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A new danger
By: Yamuri (


Years went by after the last battle with the outriders. The galaxy was in peace since five years. The Star Sheriffs get used to it. All of them went back to their home planets and their old lifes. Fireball to his racing life, Saber and April still working for the Cavalry Command and Colt working on his own ranch together with Robin.The war seemed to be over but not all could forget.

Chapter 1

Somewhere a girl was walking through an old outrider base. She didn't know the planets name she visited and she didn't care about it. While walking through the empty halls and rooms her thoughts went back when outriders where still living here.
She didn't feel lucky about what happened. For her peace meant nothing. Only the death of the one she loves. She couldn't forget him. The way he looked at her, he talked to her, his laughter his .... being mad with her. Why? She didn't know. She never tried to find out. If she had not run away would he have talked to her again? One time she was lucky but for the time she left the base to live with her family again happiness left her heart for ever. The Star Sheriffs destroyed the Outrider planet. They were heroes. April never cared about her. Betrayed. He would say April betrayed you. But why? Because she wanted to destroy their friendship. Probably he would say so. No, April would not do such a thing. Everything was a big misunderstanding. What did April know about the Outriders? Perhaps she should search for her and tell her. Tell her all about what she knew. It's to late. Nobody can bring them back. They are gone away. She remembers something. Not long ago while watching the news on TV, Fireball was speaking to a reporter. He said that he don't believe in the peace, that he has not a good feeling and that all went to easy. There was something more he said. When we won a battle against the outriders they always came back and he thinks they will be away for some time but they will come back again for sure and they should be prepared. That's why he still trains his reflexes with doing those murderous car races, as his friend April calls it. April believes in the peace. She and Saber can talk easy Fireball said. Both of them still work for the cavalry command and he can't believe April when she says that she doesn't train sometimes in her freetime. Something else he told took her attention. After all what happened at the last battle Fireball felt sorry for Jesse, who lost his life in this battle. Perhaps he felt a bit sad too. Somehow, although he was far away from her, he shared the sad feeling about Jesse's death with her. Fireball was a Star Sheriff and she was nothing. But both of them had the same feeling when talking or thinking about the time of peace and those last battles.
The girl was so far away from reality while walking through the base that she didn't realize the footsteps behind her. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and moved fast to see who interrupt her. Infront of her an young Outrider was standing. She knew him very well and although she thought this would be a dream she is happy to see him. Illusion or not. Her heart seemed to need the image of the Outriders being alive.
„Trista?" he asked.
The girl nodded her head. Slowly she moved towards him. But she couldn't embrace him, although he was showing his feelings.
„I'm glad to see you Trista. Really. I thought I lost you after all what happened." he said.
„You still don't believe, right? Ask your heart and you will know the truth."
She looked at him and couldn't move. That was not real. It would be to dangerous to come here for an Outrider. But she forgot something. They could vaporize and come to wherever they want. The young man didn't care about what Outriders should or not and she was lucky when he hugged her. „Yamuri." She whispered. „Whatever happened between us you are still my brother. I know that and nobody can take that away from me. Even our parents can't although they live on their life as if you would be dead for them."
Yamuri nodded. „I broke the rules. And I found out the truth. They must too one time. They can't live as humans for all the time. One time humans will find out or something else will happen. We are Outriders and not humans Trista. You know that too. Why do you still live as if you were an human. What makes you feel frightened of showing what you are? I did too? And I'm still alive as you can see."
„I guess I always knew that you would come back and the rest of the Outriders too. Perhaps I came here cause I hoped to meet you. But I can't believe Yamuri. I don't want to believe. Being an human is ... how shall I explain that to you?„"
Yamuri turned away. „I know what you mean Trista but what I mean is that you can't deceive yourself. You aren't human. You know that. Don't say you are. You can live with humans in peace, you can have and show feelings because you always lived together with humans and somehow we can learn from them. But you never can be an human. Why can't you accept this?" Slowly he went away but this time Trista tried to stop him.
„Wait. I don't want that it will end like the other time, you know. I need time to accept Yamuri. I need time to see a way out of this problem. If I show what I am like you the humans will never be my friends again. They don't believe in real peace with us. You know that. And well life with the Outriders didn't change you a lot. But you have no family anymore. Does that make you happy. I guess not. I don't want to loose my parents and I feel sorry if they would loose me the way they loosed you."
Yamuri moved towards her again and looked into her eyes who looked hopeful again, more lucky then before. „They didn't loose me. They don't understand me that's why they lie and don't want any contact with me again. I still love them Trista and I still love you like a brother should love his sister. We are not like Nemesis. We can show Nemesis how to feel again. That's why we should not live such a secret life like mom and dad. They are used to it now and I can understand they can't change it. But we can."
„Where will you go now? Back in the vapor zone?"
Yamuri nodded. „Back to the people I belong to. But never forget. I belong to my family too."
„Why can't you stay and talk to mom and dad?"
„You know why Trista. Think about what I said and don't be sad sometimes things looks worst than they are." he smiles at her and turns way.
„What do you mean?"
He turned his head. „Jesse is still alive and he also accept what he is."
„What? Jesse? What do you know about him?"
But Yamuri vaporized already. Gone into a zone where she couldn't follow him. He said Jesse would be alive. Really or was this meeting only a dream. One of such dreams she always had after hearing something about the Star Sheriffs. Humans could forget one time - she couldn't. Memory came back to her every night.

Chapter 2

While Trista was searching for a way to contact her brother again rumors started at the edge of the galaxy. Something had survived. From the planets which were near vapor zone stupid messages were coming. At first they asked for help. Then they sent out messages which said that everything would be under control to send out a message that they were attacked again soon. Always the same. None knew what was happening out there. Cavalry Command was worried and arranged a meeting of the Star Sheriffs. There was tension between the friends who meet on Yuma with Commander Eagle, Commander Whitehawk and other leading persons from Cavalry Command. Colt had not arrived yet.
Commander Eagle told the rest of them that they couldn't contact him. All of them felt worried. That was not a good start. But what could they do. A new mission waited for them and they had to prepare themselves very fast for attacks. While Ramrod was prepared for the flight and Saber had some conversations with Commander Eagle April went out to Fireball who was sitting alone on the field near the headquarters. He looked at her surprised when she sit down in front of him.
„It's a long time isn't it?"
Fireball nodded, leaned back on a tree behind him and looked up into the sky.
„We had not much time to talk a lot the last month. Everyone was so busy. It's a pity that we have to meet again under such circumstances."
„Yeah. You are right. But I always knew that it was not over. It will never be over." His words were sad and bitter.
„Don't say such a thing Fireball. One time it will be over. Sure." „We won't be alive when this happens."
„What makes you so sad Fireball. Why can't you believe in peace. Perhaps nothing bad happened out there. Only some civil wars which we can end soon."
„They are back April. I know that. Don't ask why. But they are back." Fireball stood up and walked away towards the place where Ramrod waited for them. April followed him fast.
„You can't know that! Fireball!"
He turned towards her. His eyes were cold and he frightened her a bit.
„I can know! Let me alone! I don't want to end it in an argue." He shouted at her and pushed her away. Then while he went to the hall where Ramrod was standing in and Saber would wait for them he added soft.
„I don't want to end it in such a way because I love you."
April took his arm and hugged him. „I know Fireball. Why can't we talk to each other in a better way then. I worry for you that's why I want you to believe in peace. But I know you can't force feelings. Let's go in and make the best out of the situation. We are still friends, aren't we?"
He nodded and for a second he smiled at her. Then he walked in without saying something. April still felt sad. Since she had spoken to him about peace and especially about living together he acted in such a strange way. Sometimes when she called him he even ignored her. Why? What was his problem? He had no girlfriends she knew.


