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The Chronicles of Two Dimensions
By: J.J. (

Interlude 1 - "The Fall Of The Vapour Zone"

At the end of the first war... In the Vapor Zone...

The main spaceship arrived in the Vapor Zone in a second. The main spaceship. Or more exactly the pieces that remained of it. Lost on that ground that was becoming always more arid. Between them, still temporally alive, the leader of a people who till then didn't remember to have even known the defeat. He was picked up and forgotten into a room. Like a broken, old thing. Like something to throw away. There, to wait for his end. A dying leader usually didn't get much attention among his people. But for him the destiny would be different. His world, without a leader, with the weight of the first known defeat, with a big amount of high officers killed in the explosion, with energetic problems that were starting to become always more obvious, with atmospheric alteration that were starting to cause always more damage, would not continue surviving without a leader. It would have been the chaos. Someone had to take care of it. And a bunch of scientists were the ones who did it. They picked up what remained of the dying body of their Supreme leader and simply made him vanish. The names of the members of this group were never known. No one knew if they survived or not at Nemesis' awakening. But Nemesis awaked. He awaked even if his look, when he woke up, wasn't the same then before. It would never be again. His tall figure now moved itself wrapped in a dark cape, that was covering him entirely, while the face, before handsome, was now condemned to be covered by grotesque mask. The hands, the only part of his body that still was visible, were now of grey metal, similar to claws, with long yellow nails. But for the most of the time, the long sleeves of the cape covered them too. His height wasn't decreased (on the contrary maybe now it had some centimetres more) and his shoulders were as large as in the past. He was still an imposing figure. But now in him there was a sign of something of cold, scary, unusually calm and terrible that the passionate man he once was hadn't. He took his throne back as nothing was happened, using that nickname that made him famous, Nemesis, the name of the ancient goddess of revenge of the people who ruined him. And revenge was now his only reason to life, more important than anything else, his people, his planet, the problems they had. All the forces of his people would be longing toward the realization of it. All would be sacrificed for it, Nemesis didn't care of the price they should pay. He cares about nothing or no one. He wanted revenge and he would have it. He wanted to see those people destroyed. His single consolation was that the pilot on the spaceship that hit his main spaceship, should be dead. He should be. Pieces of his spaceship were found near his own main spaceship. No body. It could have been incinerated. He couldn't have been survived. He had them research for him. No tracks. Pity. He would have enjoyed taking a small revenge over him too. A small pleasurable revenge. But now it was too late. Nemesis chose to not worry about it. His revenge. Only this was important. And for it he needed a new army. And he would have it. Even if he had to destroy his planet for this.

Author's notes:
I made up nearly completely this interlude too, using the few mentions the series did. It's mostly a conclusion to the first war and a link to the second.

Interlude 2 - "What Remain of a Kingdom"

At the end of the first war... in New Frontier...

The victory of the war wasn't only a success for the human race, even if many thought at it that way and spent the following time boasting about being "the strongest of the universe". The ones who knew the truth, on the contrary, knew they survived only for sheer luck. This should have united them more instead helped to divide them even more. The people of Jar returned back at their planet. Uncaring of the protests and of the hospitality offers of the Cavalry Command, king Jarred leaded his people to their old world and declared with or without their permission they will not move away from there. They would rebuild their planet only with their own forces. And they didn't need of the help of the people of the Cavalry Command, thank you very much. They saw how much their help had been useful, how much had been useful to count over them. It wasn't useful. It wasn't useful at all. Their planet was destroyed. They were alive only thanks to a miracle. The queen was dead. The king didn't want anymore their help, he didn't need it anymore. He saw how the battle developed. The Cavalry Command could tell to whom it wanted they obtained an overwhelming victory but he knew the truth. They were still alive only thanks to the heroic sacrifice of a brave pilot, not thanks to the Cavalry Command. Eagle could repeat to him how much times he wanted to be reasonable. He took his decision. They would refuse the precious help of the Command. From now they would count only on themselves. They would rebuild their kingdom by themselves. The legend of the kingdom of Jar, autonomous and independent from New Frontier was started. And the declaration of king Jarred left Eagle, now Commander, to work with his bigger worry. The promised return of the aliens who came from another dimension and who the Mass Media called, with little fantasy, the Outriders. He should prepare himself. He should be ready to face their superior strength, their superior technology. How? Even strengthening the whole Cavalry Command they would never be able to compete. They needed a new arm, a new system to protect themselves. They should give life to something new, something invincible that could protect them. And he should find a way for making cooperate all the people. His mind was tormented by many thoughts. But slowly, methodically, he started to prepare strategies for each problem, giving orders and choosing the people who would actuate them. He made a phone call to WhiteHawk, requesting to intensify the severity of the training and to signal to him particularly able cadets. They would need them. Soon. WhiteHawk, luckily, showed himself ready to help him. Eagle placed down the phone with a sigh. He did all he could. He had no idea about what he could still do. His gaze felt over his wife's and his still so young daughter's photo. Many men and women wouldn't turn back to their family. Many families had been destroyed. Between them one Eagle would never know a thing. The family of an ex- soldier who left the army few weeks before the attack. His body and his wife's one were found in their house few years after the end of the war. No tracks of the body of the son who anyway was supposed to be dead as well. But this small fact didn't reach Eagle or if it did he didn't pay attention about it. He didn't know that that man was been the friend of the pilot who saved the war and the one who warned him about a future treat. And he didn't know what consequences his dead would carry.

Author's notes:
I made up nearly completely this interlude too, using the few mentions the series did. It's mostly a conclusion to the first war and a link to the second.

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