Ramrods main gate.
All of them went up immediately and starred towards the door. Saber, Fireball and Colt went out to see what caused the noise while the others were supposed to stay in the room. Near the entrance to Ramrod, in one of the dark corners in the big space ship something or somebody was laying. An old grey blanket covered the body. While Fireball and Colt were unbale to do something Saber sat down near the person and took the blanket of. "Spike?" he said.
Spike sat up slowly and opened his eyes. He looked very pale, his eyes were red and one half of his face was a bit burned. But it began to heal already.
"What happened?" Saber asked.
"Commandos. They have Dru. I know the entrance to the underground base." Then he closed his eyes again. "I need blood." He whispered. Fireball went in the room where Spike and Drusilla lived in for the past weeks and fetched one of the bottles. There were still some full bottles left.
He sat down beside Spike and handed the bottle over to him. Spike drank hungry while watching Fireball. They knew and they weren't afraid of him. Perhaps Trista had been right. Not all humans considered them to be their enemies immediately but perhaps it was only cause in that matter they had to work together.
The others had come out now too. Trista sat on the other side immediately and started to ask him question.
"Well, if you ask all on one sentence I can't answer anything. Which question at first?" he said when she finally finished talking.
"What happened?"
Spike watched Buffy suspicious while he started to tell what had happened but he didn't tell much about the commandos yet.
"Okay." Buffy interrupted the conversation. "You managed to tell all unimportant facts and hide the important ones again. Ts ts. May we know now where the underground base is?"
"And how long will you let me live when I tell you?" he asked back.
"We're all on one side." Saber said.
"That sounds convincing, yes. I don't trust the slayer."
"And the slayer doesn't trust you, fine." Xander said.
Spike grinned. "The entrance is not far away from the dorm. I can show you but I can't explain the way to you."
"Well, then we will have a look there tonight." Buffy said.
"Wait." Colt interrupted her. "You're the slayer but you're still a civilist. We're the Sheriffs and it's our task to do that."
"Hey." Buffy shouted.
"Stop that immediately." Saber interrupted them. "We need no agrues, okay. And we need everyone who can help. Buffy knows much more about vampires than we do and we know more about outriders instead of her. We will work together. That means each one of us will have his or her part in the mission."
"I don't want her to get hurt."
"Thanks." Buffy answered. "But I know how to fight, cowboy."
Spike grinned. That would be funny. If they argued before the mission started already what would happen during the mission. Well he didn't care if the slayer died in the end. He cared about Angel, Dru and Trista. And...For some moments he watched at Willow again. When they were in Sunnydale two years ago he didn't get to know the Redhead very well. She was the slayers best friend. But somehow he liked her. I will protect her, he thought by himself. Like Dru and Trista, she's someone special. Then he remembered the way Angel talked about Buffy the time before he vanished, he knew that he had to take care of Buffy too, although she was the slayer. Angel still loved her, although he lost his soul, he still felt something for her. Probably he will gonna claim her when the initiative is destroyed. Suddenly Trista discovered the strange thing in the back of his shoulder. "Hey, stop that. It hurts." Spike pushed her away immediately.
"What's that?" she asked.
"Looks like some sort of tracer." Xander said from the back of the room.
Colt looked at him shocked. Immediately he fetched his gun and went outside. But he couldn't see anything. While Fireball and Saber tried to pull the transmitter out of Spikes shoulder Giles talked to Willow. "Can you fetch your magical stuff. We need a spell to ionize the atmosphere around us disrupting the tracer's signal. Should buy us time."
"I will accompany her." Xander said and joined Willow who was on her way to the dorm.
"Wait." Fireball ran after them. "Saber can take you there with Steed. It's much faster."