And what happened to Colt? While his friends prepared for the flight Colt had his own problems. Much worse problems then the rest of the Star Sheriffs. They all went back to a life on or near Yuma. The only one of them who lived on a planet near vapor zone was Colt. And that meant danger and big problems. Whatever attacked the ranch was not human Colt realized. But he didn't knew what it was. He couldn't see it. And how should he fight against someone who didn't show himself. It was crazy. All had started so strange. Robin had told him that the people in town were acting in a strange way. As if they would become crazy or something. She could not tell exactly. But it was like everyone was against everyone. People argued a lot and in the next minutes they acted as if nothing had happened to argue again within the next minutes. Colt tried to keep it cool and went into town with her to see what was going on. When he realized that he couldn't do anything to end the chaos which had started there he went back to his ranch. He had an own space ship there. The best would be he took Robin and went to Cavalry Command as fast as he could. But then Robin started to become crazy too. Perhaps the reason was that their horses and cattle were dead when they came home. He prepared the space ship when suddenly Robin was standing in the room.
„What have you done? Traitor! Bastard! I ...I hate you." She shouted. Her face was white and her eyes had a strange red color. Slowly she moved towards him. In her hands she had a gun.
„Robin? What happened? I haven't...."
„Shut up!" she cried and started to shot at him.
As fast as he could Colt hid himself behind the Space Ship. What was with Robin? Why was she so mad with him? What was happening here? Would it happen to him to? He had to survive. Would he have to kill Robin? Hopefully not.
„Come out!" Robin cried and Colt could hear her feet on the floor. She came nearer and nearer.
„Robin please be calm. There is no reason to act like this. We can talk about it like adults. Don't act like a kid."
Suddenly it was over. He heard the gun falling down and Robin sitting down on the floor. Carefully he came out of his hideaway.
„Everything okay with you?" he asked while coming towards her.
She nodded and looked up to him. „What did I with the gun. Why did I come here. Are you finish? Can we go?"
Colt looked at her surprised. She acted like the people in town. Was it a good idea to take her with him. But he couldn't let her alone here. No, he had to take her with him. Everything would become okay if he would not leave her alone somewhere. He sat down and embraced her softly. The same time he felt a terrible pain in his heart. Robin pushed him back and stood up. Colt looked down his body and up to Robin. His shirt was full with blood and Robin was holding a bloody knife in her hands. Tears were running down her face and in the same moment her eyes started to glow red again. Before Robin reached Colt again he lost consciousness. The next he could remember was waking up in a room that remembered him to the rooms in the outrider bases he had seen already. For some time he lost awareness again. Hours later a known voice woke him up. Near his bed an outrider was standing he knew very well. „Jean Claude."
Jean smiled coldly at him as always. „So you seem to be all right again,Cowboy?"
„Where is Robin? If you have done something to here..."
„Calm down. Nobody would do her something. We had to lock her up in a special room so that she can't hurt anybody or herself."
Colt starred at him surprised. „So this wasn't your plan? But why did you save me then?"
Jean took a chair and sat down near Colt. „Why I saved you? Hm. Perhaps I like you Cowboy or why do you think I took my freetime to make a skirace with you?"
„What? Are you crazy or something?"
Jean laughed and for a second Colt had the feeling as if Jean's eyes would have changed from cold to warm. Was he as crazy as Robin? No, if he would be he would not saved him.
„You never understood. I knew that you would never use your freetime to go skiing with me or just having fun. I'm an Outrider and you are an human. If Nemesis would have found out he would be mad at me too. So I thought of a trick. It looked like a battle against you and your friends. But for me it was only fun. I was sure that Saber and Fireball would save April and Pierre. So I could do it."
For some moment both of them were silent. „That was not funny. You could have send a secret message to me if your story is true."
„No I could not. Who would believe an Outrider. And why should I believe you Cowboy? Perhaps you would create a trap. No this was the only chance."
„You saved me to become my friend? What happened the last days could be a trap from you to. Why should I believe you now?"
„I don't want you to believe me. And you can't buy friendship. I thought you would knew that with April being your friend." Jean stood up and went to the door.
„What are you doing now? How many Outriders came back with you Jean?" Colt asked and tried to hide how much he was worried. Jean turned back to him and looked at him without saying something for some minutes.
„Find out Cowboy. You are free. But be careful with Robin. You should not enter her room. She is not healed yet." With those words he left Colt alone. Colt didn't trust in Jean. Okay, he saved his life and he let him free but that didn't mean that he was his friend. Perhaps everything was a plan and the outriders prepared a new trap for them. A new hope for peace which they could break at the right time. He would never trust an Outrider. Never.

Chapter 3

Saber, April and Fireball were ready to start their mission when a girl entered the hangar. They didn't recognize her at first. Her hair was shorter and well she didn't look very human. Saber and Fireball were surprised when April run out and called her Trista. The last time they had seen Trista it was at the outrider base where they had a battle against Jesse Blue.
„I'm so glad to see you again. It's you Trista? I know. But what have you done to your skin."
Trista looked at her sad. „I had to accept April. To accept what I am. And now I'm here to talk to you. To tell you the truth and to be your friend again. After all I was very mad with you. Because of Jesse, you know. But we are not kids anymore and we shouldn't act like one."
April was surprised to but didn't show it. Trista was an Outrider? An Outrider girl who wanted to be her friend? Impossible? But the time they met first they were somehow friends to. She didn't know about Trista being an Outrider. Why should the truth change the friendship. For her Trista had always been a friend and she was very happy about the fact she had come back.
„You are right. We can still be friends. It's hard, yes. The truth. I can't believe it although I see. This isn't only a mask?"
„No. This is reality. Sad but true. I lived my whole together with humans. My family and me we lived in peace with humans. We know what feelings are and did I tell you I have a brother?"
„A brother? Is Jesse...?"
Trista laughed. „No, not Jesse. You don't know him. He went away when I was very young but a few days ago I met him again and he told me something important."
„So the Outriders are back?" Fireball had heard Trista's last sentence when coming out of Ramrod.
„They were always among you. I came here to go with you. I heard you have problems. I want to help."
„You? An Outrider? Impossible!" Fireball said.
„Why not? Did I betray you one time? No! I don't want you to trust me but to give me the chance to show you the other side of my people."
Suddenly a voice interrupt their conversation. It was Saber talking to them by the mike of Ramrod. „Fireball, April come in. We have an important mission. Trista can come with us if she want. There is really no reason why not. She never was our enemy and we should not change this. We don't know what's out there but we shouldn't ever make the Outriders responsible for our faults. Let's go."
When they went in Fireball was still suspicious. Why didn't she come earlier. Okay she was mad with April. But for such a long time. And why did she come back now? Why did she want to help them? There was no reason? Didn't she know that Jesse was dead? She loved Jesse. April told him once. Or was the reason why she came with them that she hoped to find Jesse out there or her brother who visited her? Perhaps. He would be careful and watch her. It was better he wasn't to gullible.
During the flight Trista didn't speak anything. When they arrived at the planet from which the cry for help came they found all towns empty. Noone was here anymore. Where had all the people gone?
„What happened here?" Fireball asked thoughtful.
„We have to find trails of them, perhaps we can find out where they have gone to then."
Quiet almost not possible to hear Trista whispered. „They are still here. If you are quiet you can hear them."
„What did you say?" Trista's words took Fireball's attention.
„Somewhere in the town someone is still alive.„
„She is right. Be quiet. Do you hear it? There is someone." Saber said while he went slowly towards an big building which could be a theater.
„Perhaps it's just the movie in there we hear."
Saber shook his head. „There is no music. Just voices. Come with me and stay together. We don't know what's waiting for us."
Carefully the four went in the building. Indoors there was a big hall and what they saw in the hall was like in an horror movie. The room was almost full with dead people and animals. Humans and animals were lieing about each other. April cried and left the room. Fireball followed her. Saber and Trista were still standing in the hall. On the other side of the hall a group of people was standing. They saw them when April left the room. At first noone moved. Both groups watched each other silent. Then Saber decided to go to the survivors of that to talk to them but one of them started to speak.
„Don't come nearer. Leave us alone. It's better. We don't know what happened and if it's over. It could start again the next minute. Don't come to near. Leave this place as fast as you can. You must tell Cavalry Command of that. All people became crazy suddenly. Everyone was against everyone. Noone knows what made us crazy. At the moment we seem normal but please go. Go and try to find help. Try to protect Cavalry Command and Yuma. You can't help us anymore." Saber wanted to ignore the warning but Trista hold him. „Believe them. You can't help. I know how you must feel but it's better we leave this place before we get infected. Perhaps they mean this is some sort of virus, of illness. If we don't leave them and get infected we could import the illness to Yuma. You see that we can't help them so we must help us and go. That's something we can do." At first Saber wanted to tell her that he had to help but when looking in Trista's face he knew that she was right. They couldn't help anyone here and they told that they couldn't tell what happened exactly too.
When they came out Fireball and April were sitting infront of Ramrod. April was very pale. Fireball was surprised that it was so easy for Trista to look at this without getting sick. Perhaps the reason was that she was an outrider.
„Who killed them?" April asked more to herself then to her friends.
„They killed themselves." Saber answered. „I haven't seen something like this. It's like a mass murder. What could have made all those people crazy?"
Suddenly Fireball got pale to. „Colt!" he said. „Wasn't Colt on Texas. What if this illness broke out on other planets too. Colt didn't come. Perhaps he is in danger. We should fly to Texas to look if he needs help fast. Come on." He took Aprils arm and went with her into Ramrod followed by Saber and Trista.
„I wonder what strange illness this is that breaks out on different planets. It seems to be infectious. But how. Without being in contact with the person who is ill. Then we could be infected already." Saber said while starting Ramrod.
„It's not infectious for outriders." Trista said.
„How do you know?" Fireball asked suspicious.
„My brother told me."
„Who is your brother? Why does he know? And what do you know about this?"
„He didn't tell me a lot. That's why I search for him. He met me to talk to me. He wanted me to accept what I am and before I went to meet you he sent me a message in which he told me that humans go crazy because of something. He told me that it is your fault. But I don't know what he meant."
„How should it be our fault? We didn't do anything."
„If we find Yamuri he could help us."
„Why should he? There is no need for him to do."
„He is my brother and both of us grew up with humans. We understand you better then other outriders do."
Fireball was still suspicious and didn't trust in Trista's words but perhaps it was a good idea to find her brother. If Yamuri could really help them they had to find him. Although he was an outrider. He didn't like the idea but if it was the last possibility. But where should they find Yamuri? But if the outriders were back, perhaps Yamuri would find them. Trista was with them and that could be a reason why he would contact them. Just to contact her. Besides what if Trista was a traitor and if everything was just a trick? Why did she come now? Why now? He didn't understand. Was her story a trap, a trap for them? What should they do? Their mission was to find out more about the problems here and to solve them if possible. Perhaps the outriders were the reason again and then he was sure they should not trust in Trista. It was a fault if April did. Probably she didn't believe that Trista's skin was real.
Like Fireball Trista didn't understand exactly why Yamuri told her about the fact that people became crazy and why he wanted her to go with the Star Sheriffs. At first this strange meeting then because she was somehow curious in finding out the acceptance what she was and the meeting with the Sheriffs. Her life got a sense. She wasn't only someone anymore. Now she could become a part of something again, could have the chance to find Jesse again and to bring her family together. There was hope for peace and she new with Yamuri coming back they could really have a fair chance. It was him who belonged to the few outriders who found the group who were for peace although he let them alone for a long time then. Without him, Snake and Lilith, Jeans older sister, the group would not exist. They were the first who followed the ideas of the human commander who was living with them for a some time. Some said he was a traitor, others said he learned to understand and love the outriders. Nobody knew what his reasons were to stop fighting against them and to hide himself by them so that his race thought he would be dead and Nemesis would not found him.

