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The Chronicles of Two Dimensions
By: J.J. (

Prologue 1 - "Going Worst"

At the beginning... 10th year of the new govern...

It seemed the proud military race, later called by the humans Outriders, had ended its golden age. After many conquests in the scientific field and various battles that gave them nothing more than the reputation of destructors of the space, the Outriders were going through a time in which the planets around them were destroyed and their highly advanced technology was starting to not satisfy them anymore, suffering of a rough slowing down. The man, who would become famous in the future with the name of Nemesis, Supreme Commander and supreme tyrant of his people, respected by all but even more feared, after a first time of good government, maybe due to his young age or a not well controlled ambition, pay little interest for his people's problems, caring only to conquer new planets always farther. A more mature sovereign maybe could have administered better those conquests, gaining from the conquered territories something more than ashes and ruins, but there weren't mature sovereigns between the Outriders. And a politic of war and destruction was the only politic they could know. War and destruction against themselves, war and destruction against the others. Once already they had been forced to leave their mother planet and to disperse themselves through the space, once already they turned their arms against themselves, allowing themselves to be involved in a fratricide war that hadn't been the first and maybe wouldn't neither be the last, but they didn't seem to care about it. Used to live in prohibitive conditions, used to one military, class style of life, they kept in little consideration the fact that a half of them ended lost in the space when they left their mother planet. Their first duty was to follow their leader and to be blindly loyal lo him no matter their personal wishes, peaceful or not. The severe class order was starting to show in an always more marked way its defects, privileging men not fit to the leadership but from important families to the disadvantage of people more worthy but from inferior classes. But none seemed to pay attention to this. To obey. To conquer. These were the only things they knew and they did them with the ability of artists. Always farther conquests, but maybe is more exact to call them destructions, requested constant improvements of the technology that took care of the space travels. Nemesis, in the battle that made him famous (and leader), made the only prudent choice in his life, stealing, to the people he destroyed, the plans for to jump between dimensions and passing them for his own in a persuading work so persuasive he even ended persuading himself of that too. Even if, after them, his "scientist" carrier ended roughly. This new step forward allowed the Outriders to make new conquests and new victorious battles but was, hidden to the Outriders themselves, consuming the last resources of their new planet, already not too much hospitable...
To end without a home a second time seemed to matter little for them and nothing at all for their leader who, lost in his wish of power and glory, forgot the people among witch he was a member but who didn't loved and that adoptive country who he never felt like his own. So, this people so rich of progress was walking toward the edge of a cliff that hardly could be avoided...

Author's notes:
I made up nearly all this prologue and the characterization of the characters, using the few notions the series gave.

Prologue 2 - "Going Better"

At the beginning... in the start of the 21st century...

It seemed the humans were going for a way in constant ascension. The progress was going on throwing down obstacle after obstacle taking the human race always farther, not only in a figurate way but in a practice way as well. The colonization of other planets had been the last objective reached: new planets, new moons and new galaxies were going under the human domination. There were dissensions in the beginning. Exaggerate migrations toward the space, sometimes clandestine, illegal attempts from rich business men and guys not exactly respectable to gain from the new situation. It had been necessary to face all this with a new organization, over parts, that could keep the order in the new frontier reached.
New Frontier.
This was the name given at the totality of the new human territories on which was guarding the Cavalry Command, a military organization with the goal to keep the peace in a such extended territory between the various peoples, human and not and to assure the respect of the law. The Cavalry Command men were severely selected and severely trained in the academies that had as main base the Earth Academy of Berlin. But the Berlin academy wasn't designated to be the main academy for long. Slowly, the academy placed on Alamo, that was advantaged by a larger frequency of elements not only form Earth and that was guided by Colonel WhiteHawk (later promoted General as premium for his work in the preparations of the young cadets) managed to increase progressively its importance gaining in the end the title of main Academy. The Star Sheriffs prepared by it in many cases became, thanks to a severe training, legendary heroes and even when it didn't happen they gained anyway high level or high importance places in the army. But the vastness of the territory was making difficult to keep it all under the control of one single govern. The planets started to divide from the mother planet giving life to autonomous governs, sometimes pacifically, sometimes rebelling in a violent way to the Earth authority. For reducing the conflicts, Earth, after trying the way of the strength, chose to let the planets that asked for it to obtain the independence and to have their own government at the condition it was installed democratically. Slowly Earth divided itself from its own colonies, leaving them to their destiny.
Between the governments that born in that time the one that became the most famous was the kingdom of Jar, one of the few not democratic, in which its monarch, even if young, revealed an unusual maturity and thanks to a severe but right govern carried his planet to the prosperity.
In an extreme tentative to keep unite the planets a galactic parliament of some sort was created, in which should take part all the representatives of each planet and that should take care to stop the conflicts. Not an easy work that had few enthusiastic participants, some thinking Cavalry Command, that controlled the parliament, was projecting to take the control of the independent planets with the strength, other simply thinking to show they didn't recognize the authority of the mother planet and to show their independence (and in some case superiority) and some others, more simply for the absence of good rulers.
So the human race was walking in that époque of light, divided by his own members, sometimes searching an independence to which it wasn't ready and that as matter of fact was making it weaker.

Author's notes:
I made up nearly all this prologue and the characterization of the characters, using the few notions the series gave.

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