Saber fetched Steed and soon he was on his way to the dorm with Willow. While Trista worked on Spikes shoulder again to get out the tracer Fireball went indoors to the computer to activate their cameras and see if anything was coming near Ramrod. There was nothing. Strange. Was nobody searching for Spike. Something was wrong. Saber and Willow came back soon and the spell worked out great. Trista managed to get out the tracer and they damaged it. Spikes wounds were healing fast and soon the vampires health was restored. For the whole day they were planing what to do next. At night Fireball, Buffy and Spike went to the dorm. Spike weared Colts Star Sheriff clothes and Fireball his own, while Buffy looked like a young scientist. All of them took transmitters with themselves. In the case that they had any problems the others could come to help. It is too easy Fireball that by himself when they reached the house and made their way down the base. Why is it so easy to break in the base? Something is wrong. If I only knew what? It can't be that easy. When they arrived downstairs and reached the laboratory noone of the soldiers notices them. Suddenly Spike held Buffy by her arm.
"What?" she asked turning back and looking angry at spike who still weared the helmet of Colts clothes.
"The transmitter is dead."
"That can't be Fireball said." And took his own transmitter out. It was dead. "Oh no. Mates we're in trouble. Better get out of here."
"We just came in." Spike said.
"And we're going right now, before it's too late."
"Not before we found Drusilla and Angel." He looked to Buffy again who starred at him with amazed eyes.
"Spike is right. We have our mission and we finish it. Perhaps our friends outthere have a problem but we aren't of any need there. They can defend themselves and we finish our job. Come on Fireball. Or do you want people here become suspicious."
"Nope. But it was all to easy. What if it's a trap or something."
"In this clothes we should make out our way easyly." Spike answered.
"Those people are also Star Sheriffs, and those are outrider soldiers." Fireball said pointing at a group of soldiers standing at the entrance.
They went on there way but Fireball was a bit nervous already and Spike sensed that even Buffy was afraid. Suddenly Fireball stopped.
"What's it?" Spike said angry. Then he looked in the direction Fireball was starring. On one of the operation tables a blonde girl was laying. "Who's the girl you're starring at?"
"April." Fireball whispered back. "What are they doing. I have to..." He wanted to run there but was held back by Spike.
"Now, that's stupid. You want them to realize who we are. Mate, I can understand you. If it would be Dru laying there. But you have to stay calm. We will save her too. Be sure of that." Fireball nodded. But their conversation was interrupted by a young man coming out of room 3 14. His skin was light blue, he had green hair and light blue eyes. One half of his face was covered with some metal but nevertheless Fireball recognized him. It was Jesse Blue. What the hell happened to him? Was this his plan? His work? He tried to calm down when Jesse came to them. Jesse took Buffys hand kissed and welcomed er. Fireball wished to be able to do something but he could only stand and see. Spike was glad Fireball stayed calm. He was sure Buffy would manage the situation. This man, who was about his own age, was dangerous he felt.
"You're new, right." Jesse said to Buffy. "I've never seen you down here. Well, I'm here for some days."
Buffy smiled at him. "Yeah. It's all a bit new for me. But I will handle it. I should meet somebody. Blame me, I forgot his name. He wanted to introduce me in project 3 14."
"Of course. I know who cou mean. I forget his name always. Come with me." Jesse opened the door and lead all of them in.
"We better wait outside." Spike said. "We weren't invited to know about project 3 14. Not our matter."
Jesse nodded and grinned. Fireball wanted to say something but Spike held him by his arm.
"Are you crazy." Fireball almost shouted when Jesse and Buffy were gone. "I know this guy. It's Jesse Blue. You can't let her go inside."
"He doesn't know if we know Buffy, mate. Perhaps she has nothing to do with us. He recognized us as Star Sheriffs Fireball. We better search for other clothes now. Buffy will handle that."
"We can't let her alone."
"We have too. Then Jesse will believe her. Let's hope so. She will make it. Believe me. I saw her fighting several times and she survived Angel. She will survive this too."
"What are we doing then."
"Come with me." and they went into the prisons directions. "We need new clothes. Have to look like these outriders. And then we're going to save our friends." Fireball nodded.

Chapter Eleven

Jesse and Buffy were alone in the room. It looked like a normal operation room.