Chapter 4

Far away from Ramrod somewhere in the dark of the vapor zone an young outrider suddenly felt the presence of something else in his head. He started to fight against it but couldn't. Its force overwhelmed him. The voice in his head started to talk to him much louder from day to day. At first he was frightened and wanted to fight against the other one but after a few time he learned that doing what the unknown wanted took his pain away. The pain which the other created in his head. Pictures came up in his mind. War. There was so much war outside and whatever overtook him seemed to become crazy because of the war in his memory. Time went by slowly and the young outrider realized that his friends heard the voices too. Sad voices, mad voices, voices that wanted peace, voices that wanted war, crazy voices, and those who gave them back what they lost somewhere in their past - their feelings. But their new knowledge and those voices made them crazy, not like the humans but in another way. Outrider weren't as weak as humans. They knew about parapsychologic forces and they tried to fight against whatever tried to give them not very logic orders. The consequences for their fight against the unknown or their search for a way to build a new cyborg body for the unknown were fatal. Most of them started to work or fight day and night and stopped sleeping. Noone, even outriders can live long without sleep and so the illness which had cost many human lifes already started to kill the outriders too. Slowly and quiet but in a very effective way. Yamuri who had met his sister after coming back from his trip found out soon what was happening with his race when he tried to contact others in the vapor zone. After getting no messages he decided to visit those to whom he sent a message that he was back no. But when he visited them he found them all asleep - dead. Why he asked himself and for what reason? Not long ago he had discovered an illness among humans when he got some crazy messages from humans. The messages were not exactly sent to him but his space ship catched them and so he got to know more. To make the Sheriffs the earnest of the situation clear he sent his sister to them. Finally she believed. He knew that although he had not seen her again after their first meeting. In his heart he could feel it. Not long after he had discovered the first human space ships whose passengers seemed to have killed themselves a terrible image grew in his mind. What if Nemesis was still alive. Most of the outriders didn't believe that and formed small groups of fighters who wanted to end Nemesis projects. But the Star Sheriffs only killed Nemesis body and the machine in which he had been, but not his soul. Could it be that they set his soul free? The best would be to search for Jesse after sending Trista a message that the whole problem could be the fault of the Sheriffs. So she would know that he had real interests in meeting her again and could probably help the Star Sheriffs. While Trista of whom he thought that she would believe now could help the Sheriffs he would try to find Jesse or Jean. Perhaps they could tell him more. He didn't want to frighten his sister so he sent her a message that outriders could not get infected, but now he knew that that was wrong. He didn't find Jesse, Jean of whom he heard that he had his own troop now or even the human commander but he found a survivor. She sat in one of the rooms where Outriders had worked to build a new cyborg body for the unknown until they died.
When he came in he thought she was one of the dead ones too. But when he came nearer she opened her eyes and looked up to him.
„I beat it." she said. „Whatever it was it's no longer in my head." For a second she smiled at him and he realized what she meant.
„What happened here?" he asked carefully, cause he didn't want to hurt her with being so direct.
„I can't tell you. I don't know how it started. They are dead. All of them. Hopefully....Nikodemus? My brother." her eyes were wide and she stared at him for a moment then she looked like a normal outrider again.
„Nikodemus is your brother? I heard about him. So you must be his younger sister Isis, right? You are known by most of the warriors." Yamuri smiled and came up to her to shake her hand.
„Good to meet you. I'm Yamuri. Perhaps you've heard from me. I'm a good friend of Jesse Blue."
She nodded her head. „I've heard about Jesse. He is very famous. So you belong to Nemesis best warriors I guess."
„If you want to say so, yes. We should find other survivors and find out what to do against the illness."
Isis shook her head. „It's no illness. Someone tries to overtake us and he or she made them crazy. They worked themselves to death or died because they couldn't beat this unknown force."
„But what did they work?"
„They wanted to build a new cyborg body for Nemesis I heard." Yamuri nodded and looked at her thoughtful. „As I thought. The Star Sheriffs only killed his body and destroyed the central computer. They didn't kill his soul. Nemesis is still alive and the only person who can stop him with becoming crazy is Jesse."
„Why Jesse?" Isis asked surprised. „Isn't he a human?" „Not exactly. Most of us think so but he is half outrider half human. His father is a human and his mother an outrider. He doesn't know his parents. We were his family."
„Who is we? Nemesis and you? He grew up with humans. I heard he was the pride of Cavalry Command and he became almost a Star Sheriff and one of our worst enemies."
Yamuri laughed and for Isis it was difficult to hide her feelings. But could she trust in Yamuri? Perhaps he would understand her although he seemed to have been one of Nemesis' friends.
„Jesse grew up with humans, yes, but only until an age of seven years. Then he lived together with us, Jean and me. Later on he was sent to Cavalry Command to become a Star Sheriff. We wanted to find out more about our enemies. That's why he went to the academy. He is an outrider fighter as me and you. Me and him has a similar past. I grew up with humans too but later on I discovered the truth about myself and when I was still a boy I came here to join my own race."
„So your parents belong to those who left vapor zone to start a secret life among humans?" Isis wondered.
Yamuri nodded. „Each month I had to take a special bath which gave me this skin which humans have. My ears were hidden under my hair and well I know that some humans have strange ears too."
„You know a lot about humans, right."
„Yeah, like Jesse. But he knows a bit more I would say. You have not to hide your thoughts Isis. I'm on your side. Some of your thoughts and ideas are pretty good I think. When I heard about you and the problems you were in because of telling others what you think I always hoped that you would survive. For our future we need people like you."
„Really." She was still suspicious although she had some sort of feeling which said that he was her friend and that she found someone with similar opinions. Finally.
„You can believe me. But at the moment we have no time for such conversations. We should better find out more about our problem and how we can solve it. Therefore we should find Jesse."
They stood up and walked outside to Yamuris space ship together.
„The last time I heard from him is three years ago. Since that time we have no leader. Nikodemus, Calibos and him were searching for a commander whose name I don't know. Jesse wanted Jean to become the new leader. But noone knows where he is. Since five years we haven't heard much about him. Hey why don't you know about all of that and where have you been all the time?"
While they flew way from this place of death Yamuri didn't answer her question. When they flew through the vapor zone, in the direction where Jesse could have gone to, he decided to tell her more about what experiences he made the last seven years. She was somehow similar to him and perhaps he could learn her something of the old forces. Those abilities which Nemesis seemed to use now. She must have some sort of talent. If not she wouldn't have beaten up Nemesis and would be under his control. But she had beaten him. So she was strong and that was their only chance to win. Nemesis soul was set free and nobody of them new which consequences this would have. It could mean their death but if they found a possibility to help Nemesis it could mean a hope for peace too.
„I'm not as famous as Jesse, Jean, Calibos, Nikodemus and you. I don't care a lot about being a warrior. For almost my whole life I was interested in our history and the abilities our ancestors had. Nemesis is the only one who still has those abilities. He is the one who has the permission to have them cause he is our leader. Those abilities are dangerous. Our ancestors were involved in terrible wars because of them. Everyone wanted to be the leader and they used their abilities to get control over each other."
„You mean that one time because of the wars those abilities were forbidden except for our leader."
Yamuri nodded. „But I discovered old books about those abilities when I searched for informations about our past. Well and I was to curious and tried to learn those abilities out of the books. Some of them, especially those healing abilities, aren't as bad as our ancestors thought. It always depends on the person who learns it. Some become bad and can't get enough force and others ..."
„...are like you and use it only for to help, right?"
„Yeah. Our ancestors didn't learn those abilities just to have them. They had special ritual where they had to proof that they knew what those abilities were for and that they would only use them to help or defend theirselves. Those ideas weren't bad. That's why I went away. I searched for our home planet, which is very far away from here. Nobody is living there. I went to other dimensions where I met aliens and had several interesting experiences. One time I was in danger to become like Nemesis became one day. But then I realized what was happening and confront me with myself. So I know for myself that it will never happen again to me that I would use it for to kill others or something like that."
„It's a pity we have not much time to talk about that. What you told me sounds interesting. And you learned that all by yourself?"
„By myself. It wasn't to difficult to learn. Perhaps I have talent. You have too. If you want I can teach you."
Isis nodded. „And you can tell me more about humans. I guess you know about them a lot too."
„Humans? Hmm. Jesse can tell you more. He knows them better than me. My whole live I tried to learn a lot about my race and I could almost tell you all about our hidden secrets but humans. Let's say that's Jesses special subject." Yamuri laughed and this time Isis joined him.
For the first time she met an outrider who showed his feelings who seemed to be similar to her.
She was sure if they got to know each other better they could become good friends. He would understand her and perhaps he could make her brother understand too. Somehow that would be great.

