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There's something new in the air... or not?

In other words... there are new updates or not?

As someone could have read before what is new have a lovely gold star (this one -->) near... in any case since J.J. (that's me! ^_^ *waves*) is famous for to be distract (ehm... *blushes embarassed*) here will be listed what is new... Oh yes updates are separed in two sections.
The first one is for the updates at the web... you know someone getting a personal page, new pages added, changes in structure, stuffs added... the usual sort of thing...
The second one is for the fic updates and have a name of its own (Fanficmania). It lists all the new fics and the archive/archives in which they're placed. If you don't want to use the direct link (or it doesn't work... ^_^') you can try from here. Plus here you find listed the fics which are placed in webs who needs an inscription... and for this reason haven't a direct link... It's usually updated monthly... feel yourself warned.


Updates to this web

Fanficmania: The fanfic list updates

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