"Well." Jesse said when they entered the room. "Those soldiers, are your friends?"
Buffy felt that something in the way he asked was wrong. He was suspicious and it was better to lie. "Which soldiers? Oh, you mean the too who showed me the way to room 3 14 when I got lost in this labyrinth." She answered and smiled.
"You get to know them just here? Didn't know them before?"
"I'm new here, you know. They were nice. Is something wrong with them?" Hopefully he would believe her. That was almost unbelievable. Some days ago Willow had a dream of such a creature and now she was standing in front of it. She didn't think the project was gone so far already.
Jesse sat down on the operation table. "They are Star Sheriffs. The famous Star Sheriffs you see. You've probably heard of them already. I don't know if I can trust you. We will see. But we will get rid of the Star Sheriffs soon."
Buffy tried to smile. He had to think that she was amused by what he told. "I guess you called the security already." She said. "Well, if you didn't tell me I guess I would have probably trust them and let them in here. Thank you."
He smiled at her. "Our projects are to important to be destroyed by those stupid guys."
"I suppose you can also tell me lots about project 3 14."
"You're very curious. Aren't you?"
"That's my job. If I wouldn't be curious I guess I wouldn't made a good scientist."
He grinned. "You know, you're smart. I like you. But could I trust you?"
"Well, let's wait for the man I should meet, then you will see you can trust in me."
Jesse nodded. Suddenly the alarm was ringing. Jesse grabbed for her and they went outdoors. Outside Buffy could see some demons and two outrider soldiers fighting against the rest of the commandos. Buffy wanted to say something but Jesse pushed her towards the entrance and out of the underground base.
"I know you came with them." He said while leaving the house with her. "You came to destory the initiative, right."
"No!!! What are you doing???" she shouted at him.
"Saving you." He said.
"Who are you? What are you?" Buffy asked.
"My name is Jesse. Jesse Blue. Let's say I'm an experiment, an experiment which got out of control now. Inside you have to act as if everything is okay. There were cameras in the room. Whoever watched us had to think that I was still out of memory and that you were a normal scientist."
"Out of memory?"
"It's a long story. You came here with the Star Sheriffs? But you aren't one of them? Or are you the new April Eagle?" he grinned.
"It's also a long story. At first I want to hear yours in short words, okay."
"Difficult to tell. I can't remember all."
"Then tell what you know."
"I was born on planet Far. Untill the age of seven I lived together with humans although I was half outrider. Then I was fetched by the outriders and trained to beomce a normal outrider. But I always wanted to be human. They transferred my soul into a human body and for sme years I became human. But during my last battle on New Wichita my body was injured pretty much. They transferred my soul into my body again. Then I was changing. I'm still changing. I was out of memory and they started making expeiments. They new I'm half outrider and they thought the other half is human. They want to create a new race and started to make me half machine too."
"Who are they?"
"The project is secret, you see. And it's unbelievable for you, maybe. But outriders and humans are working together at this project to create a new race, the new race."
"How were you changing?"
"Dunno. Sometimes when I look in the mirrow I can't see any reflections of myself, the sun starts to hurt me and from time to time I have the feeling as if I could hear....Well, it's strange."
"I see. I guess I know in what you're changing."
"I figured it out already too. And now what about you?"
"The Star Sheriffs came here cause they get to know about the project. You're right they want to destroy the initiative but they won't kill innocent people."
"And you just made friends with them. I can't believe they risk the life of an civilist. Well, you see they will search for me soon. I have to go back. I don't care about who you're. I gave you a chance to survive, to escape, to call them if it isn't to late anyways. But I suppose you won't win this battle. Tell your friends that high ranked officers of Cavalry Command know about the project. I dunno why I'm helping you and betraying my people. Perhaps cause I like you."
Buffy wanted to say something but he was gone yet. Totally confusedd she went back to Ramrod. But Ramrod had vanished. No, she thought by herself. That's not possible.