Chapter 5

The strange illness costed more and more victims from both races. While Yamuri and Isis searched for Jesse in whom they saw hope and the Star Sheriffs discovered more places of horror Colt was still in Jean's secret base. Jean told him the best doctors he knew would help Robin. But when hours went by he gave up hope that they could heal her. By the way he was suspicious if outriders could really heal humans. What did they know about their bodies? Almost nothing. He was sure Jean didn't tell him all about Robin's illness but what could he do. It didn't matter what Jean told. The fact was that in reality he was a prisoner not Jean's guest, even if Jean said so. Jean didn't believe that he would go without Robin. That was the reason why he could say "you are free". What if he really tried to leave the base? Then he would act in another way. So he went to talk to Jean. If he wanted to be his friend really then he would let him go and search for his friends and more important for help. Colt found Jean outside the base and realized that he had been here once. They met a blue haired girl called Snowcone here. The outrider base was in use again. Nobody told them. Why?
"For which time do you use this base again, Jean?"
"Since five or more years. For the time you've been away from here."
Colt starred at him. "What?"
"You tried to stop the experiment, but you didn't. You're not very clever. Jesse was right."
"Jesse Blue? Is this bastard still alive?"
"I don't know. I haven't heard much about him for a long time."
"You and your friends were only interested in killing Nemesis in pushing the outriders back into vapor zone. Nobody cared about this planet after you destroyed peace here. While the people here needed you again nobody came. Cavalry command didn't hear their cries for help so people here decided to become independent. But we heard and we came back to become friends again."
"Pah." Colt shouted at him. "You came back to betray them again. They shall work for you! You lie!"
Jean laughed and walked away. "You are hopeless Cowboy. Humans and outriders work together here and both of us work in the base. Everything is possible. Now and then we built the Renegades to protect the planet or to use them to transport several things."
"Why should I believe you?"
"And what do you want to do? The people don't need your help anymore. They can help themselves now. Forget whatever you want to do." Colt was mad about what he heard but Jean was right, what could he do. Outriders were the majority on this planet. It has come true. The invasion started without them realizing it. But at the moment there were more important things and even if he didn't like the idea perhaps there was the possibility of peace. Nemesis was dead and perhaps the outriders changed now.
"So you have human doctors here who try to help Robin?" Colt changed the theme.
"Of course. What did you think? But I don't believe that they can help her."
"Why? What do you know about the illness about her becoming crazy. How do you get it?"
Colt worried a lot about the desease. More about the comeback of the outriders.
"I don't know much. Except that she became crazy and that she doesn't sleep anymore if we don't give her special medicines. But her situation doesn't change a lot. She is still tired after sleeping. The doctors guess that she will die. And we don't know how come."
"No. She won't die. Never. I won't let her die." Colt cried and run back into the base. But Jean who followed him was faster.
"Calm down. Or are you becoming crazy like her? You can't help her. The only thing we can do is believing in the doctors abilities."
"If the doctors can't help her we must search for other help." Colt shouted and tried to get his arm free which Jean was holding.
"Don't act like a kid Colt. Or do you want that I have to lock you up like her."
Colt starred at him amazed and somehow frightened. So he was right and Jean was still his enemy. Or not. What was happening with him? "You don't understand how I feel. Outriders doesn't feel right? I love her and that's why I will do everything to save her. If you want or not."
Jean nodded. "I understand. You won't believe. But I can understand you and I know that you doesn't become crazy. It's normal for you to act like this. But it's childish. We can talk about it like adults and we can find a solution."
"You doesn't act very logic too. Do you know that?" Colt asked surprised. "Perhaps that's the solution. For us it's normal to act a bit confused our people would say. That is the protection. We are crazy already and can't become more crazy." Colt started to laugh but stopped soon when he saw Jean being still very earnest. "You are right the situation is not funny. Perhaps we should work together. Let's try it. I guess some of your outrider friends are ill too. Or why do you help me?"
"Until now I didn't realize my people becoming crazy or something else, Cowboy. I should care more about them. Since five years I have no contact to the ones who are living in vapor zone. I help you cause friends should help each other. The illness can come here too. I found out that on other planets in the galaxy similar things have happened. Humans have a problem. And when we want to be your friends we have to help you if we can. Or wouldn't you help your friends?"
"Of course I would. But I still don't trust you and don't understand your actions."
"One time I hope outriders and humans can trust in each other. But both of us need time. I can't trust in you totally too, Cowboy."
"Okay. Now we decided to stop fighting for some time. I would suggest that the best would be to ask Cavalry Command for help. Perhaps the reason was some sort of military experiment."
To Colts surprise Jean talked to members of the planet's government and they decided to ask Cavalry Command for help and to call the Star Sheriffs. All of them were a bit nervous about that but if the outriders agreed in working together with the Star Sheriffs peace wouldn't be in danger to much they hoped.
Not much time went by and the Star Sheriffs arrived. They were all happy to see Colt alive but worried about Robin. Fireball himself felt a bit sick when they met some members of the government. He had to see Snowcone's father again and remembered the time they had been here. Snowcone had fallen in love with him and she saved his life. But after they beat the outriders they left the planet he didn't think about her anymore. While Saber, April and Colt talked a lot to Jean and the people of the government Fireball stayed by Ramrod. Someone had to cause they could never know the outriders plans. Hopefully Snowcone didn't remember and didn't come here too. His relationship to April wasn't as good as it should and with Snowcone coming here it would become even worse.
Trista went with the others at first. Later on she went on her own and tried to find out more about her brother and what had happened to Jesse by talking to Jean and other outriders who knew him. But she had to discover that these outriders had no contact to Jesse and his brother for a long time. Jean only knew about a journey Yamuri had gone to and he seemed very happy when she told him that her brother came back and she met him not long ago. So she went back to Ramrod much earlier than the others and found Fireball sitting alone infront of the big space ship. Somehow he seemed to be sad.
"What's the matter Fireball? Is it because of April?" Fireball looked up, nodded and shook his had. "Not only. What have we done to this people?"
"You can not change the past and you're a human. You aren't a god. And humans, like outriders, can make mistakes. We aren't perfect."
"But we destroyed their friendship to the outriders and let them alone with their problems after that. How can they trust us now? How can they work with us. And what shall I do when Snowcone is coming back. She saved my life and I let her alone. Never gave her a sign that I'm still alive. Never visited her. But why you are interested in my problems."
"I just want to help. You should talk with April about this problem. If she really loves you she will understand. Perhaps you should also talk to Snowcone. If she still like you she will forgive you. I can forgive Jesse too also he was not very kind to me in the end."
"That's something I can't understand. How can you love this guy. He doesn't love anybody."
"I don't know but I can't change my feelings. If you talk to Snowcone and to April and tell them the truth about your feelings they will understand you will see. All of you are humans. I guess for humans talking about feelings is much easy."
"Perhaps you're right. That's funny. I'm sitting her and talking about silly problems with an outrider girl while my friends try to solve much bigger problems."
"If you don't solve the small problems at first how should you solve the big problems then?"
But Fireball had not much luck today and the last time he thought that April and him had changed to much. The opinions about working together with the outriders, finding solutions for their problem were to different between all of them.
Trista had more and more the feeling that the Star Sheriffs had infected themselves already. Except Fireball who seemed pretty normal to her. During the next days she discovered a secret of the people living here. All of them eat medicine to sleep at night and worked the whole day at a strange project. Only a few became crazy, argued a lot or fall into some kind of coma. They are all ill already Trista thought after a few days. They found a way to stop the illness for some time but that can't change the fact that they are ill and will die if nobody find a better solution, she thought sadly.
At first she thought it was only her who realized, cause Fireball didn't believe when talking with him, but then she met Snowcone and get to know more.
"Hey you?" a girl asked when she was walking thoughtfully over the outrider base. "Did you hear that the Star Sheriffs came back. They are your friends now I heard. Is that right?" Trista smiled at the girl and nodded.
"Did a guy named Fireball come with them?"
Trista looked at her surprised. "You are Snowcone right? I should have recognized you because of your hair. Fireball told me about you and that he felt sorry for never contacting you after you two met for the first time."
"Hmm. Yeah, he is together with April and he is very busy I know. He need not to worry about me. I'm not helpless. Do you know where I can find him?"
"Sure. I came with them. If you come with me you can meet him. He is at Ramrod."
"He didn't become crazy, didn't he?" Snowcone asked suddenly and this was the time when Trista realized that Snowcone was like herself still normal. But how long, she wondered.
"What do you know about the illness?" Trista asked back.
"Not much. Only that some people become crazy and the others eat medicine and nobody has time anymore because they are working at something. The Star Sheriffs are crazy too I heard. They act to aggressive. Jean Claude told me that they want to lock them up when the situation become worse."
"I can understand that pretty good. But didn't you realize Jean is ill too?"
"I did. And I hope Fireball is okay. Perhaps we three can help all the others. We must find a medicine for those who are ill."
Trista nodded. "Therefore we should leave the planet. I ...."
This moment they arrived by Ramrod and Fireball who was coming out interrupt her. "They got all crazy. If nobody can stop the illness Cavalry Command won't exist anymore soon." Then he became very silent and starred surprised at Snowcone. She didn't change a lot. Her hair was a bit longer now and her clothes were similar to the one April used to wear. She had become pretty. He could almost fall in love with her, perhaps because she wasn't the young girl anymore but a woman.
"Fireball!" To fast for him Snowcone run towards him and embraced him. He could have known that. Some things doesn't change. But although he should feel mad because of April he didn't.
"Until now we seem to be the only normal people." Trista said.
"We should leave this place and search for a medicine and the reason of the illness so we can beat it. And we should leave fast before we infect us too." Snowcone added.
"You aren't mad because ...."
"Why should I. I was never jealous because of April. I can understand that you like her. By the way we should forget the past. There are much important things to do now. I still consider you as my friend and I want to help. The only thing I felt a bit sorry was that we have to met under such bad circumstances. It would be better if you would be on holiday here." She laughed and as strange at it was Fireball had to laugh too. He didn't imagine that everything about he was worried so much would be gone in such an easy way. Snowcone was so different from April. Always happy and nobody could take that away. But he didn't want to go away without his friends and being together with April again. So he didn't listen to what Trista and Snowcone said and tried to contact Saber and April.
Finally he could arrange that April would come back to Ramrod. He met her outside because he didn't want April to see him together with two girls, Trista and Snowcone. She could think the wrong. About what he worried at first when meeting her was how she looked. Her eyes were red and her skin was very white. What had happened.
"You work to much April. Look in the mirror. I worry about you and that you could become ill."
"Then you should come with me and help us with finding a solution for our problem."
"April. Cavalry Command gets crazy too."
"What? And you can still be lazy and do nothing. Who do you think you are?"
"That's not fair April. We would not know that if I had not been here and you know we can't trust in the outriders."
"Stop dreaming. Outriders are our friends. We work together to find out more about the illness."
"April, we can't help those people here. I heard that they are all ill already. They eat medicine and work at strange projects."
"If there is somebody ill then you, Fireball. It will be better I inform Colt. And stay where you are. Give me your hands."
"Give me your hands. I have to garantee that you can't walk away or even fly away."
"April you can't."
"Sure I can. We must lock up you like Saber who became crazy too."
"That's not true." Fireball cried and tried to go back into Ramrod but April took her Blaster and didn't let him go in this direction. Suddenly April felt a terrible ache in her shoulder and fall down the earth. Snowcone was standing behind her.
"Why did you?" Fireball asked frightened.
"She would have shot you down Fireball. Before you came people became crazy already. Your friends are infected already and I hope you are not. We should leave fast before they realize what's going on. Believe me Fireball. You can't help your friends if you're staying here or getting killed."
Fireball nodded sadly and went in with her. They hurried up to start Ramrod and leave the planet.

Chapter 6

But it was not as easy to escape as they thought. Fireball had to fly Ramrod on his own and the time was to short to learn Trista and Snowcone how to help with the transformation process of Ramrod. The only thing they could do was helping him a bit with the armor. Soon, after they left the planet, the first Renegades tried to stop them. Fireball knew that if he tried to fight alone against them this would be like a suicide. At first he shoot at his enemies and used Ramrods power to fly as fast as he could. From time to time he tried to hide behind a moon. The Renegades weren't bad in finding him but in the end he realized that they were gone. But he had also to realize that he was in a part of their galaxy he didn't knew already. They didn't fly into the vapor zone but they left their home galaxy. Lost in space. After asking the central computer they found out that they must flown through vapor zone already. Now they came out on the other side. That was the reason why the Renegades hunted them for such a long time. To talk about their situation and what to do next they landed on one of the planets they found in the new galaxy.
"We escaped but we are lost in space no, right?" Snowcone said. "Not only that. I'm sure they will look for us. We are like outlaws now. They will hunt us like Cavalry Command hunted the outriders before Nemesis' death."
"What shall we do now?" Snowcone asked.
"We search for Yamuri. I guess he is somewhere in vapor zone." Trista meant. "He can hopefully help us."
"But if we fly back they will find us, cause everyone know Ramrod."
"Snowcone is right. We can't fly back. We have to find help here. Perhaps someone is living here. And Yamuri. How shall we know if he is ill already too?"
"But what if nobody lives here?"
"Then we must fly back, right. But before we should find out if we can find help here. I know we have not much time. Besides let's try it. Do we have a choice?"
"Not much and good ones. Okay, let's search life."
The following days went by without success.
When they almost gave up hope they discovered a base that looked very similar to an old outrider base on the moon of an uninhabited planet. They landed carefully and waited without doing something. But nobody came out of the base. After some time they took their guns with them and started to find out what happened here and how long this outrider base wasn't in use anymore. They didn't find anything at first and soon they decided to separate. Each one of them was going in another direction to find something useful in here.
Suddenly while walking through the old rooms Fireball felt that he was not alone. Somebody was in the large room wherethey built Renegades in former time with him. Fireball turned and watched the room carefully when he saw a shadow at the door.
"Snowcone, Trista, is it you?" he asked.
"Don't move Sheriff." The voice said. "Whow did you find us?"
"We searched for help. We didn't know that someone is living here. Who are you?"
"Someone you don't know. Perhaps we met one day but I can't remember yet. We can't help you."
"Okay. Then I will leave the base again."
"You won't do that Sheriff. Who else is with you?"
"Two girls you don't know and my friends Saber, Colt and April."
"You lie. I know that you are alone. Trista and Snowcone. Well I heard something about them. Trista is Yamuri's sister and Snowcone the one who helped you when Jesse catched you one day." The outrider said and came nearer to him so that he could see him. The outrider remembered Fireball to Calibos. April had problems with him one time. This outrider was dangerous. He must be careful.
"What do you want to do with me?"
"Well, I guess we have to lock you up until Jesse is fine again."
Another voice said. Fireball looked surprised to the other outrider he didn't know. "Jesse Blue?" he asked slowly.
"There is only one Jesse among us."
"Why can't you let us go? We won't tell anybody where you are and what you're doing. Why is Jesse ill?"
"Why do you care about him?" Calibos asked.
"I don't care about him. But all humans become crazy and outriders die because of a strange illness."
The other outrider laughed. "Jesse isn't ill. He just heals someone." While Calibos pushed Fireball forward to a hidden door which lead them in some kind of cellar both outriders ignored him and talked to each other.
"I don't understand why Jesse helps this man. Because he is a human?"
"The man is very important to him Nikodemus."
"I know but why does he help a human? If Nemesis would know?"
"Nemesis will never know that. Jesse would always protect this human commander. He seems to him like a father, a father he never had, of him he doesn't know anything."
"He doesn't act very logic and I never thought I would help at such an action one day."
"I guess Nemesis always new that Jesse is half human and that's why he forgives him for doing such things. We could not do such a thing without bad consequences."
Nikodemus nodded. Then Fireball was brought into a small room where they had locked up Trista and Snowcone already.
Snowcone run to Fireball immediately while Calibos and Nikodemus took Trista with them. She was an outrider too and that was a reason to treat her in a special way. By the way Calibos knew her brother a bit and that she had a friendship to Jesse some time ago.
"What do you do with those humans?" Calibos asked her while walking through the base. Nikodemus was not with them. He would go to Ramrod and find out if others had come with them or if their opinion was right.
"They are my friends."
"Jesse will not like this."
"Jesse!" she said surprised. "Is he still alive? Where is he? What do you know?
"He heals a human commander we don't know very much. Jesse seems to like him very much and you know he don't like many people."
"I know. But you can trust us. We are here to find help."
"I guess that the situation for your friends is better cause you are with them. But I don't think Jesse will have interests in helping humans except this human commander."
"Who is he?"
"The human commander? I don't know. Some say he could be his father."
"Who did you tell that?" A voice interrupted Calibos. Trista turned. In front of her Jesse was standing. He looked somehow tired but there was still this hardness in his face she was used to. His cold blue eyes looked at her and suddenly he smiled at her. It was not such a cold smile when she made something good but somehow warm. She wondered why but he didn't gave her the time to ask or say something.
"I know who did, Calibos. Yamuri I suppose. His ideas aren't bad but I don't like it when others talk about my past and tell stories of which they don't know if they are true. If you want to know ask me, although I would not tell you. Besides, didn't I tell you that if something happens I want you to tell me immediately?"
Calibos nodded. Nikodemus came in too now. He wasn't very surprised seeing Jesse. "We didn't tell you cause we didn't want to interrupt you. Who knows what effects that could have on the healing process. If the situation would have been worse then we would not have done this without telling you. Our decision was logic and you don't act very logic the last time commander."
Jesse looked at him coldly and nodded slowly. "It's okay. Everything is okay now and I finished the process. The rest what happens isn't in my hands. I can only wait. What are you doing here Trista. You know about my rules. I could kill you for breaking them."
"You wouldn't do that."
He smiled at her again but didn't say anything.
"We searched for life and for help. I know what you think and I understand when you don't want to help us but not only the humans are ill. I guess you know about that. Humans are becoming crazy. Fireball and Snowcone aren't infected yet. Outriders act strange too. Snowcone told me. We three were searching for Yamuri."
Jesse stared at her surprised. With his hand he gave Calibos and Nikodemus a sign to let them alone and went out with her. "Yamuri is back?"
"I met him. But then he disappeared. I don't know where he is now and what he is doing."
"You finally accepted what you are." He nodded thoughtfully.
"Perhaps we can become friends again after all."
"Of course. I would be happy. You will not understand, but I missed you very much. You and Yamuri."
"I understand Trista. But tell nobody. I lost almost the person .." Then he stopped and watched her as if he would try to read her thoughts."
"So the commander is you father?" she asked carefully.
"I don't want to talk about it." He said with his cold voice.
"Let's go in and talk about our problem. I will see what we can do. If you wouldn't say that outriders are infected to I would say let the humans die."
"You would really do. So the human commander could die too." "I can always heal him."
They went in to talk with Snowcone and Fireball too. Trista was happy that Jesse would listen to what they had to say and more because he was alive and the smile he gave her. He changed a bit she thought. Perhaps she changed too. Calibos and Nikodemus were very suspicious when Jesse let Fireball and Snowcone free. During the conference both of them watched the humans and were prepared to any attack. But nothing like that happened. Snowcone and Fireball told, as Trista what they knew about the strange illness and Jesse got very thoughtful. After they finished the conversation he looked at them earnest.
"You know it's your fault Fireball, right. It's the fault of Cavalry Command and the Star Sheriffs."
Fireball looked at him confused. "Why does everybody say that it was our fault. Can't you outriders think some time that something was an accident and it's nobody's fault? You are like us. We always think it's your fault too." He shook his head.
Jesse laughed coldly. "You can't know. How should you. I wanted to stop you cause I knew what could happen and the worst thing which could happen became reality."
"Why do you guys argue about who's fault it is and why don't you tell what the reason for the illness is? You know the answer Jesse. Tell us. If we know we can help." Snowcone interrupted them.
"You can't do anything. The only one who can is me and it's doubtful if I will help you." His eyes met Trista's for a second and he thought by himself. "I will not tell them but my decision is clear, was clear from the beginning on. I will help them, but they must not know."
"Why?" Snowcone asked immediately.
"All of you know about the final battle already?" They nodded. "The Star Sheriffs killed Nemesis' cyborg body and destroyed the computer his soul was in. They set his soul free. Now his soul can go everywhere. It's out there. It can reach you here too, I guess. Perhaps it doesn't want. Perhaps Nemesis plays a game with you. I don't know about his plans. I haven't heard from him for some years. At first I guess he had to manage to live without a body then he started to fight again against humans. You can't beat him now. He will win if nobody stops him. According to what you told me Trista he uses Outriders for to build a new cyborg body for him. Interesting. But I guess before using this body he will try to kill all humans."
"What can we do then? How do you want to stop him? How do you can?" Snowcone wondered.
"Who said I will help. I will think about it for some days. Then we will see. There is no real danger for my outrider friends. Why should I worry?"
"Because of the human commander." Calibos said. Jesse looked at him a bit malicious but didn't say a word about that.
"So you want to help the humans Calibos?" he asked instead.
"Why not. You often told that peace would be possible. Perhaps if we help the humans now it could become true."
"Logic thought but not realistic. You see even when we talk to each other. Star Sheriffs and Outriders can't trust in each other. You know much about Yamuri's project but not enough. Let's talk about that later."
Nikodemus said nothing. His thoughts were far away by his sister. Isis would like Calibos' ideas and especially Yamuri's projects. She would also like to help humans. He didn't know what he should do. He would be loyal to Jesse as they promised Nemesis' after his death. The death which was no death. But he couldn't trust humans like Jesse couldn't trust them.