"Buffy!!!" she heard a voice calling for her suddenly. Buffy turned and saw Trista coming towards her. "Is everything okay? Where are Fireball and Spike?" she asked worried.
"I don't know Trista. Oh Trista, what happened here. What happened to you? Your clothes are all dirty."
Trista nodded. "They found us. Those commandos. You won't believe but Cavalry Command seems to know about the project and they...."
"Are our enemies. I know. I know about almost everything." She said and took Trista in her arms.
"Where are the others Trista?"
"All caught. Only me, I escaped. But I have an idea. There's still hope Buffy. I have friends out there. Most of them are outriders but they can help us."
"I had never bad experiences with outriders. Why not ask them for help. But you really think they can make it to Yuma?"
"They will. I'm sure. Somehow they will. Do you have a two way radio or something like that?"
"No, sorry. But I think Xander has something like that, somewhere in his house."
"Do we have to break in?"
"Nope. I will just say we came to visit Xander and wait in his room."
"If that work."
"Sure. It will. It has too. Don't worry. Project 3 14 seems to be on our side, somehow."
"They created one already?"
"Yeah, he's named Jesse Blue."
Trista starred at her friend, not able to say anything. They used Jesse for their experiments. After they broke up she was pretty mad with him too but she would never have wished that something like that happened to him. But he was on their side. She could not believe what Buffy told her about the last hours. Besides she wished it was true. How much she wished to see him again although she didn't know how she should tell him about her feelings for Fireball. But it would not matter anymore. Fireball would meet April again and she would win her Jesse back. Everything could still become alright. She hoped so. And Fireball, Saber and she could still just be friends. So much thoughts, and so less time to think about everything.
The same time Jesse Blue was back in the underground base. He felt miserable about what he did. But somehow he felt connected to Buffy. Like April she was something special. Perhaps he told her so she could search for help. Not only her friends would be prisoners. All the ones who were considered to be projects were somehow prisoners too. Besides since he lost his memory and got it back step by step he didn't know who and what he was. An experiment, one which was out of control or would be soon. Slowly he walked by the labs and to the prisons. His memory told him lots of stories about the Star Sheriffs but he couldn't connect the memory with feelings. Perhaps that was the reason why he didn't care who would win this war. Probably nobody would win this war. The only way to win was if humans and outriders would finally work together, if they started peace movements and if they accepted and respected those who were called demons. But humans and outriders didn't know about that. They experimented with nature, played god, as always. And in the end those new creatures they made would destroy them. It had always happened that way. History and legends told about it but wether human nor outriders learned out of their mistakes. Hell, he himself didn't learn too. Always made the same mistakes. Didn't know what was important. Some time ago the only thing he wanted was revenge and power. And finally he had hoped to get April back this way. But he wouldn't. All his actions would fail, as the scientists would fail with their projects. He was so similar to Nemesis, he was his cousin and he knew that whatever Nemesis did in the end he wanted to make Jesse like him. They would be cousins again. They would rule together, that was Nemesis aim. But at the moment Jesse wasn't sure if he really wanted to get that power, if he ever wanted to rule.

Chapter Twelve

Sadly about not knowing what he was and what he wanted Jesse passed by the prisons. In one he could see Saber Rider. Another time he would have been glad about what he saw. But at the moment it didn't make him happy to see Saber Rider on the floor in this cell, covered with blood. They would let him bleed to death.
In another cell Fireball was laying. He seemed to be more healthy and like Colt he was hiting the walls. Colt and Fireball seemed to argue about something.
In the next cell he saw a girl he never saw before. Like Saber she was pretty injured. A man and a boy were in her cell. The boy was also hurt but not as much as the girl. The man took care for both of them. Humans were held as prisoners like the vampires and demons. What a crazy world, Jesse thought.
Jesse went back to the lab. Scientists were working on vampires, demons and humans. Suddenly Jesse stopped. His brain was working again. He remembered the coldness and hateress in his heart when he met Buffy for the first time.