Chapter 7

While humans and outriders got crazy and started wars in some parts of the galaxy again and Calibos, Nikodemus, Trista, Snowcone and Fireball waited for Jesses decision Yamuri and Isis were on their way through vapor zone to find Jesse too. They passed places of horror. Sometimes Nemesis tried to get control of Isis again. But with Yamuri with her she always could beat him. Isis wondered a bit about the way Yamuri used to find Jesse. He seemed to have no real plan. They flew through vapor zone without a real aim. He allowed her to fly the space ship and most of the time he sat behind her and seemed to sleep. But when she asked him something he always gave her an answer.
"What are you doing?" she asked after a while.
"I concentrate myself on Jesse. Perhaps I can find him with getting contact to him over my mind."
"So you taught him the old precepts and theories?"
"I did and I can do something similar like Nemesis. I hope because of my actions he will not find Jesse first. He could try to get control over him. And I don't know if Jesse will be tough enough."
"Why?. I beat him too. I always thought Jesse is much more tougher than me."
Yamuri laughed. "Perhaps you only beat Nemesis cause those abilities are very strong in you or because I came and Nemesis didn't want to fight with me. I don't know. But sometimes Jesse is weak. Weak for force. Nemesis could give him the force which he want and so he could manipulate Jesse easily. It's better we find Jesse first."
They crossed vapor zone and for some time they flew through a zone they didn't know when the computer showed a big space ship on the monitor which was flying towards them.
"Look Yamuri. The Star Sheriffs."
"What the hell are they doing here?" Yamuri asked confused.
"Didn't you tell me that your sister is with them?"
"Of course. But I never thought they would come so far. They aren't as bad as I thought. Hopefully they listen to us and we find a way to solve the problem together."
Isis nodded while they changed places cause Yamuri wanted to speak with the Star Sheriffs himself. Suddenly Yamuri felt the presence of somebody else in his mind. Someone was out there who was similar to him. Not Trista who had such abilities a bit too, and not Isis presence which he felt too, but some other. It was not Nemesis. But if it was Jesse? Did the Star Sheriffs find him? He was much more surprised when he saw Jesse on the monitor, when he contacted his space ship out from Ramrod. Jesse seemed to be the leader over there.
"Good to know that you're alive Yamuri. Trista told me. I guess you searched for me." Jesse laughed and Yamuri noticed that Ramrod had opened a sluice so that Yamuris space ship could fly in.
"Pity that we have not much time to talk about what happened and where I've been." Yamuri answered.
Jesse nodded. When they entered Ramrod Jesse came up to them. For Isis this meeting was very interesting. Finally there was hope to get to know humans better and to even become friends with them. Her brother was still suspicious. This was new for him and he would need some time to get used to it. For many outriders it would be difficult. But if some outriders could manage a friendship perhaps the others could too. Fireball himself felt a bit lonely and weak. The majority were outriders. Outriders in Ramrod. It was as if they beat them and had not the control over their best spaceship. The outriders could have won. What should he do. His ship wasn't his ship any longer. He had to show them how to fly and now they didn't need him anymore. Jesse said he should relax a bit. Trista and Snowcone managed that but he couldn't. When nobody took notice of him he went to the secret room where Jesse had locked up the human commander. The human commander he healed. Somehow Fireball wanted to know who this man was. Perhaps if he knew Jesse would stop to treat him like this. Suddenly the image of being Jesse's friend came on his mind again. He was tired of fighting against the outriders. If he could trust Jesse there could be peace. Hopefully. Fireball still had a key for every door in here. Everyone of them had one. Jesse had the fifth key now. So he could enter the room. He. The room was light and Fireball noticed the human commander was in his own room, in his bedroom. The same moment he recognized the man. Confused and somehow happy he looked at the man. The human commander was his father. But how could that be. Jesse and him, brothers? Fireball wanted to leave the room again when his father woke up and spoke to him slowly.
"Fireball. It's you right? Come here. I have to tell you something."
"You won't die?" Fireball asked when sitting down at his father's bed and holding his hands. His father shook his had.
"I'm feeling better now but still a bit tired. I will survive. Don't worry."
"Are you sure. What did Jesse with you?"
His father looked at him a bit sad. "One time I have to tell you. I always knew that. Jesse doesn't want to believe the truth too. Probably you will think I'm crazy."
"I try to understand if it helps you to be healthy again much sooner. Mum would be so happy if she would be still alive."
"She wouldn't be very proud of me Fireball. Believe me. It's better for her she never knew about my secret which was the reason for me to go into vapor zone with Nemesis, who didn't know about that."
"What is this secret?" Fireball was frightened now although somewhere in his heart he felt the truth.
"Fireball. Jesse is your brother."
"What?!" Fireball cried.
His father nodded. "It's true. Before your mother gave birth to you I get to knew a young outrider woman. There was nothing special between us. I helped her to live a life without getting involved in the war. She told and learned me a lot about the outriders and this time I made the decision to live by the outriders as spy. We created something which helped her to look human and me to look like an outrider. That's why Nemesis never realized that I'm still alive. He thought I were dead and so I could start my project. But that was later on, when I left your mum. I never wanted you to be involved in the war."
"I was so proud of you dad and I wanted to become like you. But what happened. How come that Jesse shall be my brother?"
"The outrider woman I told you fall in love with me. We were together for one night before I left her to fight against Nemesis again. She knew about what I did. Your mother didn't know. Perhaps if I had not done this your mother would be still alive. But this time I knew about my half outrider son and I saw no way for me. I thought it would be the best for you."
"It wasn't. The outriders always tried to kidnap me. One time they brought me to Nemesis. They almost put me into one of their phantom chambers. But somebody helped me. A boy not much older than me."
His father nodded and smiled at him. "I know. It was me who told the boy to help and to protect you. I saw that there is no way to protect you from war, that's the reason why I sent the other one to Cavalry Command too. We needed an outrider insider there. Someone who seemed to be a loyal outrider."
"I don't understand what you want to tell me now. This boy. The boy who helped me, you mean it was Jesse when he was younger. It was my … I can't say it yet. But later on Jesse fall in love with April and tried to kill me for some times?"
"Jesse is half an outrider and his wish for his future always was to become like Nemesis. That's the outrider. But he is also human. That's why he could never hurt you for real even if he says so. He know who you are. He knew it from the time I gave him the commission. Sometimes he got mad at me. I guess sometimes you got mad with your mother too. So it is."
"Hmmm. It's really difficult to believe. What happened to Jesse's mum? Is she dead too. Why didn't you want me to be involved in the war but him …"
"I didn't want but fate wanted. His mother was discovered by Nemesis spies. She tried to hide him. When they decided to kill her they also wanted to get rid of Jesse. But I was near them too. I couldn't help his mother without showing who I'm but I could help him. From that time on it was my duty to take care of him. I saved his life. I suppose sometimes he get's mad because he don't understand why I didn't save his mother. If he had been me he would have done that even if they killed him."
Fireball laughed quiet. "He's similar to me and Colt. Never give up. It will be hard for us to become friends but I guess we will manage it. Somehow the image of being his brother is funny. Perhaps because I know that he doesn't want a brother like me. Although we are similar to each other. That can make us to rivals. Did you talk with him about all of that?"
His father shook his head. "No. Besides he knows it. Every memory I have he knows too. That happens when you're healing someone. He healed me and the time while he healed me my soul and his soul touched each other. For some time we shared our secret feelings. Do you understand what I mean?"
Fireball nodded thoughtfully. "You should relax now. Thank you for telling me everything. I feel better now. I never thought so at the beginning."
"If you have questions you can always come and ask me Fireball. I said to Jesse so too. But I know he would not come. He always wants to be the best. That's what young outriders are taught."
"Is there real hope for peace after solving our current problem?"
"Yes. There was and is always the hope for peace and I'm sure we can realize it. If you and Jesse become brothers again humanity can learn too. It's the illness of humanity thinking all extra terrestrial beings are enemies. They are similar to outriders but also totally different. Both races should learn to accept each other. We can learn a lot from each other too. We need not to fight. There is enough space for both of us." Then he closed his eyes and slept again. Fireball stayed for some time and went out silent. He didn't want to wake him up again. At first he wanted to talk to Jesse. Then he decided not to do know. It was better he didn't show now what he knew. Jesse had other problems. His father's words helped him to see his situation with other eyes. He was no prisoner and the outriders here weren't his enemies. All of them were survivors and they had to solve a problem both of them shared. He tried not to think about the future but the present. The present which held the hope for peace in it's hands.

Chapter 8

So he went to Jesse who was flying Ramrod on his own. "Hi Jesse. We have the same problem to solve. Can I help you. It's much easier flying Ramrod together than alone and I'm not tired as you must be."
Jesse looked at him surprised. "What's the reason for you being so friendly to me? Besides I'm not tired."
Fireball sat down in his place and for a while they flew with Ramrod as if they would belong to one team.
"You have a plan already I suppose." Fireball said after a while.
"Thank you for saving dad."
Jesse turned his head and looked at him confused and a bit mad.
"You went into his chamber? Who gave you the permission?"
"Nobody. But it's my right as it would be your right."
"What did he tell you? Our secret?" At first Fireball thought Jesse would become mad but suddenly Jesse looked more sad than angry. Fireball only nodded. For some time they said nothing.
"Will you tell your friends when you meet them again?" Jesse asked.
"Don't know. Perhaps but not immediately. I would not know how to tell and I don't know how they will act. You know somehow I ever knew about this secret."
"And you aren't mad with your father?"
"No. It was fate. We should not think to much about the past but about the future."
Jesse smiled at him and for the first time Fireball thought that it was a friendly smile. "For the first time we think the same. If humans and outriders could forget the past we could finally live in peace, without those silly prejudices."
"You are also for peace? I always thought you are more than Colt."
"Pah. This stupid cowboy. Doesn't realize when an outrider likes him and want to be his friend. You are most clever than your friends. And I can tell you something. Give up April. Not for me but for yourself. You are to good for her."
"Hey, don't talk about April in such a way. That's not fair. Don't you love her anymore?"
"I never did. Everything was a play. I had to do this cause everything had to look like I had to quit for a reason. It was planed before. I knew I had to go when being a real Star Sheriff. Well and accident but why I am talking with you about that?"
"I am your …hmmm I guess you still can't speak out it too." Fireball grinned and both of them laughed. For the first time they felt closer to each other, more like brothers. Perhaps they could become friends.
"Well, and as your…, you know what I mean I can give you an advice. Has April saved your live some day? Did she ever care about you.? Who was the one who had always to help her? Did she understand you? Did she ever try too or did she want you to believe what she thinks? April is a very dominant girl. She's a bit like me and that's why she doesn't fit to you. You need someone who understand you and who likes your racing life not a girl like April. Do you know how outriders decide to get a wife?"
Fireball shook his head.
"I will tell you. If man and woman complete each other their marriage has a future. We call it cognition. When a man and a woman look at each other and during their eyes meet their souls touch each other and suddenly they know that both of them belong to each other. But April and you? A blind one can see that this can't be a long relationship. "
At first Fireball was a bit mad about him but he could also understand what Jesse meant. By the way in the last years he and April argued very often. According to Jesse this should not happen. April and Jesse argued too. Perhaps this was the reason for Jesse giving up April. Later on Fireball got tired and went out again. He saw Yamuri and Trista talking to each other and heard a shorts conversation between Isis and Nikodemus, the outrider who was most suspicious about this.
Thoughtfully he went by and sat down somewhere. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Snowcone. "Fireball. What's the matter for you being here and not staying with the others. Are you still suspicious? I understand that you can't believe in peace. You've seen a lot bad things. More than me. I only saw a good project starting, failing and starting again. I saw more hope than you. I would like to help you to see hope too if this is possible."
"That's not why I am sad. I can believe more than before. Perhaps because I know the truth about my dad and Jesse."
"Oh. So the stories are true?"
Fireball nodded. "My problem is April. I have to think about her to much. I should be happy that Jesse isn't jealous anymore but besides I'm feeling sad. Because he is right. April and I argued to much. That's no good sign. May I tell you something? Some secret."
"Of course. I won't tell anybody."
"You are a very good friend. You saved my life, you waited patiently, you aren't mad cause I never gave you a sign that I'm alive, you like adventures like me, I consider you to my best friends. But never tell April. Perhaps she would be jealous. Hmm .. You wouldn't."
"You need time Fireball. Only time to think about everything. I'm glad that you consider me as such a good friend and I will try to never disappoint you. April will hear nothing from me about what we talked. Well, you are my best friend too and I still love you. But in the end it's your decision. I will understand and besides I will try to help if you need someone."
Fireball nodded and in his heart he thought. Cognition. Jesse would say, it`'s cognition. You and Snowcone, a blind man can see, belong to each other. But he couldn't believe yet. Good to know that Snowcone would wait. She was really a very good friend.


The same time Yamuri and Trista entered the central. Yamuri decided to take Jesse's seat so that Jesse could relax a bit. He had an image already where the trip was going to.
"Don't you need a break Jesse?"
"Nope. Although I would like to talk to you. I guess you've got much to tell."
"I have but less time, you know. We can't know how Nemesis is right now. You should relax. Come on. I will overtake the main part here. " Trista was surprised when seeing that Jesse did what her brother said. They must really be very good friends. Jesse never did what others said. Jesse came up to hear. She didn't know what to say.
"You're all right Trista. It has been a long time. I'm glad that you and Yamuri are getting along well again. Well, sorry for being so mad with you." Then he wanted to go but Trista hold his arm. "Don't go now. I would like to talk to you."
"About what?"
"The past and the future."
"You should not worry about the past Trista and believe in a better future. Peace is possible. You have just to watch Snowcone."
"What makes you thinking so positive? Well, I like your behavior more than the cold one but I wonder what's the reason for that."
"Hm. I don't know too. Perhaps it's your brother who always knows a way out of a problem."
"You too."
"Hey you have not to make me compliments. I know that I can much but I can also learn much from Yamuri, especially about the old abilities."
"They are interesting but also dangerous."
"I know. But they are the only way to heal Nemesis."
"Where are we flying to?"
"To our homeplanet. The place I've been. The vapor zone is much larger than we thought. I guess Jesse hopes to find Nemesis body there." Yamuri interrupted their conversation.
"You've seen our home planet? It still exist?" Trista asked surprised.
"For what time are you interested in your race, hm?" Jesse said with a sarcastic tone in his voice.
"Not long. Since Yamuri spoke to me and I realized that I can't live with a lie for ever. By the way I decided to search for both of you and to help the Star Sheriffs to help all the ill people. I'm not a traitor. I just want the Star Sheriffs to know that outrider have not always to act in a cruel way. We can be friends too."
"You changed a lot Trista. I like the way you are although you are still more human than outrider but I'm not a real outrider too. Only to one half."
"I know. Are we friends again?"
"I never thought you weren't my friend. You run away. I had to act like this because I didn't want you to come into more trouble because of me. The Star Sheriffs were interested in you. If you would have started a friendship they could have discovered your identity before you could accept it yourself."
Trista looked at him confused, surprised and suddenly happy. "So you never were mad at me? It was a lie that you only love April?"
"Of course. What did you think? That I love her? Did I ever save her life or yours?"
"You see who I like more now. Let's forget this silly incident, okay."
Trista nodded. The meeting had come much better she thought at first. She felt so happy that she didn't realize what all this meant if to one of them would happen something bad. Love can sometimes hurt worse than hate. When you loose the one you love.

Chapter 9

Time flew by. Most humans and outriders were ill now and the desease costed a lot of lifes. Nobody could stop Nemesis crazy soul. The few survivors had no time to help others cause they had to worry about their own life. While Nemesis got more and more crazy Jesse and the small group of survivors arrived the homeplanet of the outriders. None of them even Yamuri didn't know the name. Jesse thought the planet had probably the same name as their twice planet in vapor zone which was called Metheus. Fireball and Jesse got along pretty good now, especially for the time their father helped them with flying Ramrod again. Now a new team was formed by, Fireball, Jesse, their dad and Yamuri who also got to know who to fly Ramrod. They were much faster now. The planet they found was covered with snow. It was night there all day and night, cause the planet was one of the last ones in this solar system, far away from the sun. For the outriders it wasn't difficult to explore this cold planet but Fireball, his father and Snowcone stayed in Ramrod to wait for their friends. Snowcone admired Trista very much. She lived her whole life with humans but could go out there although the cold climate must have not so good effects on her. Outdoors Jesse and Trista, Yamuri and Isis, and Nikodemus and Calibos went in different directions. All of them took small map, which Yamuri made for the three groups after discovering where on the planet they landed, and a radio set with them. So they could contact each other and ask Ramrod for help. Yamuri knew about three different places Nemesis real body could be. Two old buildings where in former times outrider sovereigns had lived and the space station which had fallen back on the planet after the war which outriders called brother war. When Nemesis was young history told that his father and his uncle, who were twin brothers started the war because they wanted the whole world for their son. Nemesis and his cousin were against the war and tried to stop them. Later on they formed a new state system which is well known by the outriders who are born in the vapor zone. The time during and after the brother war Nemesis and his cousin built a cyborg body for Nemesis. Originally they planed to do so with all outriders. Why they didn't and what really happened after the brother war which destroyed their home planet nobody knew exactly. But there were rumors that Nemesis lost his feelings when transferring his soul out of his body in the cyborg body. Some outriders think that this experiment is the main reason why outriders are like they are now. Only few people believed that Nemesis body is still alive and can be found somewhere. Now they tried to find it to end the new war for ever and to save somehow both races, the humans and outriders. When going with Jesse to the damaged space station which was covered with snow and rocks Trista thought already that Yamuri knew where the body would be found. She knew from her conversations with him that he had already visited the rulers buildings and that the body wasn't there. Why did he go to Nemesis former home alone with Isis? What was his plan? Why wanted he Nikodemus and Calibos going to the other place? Didn't she listen to him good enough and he told about another plan too. She was sure he had another plan. Only she and Jesse, cause only both of them were able to, should find Nemesis body. The old space station was spooky. Icicles hang down from the walls and the rooms and ways let the whole space station look like an organism. It was much warmer in here than outdoors where cold and stormy winds drug on their clothes. Trista didn't know how long they searched without success when she discovered a secret door which lead into a lab. The lab still looked very good perhaps cause it's wall was made with a material which was not so easy to break and destroy. It was a wonder anyway that the space station was in good conditions. In the edge of the lab they found something what looked like a phantom chamber which outriders used to vaporize. Jesse looked in the chamber and discovered the body of a young outrider, not much older than him who was still alive. He seemed to sleep in there or to be in some sort of coma. Strange as it was the phantom chamber still worked although it could have only less energy. Perhaps the whole lab was made with a material which gave energy to the room when it was locked. Now the energy would go away and if they couldn't help the outrider he would probably die. But why wanted Yamuri Jesse to do this. Yamuri had better healing abilities. Or was she wrong. When they were back at Ramrod she would talk to Yamuri about this. Jesse had opened the chamber and fetched out the young man. Now he lay on the warm floor. The whole room was as worm as Ramrod. Jesse sat down and put his hands on the outriders head and body. "Come here Trista and help me please." he said.
Trista shook her head. "I can't Jesse. I never had those abilities. How shall I?"
"Sure you can. Don't worry. Come on. Sit down, put you hands on mine and concentrate on your heart. You have to see a light in you and this light is important. You have to concentrate on the light. You must imagine that it goes through your hands on my hands. That will help me healing him."
"Sure. I don't want to make things worse."
"You don't."
At first she was a bit unsure when sitting down and concentrating but when she found the light in her suddenly something was activated. A strange force grew in her and she realized that it was much easier than she thought to help Jesse. After minutes of silence they detached their hands from the outrider and embraced themselves tired to give each other strength. Trista felt happy when being together with Jesse again. A deep feeling told her that from now on nobody would separate them. Because of him she had discovered her secret abilities and in these minutes he hold her she also realized that it was her fate to be together with him. Outriders would name it as cognition.
Not long after they felt better and contacted the others and brought the outrider they thought it could be Nemesis to Ramrod. Nikodemus and Calibos, as Trista found out, should fetch some technical and historical things, Yamuri had to leave here, to Ramrod. Yamuri himself just wanted to test Isis of who he thought that she had also such abilities like Jesse, she and himself.