During the conversation he had changed and become so emotional. Now he was changing again. Something was in him. Something he didn't understand. It was cold and dark. Jesse realized that his heart didn't beat anymore and his skin was cold. A strange feeling grew in him.
Everywhere he could smell blood and hear beating hearts. And he was hungry, so hungry. From one second to the other the demon in him took over the body. He vamped out and ran towards the next table, pushed the scientist away and fed from the human laying on the table. His soul cried in pain when he killed the human.
Then he saw April and the demon in him new that April belonged to him. Now he was going to make her his. Soldiers were coming already. Trying to stop him but it was easy to throw them away cause of the demons power and his much stronger cyborg body. He reached for April pressed her against himself and suddenly realized that her heart didn't beat anymore. Aprils skin was pale and like him one half of her face was covered with metal.
"No!!!!" he cried out. Immediately he cut into his arm and let his blood run over her mouth. But she was gone already. Tears ran down his face and everything went black.
Some times later he felt himself on a strechter again. A bright light blind him. But he could hear voices talking about him. His heart didn't beat again yet.
"Will he survive?" somebody asked.
"He's dead already."
"I've never seen such a being before."
"He's the first of his kind."
"In our times everything seems possible. Outriders who help saving the galaxy. I still can't believe in those rebells."
Jesse tried to open his eyes and saw two doctors standing at the strechter he was laying on but had to close them again cause he was to weak.
"We should call Yamuri and tell him about that." was the last sentence he heard before darkness surrounded him again. The only wish he had at the moment was to sleep, sleep forever. He didn't hear the doctor talking to him anymore. The blood he drank was poison he felt. It would kill him slowly and nobody could help him, could save him. Watever he was, he would never find out cause in some hours he would be dead, really dead.
While the doctors took care for Jesse, Yamuris team, who had come as fast as they could after they were called and informed about what happened by Trista, took over the initiative completely. All scientists and soldiers were brought to a secret base of which Yamuri told Jean Claude had built for the rebells to hide when a direct revolution would break out. The rebells best doctors took care of the injured demons, humans and outriders.
While the doctor took care of Saber, Fireball was watching a paramedic taking away April lifeless body. He had cried for hours and wouldn't have let anybody touching his poor April. Why her? Why? He failed. Once he believed that whatever he did would work out fine that there was always a way to win and that they were somehow immortal. Now he felt so weak and alone. It would never be the same without his April.
Trista watched Fireball for a while after April was carried away. She felt miserable too. On New Wichita she had been so mad with April but she never wished her death. Now it was to late to make friends with her. April was gone.
She also felt weak because of Jesse. When Buffy told her about the underground base and her meeting she had hope to see him again and to win him back. But she came to late. The doctors didn't let her to him. They said he was dead already, there was no chance to him. She was not allowed to see him. And where was Yamuri? But there was Fireball, sad and tired like herself. He was alive and both of them need someone.
She sat down beside Fireball and lay one hand around his shoulder. He looked at her sadly. "I understand how you feel. I feel the same. But live goes on Fireball."
He nodded. "I guess I will quit the team." Fireball answered. "It makes no sense to go on."
"It makes sense. You have still friends. You have Colt, you have..."
"Saber will die too." Fireball said, while tears ran down his face.
"No. He won't. Come with me. I will show you."
At first Fireball refused to come with her but she took his hand and he joined her. They found Saber on a strechter in the ICU. Doctors worked hard to save him. Fireball wanted to run out again but Trista held him and went to the strechter. The doctors starred at her amazed when she lay her hands on Sabers chest and a blue light flew out of her hands and covered his body. Seconds later Trista closed her eyes and sat down on the floor. Sabers wounds appeared on her body. Worried and frightened Fireball ran up to her and took her in his arms. He heard Saber asking what happend and minutes later Trista opened her eyes again. She couldn't save her Jesse or Fireballs April but she could save Saber Rider.
"Once you asked me about my secret. You remember?" she asked.