While Jesse and Trista were in the space station they visited the old palace where Nemesis grew up and which looked like an modern outrider base now.
"You've been here already Yamuri, right?" Isis asked him not long after they arrived.
"When I was on my trip to become worth for using parapsychologic abilities I discovered this place. I haven't been in the space station yet. I guess Jesse and Trista will find Nemesis body there."
"But why did we go here then if you still knew?"
"I wanted to talk to you. From the time I left this place I planed to come back. It's a sad reason why we are here but if we are here already we can do what I wanted to do too. That's why I sent Nikodemus and Calibos to the other palace. I found interesting material about our history and a lot of other things we can use for progress. I wanted them to fetch it. To come here with you was a more spontaneous decision."
"So you integrated an expedition in this action, hm?"
"You can say so. Jesse and Trista will manage the other problem. I'm sure. They don't need us. This place here was Nemesis home, did you know?"
"Nope. Do we have the right to fetch all the informations and lost technical achievements from here?"
"We are Nemesis' descendants. We have the right. I will show you the holy place here where in former times people like Nemesis made their final exam to proof that they are worth to have parapsychologic abilities. Come with me."
They went trough the old rooms in which they could find freezed pictures of former rulers, furniture and technical gadgets. Some time later they stopped in front of an large door.
"Behind this door you will find a labyrinth. Pupils were sent through. They passed the final exam when coming out again. Lot's of dangers are waiting in there and only brave ones who only use their abilities to protect themselves and those who need find a way out again. At a small display you can see here you can activate the energy which creates traps inside the labyrinth. After the planet here was destroyed there was still al lot of energy they left here."
"You went trough. May I try it too?" she asked.
"Of course. That's why I came here with you. I will prepare it for you. You should not do the one for the final exam. You can program the level on the display. For you I will program the test. If you come through the labyrinth we know for sure that it makes sense if I start teaching you those abilities."
Isis was a bit nervous when entering the labyrinth. But it wasn't as difficult than she thought at first. She tried to do what she always did when being in a new situation and unsure how to act. She didn't think much about what to do but heard what her feelings, she called her inner voice feelings, said. The whole labyrinth was a mirror labyrinth. When passing some mirrors she could always see something or somebody who came up to her. The difficulty in the labyrinth weren't these mirrors. The mirrors helped to know if you were walking in a circle or not. Sometimes there were traps. Like that from somewhere balls came flying or suddenly the floor broke under her feet. That was murderous. Did he want to kill her or what? No, he wanted to test her. At first those traps frightened her a bit but later on she realized that before a trap came she already knew. She managed it very good to avoid the traps who had nothing to do with who was shown in the mirror. In the end she came to a mirror where she could just see herself. But not only. Behind her she saw a shadow. When turning her head there was nothing and somehow she had the feeling the shadow belonged to her. A voice started to speak out of the mirror.
"Who are you and what do you want?"
"My name is Isis Okar. I want to find a way out. Who are you?"
The voice didn't answer her question. "Go through the mirror. You will come into a room where you can find a lot of worthful things. You are allowed to take one thing, but only one. Then choose a door. You've got only one chance and only one door will let you out."
Isis did as the voice said. When walking through the mirror she saw herself in a white light. She wondered a bit. The room was full with gold, silver, books, ..... It was difficult to decide what to take.
Her heart was separated. She wanted to take nothing cause she thought it was not her right, but the voice said she was allowed to take one thing, on the other hand she had the wish to take as much as she could. What could happen. Finally she decided to take an old book of which she thought it could be useful for them. It was about the old teachings and included a chronicle about their race. When searching for the right door she felt the book becoming hot suddenly. Out of her feelings she decided to go through the door where the book stayed cold. When going through the voice spoke again.
"Goodbye my friend. Wise choice. You can be a good pupil and I'm sure you will pass the final exam one day."
"What happens to those who fail?" Isis asked when meeting Yamuri outside.
"Don't worry. It's a simulation. Nobody dies in there. Those who fail are not taught those abilities."


Trista liked her brother's new friend very much and thought by herself that Yamuri could start to teach the old teachings to more outriders now too. Perhaps between Isis and Yamuri was something similar like between her and Jesse. But she didn't spoke it out. Outriders didn't talk much about their feelings.
Later on Isis went to talk to Jesse and especially his father who was an human. Yamuri couldn't answer all her questions about humans but the humans in Ramrod and Jesse could. Jesse seemed to be glad that she wanted to learn about humans and told her a lot but when Nemesis woke up he had not much time anymore to tell her about his experiences with humans.
Nemesis watched himself surprised. "Where I'm? What happened? Who you are?" he asked.
"You don't remember me? It's me, Jesse Blue. Do you recognize me? You are in a human space ship. We found your body and we saved your life. The Star Sheriffs tried to kill you cause you seemed to become crazy. You were ill and nobody could heal you. But they didn't kill you. They let your soul free and that I suppose can make everybody crazy. We aren't used to live without bodies."
Nemesis smiled at him. "You are right. But aren't you an human?"
"I'm half human, half outrider."
"How can that be?" Nemesis asked confused.
"Somebody broke the rules. If you remember you will know who I am. When I was a young boy you wanted to kill me. My mom was killed cause she had a relationship to a human."
"We have to change that. I can't remember what happened but according to what you say I've done lot's of wrong things and we have to change a lot to bring peace to our people again. We just wanted peace and a new home." Thoughtfully he watched Jesse.
"I know. Yamuri told me a lot about our past and your life. You are a good leader. I admire you and always wanted to become like you although it was your fault that my mom died. My dad is still alive. By the way if we can show the humans that we can forgive each other perhaps they can forgive us too. Both of us can convince our people that peace is possible."
"So humans helped you to save me and my people are still in war." Nemesis said sadly. "You are right. We have to do something against that. I remember a bit. When I was without a body I discovered a planet where outriders and humans have a strange project, but a good one. They are living in peace there. Did you know?"
Jesse nodded. It was good to hear that Nemesis was all right. Now Nemesis could become his teacher and one day they could rule the outriders together. The human state system was good. Perhaps they could create a similar one.

Chapter 10

The same time on Lamari. For some hours all humans and outriders lost their consciousness. After the incident Saber and April had a big problem cause humans and outriders weren't very happy to see them. Colt and Robin were luckily near Jean Claude who brought them here so they were welcome. Both Saber and April were suspicious when Jean Claude helped them and managed the situation for them. They were guests here now but they realized that humans as outriders watched them suspicious. They didn't trust in them. They saw their peace in danger.
Everywhere in the galaxy and vapor zone humans and outriders started to reorganize their life and Cavalry Command sent a space ship to Lamari to fetch the three Star Sheriffs and Robin. They didn't know what caused the illness and what took it away yet. So they decided to make another truce with the outriders.
On Lamari Jean Claude still tried to find out what the problem had been when Ramrod came back. Fireball was glad to see most of the outriders leaving Ramrod although he started a friendship with some of them. While Nemesis, Jesse, Trista, Nikodemus and Calibos would meet with Jean Claude here and talking about new plans for peace the others went on their way to Cavalry Command where Jean Claude said Saber and company were gone to. Nemesis himself who found his memory again and wanted to restructure the outriders state system sent Yamuri and Isis as ambassadors to Cavalry Command. He hoped himself that Fireballs father would later on take the part of the human ambassador. That would make peace easier, cause many outriders admired this human commander. In the few time Isis had she learned a lot about humans and the past of her own race. She was excited about what would wait for her. Suddenly everybody wanted that she talked about her opinions. The outriders opinion changed and somehow Jesse changed Fireball told her once. If he would not he could imagine Jesse would have shown how good he was and what a hero he was cause he was the one who saved both races. Perhaps he would have been the one who would have taken the part of the ambassador. But Jesse didn't. He preferred a normal life and wanted his best friend to take this part. He seemed to have much trust in Isis too cause he choose her too. Of course the main decision was Nemesis decision.
Isis and Yamuri had to talk not only with the Star Sheriffs but also with Commander Eagle, Commander Whitehawk and some other high ranked Commanders. It was not as difficult as Isis thought at first.
Outriders and humans were very similar and as time went by there would be peace between both races.

The End

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