"Well, I'm half outrider and half human, I have finally to accept. But everyone of us is unique you now."
"You saved him." Fireball whispereed, ignoring what she said about her identity.
"I did." She said smiling. "You know I visited Jesse before and I felt like you when I heard he has to die and even me, even I can't help him. It's terrible sometimes. But look, I couldn't help my Jesse, but I could help Saber and you. I love both of you." She said and kissed Fireball who was pretty amazed but somehow happy about her reaction.
"Life goes on Fireball. What about me joining your team?"
Fireball smiled and both of them stood up. "Why not." Saber said. "Good work Trista. Without your help we would have probably died."
"It's okay. That's what friends are for."

Chapter Thirteen

Buffy still felt as if she was in a movie. After meeting Jesse and leaving the underground lab everything had turned out into a drama. Except her and Trista all their friends were captured by the commandos. Then Trista had come up with the two way radio idea.
They went to Xanders and of course they didn't find anything useful although she thought Xander would perhaps have something like a two way radio. But he had not. Buffy had gone mad and didn't know what to do when Trista asked her for Willows magical stuff.
And that was when luck came back to them. Willow had some of their magical stuff still kept in her room. While Buffy had to wait outside the room Trista prepared something. Perhaps a spell or something similar. Buffy didn't think it would work out.
Hours later they met Yamuri, Tristas brother and Buffy got to know about Tristas true identity and about the group of rebells. The rebells had gone taking over the initiative immediately, after they told Yamuri what happened. Not like Colt or Saber who worried about their safety Yamuri took them with him. They could for sure help them.
Inside the initiative Buffy and Trista had found their friends soon. Buffy was shocked when seeing her best friend Willow in one of the cells. Willows body was partly covered with blood, not as bad as Sabers but it looked bad. The cells were opened by the rebells after they took over the initiative.
The rebells army worked much better than those of the initiative. Perhaps the reason was that the rebells truly worked together and the humans and outriders from the initiative still were somehow rivals although they worked at the same projects.
Some doctor came and took Willow and Xander away. Buffy and Giles went with them. Xanders felt better pretty soon, but Willow was still unconscious. Unable to do anything while the doctors tried to help Willow she went outside to search for Trista.
But instead she found Angel. He sat in one of the cells beside Drusillas lifeless body. Spike had took her in his arms and spoke to her. Angel looked ill and weak. Buffy was shocked when seeing him this way. She wanted to move but he saw her already and when he stood up and came towards her she couldn't move away.
"If I would feel something it would be joy." He said. "I would be glad to see you alive."
"Yeah. I know. I'm glad you're okay." Buffy nodded and turned away. But he held her arm and she looked back at him. "What?"
But their conversation was interrupted by Spike who was still sitting on the floor, taking care of his Drusilla. "Stop that. Dru dies and you talk about old times. We need blood. So, what about the slayer?"
Buffy pushed Angels hand away and stepped backwards. "You touch me and you die?" she said.
"We won't take Buffy Spike. Without her all of us would probably have died."
Buffy grinned. "Think so too. Well and you will leave town as soon as this is over." She said angry.
"Both of you see that you need each other but you can't stop argueing and fighting. Ts ts." Spike said more to himself than to Angel or Buffy. Both of them starred at Spike and then at each other.
"Well, Buffy said. I don't want to be hurt again. And we both saw it can't work out between both of us."
Angel lay his hands on her shoulder. "Then let's try it again."
"What happened?" Buffy asked confused. "You got your soul back?"
"No. But the demon never went away. For some time it was suppressed by the soul. It changes nothing. We were friends. We were enemies but I still feel something for you. It's not as strong as in the time I had my soul but it's still there."
"Angel." and Buffy embraced him gentle. "I still like you, even without soul."
Angel took her in his arms and for some miutes they just stood down there and kissing each other.
"Well, well. Happy family then. What about helping our dear Dru now. Without her nobody ever had realized the danger of this initiative."
Spike shouted from behind. He stood up and carried Dru on his arms.
"Spike. She is gone. I told you already."
"She is not! Yeah, I see you have only eyes for the slayer right now. Better go now."
Spike was about to leave when held back by Buffy. "You're sure she is still alive?"
Spike nodded. "I feel her. I know she's alive. She just needs a bit human blood."
Angel shook his head. "She is gone. It's only cause of you why her demon is still held back to leave the body."
"No. It's not and if it then we have to bring her back." He cut his arm and let his blood run into her mouth but nothing happened.
"I have an idea. It may not work but perhaps it does. Come with me."
"How is Willow?" she asked when they arrived at the operation room her friends was laying in.
"She finally woke up." Giles said. "Xander is in the room. She will survive. Just feels a bit weak." Then he saw the three vampires.
"Do you think she can do a spell?" Buffy asked.
"A spell. For whom?"
"Drusilla. It was her who had the dreams. She told me about the project and without her we would have never come back to Sunnydale. And you would never found out about that project." Spike said. "All I want is that she survives."
From some distance Colt watched the Scooby Gang and the three vampires. He also felt sorry for Drusilla. He liked the girl. In the weeks they had spent together they had lots of fun. And he also realized how much Spike loved her. Hopefully they would manage to bring her back. They carried her in the room and Buffy ran away to fetch something. Then something strange was happening in the room. When Colt passed the room he could see Giles and Xander standing inside. Angel stood beside Buffy, one hand lay over her shoulder. Spike was sitting with Dru in a circle. In front of him Willow was sitting. She was still pale. Then he saw Drusilla changing. When Drusilla opened her eyes Spike took her in his arms and kissed her happyly then he embraced Willow.
Colt knocked on the door. All of them starred at him amazed. "Hi. I...Just wanted to see if you're okay."
"We are." Drusilla said, smiling at him. Her skin wasn't as pale as before.
"Thanks Willow." Spike said smiling.
"I'm alive." Dru whispered. Spike looked down to her and smiled.
"Yeah. I hear your heart beat and your blood running through your veins. I'm so happy that you survived. I love you forever."
"I love you too Spike."
Spike took both, Willow and Drusilla in his arms and grinned all happy up to his sire.
"Ähm. May I join your happy group. Of course untill my team has to go again." Colt asked.
"Sure." Buffy said and Spike smiled up to him. It was okay when the cowboy wanted to share Dru with him. Well Dru was human now and perhaps she was finally healed from being insane too. Willow was really a great girl. He loved them both. And one time he would probably have to decide wether he wanted to be human tooo or whom he would turn into a vampire. They would see what future would bring. And as always Spike was confident about it.
Some time latter in the room 3 14. It had become night already.
Slowly he opened his eyes. Beside his bed Yamuri was standing. "Hello mate." Yamuris said.
"Yamuri? What happened?" Jesse asked. His voice was still weak.
"You died. But I brought you back."
"I gave you back your realy body. The one you once had. No human clone or half vampire, half machine clone body. But your real one."
"Cause there's much to do yet. But most important, cause you're my friend."
"The legends, yeah. Where's Trista?"
"With her new friends. I don't know if we should ever tell her."
"How does she take it?"
"At first she was pretty down but she found new friends and I guess a new love."
"There would have been no future for us anyways."
"I know."
"And probably I will die when we heal Nemesis."
"Who knows. I'm glad you're yourself again. Finally. After all those years."
"I'm back again." Jesse smiled. "And this time I'm on the right side. But ...."
"Tell Trista she shall take care of Fireball. I wanted to save April but I failed. It was to late."
"I will do so, my friend. Everything will become alright." And while the Star Sheriffs, the Scoobies and their vampire friends celebrated the victory Jesse and Yamuri were still in the underground base talking about new plans and preparing themselves for a new adventure.
Also the new formed Star Sheriffs team, the Scoobies, Angel, Spike and Drusilla would have new and different adventures. But those don't belong to this story and will be told maybe another time.

The End

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